Best Bows In Dying Light And Arrows Types [2023]

In our Dying Light best bow guide, we are going to talk about a handful of bows that you should definitely give a try.

Bows in Dying Light are something that can help you eliminate your target while staying at a safe distance. There can be times when you need to take down your target but you can’t get near them. This is where the bow comes in. Each bow is different from the others and has its own perks. We have curated Dying Light best bow guide, entailing some of ranged weapons that you should try in the game. 

Key Takeaways
  • While Dying Light is based around having melee weapons as a damage dealer in a zombie game, there are also 6 Bows you can have.
  • You need bolts as ammunition for bows and there are different types of them
    • Normal Arrows, Exploding Arrows, Electric Arrows, and Incendiary Arrows (burns enemies).
  • The first bow is the Bozak Bow which is obtainable only in the Bozak Horde DLC and you have to complete all 20 trials given by Bozak.
  • The second bow is Compound Crossbow, available only in “The Following” DLC and you will be given the bow after reaching a rank called “Newcomer”
  • The third bow is Corrupt Justice, it’s only obtainable in the Hellraid DLC and you will be given the bow after completing the second hellraid quest.
  • The fourth bow is the Upgraded Crossbow, obtainable only in the “The Following” DLC and you will get it after reaching the “Believer Rank”.
  • The fifth bow is Gust of Wind, this weapon will only be available by buying a bundle called Shu Warrior.
  • The final bow is Ranger Bow, and it’s also available only after buying the Harran Ranger bundle.

Best Bows in Dying Light 

Following are some of the best bows in Dying Light. Keep in mind that all of them are DLC-only weapons, and you can not find them in the game’s standard version. This is because, for some reason, the developers have only made the regular bow available in the base game, while the remaining seven bows are available to only those who have their respective DLCs. Since the regular bow isn’t that strong compared to the other ones, we are going to skip mentioning it. If you’re someone who isn’t planning to get the DLC, then it’s your only option.

Bozak Bow

The first bow that I would like to mention is the Bozak Bow. As its name suggests, this bow can be acquired by only those who have The Bozak Horde DLC. It is capable of dealing 360 damage with each hit, meaning that you can take down the Infected and Virals with a single headshot. However, it will take 2 or 3 arrows to take down the target if you’re aiming below the head.

The only and possibly the biggest downside about the Bozak Bow is its slow rate of fire. Other than that, there is nothing wrong with it. It’s silent, does a decent amount of damage, and it can help you clear out an area of zombies without getting detected (something that also depends on the type of arrows you’re using.) The Bozak Bow can also be upgraded, something through which you can increase the amount of damage it deals. 

Bozak Bow slow rate of fire
Bozak Bow

How to get it: The Bozak Bow is the most difficult bow to acquire in Dying Light. In order to get it, you will need to complete all 20 trials that are set by Bozak. For those who don’t know, completing these trials isn’t an easy task. Therefore, we will suggest you complete them in the co-op mode as that is the only way to complete them quickly and easily. 

Compound Crossbow

Next up in our Dying Light best bow guide is the Compound Crossbow. If you ever wanted to become Daryl from The Walking Dead, then this is your chance. Against normal enemies, the weapon is extremely useful as it can take down the target with one hit to the head. If the target is powerful, then you might need to land a few more bolts in their body to take them down.

Overall, the Compound Crossbow is a decent weapon. Unlike the bows mentioned in the list that use arrows, the Compound Crossbow uses bolts. Regular bolts can be crafted by using 1xt Mails and 1x Plastic. You will get 15 bolts with each craft. However, you can also craft other types of bolts that come with special effects. For instance, Toxic Bolts can be crafted by using 1x Nail, 1xt Plastic, and 1x Herb. These types of bolts poison whatever they hit.

Compound Crossbow light toxic arrows
Compound Crossbow

How to get it: To get the Compound Crossbow, you will first need to get The Following expansion pack. After that, you will need to increase your rank in the game. To do that, avoid doing story missions and just focus on completing side quests until you reach a rank called “Newcomer.”

