Dying Light 2 Co-Op Not Working [SOLVED]

Just got yourself this recently released parkour-heavy title but cannot experience it with your friends? We’ve all been in the same boat at some point in our lives, so don’t think you’re alone. The Dying Light 2 co-op not working problem has surfaced for a plethora of players all across the spectrum. However, little do many know that the issue entails a bunch of fairly easy fixes that you can employ and get back into playing.

Key Highlights
  • The co-op not working error might be caused due to lack of enough game progress, slow internet, corrupted game files, and quite often when the number of your friends exceeds a certain limit.
  • Fortunately, there are a couple of fixes that you can try which will allow you to play Dying Light 2 with your friends. These fixes are as follows:
  • Checking your internet connection to rule out the possibility of an unstable network and making sure the game is up to date.
  • If playing on Steam, Verify the integrity of your game files, it can fix a variety of problems with the game, including issues with configuration or installation files that may be preventing cooperative play.
  • Refreshing the Dying Light 2 Servers has also proven to give players access to the co-op mode.
  • Players should also make sure that their list of friends does not exceed 300 in Dying Light 2 to avoid a heavy load of online crossplay.

What is the Dying Light 2 Co-Op Not Working Issue?

Dying Light 2 dropped early in February it hasn’t been even a month since its release. Modern-day AAA titles are expected to have turbulence in terms of playability when they first surface for public play. However, it’s common knowledge that the follow-up title to the original Dying Light has been free from most in-game issues, especially in its single-player mode.

Gaming Sites seem to believe that the zombie FPS is currently teeming with bugs that cause consistent crashes and whatnot. However, players’ reviews on other platforms have been claiming otherwise. Whatever the case, Techland has been hard at work since day one to pick out leftover glitches in Dying Light 2 and restore it back to its pristine condition. Still, minor grievances such as co-op not working are starting to become substantial. 

Therefore, the problem at hand surfaces in multiple ways. Either it doesn’t let you connect to the Dying Light 2 servers from the get-go or causes the player to disconnect halfway during the process. Moreover, some players drop the connection when they’re in-game thereby having their experience blatantly disrupted. If you try hopping onto someone else’s game, you’re soon cut short with a prompt saying “Can’t Join Player Session.” 

Issues such as these can possibly arise across different platforms, whether you’re on a PS4, PS5. Xbox One, or Xbox Series X|S. PC players have appeared to get their fair share of the chunk of errors in Dying Light 2, perhaps even more. With that said, Techland is aware of all pertinent problems with the game at the moment, and their Twitter handle is consistently dropping updates regarding the whole scenario. 

The potential fixes entailed in this guide will cover the Dying Light 2 co-op not working issue comprehensively. We’ll go over the best tried-and-tested solutions that people have employed for this problem, so you can replicate them on your end and get favorable results hopefully.  

How to fix Dying Light 2 Co-Op Not Working

The following is a descriptive list of all the possible solutions that have seemed to solve co-op mode issues in Dying Light 2 for players. 

Finish the Game’s Prologue First

Some players have been frequently running into the Dying Light 2 co-op not working issue simply because they haven’t made it playable yet. This isn’t a problem on the developer’s end and is rather just a lackluster of enough game progression. Techland on their official support page says that if you’ve just started Dying Light 2, you need to actually complete the prologue first in order to unlock cooperative play.  

Now, it bears noting here that the prologue of the game, which is essentially the introductory phase where the game sets up the player for the events to follow, comprises three mainline story quests in Dying Light 2. These three quests in chronological order are: 

  • Pilgrim’s Path
  • Getting Stronger
  • Markers of Plague 

It’ll only be after you complete Markers of Plague that you’ll be unlocking the ability to roam around Old Villedor. Here, the game will prompt you that co-op mode has been unlocked and now your friends can tag along with you to brave together the horrors of what’s coming next. So, that’s that. You basically have to play Dying Light 2 up until a certain point to be able to join or invite others. 

One cannot possibly hop into co-op mode a moment before completing Markers of Plague. Besides, you’ll only be capable of exploring the game world from there on out, so what’s the point of playing with others before then? Anyhow, if you’re way past the preliminary section and you’re facing disconnection issues, keep on reading for more potential solutions.  

  • Quick tip: The end of the Markers of Plague mission question is marked when you receive the binoculars in the game. 

Restart Dying Light 2

One of the first potential solutions to try is a simple restart of Dying Light 2. This can be performed across various platforms, no matter if you’re on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation. Simply quit to the main menu if you’re inside a session and then proceed to close the game itself. That will be fairly simple to do if you’re on PC. 

