7 Apex Legends Tips From Pro Player

Here are 7 Apex Legends tips and tricks you should know before you start playing the actual game competitively.

The new growing battle royale developed by EA gained fame after its sudden release on February 4, 2019. It has managed to gain a massive concurrent player count of a whopping 50 Million players just a month after its release. This growing game has managed to even dethrone Fortnite from time to time on the Twitch viewer count. The reason for its rising popularity is that the game is free of charge. It is also the first battle royale game to have not 100 but 60 players in one match.

Many new players find it frustrating to take a win in Apex Legends due to many reasons. So today we will list a few handy dandy tips for you to score that win with minimum trouble.

Key Takeaways
  • Dropping at the correct place for loot and proper equipment is essential.
  • You should play with experienced teammates that can help you in situations
  • You need to choose a proper legend to ensure survival is easier.

    • Bangalore: Bangalore is an assault agent; she can smoke and attack
    • Mirage: This legend can trick enemies with his decoy, best for tricking and killing.
    • Wraith: She can run from fights using her void or even push into them.
    • Lifeline: Best to support teammates by healing or reviving them using her bots.
    • Pathfinder: Robot used to scout areas; can grapple and create a zipline
    • BloodHound: An Ultimate beast, best to track enemies down.
    • Gibraltar: Best for defense, can deploy a dome of shield and launch an attack with missiles.
    • Caustic: Deploys Nox Gas traps, which damage and reveal opponents.
    • Octane: Best to run, deploy jump pads, and self-heal while not being shot.
  • You don’t take fall damage in Apex Legends, regardless of height dropped from
  • Make sure to remember to close doors, or enemies will track you down
  • Loot is essential; choose suitable guns and medical equipment to defeat enemies.
  • Ensure you have a good and stable internet connection; higher latency can lower your performance.

Dropping At The Right Place

We all know that dropping at the crowdest area is the best way to earn loot and score some kills. However, it is not that easy as Apex is a very fast-paced shooter game, and unless you have a godlike aim to prevent your certain death or you manage to get your hands on good loot before the foe does.

There are remote locations on the map where there is nearly minimum action to be taken place in. These locations provide common to uncommon loot and sometimes even rarer loot but this does not mean that action is avoidable there can still be others lurking around the area.

Having The Right Team Mates

As most battle royales come and go all of them consist of 3 different modes Solos, Duos, and Squads. However, with Apex it is not the same case as this game contains only 1 mode and that is trios. This mode alone makes it unique from all of the battle royales out on the market. It is still strange why the game has only 1 game mode.

This sole reason alone is troubling for players as they have problems communicating with other players because of no past chemistry and many times the teammates are speaking a different language so then it becomes nearly impossible to communicate.

This is why It is necessary to go in a game with friends from the start instead of being matched with randoms.

Better Knowledge On Legends

While Apex is a game where you have to strategize your approach on how to eliminate an enemy or the entire enemy squad.

Apex has a variety of Legends AKA characters for players to select. There are in total 8 Legends with each legend having its own unique skill set of 3 skills, and in this skill set, all of them are equipped with an ultimate ability that acts as a special power-up to assist the team in either defense or offense.



She is an assault legend used mainly for the offense. She has 3 special abilities which are exclusive to her only.

Bangalore Abilities

The first one is her Smoke Launcher which she can use to ambush an enemy team or to escape when under fire.

While Bangalore is under fire she can use the ‘Double Time’ to run faster so she can escape and dodge incoming projectiles.

Her ultimate ability is the Rolling Thunder which allows her to call in an artillery strike and dig several missiles into the ground which then burst and give a significant amount of damage to the enemy. However, the only downside to this is that it causes a friendly fire as well to nearby teammates.



He is an assault legend who is also used as an offense.

Mirage Abilities

His first ability is Encore. This allows him to release a decoy for 5 seconds when he is knocked down while he stays cloaked and hidden.

His second ability ‘Psyche Out’ allows him to send a decoy to his chosen direction which stays alive until shot at.

Lastly, his ultimate causes several amounts of decoys to be released at once while he is cloaked. Mirage is best for players who want to wreak havoc.



She is also an assault legend who has mage abilities. She is very fast and agile. Her skill set allows her to be one of the deadliest and most dangerous legends if used correctly.

Wraith Abilities

Her first skill ‘Voices From The Void’ allows her to know if there is an enemy nearby.

Her second ability ‘Into The Void’ repositions her through the void so she can avoid any attacks inflicted on her for a limited amount of time.

Her ultimate which is the Dimensional Rift causes 2 rifts to be opened at the desired location that can be used as teleportation holes for teammates and enemies. She can be used to tackle enemies that are on long distances.



She is a support legend who acts like a medic for the team. Her abilities are only used to help out the team and not for offense.

Lifeline Abilities

Her first ability Is her D.O.C Heal Drone which heals her when she is close to it and any teammates that are close to it. It can also heal enemies.