Once you’ve reached it, simply head to Jasir’s farm and make your way to his desk. There, you will be greeted by someone who will reward you with the Compound Crossbow. To make things easier for you, he will also hand you over some bolts so that you can instantly get into the action with this weapon. 

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Corrupt Justice

The Corrupt Justice is yet another amazing bow on our list that can let you take a stealthier approach towards taking down your enemies. This weapon does 380 damage with each hit, which is pretty decent. Even if you’re a little far away from your target, such as Biters, you’ll need to land only a few arrows above their chest to take them down.

While other bows have three or more upgrade slots, the Corrupt Justice only has two. However, if the right type of upgrades are used, then these two are enough. Overall, the Corrupt Justice is a great bow that can be trusted against a variety of enemies. 

Dying Light Best Bow
Corrupt Justice

How to get it: The Corrupt Justice bow is available to only those who have the Hellraid DLC. The DLC did not feature any story mode at launch, but the developers later decided to add some story missions to it.

You’ll receive the Corrupt Justice bow after you complete the second Heallraid quest. However, keep in mind that the actual bow will remain inside the DLC. After you get back to the main game, you’ll be able to find its blueprint in your inventory. You will then need to craft it yourself. 

Upgraded Crossbow

The Upgraded Crossbow is easily one of the best bows in Dying Light. For those who don’t know, it is the upgraded version of the Compound Crossbow. This means that it can be accessed only by those who have The “Following” expansion pack. Compared to the Compound Crossbow, this one offers better damage and accuracy.

This means that with this weapon, you will need to use fewer arrows to take down your target. Furthermore, it will also perform better at a longer range. Other than these two changes, there isn’t anything new about the Upgraded Crossbow. Everything else is similar to its predecessor. 

Longer range and powerful Upgraded Crossbow
Upgraded Crossbow

How to get it: To get the Upgraded Crossbow in Dying Light, you will need to continue working on increasing your rank until you reach the “Believer” rank. This is the fifth rank that you achieve in the game. After you hit this rank, you’ll get the Upgraded Crossbow blueprint in your inventory. You can then upgrade your Compound Crossbow by using 2x Screws and 2x Steel Tubing to get a better version of it. But without a single doubt, it is easily one of the upgrades in Dying Light. 

Gust of Wind

The Gust of Wind is yet another crossbow on our list, but this one is better than the previous two in every way. It can do more damage, has better accuracy, and is absolutely amazing. This one easily holds the title of the best crossbow in Dying Light. Its bolts are also reusable, so you won’t have to worry about gathering materials repeatedly to craft them. Overall, the Gust of Wind is a great weapon that can help you take down powerful targets with a single headshot. 

Dying Light Best Bow
Gust of Wind

How to get it: To get the Gust of Wind, you’ll need to purchase the Shu Warrior bundle. Once you do that, its blueprint will instantly become available in your inventory. The best part about this weapon is that you don’t need a base weapon to build it. Furthermore, the materials needed to craft it are not that difficult to get.

This means that even if you’re new to the game, you won’t have to go through a lot of trouble to craft it. The required materials include 3x Metal Parts, 4x Duct Tape, 4x String, and 2x Plastic. If you’re someone who has played Dying Light for some time, then you already know how easy it is to find these materials. 

Ranger Bow

Finally, we have the Ranger Bow. This weapon is considered one of the greatest bows because of many reasons. First, it’s fast, has fantastic accuracy, and does more damage than other bows in the game. The Ranger Bow can be converted into an instant-kill weapon for every difficulty with the right upgrades. No matter which enemy you’re facing, you can trust this bow by taking them down. Overall, the Ranger Bow is an excellent weapon and deserves the title of the best bow in Dying Light. It’s a kind of weapon everyone should try at least once.

Most accurate crossbow Ranger Bow
Ranger Bow

How to get it: You can get the Ranger Bow by purchasing the Harran Ranger bundle. The blueprint for it will get added to your inventory right after you purchase it. Just like the Gust of Wind, the crafting materials required to build this weapon are easy to find. In fact, you can craft this weapon during the early stages of the game.

