Dying Light 2 Combat & Parkour XP Farming Guide

We have listed the best methods to farm combat and parkour XP in Dying Light 2 and you can earn up to 30000 XP or more in an hour.

Combat and parkour skills are two core elements in Dying Light 2, and for the most part, you will also need to bank XP to earn skill points and purchase advanced skills. While the early skills may require less amount of XP banking, it is the advanced ones that require a much higher XP, and that is why you should farm combat and parkour XP in Dying Light 2. However, that is not an easy task to achieve in the game if you don’t know the fastest method to farm combat and parkour XP.

Key Highlights
  • Equip Aiden’s outfit for a combat XP boost when farming Combat XP.
  • Utilize bonus perks to optimize weapon performance for maximum XP gain.
  • Scan the area near a safehouse between two bridges to identify special zombies with blue or gold color tags.
  • Killing these special zombies rewards 2000 Combat XP; repeat the process for efficient farming.
  • The Combat XP Farming spot can yield almost 45,000 Combat XP in an hour when executed correctly.
  • Wear gear pieces that boost Parkour XP for maximum Parkour XP farming.
  • Purchase the Far Jump skill to enhance Aiden’s air-time boost and make the drill more efficient.
  • Author’s Note: With more than dozens of hours of experience in Dying Light 2, I feel more than obliged to provide you with hands-on experience on the topic below.

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Farming Combat XP In Dying Light 2

The combat XP farming method we have listed below does not follow a glitch or temporary hack that can earn you XP faster. Instead, the method heavily relies on following certain steps and bashing zombies’ skulls, as you would need to do to get combat XP in Dying Light 2.

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However, you will need to make a few preparations before you can actually begin farming combat XP in the game by starting at the point we have mentioned below. For starters, you will need suitable outfits and gear that can give you an edge when it comes to racking the highest amount of XP in the shortest amount of time.

Combat XP Boost Gear

Max Combat Stats
Max Combat Stats Dying Light 2
  • Equip Aiden’s outfit for a combat XP boost.
  • Prioritize gear with the highest combat XP gain, even if it has a lower overall rating.
  • Choose a weapon type (one-handed or two-handed) that allows for quick zombie takedowns.
  • Consider individual gear pieces with bonuses for your chosen weapon type.
  • Ensure that your overall gear stats prioritize combat XP boost over parkour.
  • Check gear rarity and level for higher chances of getting a decent perk bonus.
  • Verify the combat XP gain percentage in your gear stats, influenced by rarity and level.
  • The general approach is to focus on combat XP boost when gearing up for the combat XP farming run in Dying Light 2

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Weapons With Highest Base Damage

Secondly, equip a high base damage melee weapon that can land decent damage on zombies. The weapon you select while running the farming drill should match with the gear perks. For example, if your gear benefits a two-handed weapon, then, by all means, prioritize using a two-handed weapon while doing combat XP farming in the game. Also, regardless of using the best bows for combat XP, you will waste more time than farm XP faster. 

The Sign two handed Weapon
The Sign two handed Weapon Dying Light 2

Moreover, the weapon you will be using to farm combat XP in Dying Light 2 should also have the best weapon mods applied to it. This will further increase the weapon damage durability and will reduce the time it takes to take down a zombie and get most XP out of it.

Combat XP Farming Point

Combat xp farming route
Combat XP farming route Dying Light 2
  • Head to the designated point on the map, located between two bridges outside the safehouse in the first map of Dying Light 2.
  • Switch to nighttime in the game to trigger the appearance of special zombies with blue or gold color tags.
  • Use the scan ability to highlight the special zombie, indicated by a click sound.
  • These special zombies, when killed, reward you with trophies for upgrading mods and accessories, as well as approximately 2000 combat XP.
  • Quickly eliminate the special zombie, return to the safe house, and repeat the process.
  • Switch between daytime and nighttime to respawn the infected and continue farming combat XP.

However, there will be times when this blue or gold zombie type doesn’t spawn. In that case, you will need to do two steps to keep the dice of farming combat XP rolling:

  1. Jump off the building that should kill Aiden and reset the spawn point
  2. Runaway a little further from the safe house and come back for another quick scan

You can bank in nearly 45000 combat XP or above in an hour if done right. The gear’s image we have shown in the screenshot above is low, but one of the players in our writing team did it with 29% combat XP, and he was getting nearly 2000 combat XP per run.

Farming Parkour XP In Dying Light 2

As mentioned at the start of the guide, you can bank in 30000 parkour XP in an hour with the farming method we have listed below. However, you can take it up a notch if you have the deluxe edition of Dying Light 2. It is because the deluxe edition gives players Nightrunner potion consumable, which boosts Night XP gain by 100%. If you have this item in your inventory, use it while following the farming method we listed here, and you can easily bank in nearly 60000 parkour XP in an hour.

Parkour XP Boost Gear

overall build stats Dying Light 2
Parkour XP boost stats

First things first, you need to prepare before you do the farming route. You need to equip all six gear pieces prioritizing parkour XP percentage. Wear any or all gear pieces or outfits that offer a boost to parkour XP. If you do not have these, then visit nearby vendors and purchase the outfits. Missing out on these little XP boosts will make a huge difference if you farm for an hour or more.

combat and parkour xp farming Dying Light 2
Protective Glasses
Parkour skill points
Nurse Mitts
Dying Light 2 xp farming
Plain Hoodie Chest Piece Dying Light 2

Parkour XP Farming Route

Dying Light 2 xp farming
Map location to farm parkour XP

Coming down to the farming route for parkour XP. You will need to visit the rooftop, as shown in the image above. Once you get on top of it, you will find two structures to jump off at 180 degrees apart. The parkour XP farming can be done if you keep vaulting from one side to another. However, you will need an important skill before you can execute this farming routine.

Far Jump Best parkour skill
Far Jump Parkour Skill

Purchase Far Jump skill which allows Aiden to get an air-time boost and reach further distances. You can acquire this skill very early in the game as it has a low stamina requirement to purchase. Still, our inhibitors location guide mentions all the places and methods to acquire inhibitors in Dying Light 2.

After acquiring the skill, you can run the drill by jumping this side of the rooftop to the far side, as shown in the image below.

parkour skill points farming
Location to farm parkour XP

If you want to take parkour XP farming up a notch by doing this method in Dying Light 2, then do it during nighttime. It is because you get extra nighttime XP when you are in a chase.

The best part about this farming route is that you have a safe house or safe place nearby with UV lights. The nighttime XP only banks when you enter the daylight. So, the safe house will scare the infected away, ending the chase for you and allowing you to bank the parkour XP you farmed by repeating the method we highlighted above.

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Also, if you have the deluxe edition, using Nightrunner Potion items will get you a Nighttime XP gain boost by 100% for two hours. You can at least more than ten parkour points in the mentioned time frame with all the parkour XP boosts combined, unlocking most of Aiden’s useful parkour skills very early in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 XP Farming
Nightrunner potion Dying Light 2


If you are playing Dying Light 2 on Easy or Normal difficulty, then the game is not challenging enough to rely on your combat and parkour skills. However, if you play the game on Hard difficulty, Aiden must have the best skills available to be used while bashing renegade thugs’ skulls or running away from chasing zombies. That is why we believe farming combat and parkour XP in Dying Light 2 becomes a necessity if you want to test your skills and play the game on Hard mode. Otherwise, you’ll unlock almost all of the skills if you play the story missions and complete side quests, activities, and more.

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