The Pokémon Company Reports Its Best Financial Year Ever

The company made nearly double its net profit in 2021-22

Some things on Earth are so widespread and popular that every person has heard of them. One of these things is the media franchise of Pokémon. It’s actually impossible to not know about this franchise if you don’t live under a rock. Pokémon just has so many popular forms of media that you can’t be unaware of it.

From cartoons to toys and video games to movies, the franchise is present everywhere. All of this popularity results in it being the highest-grossing media franchise of all time. Recently this company has broken its own previous record profit.

According to their most recent financial report, The Pokémon Company has recorded its highest profit of all time in 2021/22. It has broken its previous record by the last margin and made a net profit of almost twice that amount.

The company has also recorded its largest increase in profit in one year with this financial year’s number. 2021/22 has truly been a remarkable result for the media franchise where it has hit new heights. With a net profit of $325 Million, the Pokémon Company has beaten its previous best.

Last year it set a new profit record with $170 Million in net profit in a single year. It was the company’s best performance since the 2016/17 fiscal year. But now, the franchise has smashed that record to bits with a net profit double their previous best. A result like this is amazing even for Pokémon’s standards.

Graph showing net profits across different years in Euros (thanks, @oscarlemaire).

The Pokémon Company made almost $1.6 Billion in sales this year according to the financial report. Such insane numbers really tell us how popular the franchise actually is. Most of this money also doesn’t come from video games or films.

Merchandise sales are the real golden chicken of the company and it makes a huge amount of money through this. In some other facts of the report, Gross revenue of The Pokémon Company made $700 Million in Gross revenue this year which is a great turnout.

Operating Input was approximately $470 Million according to the current Dollar exchange rate. All of these numbers are crazy but the net profit is not the entirety of the sales. The Pokémon Company only makes about 20% of the sales in net profit.

Even with that, the results are amazing and the franchise continues to rake in money by the loads. Reaching your highest profit almost 28 years after the start also proves the insane longevity the company has. With the interest in Pokémon items showing no sign of slowing down, these numbers are only going to increase.

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