Best Bows In Dying Light And Arrows Types

In our Dying Light best bow guide, we are going to talk about a handful of bows that you should definitely give a try.

Bows in Dying Light are something that can help you eliminate your target while staying at a safe distance. There can be times when you need to take down your target but you can’t get near them. This is where the bow comes in. Each bow is different from the others and has its own perks. We have curated Dying Light best bow guide, entailing some of ranged weapons that you should try in the game. 

Key Takeaways

In Dying Light, alongside melee weapons, there are six bows you can use. Bows require bolts as ammunition, which come in different types:

  1. Normal Arrows
  2. Exploding Arrows
  3. Electric Arrows
  4. Incendiary Arrows (burns enemies)

Here are the bows and their acquisition methods:

  1. Bozak Bow: Obtainable only in the Bozak Horde DLC after completing all 20 trials given by Bozak.
  2. Compound Crossbow: Available exclusively in “The Following” DLC, received upon reaching the “Newcomer” rank.
  3. Corrupt Justice: Obtainable only in the Hellraid DLC, received after completing the second Hellraid quest.
  4. Upgraded Crossbow: Obtainable only in “The Following” DLC after reaching the “Believer Rank.”
  5. Gust of Wind: Available by purchasing the Shu Warrior bundle.
  6. Ranger Bow: Obtainable after purchasing the Harran Ranger bundle.

Best Bows in Dying Light 

These are the best bows in Dying Light, but they are only available through DLC. The regular bow in the base game is not as strong as these. If you don’t plan to get the DLC, the regular bow is your only option.

Bozak Bow

Damage 360
Ammo Type Regular arrows, Electrical arrows, Explosive arrows, Incendiary arrows
Location Gained as a reward for completing all the trails in The Bozak Horde Stadium
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The Bozak Bow, available in The Bozak Horde DLC, deals 360 damage per hit, allowing one-shot headshots on Infected and Virals. A drawback is its slow rate of fire, but it’s silent and effective for stealthy zombie clearing. Upgrades can enhance its damage output.

Bozak Bow slow rate of fire
Bozak Bow

How to get it: The Bozak Bow is the most difficult bow to acquire in Dying Light. In order to get it, you will need to complete all 20 trials that are set by Bozak. For those who don’t know, completing these trials isn’t an easy task. Therefore, we will suggest you complete them in the co-op mode as that is the only way to complete them quickly and easily. 

Compound Crossbow

Damage 360
Ammo Type Regular Bolts, Toxic Bolts, Stun Bolts, Impact Bolts
Location Received as a reward from the Faceless

Next up in our guide is the Compound Crossbow.

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If you ever wanted to become Daryl from The Walking Dead, then this is your chance. Against normal enemies, the weapon is extremely useful as it can take down the target with one hit to the head. If the target is powerful, then you might need to land a few more bolts in their body to take them down.

The Compound Crossbow, a decent weapon, uses bolts instead of arrows. You can craft regular bolts with 1x Metal and 1x Plastic, yielding 15 bolts per craft. It’s versatile as you can craft special bolts like Toxic Bolts using 1x Nail, 1x Plastic, and 1x Herb, causing poison on impact.

Compound Crossbow light toxic arrows
Compound Crossbow

How to get it: To get the Compound Crossbow, you will first need to get The Following expansion pack. After that, you will need to increase your rank in the game. To do that, avoid doing story missions and just focus on completing side quests until you reach a rank called “Newcomer.

Once you’ve reached it, simply head to Jasir’s farm and make your way to his desk. There, you will be greeted by someone who will reward you with the Compound Crossbow. To make things easier for you, he will also hand you over some bolts so that you can instantly get into the action with this weapon.

Corrupt Justice

Damage 380
Ammo Type Regular arrows, Electrical arrows, Explosive arrows, Incendiary arrows
Location Obtained as a quest reward in Hellraid or by crafting it under the DLC weapon in gameplay

The Corrupt Justice bow is excellent for stealthy takedowns, dealing 380 damage per hit.

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It’s effective even at a moderate distance. It has two upgrade slots, but with the right upgrades, it performs well against various enemies.

Dying Light Best Bow
Corrupt Justice

How to get it: The Corrupt Justice bow is available to only those who have the Hellraid DLC. The DLC did not feature any story mode at launch, but the developers later decided to add some story missions to it.

You’ll receive the Corrupt Justice bow after you complete the second Heallraid quest. However, keep in mind that the actual bow will remain inside the DLC. After you get back to the main game, you’ll be able to find its blueprint in your inventory. You will then need to craft it yourself. 

Upgraded Crossbow

Damage 480
Ammo Type Regular Bolts, Toxic Bolts, Stun Bolts, Impact Bolts
Location Acquired by killing Thor in the countryside

The Upgraded Crossbow is easily one of the best bows in the game.

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For those who don’t know, it is the upgraded version of the Compound Crossbow. This means that it can be accessed only by those who have The “Following” expansion pack. Compared to the Compound Crossbow, this one offers better damage and accuracy.

