Resident Evil Village Best Weapons Guide

This is eXputer's list of the Resident Evil Village Best Weapons. It will highlight some of the most powerful and unique guns in the game.

Picking out the Resident Evil Village’s best weapons is no easy task, especially considering the number of guns in this game. The options at display here ensure that different players have different opinions about what they prefer to take into combat.

Key Takeaways

Resident Evil Village offers a variety of weapons to enhance your survival. Here are some of the top firearms you can find in the game:

  1. M1911: This secondary firearm has a decent fire rate and damage output. It can be found in the Village Workshop area.
  2. W870 TAC: A powerful shotgun for short-range combat that can be found near House Benevento and customized with a Foregrip and Improved Gunstock.
  3. Karambit Knife: This melee weapon packs more punch than the basic knife and looks cool.
  4. The F2 Rifle: A long-range sniper rifle with outstanding damage found in a room after the Attic section at Castle Dimitrescu.
  5. GM 79 Grenade Launcher: A heavy damage dealer capable of taking down multiple enemies with a single grenade.
  6. Dragoon: A rapid-fire Assault Rifle with excellent damage output, available for purchase with 30,000 Completion Points.
  7. M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum: An exceptionally powerful handgun with extraordinary damage output. Obtain it near the Reservoir after defeating Salvatore Moreau.
  8. SYG-12: A semi-automatic shotgun with high damage and a good rate of fire. It can be purchased from The Duke after reaching Heisenberg’s Factory.
  9. WCX: An Assault Rifle with decent damage output. Unlock it in the Extra Content Shop after completing the campaign.
  10. S.T.A.K.E.: This high-rate-of-fire weapon has basic damage output. It becomes available in New Game+ when The Duke sells it before entering Castle Dimitrescu.

I’ve summarized all the best weapons in Resident Evil Village in this table: 

WeaponsTypePowerRate of FireReload SpeedAmmo Capacity
W870 TACShotgun760.
Karambit KnifeKnife----
F2 RifleSniper Rifle600.
GM 79 Grenade Launcher1200.0-2.71.0
DragoonAssault Rifle350.00.112.930.0
M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum400.
SYG-12Automatic Shotgu1160.01.43.510.0
WCXAssault Rifle250.

1. M1911

Resident Evil Village Best Weapons
Name Power Rate of Fire Reload Speed Ammo Capacity
M1911 160 0.27 2.9 7

Custom Parts:

  • M1911 – Improved Grip.
  • M1911 – High-Capacity Mag.

The M1911 is the second pistol you obtain in the game, found alongside the Jack Handle key item in the Village Workshop area.

  • To unlock the chest containing these items, use the combination 070408.
  • The M1911 functions as a standard handgun, offering improved damage and rate of fire compared to the starting LEMI pistol, albeit with a smaller ammo capacity of 7 rounds.
  • It’s recommended to upgrade this weapon early, as it will likely become your primary handgun, given the abundance of handgun ammo available.

2. W870 TAC

Resident Evil Village Best Weapons
W870 TAC.
Name Power Rate of Fire Reload Speed Ammo Capacity
W870 TAC 760 1.6 2.7 4

Custom Parts:

  • W870 TAC – Foregrip.
  • W870 TAC – Improved Gunstock.

The W870 TAC is the second shotgun players can acquire in the game. It can be found after leaving House Beneviento and exploring previously inaccessible houses due to vines.

Compared to the initial M1897 shotgun, the W870 TAC offers significantly more power, a better rate of fire, and a slightly faster reload speed, but it holds one less shell in its chamber.

The increased damage makes it a valuable choice, becoming your primary shotgun until the end game. The W870 TAC is most effective in extremely close-quarters combat, allowing you to eliminate enemies before they reach you. Consider investing money at The Duke to upgrade the weapon’s stats, particularly its ammo capacity for tougher encounters.

3. Karambit Knife

Resident Evil Village Best Weapons
Karambit Knife.

Our one and only melee weapon in the Resident Evil Village Best Weapons guide is the Karambit Knife. This weapon is only available during a particular section of the story, but after that, it can be bought at the Extra Content Shop for 10,000 Completion Points after beating the game.

In all regards, this weapon functions identically to the default Knife given to the player. It’s slightly more stylized and looks really nice, but apart from that, don’t expect anything particularly too wild.

However, the Karambit Knife does feature a distinct set of attack animations and deals significantly more damage to regular mob enemies compared to the basic knife. It can take down lycans in approximately 2-3 hits each, making it a valuable weapon when you run out of ammo and must resort to melee combat.

4. F2 Rifle

Resident Evil Village Best Weapons
F2 Rifle.
Name Power Rate of Fire Reload Speed Ammo Capacity
F2 Rifle 600 2 3.7 4

Custom Parts:

  • F2 Rifle – High Magnification Scope.
  • F2 Rifle – Cheek Rest.
  • F2 Rifle – High-Capacity Mag.