Her second ability ‘Combat Medic’ provides a 180-degree shield to her while she is reviving a teammate this prevents any projectile from entering the shield.

Her Ultimate ability allows her to call in a supply package that contains consumables like shields, health packs, etc. It also carries armor that the team can wear. Enemies become aware of it as soon as the supply crate is called for.



He is a robot used as a support legend and he is mainly used to scout areas.

PathFinder Abilities

His first ability is the grappling hook that he can attach to long-distance objects like a building or a tall hill. He can also use the grappling hook to swing if the player looks left and right at the hook point.

His second ability is ‘Insider Knowledge’ which allows him to scan survey beacons to reveal the next location of the ring. This is very helpful as players can reach the new ring area early.

His ultimate ability is his zip line gun which can create a zipline for anyone to use. the zip line can be attached from where he is standing and shot anywhere where it can stick to.




He is a masked man who is used as a support legend to track enemies and search for his surroundings.

BloodHound Abilities

His first ability Tracker Allows him to track any footsteps left behind by an enemy for the past 1 minute which can help him track down nearby enemies, such as hiding or looting.

His second ability ‘Eye of the Allfather’ reveals hidden enemies, and traps and also gives a guide to a structure in front of you.

His ultimate ability ‘Beast of the hunt’ gives him super senses and improves his running speed significantly. It also highlights the enemies in red to help in attacking and locating.



He wears very strong and heavy armor and is used as a defense legend to prevent any incoming attacks on him or his teammates.

Gibraltar Abilities

His first ability ‘Dome of Protection’ makes a dome-like shield that prevents any incoming attacks but anyone can enter it if they walk into it.

His second ability deploys a gun shield around his gun to prevent any incoming fire from affecting him.

His ultimate ability ‘Defensive Bombardment’ gives him a grenade which causes a mortar strike to be launched at the location where the grenade is thrown.



He also wears strong and heavy armor just like caustic but wears a gas mask as he is a defense legend that uses poison as his tool.

Caustic Abilities

His first ability ‘Nox Gas Trap’ drops a toxic gas canister that triggers when enemies are in a certain radius or they shoot at it. It slowly causes damage to the enemy.

His second ability ‘Nox Vision’ allows him to see through his toxic gas which others cannot see through. This makes caustic very dangerous as he knows where to strike and when to strike.

His ultimate ability ‘Nox Gas Grenade’ Covers the entire area in a certain radius with Toxic gas that does a significant amount of damage bringing enemies to death or near death.



He is an assault legend used for close to medium-range combat.

Octane Abilities

His first ability ‘Swift Mend’ gives him the power to heal over time when not in combat. This ability can come in handy as the player can keep lots of ammunition with him and not have to carry a lot of medkits.

His second ability ‘Stim’ is an injection that makes him move 30% faster for 6 seconds but it comes with a price. In return, little health is taken away. The best part about the ability is that the player can move around with a gun and shoot without canceling the ability or anything like that.

His ultimate ability ‘Launch Pad’ gives him a huge jump boost to reach his target while swarming at them from above. This can be very useful to flank an enemy by going behind them or ambushing them.

No Fall Damage

Unlike many games that give you damage for falling from long heights or killing you, Apex is an exception. In Apex no matter where you jump from no harm will come to your character this makes the game very interesting as many players are unaware of this and they don’t jump from long heights and eventually get killed for being stuck in long areas where they are eaten by the ring or are killed by an enemy.

This can be taken advantage of when the ring is closing in or there are enemies unaware of any threat, that’s where you can strike them. However, it gives you a 2-second stop when you hit the ground.

Close Doors

We know that most players tend to close the doors the first chance they get but can also forget. In apex, it’s easy to spot any open doors due to the large number of buildings which can lead to making the enemy suspicious of their surroundings and search for foes. So its best to avoid this kind of situation at all costs.

Getting The Right Loot

In any battle royale mode, eliminated players drop all of their items on the floor which allows them to be picked up. In apex its the same but with a twist. The eliminated players drop crates that carry their loot but the crates are highlighted in a color. For example, the crate is purple which would mean it carries some sort of Epic Tier loot. This small mechanic allows players to know what type of loot they are about to receive.

All of the regions are marked with loot rarity meaning they carry loot of that certain rarity somewhere in those regions. Dropping at the highest loot rarity regions is however a bad idea but it can also be fruitful. Let’s say if the player was to survive by either fighting, sneaking, or being lucky enough to find nobody at those locations then the players can get their hands on that juicy loot.


Everyone wants a good ping, right? Who doesn’t? Apex gives a large option of data center selections from a large list of nearby data centers. This helps the player choose for the right data center with the lowest latency for the best experience. Unfortunately, many people do not know about this as the feature is hidden. To get the data center menu players must wait for some time at the loading screen where they are asked to press the left click to continue. This option will then popup after a certain time limit.

Loading Screen

This was a set of our few tips on survival in apex legends. We hope that you find these tips useful.

Good Luck!

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