Dying Light 2 Fastest Money Farming Methods

We have listed the best & fastest Dying Light 2 money or gold farming methods that will allow you to buy anything from the vendors in-game.

As you progress and level up, the merchants in these safe zones offer you some of the best bows, throwable items, weapon mods, and much more. However, having less money is the only problem for most players. You can toss this hiccup away if you follow our Dying Light 2 money farming guide and get 5000 gold in less than an hour.   

Key Takeaways
  • Quarry End Territory Farming:
    1. Head to Quarry End Territory taken over by Peacekeepers.
    2. Locate specific location per the guide.
    3. Find two watchtowers almost 180 degrees apart.
    4. Fight two Peacekeepers at one tower, then repeat at the other.
    5. Soldiers respawn, allowing continuous farming for gold.
  • Peacekeeper’s Safehouse Strategy:
    1. Go to Peacekeeper’s Safehouse using guide picture.
    2. Stand on the other side without crossing a specific line.
    3. Use firecrackers to attract 6 Peacekeepers repeatedly.
    4. Continuously kill Aiden, triggering respawns for ongoing gold farming.

Note: Both methods involve eliminating Peacekeeper enemies for gold, requiring patience and strategic execution.

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PK Watch Tower Money Farming

You can farm money (gold) by visiting PK watch towers and defeating the PK guards. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Unlock PK Watch Towers: First, you need to ensure that the Peacekeepers (PK) have occupied the Quarry End territory. To do this, visit the nearest Windmill and interact with it. This will enable PK watch towers in the territory, allowing you to start the money-farming process.
    Dying Light 2 Money Farming
    PK Watch tower farming location
  2. Visit the Farming Location: Once the PK watch towers are active, head to the specific location marked on the map image provided. This location will have two PK watch towers located approximately 180 degrees apart from each other.
    Dying Light 2 Gold Farming
    PK two watch towers gold farming location
  3. Clear the Watch Towers: Climb up to one of the watch towers and be prepared with a decent weapon that has high base damage. Each watch tower has two PK guards. Defeat them to clear the tower.
    fastest money farming
    Watch tower guards
  4. Repeat the Process: After clearing one watch tower, visit the other watch tower located opposite to it and repeat the same process. The PK soldiers will continuously respawn at both towers.
    Dying Light 2 best gold Farming
    2nd watch tower PK guards

By using this method, you can farm money (gold) quickly and efficiently in Dying Light 2 without resorting to glitches, exploits, or other methods that could potentially get you banned.

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Dying Light 2 best gold Farming
2nd watch tower PK guards

PK Safe House Money Farming

A similar approach to get money faster in Dying Light 2 can be exercised at a Peacekeeper occupied safe house. We have marked the location at the map’s image here.

  1. Position Yourself: Once you reach the safe house, go to the other side of the safe house as indicated in the map image. You’ll want to position yourself near the line marked in the image.
    PK Safe house Money Farming
    2nd Gold Farming spot PK Safe House
  2. Use Firecrackers: To start gold farming, throw firecrackers near the marked line. This will attract the attention of PK soldiers. For some reason, they tend to react to noise disturbances.
    best method to get rich faster
    Easy to execute gold farming method
  3. Defeat the PK Soldiers: As the PK soldiers approach, use a high-damage weapon to quickly eliminate them. You can usually attract around six PK soldiers to the scene.
  4. Loot the Bodies: After defeating the PK soldiers, loot their bodies to collect money (gold) and gear items. Depending on your character’s level, you may also find additional loot items.
    Dying light 2 best gold farming
    Loot PK soldiers to get gold and gear items
  5. Refresh the Encounter: To expedite the looting process, you can either run away from the area and return to find all the PK soldier bodies converted into loot bags, or you can reset the encounter by various means such as jumping from a height, changing the in-game time, or switching between day and night.

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Besides farming XP for the best skills, money or gold in Dying Light 2 is another important aspect of the game. You can always opt for the regular or casual way of acquiring money in the game or utilize our two methods to rack up gold faster. Whatever you do, you must act fast as the above-mentioned two methods can be patched by the developers in the near future to avoid money farming in Dying Light 2.

That is pretty much everything we got on getting gold faster in the game for you. Did you also happen to come across these two methods we entailed? Do you have another money farming method, maybe in Central Loop? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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