Click on “Quit” within the game menu and then select “Yes” to finalize the process. The following screenshot depicts what to do on the main menu of Dying Light 2.

dying light 2 coop not working
Restarting Dying Light 2

As soon as you’re done here, launch the game one more time. Try getting into the co-op mode right from the get-go by joining a server from the main menu. If not, you can always hop inside a session yourself first and invite your friends to join you. Either way, you’ll be able to confirm shortly whether the Dying Light 2 co-op not working still continues to persist or not. 

You can approach the rest of the fixes described in this guide if a simple restart hasn’t quite cut it for you. Don’t get your hopes down just yet. 

Confirm Whether Your Internet Connection is Working

You being unable to play with others cooperatively might not be Techland’s fault after all. It’s imperative for you to assess any plausible problems on your end before putting the blame on Techland. Out of everything that can prevent you from playing the co-op mode of Dying Light 2, an unstable internet connection has to be checked first and foremost.  In general, a good internet connection speed that can allow you to play online and join servers must comprise the following parameters:

  • Download Speed: 2-3 Mbps 
  • Upload Speed: 1-2 Mbps
  • Ping: Below 60 milliseconds

A good way to check whether your internet connection makes the cut or not is to take a speed test on Speedtest by Ookla. It’s recognized as the “global broadband speed test” mostly because of its reliability and accurate provision of results. If you find your internet to be adequate in terms of the aforementioned specifications, it might be worth restarting your modern or Wi-Fi router next. 

You can disconnect your PC from the internet and connect to it back again. Once done, try launching the title to see if the Dying Light co-op not working issue still continues to be a bother. Keep on reading for more fixes to implement if you haven’t been in luck so far. 

Verify the Integrity of Dying Light 2’s Game Files

Another potential resolution that you can try to fix the Dying Light 2 co-op not working bother pertains to the Steam desktop client. This, of course, necessitates that you’re having issues with the Steam version of the game. If so, there is an in-built tool that the launcher provides, making it possible to fix a wide variety of problems with a certain title.

Being unable to play co-op with your friends or random players can neither relate to the internet connection nor a fault from the developer’s side. It’s possible that some of the main configuration or installation files of Dying Light 2 have been messed up inadvertently thereby impeding you from experiencing cooperative play. This is, however, where Steam will come in and offer you a glaring solution. 

There is a feature called “Verify integrity of game files” within Steam launcher’s interface that scans your digital downloads for any hitches.  It’s pretty simple to get to and employ, so you shouldn’t be too worried about not being able to get it done. The following steps will also streamline the entire procedure for you, so let’s dive right in. 

  1. The first step is to open the Steam launcher on your Windows PC. Quite naturally, you’ll find all of your games, including Dying Light 2, within the “Library” section of the interface. That is where you’ll need to go next. Once you’re there, double-click on “Dying Light 2” in the sidebar and select “Properties.” Doing so will take you to the next step. 
Clicking on "Properties" of Dying Light 2
Clicking on “Properties” of Dying Light 2

2. After clicking on “Properties,” a small-scale window will appear on the screen. Continue by clicking on “Local Files” on the left side of this window. Once done, you’ll be able to select the “Verify integrity of game files” option. Click on it to begin the authentication process. The Steam launcher will be prompted to search for missing or corrupted game files and replace them accordingly.  

Verifying the Integrity of Game Files
Verifying the Integrity of Game Files

That’s about it for learning how to start the verification of game file integrity for Dying Light 2. This Steam launcher tool operates by cross-checking the game files of the title that’s located on your PC with the ones that are actually stored on the Steam server. It’s obvious to note that the latter serves as a solid source for this comparison, meaning that there could be a fault on your end but not on the side of Steam’s servers in these terms. 

Therefore, the two ends will be compared with each other and if anything crucial is important on your PC, a fix will be carried out right away. You will have to wait until the whole procedure concludes before it’s possible to test the Dying Light co-op not working issue again. As soon as you’ve been notified by the system though, give the game a go to see if the problem still exists. 

Keep on reading for more potential solutions if you haven’t made it so far. We’ve still got some measures left to take, so do keep your hopes up.

Refresh the Dying Light 2 Servers – Definite Fix for Consoles

Let’s get into the technicality of the issue at hand. There is a potential solution of Dying Light 2 co-op not working that has proven to be exceedingly effective. It’s also one of the most definite fixes for consoles like PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Some players have figured out a way to hop back into cooperatively play by performing a series of tasks.

We’ll cover what you need to do for this potential fix in a step-by-step fashion, so keep on reading for more information. While you can replicate the guidelines for PC as well, this solution is recommended to perform on consoles chiefly. With that said, let’s dive right into the instructions you need to get going. 

