Resident Evil Village Well Wheel Guide [2024]

There are a number of Resident Evil Village Wells that contain a lot of useful items. And this guide will show you how to access them.

Almost as soon as players properly start the game, they will begin to encounter various different Resident Evil Village Wells scattered all around the map. They don’t look like anything special from a distance, but walking up to them clearly reveals that they can interact. They are also automatically added to the map as well. However, the item required to operate them, the Well Wheel, is found quite a bit in the game. So with this Resident Evil Village Well Wheel guide, we’ll show you how to get this item and find all of the locations where it can be used.

Key Highlights
  • The Well Wheel in Resident Evil Village unlocks additional items in certain wells.
  • Found in Castle Dimitrescu after completing a puzzle in the Opera Hall.
  • Acquire the Insignia Key, return to the village, and visit various well locations.
  • Wells include Church Well, Fallow Plot Well, Garden Well, Maiden Of War Well, Moraeu’s Laboratory Well, and West Workshop Well.
  • A Secret Well becomes accessible after defeating Salvatore Moraeu and exploring the Reservoir

How To Find The Well Wheel?

Resident Evil Village Well
Map of The Well Wheel.
  1. Obtain the Well Wheel in Resident Evil Village by progressing to Castle Dimitrescu.
  2. Acquire the Iron Insignia Key by solving a puzzle in the Opera Hall on the first floor.
  3. Return to the village and use the Iron Insignia Key on the gate, leading to a nearby house.
  4. Inside the house, find the Well Wheel on top of a wooden barrel.
  5. With the Well Wheel, unlock and access various wells throughout the game for additional items
Resident Evil Village Well
Iron Insignia Key

All Resident Evil Village Well Locations

Resident Evil Village Well
A Well.

With the Well Wheel in their hands, players can go ahead and visit each of the following locations.

  • Church Well: Locate the Well behind the Church building for a Necklace With Two Holes, combinable with blood ruby gems for profit.
  • Fallow Plot Well: Behind Elena’s house, find three Pipe Bombs in this Well near the starting cutscene area.
  • Garden Well: : After the Donna Beneviento boss fight, explore the northern part of the newly opened gate near the gardens to discover Madalina (Head), combinable for additional income
Resident Evil Village Well
Wooden Animal (Head).
  • Maiden Of War Well: From the village center, face the Maiden Of War statue and turn right to find a Well; inside is the Wooden Animal (Head), combinable for substantial profits.
  • Moreau’s Laboratory Well: En route to Salvatore Moreau, in the Reservoir area near the first windmill, discover a Well with a Flashbang.
  • West Workshop Well: Between West Old Town and Workshop, find a Well with a lockpick inside.

Now all of the Resident Evil Village Wells so far have been fairly straightforward, but the last one of the list is a bit complicated to find. On top of this, you also have to solve a puzzle to get the rewards it has to offer.

How To Solve The Secret Well Puzzle?

Resident Evil Village Well
The Puzzle Control Panel.

Don’t worry; we’ll list the full solution below:

  1. Climb up the movable platforms until you reach the control panel.
  2. Press both of the white buttons once. It doesn’t matter what order you do this in.
  3. Walk to the cart at the far end of the platforms and push it forward twice.
  4. A second cart should now be accessible. Push this one forward as sell so that it falls to the ground below.
  5. Walk around the platforms and climb on top of the cart you pushed down in the last step.
  6. Use this new foothold to climb up to the previously unreachable platform.
  7. Dropdown into the hole in the floor and loot all of the items in the room. There should be two Flashbangs, Magnum Ammo, and a Large Pigeon Blood Ruby for you to collect.

This has been eXputer’s Resident Evil Village Well Wheel guide. While you’re here, why not also check out our articles on Assassins Creed Odyssey Best Builds or How To Get Skyrim Quarried Stone.

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