Dying Light 2 Dying Force Secret Weapon Location

Our Dying Light 2 Dying Force Secret Weapon Location guide entails a step-by-step process on how you can acquire the Star Wars secret weapon.

Dying Light 2 has a good amount of weapons, but our particular favorite is the Dying Force. This unique weapon is located in such a way that players must make a huge effort to have Dying Force in their hands. To make it easy for them, I am writing Dying Light 2 Dying Force location guide by providing a step-by-step process.

Key Takeaways
  • To obtain Dying Force, you must undergo a series of challenges requiring dedication and effort.
  • The first and most important thing to do is complete the main story mission called “Broadcast”.
  • The next thing to do is find five hidden ducks scattered all around the map.
  • After acquiring all five ducks, you now have to go back to the VNC tower and go to the same place where we got the first duck.
  • After being inside the basement, we have to go find another elevator.
  • On level zero, we will find a ritual-like room, and there will be tables where you have to place the ducks.
  • Then there will be a puzzle, and after solving it, we have to kill all the zombies to get the Dying Force weapon finally.

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Dying Force Secret Weapon In Dying Light 2

Every game developer these days enriches their games with a variety of easter egg weapons. The interesting part is that they are not making it easy to find those weapons. Sometimes they urge players to make an effort to acquire them. So, here is how you can find the Star Wars easter egg in Dying Light 2. 

Completing The Broadcast Main Mission

Dying Force
Broadcast Quest Completed

The first step to getting a Dying Force secret weapon is to complete the broadcast main story mission. After completing it, players gain some rewards but most importantly, they get one step closer to getting the secret weapon Dying Force.

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Finding Five Secret Ducks

The next step for acquiring the Dying Force Secret Weapon is to collect five ducks. In this guide, I have systematically provided their location with pictures and a guide about how to get them. 

Duck One

To collect the first duck, go to the map, zoom in, and mark the garrison building/Tower. Then go inside that VNC tower, of which the picture is given below; use the elevator, which will take you to the top of the VNC tower. You will notice the ledge, which picture is also available below. Afterward, you will see the window; you have to glide into the apartment from the window.

Keep in mind to get into the room; you need to get to a floor below you. As we said earlier, you can glide your way into the room or use a grappling hook. It is up to your preference. Use whatever you are confident with so you don’t fall to your death. Take a look at the screenshots for a better understanding of the surroundings.

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Dying Force
Garrison tower in map
Dying Force
Inside VNC Tower
Dying Force
Ledge/Roof of Tower

When the player enters the apartment-like room, he will get a letter from the table where a clue is given, which has half a lyric from a song of slipknot. If You Are 555 Then I AM ,,,,, so the missing lyric is code of safe, which is “666”. Just enter it in the safe and get the first duck.

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Dying Force
Dying Force
Dying Force
Code 666

Duck Two

After acquiring the first duck, let’s come to the second one, which is at the border of Lower Dam Ayre and NewFound Lost Dam. It’s on the side of the dam; you can figure it out from the pictures attached below. So Grab it.

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Dying Force
Between Borders of Lower Dam Ayre and Newfound Lost Dam.
Dying Force
Second one’s Location
Dying Force
Duck Two

Duck Three

The third duck is located outside the garrison area on the map. It is a crumble and ditched watchtower. You have to climb up one of its buildings where you can easily find the third duck—shown in the pictures below. The appearance of the watchtower may vary because the weather keeps changing in Dying Light, and in the images below, you can see a dust storm.

Dying Force
Ditched Watchtower
Dying Force
Dying Force
Third Duck

Duck Four

For the fourth duck, find a floating fortress area on the map, and at the end of its west, the player has to reach for a fourth duck. When a player arrives there, he will find himself under the bridge. Then there will be fences which have to be crossed and jump into the water deep of it there will be a car in the car we have our fourth duck.

Dying Force
Fourth Duck Location In The Map.
Dying Force
Under The Bridge
Dying Force
o Fences to be Jumped Over
Dying Force
Fourth Duck Inside The Car

Duck Five

The fifth duck is at the edge of the border if you look at the map below. When players land there, it is a contamination area, and we must step forward to it because the fifth duck is right there at the center of the contamination zone and pick up the last duck.

Collecting all the five ducks will be a sigh of relief because you’re done with the hard part of obtaining Dying Force’s location in Dying Light 2.

Dying Force
Fifth Duck On Map
Dying Force
Fifth Duck At Contamination Zone.

Return VNC Tower To Place Ducks At Altar

After collecting all the five ducks from different locations, player needs to come back to the same VNC tower where we collected the first duck. At the VNC tower, we have to enter the elevator as we did earlier when we came here to collect the duck but now that we have all the ducks. The Player has to push the basement button.

Dying Force
Back to VNC
Dying Force
Push The Basement Button.

Reaching Altar Room of VNC Tower

When we reach the basement, we have to find our way to yet another kind of elevator. After running and swimming, when we reach that elevator, we have to go to level zero with the help of an elevator.

Dying Force
Swimming Our Way To Another Elevator.
Dying Force
Push The Level 0 Button.

After reaching level 0 through the elevator, we will come to be in the doom room, which also looks like a ritual room where tables are placed in a circle. We have to fill those tables with the five ducks that we have collected. Also, read our guide about how to unlock Doom weapon in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light
Tables In Doom Room
Dying Force
Place The Ducks On The Table

After that, we have to walk for a few seconds to an unusual cable slot here; we have to make a pentagram by pulling the cable jack from one slot to place it to the other slot. We have to do it multiple times to solve the puzzle.

Dying Force

Unplug The Cable Jack

Dying Force
Attach The Cable To The Other Slot
Dying Force
Cable Puzzle

Completing Dying Force Challenge

Once we complete the puzzle, we will get a gun and accept the combat challenge in which we have to make our way to the weapon Dying Force by killing zombies with that gun. I have added the picture below. We can also collect some ingredients as part of the combat challenge but more importantly, we got our weapon, Dying Force.

Dying Force
Gun For Combat Challenge
Dying Force
Combat Challenge
Dying Force
Dying Force Secret Weapon


That wraps up our Dying Light 2 Dying Force Location guide. The sequel is a masterpiece for fans who love to kill zombies. I must add that the developers of Dying Light 2 did a great job in adding so many easter egg weapons.

The best among them is Dying Force due to its relevance with the Star Wars movie franchise. When we use this weapon, we become able to move zombies in the air from a long distance without touching them like Darth Vader, the main antagonist of Star Wars movies.

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