  1. The first step here will be to disconnect the internet from whatever platform you’re playing the game on. We’ll showcase the interface of the PlayStation 4 for this guide, but you are free to do the same on the PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. In addition, you have to make sure that Dying Light 2 is completely shut down at this point. You have to perform this step without having the game running in the background. 
dying light 2 co-op not working
Disconnecting the PS4 From Network

2. Now that you’ve disconnected your console from the internet, the next step is to launch Dying Light 2 on your console. You should be now arriving at the main menu of the game. This has to be done diligently before you can proceed to the next step. The following screenshot specifies up to what stage you have to load the game. Once you’re in the specified area, continue reading ahead. 

Dying Light 2 Main Menu
Dying Light 2 Main Menu

3. You now have to go back to the network settings of your console and enable the internet connection. This will help you establish a stable connection to Dying Light 2’s servers again. It’s basically a way to reconnect to the servers but in a more profound manner. 

dying light 2 co-op not working
Enabling the Internet Connection

4. The next step is to enter the “Options” section within the main menu of Dying Light 2. Here, you’ll go to “Online Options” and make sure that the “Game Type” button inside is set to “Public” and you’ve also disabled the “Call For Help: Search and Rescue” feature. We’re not exactly sure how the latter works, but reports circulating online in forums seem to say that having the function turned off does the trick somehow. Therefore, we’re going to take our chances with it just as well. 

dying light 2 co-op not working
Optimizing Online Options for Dying Light 2

5. That’s about it for the most part. You can now go to the “Find Games” area to connect to other players’ games. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find numerous servers now, given that you’ve implemented one of the most definite fixes for the Dying Light 2 co-op not working issue. Try looking for a suitable session from the list of available servers and join them to see if all this effort has come to fruition. 

Co-Op Servers Now Readily Available
Co-Op Servers Now Readily Available

This is all that this solution encompasses. After thorough research, we’ve managed to find out that if you follow these steps, you’ll be able to play the game in the multiplayer mode most of the time. However, even if this potential fix doesn’t bring you favorable results, keep on reading for more ways to resolve this irksome problem. 

Remove Excess In-Game Friends From Dying Light 2

Things are starting to get a little eerie with this fix, but hey, whatever that can get us back into playing cooperatively, right? One user has found out an incredibly strange fix for the Dying Light 2 co-op not working problem, and it seems to be working for quite a plethora of people. All you have to do is check your list of added friends from the in-game main menu. 

Please note that we are not referring to your friend list on the platform you’re playing on (e.g., Steam, PlayStation, or Xbox). The focus here is on the Dying Light 2 game itself. You’ll see the “Friends” option in the sidebar of the “Online Options” section. Upon clicking on it, you’ll notice all the people you have that play Dying Light 2, including the ones that are offline at that moment. 

Now, the key here is to make sure that your list of friends does not exceed 300 in Dying Light 2. We can make a guesstimate that since the title is fairly new, the developers are still familiarizing the game with the heavy load of online matchmaking when millions of players are trying to get on at the same time. Somewhere along those lines, having an exorbitant amount of friends exacerbates the whole thing and prevents you from experiencing cooperative multiplayer. 

The following is how the “Friends” section in the game appears on your end. Make sure that the total amount of entries here is well below 300 for any semblance of resolving the Dying Light 2 co-op not working issue. Give the possible fix a go to see if it works for you as it has worked for a swath of other players. 

dying light 2 co-op not working
The “Friends” Section in Dying Light 2

This is one of the best ways to resolve what you are currently experiencing with the co-op side of the game. However, even if the above guidelines haven’t been able to do the trick, then it appears you’ve got one final thing left to do and it’s, unfortunately, not the best of solutions. 

Wait It Out 

It’s worth noting that Dying Light 2 is still a fairly new game with multiple different kinds of issues that need hammering out. Techland has still done a pretty good job with the sequel, so credit where it’s due, but unluckily, some hiccups are still hampering players from experiencing the core Dying Light 2 experience. On the plus side though, the developers are well aware of the situation and are working day and night to resolve it as soon as possible, given the well-grounded reputation of the Polish video game company.

One smart piece of advice would be to keep pace with Dying Light 2’s official Twitter account. They’ve just launched a patch for the Xbox consoles one day ago, and more are on the way. It’ll do you well to stay in the loop, therefore, and consistently acknowledge what Techland is currently trying to fix in the game. This is especially encouraged if you’ve tried everything to fix the Dying Light co-op problem but nothing has seemed to come to fruition. 

The only workable policy, in this case, would be to wait it out until the storm passes and grind the single-player mode. The game is definitely a lot of fun on its own, so you should be pretty set solo as well. However, on the same side, we do understand how rewarding, enjoyable, and unique co-op playthroughs are, but there isn’t much we can do at the moment apart from the fixes detailed above. 

Here’s hoping that you won’t have to wait too long for a patch on your preferred platform to play online. In the meantime though, we recommend checking out the Best Dying Light 2 skills and keeping yourself joyously busy.

As always, eXputer wishes you good luck! 

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