Dying Light 2 How to Get Broomstick: Baba Yaga Challenge

By completing the Baba Yaga parkour challenge you can get Broomstick in Dying Light 2 & fly. We have mentioned all steps to get the item.

Techland has a history of putting easter eggs and pop-culture references in its video games. Like the first Dying Light, Dying Light 2 features many easter eggs. One in particular lets you fly a broomstick and relive Harry Potter fantasy. Even though Aiden becomes an overpowered protagonist in late-game by unlocking the best skills, you can take this element up by riding the Dying Light 2 broomstick.

Key Highlights

  • In Dying Light 2, obtaining Broomstick is not simple, even if you don’t know how exactly how to achieve it. To enable you to fly and take advantage of Central Loop’s verticality, you must need a broomstick.
  • To obtain the broomstick in the game, players must complete the Baba Yaga parkour challenge, which involves reaching a specific crane at a great height and triggering the challenge by interacting with a mushroom on the crane.
  • There are two ways to reach the crane: by completing the Broadcast story quest, which unlocks an elevator to the top of the VNC Tower, or by parkouring up the tower.
  • Once the challenge is triggered, players must complete a series of parkour challenges to obtain the broomstick.
  • The broomstick can then be used to fly around the game’s open world and explore it in new ways.
  • Players can also share the broomstick with their friends in co-op play.

Getting Broomstick in Dying Light 2 is no easy feat, even if you don’t know how to get it. That is no problem anymore, as we have simplified the process of getting a Broom accessory in the game so that you can fly and enjoy Central Loop’s verticality.

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Baba Yaga Parkour Challenge

Dying Light 2 Broomstick
A step-by-step guide to acquiring Broomstick Dying Light 2

“When you don’t know how to do something, start. Beware of the paralysis of analysis. Be a person of action.” – A long quote but worth the read. The point here is to look for the Baba Yaga parkour challenge because it is your only best bet of getting a broomstick in Dying Light 2. You don’t look for it and have zero chance of becoming Harry Potter.

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Triggering the Baba Yaga parkour challenge in Dying Light 2 requires you to reach a specific crane that is at a great height. Also, it can be accessed if you climb one of the tallest towers in Central Loop, VNC Tower. That being said, there are two ways you can scale the said tower; parkour your way up or complete a story quest that unlocks the easiest way to reach the top.

Broadcast Story Quest

Completing the Broadcast story mission is the first step to making the entire process of acquiring broomstick easier in Dying Light 2. Suppose you are at a point in the game where you have completed it already, then kudos to you. Reach at the elevator lobby as shown in the image here and use it to reach the roof. On a side note, read our Dying Light 2 inhibitors location guide and acquire the code and location to an inhibitor container while playing the Broadcast quest.

Elevator to go top of VNC tower
VNC Tower Elevator

VNC Tower Elevator

If you haven’t cleared this story quest so far, then either complete the Broadcast story mission to unlock the elevator inside the VNC Tower’s lobby or get the broom the hard way; climb the skyscraper. Whatever you do, the next part of reaching and triggering Baba Yaga continues once you are at the top of the building.

Follow the map’s images mentioned here, just in case you are wondering where exactly the VNC Tower in Central Loop is.

VNC Tower Map Location
Map Location VNC Tower

Mushroom At Crane

Assuming you have reached VNC Tower’s roof, the next step to getting Broomstick in Dying Light 2 is to look for a crane on the rooftop’s east side. VNC Tower being the highest, if not the highest, in the game, you will need to look down to spot a crane. Here is an image for reference.

Crane Mushroom Location Broomstick
Crane Location

The mushroom that triggers the Baba Yaga challenge in Dying Light 2 is located on the said crane. Of course, paragliding down is the only way to land safely on the crane. So, let Aiden be Tom Cruise one more time, and after that, he can be Harry Potter in Dying Light 2.

After landing at the crane, as shown in the image, you need to look for a blue mushroom. It multiplies quickly each time you interact with it, and you will need to repeat the process a couple of times until you get a popup message regarding a parkour challenge called Baba Yaga.

Mushrooms on Crane The Broom
Crane Mushroom Dying Light 2

Here is what the challenge popup looks like, just in case you are wondering how long will interacting with the mushroom process take.

Baba Yaga Challenge Broomstick Dying Light 2
Baba Yaga Challenge Popup

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Getting Broom Item

Moving on, before you actually start the challenge and start playing it, you must ensure that you have enough inventory space in accessory items. It is because the process of acquiring the broomstick we have mentioned below involves using a certain glitch-like pattern, after which you will get the broom in your inventory.

However, if you don’t have enough space to accommodate this accessory, you can repeat the process again. Still, it is better to be safe than sorry. Also, your friends can also help you get the broomstick in Dying Light 2. But more on that part later in this guide.

Assuming you have enough space in the inventory, the next step involves launching or playing the Baba Yaga challenge. This challenge takes place during the nighttime, so you will also get a shift to nighttime prompt if you visit the crane during the day.

Trigger the challenge and once you see the time roll-out, pause the game and quit to the main screen. Continue back again, and you will find Aiden falling down from the sky. Use your paraglider and navigate Aiden to a safe place. Open your inventory, and you will see an item called Broom. Here is an image for reference.

The Broom Item
The Broom item used for flying

This is the broomstick you need to fly in Dying Light 2’s vertically expansive world. Without it, Aiden can roam the streets on foot or the secret bicycle we mentioned at the start of this guide.

Sharing Broomstick With Friends

There is a way to share the broomstick with your friends in Dying Light 2. The Broom item comes under the accessory category, which makes it droppable in the game. However, if you’d drop it anywhere in the open world, the Broom will disappear.

So, one of the safest ways to not make a broomstick disappear is to drop the item on a suspended wooden bridge. Doing so will make the item suspended in the air and stuck between the wooden bridge planks. Your friends can then grab this item and use it.

Sharing Broomstick with friend Dying Light 2
Sharing Broomstick with friends

From riding a bicycle to hoverboarding the water around Central Loop, Aiden can pretty much do anything in Dying Light 2’s dynamic open-world game. Chop zombies using the best Dying Light 2 weapons or slingshot infected and hostile human eyes using the finest bows; you can do whatever you want in Dying Light 2. However, all of these fun elements become accessible if you go out of the way, scale the surface, and parkour to places no one would expect. This is why broomstick is your go-to easter egg that’s actually functional and fun. 

That is pretty much everything you need to know about how to get Broom in Dying Light 2. What other cool usable easter eggs have you spotted so far in the game? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comment section below.

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