Dying Light 2 First Biomarker: Safe Code & Walkthrough

Getting the First Biomarker in Dying light 2 is easy if you follow the steps in this guide to locate and crack the safe code

In Dying Light 2, you can see every character wearing a bracelet. This bracelet is called the Biomarker, which checks the character’s infection rate. According to McGregor, the original Biomarker was powerful as it made the people strong and fast, but it was locked away due to its side effects. He tasks Aiden with the task of retrieving it. So, in this guide, we will show you the location of the first Biomarker in Dying Light 2. You can read our Dying Light 2 Safe Codes article for more code information.

Key Highlights

  • Dying Light 2 comes with a new addition and mechanic, that being the Biomarker that keeps your infection in check.
  • There is a side quest named “The First Biomarker” and you have to activate this quest in order to progress further.
  • In order to obtain the Biomarker you will have to know the code of a Safe which can be deciphered by the riddle given to you.
  • The code for the Safe is “973”
  • After completing the quest, you will be awarded with an Inhibitor.

First Biomarker in Dying Light 2

The first biomarker location dying light 2
Location of the First Biomarker

To get the First Biomarker in Dying Light 2, you must start the side quest “The First Biomarker” You can find this quest at the northern corner of the map. Hover the mouse over it and right-click to track it. After completing this First Biomarker quest, you will get an inhibitor and a collection artifact.

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The First Biomarker
The First Biomarker side quest

The quest starts when you interact with McGregor. He will tell the player about the Biomarker he developed. Now you must ask McGregor some questions. Ask him, “How was it more useful.” McGregor will reply that it made people much stronger and faster. Then ask him, “Then why is it not used.” He will reply that it had a few side effects, so it was locked away.

Then he tells the player a riddle that serves as a clue to unlocking the safe in which the first Biomarker is located. A note with the riddle written will be added to your inventory, so you can look at it later while opening the safe. You are now required to retrieve the first Biomarker and return it to McGregor once the conversation with him is over.

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Getting the First Biomarker 

The First Biomarker location
Medical center where the Biomarker is located

To get to the location of the First Biomarker. Go around the medical center building to get behind it. Once you get behind it, You will see a ladder. Climb up the ladder and follow the quest marker to reach your location. Jump to climb into a room.

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First Biomarker dying light 2
Safe where the Biomarker is stored

Here you will find the safe placed on a shelf. Interact with the safe, and then you will be required to enter a code to unlock it. You will decipher the code from the riddle you received earlier.

Safe code for the first Biomarker

Safe code The First Biomarker dying light 2
Riddle to decipher the safe code

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Now it’s time to get cracking. Read the first line of the riddle. It says, “What becomes smaller when you turn it upside down.” Keep in mind that the code is in numbers. Think about a number that gets smaller when it’s turned upside down. The number 9, when turned upside down, becomes 6, and that is a small number. So, the first number you will enter in the safe is 9.

Now read the second line from the note. It says, “An odd number. Take away a letter, and it becomes even”. Once again, you have to focus on the numerics to guess the second number of the safe code. The number “seven” is odd and notice that if we remove the letter s from its spellings. It would be spelled “even.” So 7 is the second number of the safe code. You are now closer to getting the First Biomarker in Dying Light 2.

Deciphering the third line in the riddle may seem complicated, but it’s the easiest. It reads, “A little girl goes to the store and buys one dozen eggs. As she is going home, all but three eggs break. How many eggs are left unbroken?”. You may be calculating the number of eggs in a dozen and subtracting it with the eggs left. But the solution is much simpler. Focus on the line “all but three eggs break.” Which means that only three eggs were left. So, 3 is the last number.

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What are Biomarkers

dying light 2 biomarkers

The GRE developed these Biomarkers bracelets when the plague caused by Harran Virus started. The Bracelets tracks the time remaining for a character to turn into a Zombie. The green-lit meter depletes as you stay in the darkness, so the Biomarker will help you know the duration; you can stay in the dark.

Moreover, the player can also manage their infection rate with U.V injections. So, if you manage the progress of your infection rate, you can stay human for much longer. McGregor’s first Biomarker made people more powerful but was not approved due to its side effects.


The side quest “The First Biomarker” is an interesting quest that provides you with an inhibitor that can prove useful. There are limited inhibitors in the game, so completing this quest is recommended if you want more. Moreover, you will also get the artifact collectible to complete your collection. Getting the First Biomarker in Dying light 2 is easy if you follow the steps in this guide to locate and crack the safe code.

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