Shroud Apex Legends Settings, Keybinds, Setup & More

An updated guide on Shroud's game settings in Apex Legends, along with his updated setup (mouse, keyboard, headset and Monitor).

Shroud is a former CS: GO player known for playing FPS and battle royale games like Escape from Tarkov, PUBG, Apex Legends, and Valorant. He has the fifth most followed channel on twitch with around 9.9 million followers, and he has got the best aim we have ever seen. Of course, there are other professional players such as Genburten who are equally on par with him. However, many players still prefer to follow Shroud’s game settings and replicate his setup to perform well in their games. That is why we shall share his Apex Legends Settings in this guide.  

Key Takeaways
  • Shroud uses a high Field of View (FOV) setting of 90, which allows him to see more of the game world around him.
  • He also uses a low mouse sensitivity setting, which helps him to make precise aim adjustments.
  • Shroud’s key binds are designed to be efficient and easy to use, with certain actions mapped to specific keys.
  • He uses a high-quality gaming mouse and keyboard, as well as a high-refresh-rate monitor, to ensure that he has the best possible input response.

Shroud’s Apex Legends Settings 

Shrouds gaimg setup
Shrouds Apex settings and gaming setup.

Shroud’s Apex Legends Keybinds 

Name of Setting   Shroud’s Keybind 
Sprint  Left Shift  
Ultimate Ability  Z 
Crouch (Toggle)  C 
Jump  Mouse wheel down 
Tactical Ability  Q 
Crouch (Hold)  Left Ctrl  
Interact / Pickup  F 
Inventory  Tab  
Fire mode  B 
Melee  Mouse 4 
Reload  R 
Aim (Hold)  Right Click 
Use Selected Health Item  5 
Use Syringe  H 
Use Med Kit   4 
Use Sheild Cell  3 
Use Shield Battery  Mouse 5 
Use Phoenix Kit  X 
Equip Grenade  G 
Ping  Mouse wheel 
Push to talk (Hold)  x 

Shroud’s Apex Legends Mouse Settings 

Every gamer that plays First Person Shooter games realizes the importance of their mouse settings. Although it may sound insignificant, your settings are crucial in improving your playstyle. A player’s mouse settings are dependent on their muscle memory, hand movement, and playing style. That is why you should set your mouse settings to something comfortable. So, if you think that your playing style is like Shourd’s, look at the settings below and try them out for yourself. 

Name of setting  Shroud’s Mouse Setting 
DPI (Dots Per Inch)  450 
Mouse Sensitivity  3 
ADS Multiplier  1 
Hz   1000 
Mouse acceleration  OFF 
Mouse Invert  OFF 

Try these settings and see if you can play comfortably on them. If something does not feel right, try changing them a little and see if that works. 

Shroud’s Apex Legends Video Settings 

Naturally, Shroud’s video settings are also set to make the game a smooth experience for his eyes. Shroud’s video settings for Apex Legends are given below. Compare them to your video settings and make the changes to see if the added FPS makes any difference. 

Name of Setting  Shroud’s Video Setting 
Display Mode  Full Screen 
Aspect Ratio  16:9 
Resolution  2560 x 1440 
Field of View  103 
Color blind Mode  OFF 
V-Sync  Disabled 
Adaptive Resolution FPS  0 
Anti-Aliasing  TSAA 
Texture streaming Budget  8GB VRAM 
Texture Filtering  16X 
Ambient Occlusion Quality  High 
Sun Shadow Coverage  Low 
Sun Shadow Detail  Low  
Spot Shadow Detail  High 
Volumetric Lighting  Disabled 
Dynamic Spot Shadows  Disabled 
Model Detail  High 
Effects Detail  High 
Impact Marks  High 
Ragdolls  High 

Now that was all you needed to know about Shroud’s Apex Legends Settings. Moving on, we shall now discuss his gaming setup and gear. 

Shroud’s Gaming Setup 

Shroud's gaming gear
Shroud’s gaming gear (mouse, keyboard, and headset)

Before we move on to Shroud’s gaming setup, we must clarify a few things. Though it might be obvious, gaming gear is different from regular hardware. All famous professional players use top-of-the-line gaming equipment to boost their performance in games. Especially when we talk about players like the aim god Shroud himself, we would expect him to use the best gaming gear available.  

However, such gaming equipment does not come in cheap. Regardless of that, Shroud’s Apex Legends Setup details are given below. See if there you can make any considerable improvements to your setup. 

Shroud’s Gaming Monitor 

Shroud’s main gaming monitor is the Alienware 2721D. Although it isn’t cheap, the Alienware 2721D is worth the money. It comes in three variants two 27 inches (FHD and QHD) and one 37-inches (WQHD) variant. This monitor is ideal for gaming with a lightning-fast 244-hertz refresh rate and NVIDIA G-Sync. However, they do cost a bit more than what your average gamer can afford; the FHD variant of 27 inches is 330$ while the other two are 700$ and 1460$ respectively (Dell’s official website). 

Shroud’s Gaming Mouse 

When it comes to mouse choice, every gamer has preferences and biases, which may vary depending on their hand size, mouse weight and shape preferences, and grip style. Naturally, it would be best if you also got a mouse that feels right for you.  

Recently Shroud got into a collaboration with Logitech to design a mouse made explicitly for his liking. Modifying their classic G-303, Logitech has made a mouse created for Shroud’s hands, the G-303 Shroud edition. It has five mouse buttons, and it weighs about 75 grams which is the perfect weight for low-sensitivity DPI, making your aim faster and improving your gameplay. 

The G-303 Shroud Edition is temporarily sold out on Logitech’s official website. It costs about 110$. 

Shroud’s Gaming Keyboard 

Of course, you can’t spell gamer without an RGB keyboard. Almost all gamers use mechanical keyboards for gaming; indeed, so does Shroud. Like the shroud gaming mouse, Shroud also uses his edition of the standard Logitech G Pro X keyboard. It is a lightweight mechanical keyboard with a tenkeyless design and user-swappable mechanical switches.  

The Shroud Edition only comes in linear style, but the standard one has linear, clicky, and tactile style. So, if you don’t like the design for the shroud edition, you can always go for the standard one. The Shroud Edition of the Logitech G Pro X costs around 150$ from Logitech’s official website.  

Shroud’s Gaming Headset  

Quality headsets are a game-changer in competitive first-person shooter games. That is why many gamers tend to buy comfortable headsets with excellent audio quality. As far as Shroud is concerned, he uses the Shroud edition of Logitech G Pro X wireless headset, a pair of durable headphones with aluminum and steel enforced headband. 

The ultra-comfortable memory foam on the ear pads and headband supplies excellent noise cancellation, which is why the G Pro X Wireless also makes them a good choice for long gaming sessions. These headphones cost around 230$ from Logitech’s official website. 

So that concludes our guide on Shroud’s Apex Legends Settings and Setup. What changes will you make to your setup? Do let us know in the comments below. 

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