Therefore, if you can spend a little money on a bundle, then we’ll suggest you get this bundle at the beginning of the game. This is because getting a powerful weapon at the start will help you progress quickly. 

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Dying Light Arrows and Bolts Types 

There also exist different types of arrows and bolts that you can use with bows and crossbows respectively. Each one has a different purpose, and most of them come with special effects. Once you have the best Dying Light bow in your hand, you’ll need to select the right type of ammunition for it. The types of arrows and bolts that you can use include:

Regular Arrows

These are the standard arrows. They don’t do anything other than pierce through the zombies, damaging the armored body parts of zombies easily. The regular type arrows can be obtained easily, and you can find them almost anywhere. For those who want to craft them, you’ll need 1xt Metal Parts and 1x Nails. 

Exploding Arrows

As the name suggests, these arrows explode instantly after hitting the target. Exploding Arrows can be crafted by using 1x Metal Parts and 1x Chemicals. You can also buy them from the store. The best part about them is that if there are other zombies or human enemies nearby the target, then they will get damaged from the explosion as well.

However, if you miss your shot, then the arrow will not explode and will go to waste. An important thing to keep in mind while using exploding arrows is that they create a lot of noise, and you will attract a lot of enemies towards your location while using them.

Electric Arrows

These arrows have the ability to electrocute the target. They are perfect to use against a group of enemies because if one of them gets electrified, then all nearby enemies will share the same fate as well. The best part about Electric Arrows is that, unlike Exploding Arrows, they are silent and do not create any kind of noise. This means that you can use them without worrying about grabbing the attention of nearby enemies. For those interested, Electric Arrows can be crafted by using 1x Metal Parts and 1x Batteries. 

Incendiary Arrows

The fourth and final type of arrows in Dying Light is the Incendiary Arrows. These arrows are capable of burning the target. The fire created by the arrow does a good amount of damage over time, and it can completely drain the health of the enemy. Unfortunately, unlike the above two mentioned arrow types, Incendiary Arrows are available only to those who have the Bozak Horde DLC. Those who have it can craft the arrows by using 1x Metal Parts and 1x Aerosol. You can also buy Incendiary Arrows directly from the store. 

Regular Bolts

This is the standard ammunition of the Crossbow. The best thing about regular bolts is that they can be crafted easily as their requirements are low. Furthermore, they are capable of dealing a decent amount of damage with each shot. However, don’t expect them to do wonders against strong enemies.

Toxic Bolt

Toxic Bolts have the ability to poison their target. If there are more enemies nearby the target, they will get poisoned as well. However, keep in mind that Toxic Bolts are not something that can deal damage to the target. It can only poison them and slow them down. This will provide you with enough time to land attacks on them by using some other weapons. To craft it, you’ll need 1x Nails, 1x Plastic, and 1x Herb. 

Stun Bolt

As its name suggests, the Stun Bolt can stun the target and its surrounding enemies in Dying Light. This is the type of weapon that can help you escape if you get surrounded by a group of zombies. Or, you can use it to stun a horde to make your way through them without taking out any other weapon. However, keep in mind that Stun Bolts cannot stun strong targets such as the Toads and Volatiles for a long period of time. To craft it, you’ll need 1x Nails, 1x Plastic, and 1x Alcohol. 

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Impact Bolt

The Impact Bolt can hit the target and knock them down, all with the ones in the surrounding. This is perfect for scenarios when you face someone strong and want to push them back. You will need 1x Nails, 1x Plastic, and 1x Chemicals to craft them. 


This marks the end of our Dying Light best bow guide. We hope that it will help you get your desired bow in the game. Before you leave, make sure to check out our best Nier: Automata weapons and best Mass Effect: Andromeda weapons as well.

Best Bows in Dying Light FAQs

What is the best bow you can get in Dying Light?

The Ranger bow is the best bow you can get in Dying Light.

What is the best bow you can get in the base game?

By far the regular bow is the best bow in the base game because the rest of the bows become available through DLCs only.

What is the best arrow type in Dying Light?

Exploding arrows are the best as they can help you create havoc quickly.

What is the best bolt type in Dying Light?

The Stun bolt is the best type of bolt in Dying Light.

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