The Upgraded Crossbow reduces arrow usage and excels at longer ranges compared to its predecessor. Apart from these improvements, it retains most features from the previous version.

Longer range and powerful Upgraded Crossbow
Upgraded Crossbow

How to get it: To get the Upgraded Crossbow in Dying Light, you will need to continue working on increasing your rank until you reach the “Believer” rank. This is the fifth rank that you achieve in the game. After you hit this rank, you’ll get the Upgraded Crossbow blueprint in your inventory. You can then upgrade your Compound Crossbow by using 2x Screws and 2x Steel Tubing to get a better version of it. But without a single doubt, it is easily one of the upgrades in Dying Light. 

Gust of Wind

Damage 500
Ammo Type Regular Bolts, Toxic Bolts, Stun Bolts, Impact Bolts
Location Received the blueprint at the start of the game when you have the DLC (Shu Warrior bundle)

The Gust of Wind crossbow is superior to previous ones,

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excelling in damage and accuracy. It’s considered the best crossbow in Dying Light. Its reusable bolts save you from constant material gathering. It’s ideal for one-shot headshots against tough targets.

Dying Light Best Bow
Gust of Wind

How to get it: To get the Gust of Wind, you’ll need to purchase the Shu Warrior bundle. Once you do that, its blueprint will instantly become available in your inventory. The best part about this weapon is that you don’t need a base weapon to build it. Furthermore, the materials needed to craft it are not that difficult to get.

Crafting the Gust of Wind is straightforward, even for newcomers. You’ll need 3x Metal Parts, 4x Duct Tape, 4x String, and 2x Plastic – materials easily found in Dying Light for experienced players.

Ranger Bow

Damage 400
Ammo Type Regular arrows, Electrical arrows, Explosive arrows, Incendiary arrows
Location Received the blueprint at the start of the game when you have the DLC (Harran Ranger bundle)

The Ranger Bow stands out as one of the best bows for several reasons.

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It’s fast, highly accurate, and deals more damage than other bows. With the right upgrades, it can become an instant-kill weapon on any difficulty. It’s versatile and effective against all types of enemies, making it deserving of the title of the best bow in the game. It’s a must-try weapon for everyone.

Most accurate crossbow Ranger Bow
Ranger Bow

How to get it: You can get the Ranger Bow by purchasing the Harran Ranger bundle. The blueprint for it will get added to your inventory right after you purchase it. Just like the Gust of Wind, the crafting materials required to build this weapon are easy to find. In fact, you can craft this weapon during the early stages of the game.

Therefore, if you can spend a little money on a bundle, then we’ll suggest you get this bundle at the beginning of the game. This is because getting a powerful weapon at the start will help you progress quickly. 

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Dying Light Arrows and Bolts Types 

There also exist different types of arrows and bolts that you can use with bows and crossbows respectively. Each one has a different purpose, and most of them come with special effects. Once you have the best Dying Light bow in your hand, you’ll need to select the right type of ammunition for it.

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The types of arrows and bolts that you can use include:

Regular Arrows

These are the standard arrows. They don’t do anything other than pierce through the zombies, damaging the armored body parts of zombies easily. The regular type arrows can be obtained easily, and you can find them almost anywhere. For those who want to craft them, you’ll need 1xt Metal Parts and 1x Nails. 

Exploding Arrows

Exploding Arrows, as the name implies, explode upon hitting a target. Craft them with 1x Metal Parts and 1x Chemicals or buy them from the store. They damage nearby zombies or human enemies on explosion. Missing a shot wastes the arrow, and they create a lot of noise, attracting more enemies to your location when used.

Electric Arrows

Electric Arrows can electrocute the target and are ideal for groups of enemies. When one gets electrified, nearby enemies are affected too. They’re silent and won’t attract attention, making them great for stealth. Craft them with 1x Metal Parts and 1x Batteries.

Incendiary Arrows

Incendiary Arrows in Dying Light can set targets on fire, dealing significant damage over time. They are exclusive to the Bozak Horde DLC. Craft them with 1x Metal Parts and 1x Aerosol or purchase them from the store.

Regular Bolts

Regular bolts are the standard ammunition for the Crossbow. They are easy to craft with low requirements and deal a moderate amount of damage per shot. However, they may not be highly effective against powerful enemies.

Toxic Bolt

Toxic Bolts can poison the target and nearby enemies, slowing them down but not causing direct damage. They create an opportunity to attack with other weapons. Craft them using 1x Nails, 1x Plastic, and 1x Herb.

Stun Bolt

Stun Bolts live up to their name by stunning the target and nearby enemies, making them useful for escaping or passing through hordes quietly. However, they may not stun powerful targets like Toads and Volatiles for long. Craft them with 1x Nails, 1x Plastic, and 1x Alcohol.

Impact Bolt

The Impact Bolt can hit the target and knock them down, all with the ones in the surrounding. This is perfect for scenarios when you face someone strong and want to push them back. You will need 1x Nails, 1x Plastic, and 1x Chemicals to craft them.

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