The F2 Rifle is the sole sniper rifle in Resident Evil Village. You can find the F2 Rifle in a room located directly after the Attic section at Castle Dimitrescu, where it’s placed on a chair next to a suit of armor, making it hard to miss.

While the F2 Rifle’s base stats may not appear particularly impressive compared to other weapons, its true strength lies in long-range combat. Eliminating enemies without alerting them to your presence is a significant advantage in Resident Evil Village. You can carefully aim for headshots and dispatch foes before they have a chance to retaliate. This approach can help you conserve health, especially on higher difficulty levels.

Even when forced to use the F2 Rifle in close quarters, it is surprisingly effective, although it’s not its intended purpose. You can significantly enhance your performance in subsequent playthroughs by locating custom parts for this weapon and upgrading it at The Duke to boost damage and ammo capacity.

5. GM 79 Grenade Launcher 

Resident Evil Village Best Weapons
GM 79 Grenade Launcher.
Name Explosive Power Flashbang Power Reload Speed Ammo Capacity
GM 79 Grenade Launcher 1200 0 2.7 1

The GM 79 Grenade Launcher is another unique addition to my Resident Evil Village Best Weapons guide. You can acquire this weapon by venturing to a small locked building with a waterwheel located in the northern part of the East Old Town area. The entrance is secured and can only be unlocked with the Iron Insignia Key.

  • The GM 79 Grenade Launcher is a versatile weapon utilizing both Explosive and Flashbang rounds.
  • Explosive rounds inflict massive damage over a wide area, allowing you to eliminate or severely wound multiple enemies with a single shot.
  • Flashbang rounds, however, can stun numerous enemies, facilitating a quick escape from challenging situations.
  • Notably, the player remains immune to the effects of both ammo types.

Unlike most other weapons in the game, the GM 79 Grenade Launcher cannot be upgraded in any way. It lacks custom parts, and The Duke cannot enhance its capabilities. This limitation is reasonable because the weapon is already exceptionally potent, and further upgrades would unbalance the game.

6. Dragoon

Resident Evil Village Best Weapons
Name Power Rate of Fire Reload Speed Ammo Capacity
Dragoon 350 0.11 2.9 30

The Dragoon, my first Assault Rifle weapon type on the list, is an incredibly potent weapon, but it’s only accessible during a specific section of the main campaign. Once this section is completed, the Dragoon becomes unavailable. However, after finishing the story once and unlocking the Extra Content Shop, players can purchase it for 30,000 Completion Points, making it available for subsequent playthroughs.

  • On regular difficulty settings, the Dragoon is a formidable firearm that allows you to mow down enemies effortlessly and is highly effective in taking down bosses as well.

However, the Dragoon comes with its limitations. It has no custom parts, and The Duke cannot upgrade it. Therefore, while it excels on normal difficulties, players looking to tackle more challenging modes may find it less effective. In such cases, opting for an upgradeable weapon is advisable.

7. M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum

Resident Evil Village Best Weapons
M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum.
Name Power Rate of Fire Reload Speed Ammo Capacity
M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum 3400 1.5 2.5 5

Custom Parts:

  • M1851 Wolfsbane – Long Barrel.
  • M1851 Wolfsbane – Increased Capacity Cylinder.

Hands down, the M1851 Wolfsbane is the single most powerful handgun in the entire game in terms of raw stopping power. To get it, players first have to defeat Salvatore Moreau and then leave the Reservoir to find some abandoned houses nearby. The gun is in the house with the locked doors. A hole at the back of the building can allow you to access it.

Upgrading the M1851 Wolfsbane at The Duke increases its power, rate of fire, and reload speed, but the ammo capacity stays the same throughout. The only way to increase this a bit is by finding and installing the Increased Capacity Cylinder. 

8. SYG-12

Resident Evil Village Best Weapons
Name Power Rate of Fire Reload Speed Ammo Capacity
SYG-12 1160 1.4 3.5 10

Custom Parts:

  • SYG-12 – Red Dot Sight.
  • SYG-12 – Long Barrel.
  • SYG-12 – Drum Magazine.

As far as shotguns go, you cannot do better than the SYG-12. This end-game weapon can be bought from The Duke after you reach Heisenberg’s Factory.

  • Unlike the pump-action shotguns, this variation is automatic and deals tremendous damage even before being upgraded.
  • It also has a fantastic starting ammo capacity and rate of fire.
  • The only downside is the increased reload speed, but even that is worth it for the pure carnage that this weapon is capable of otherwise. 

It costs significant money to upgrade the SYG-12, but it is absolutely worth it. Because starting from the point where it becomes available to you, the game throws a number of extremely combat-heavy encounters your way.

9. WCX

Resident Evil Village Best Weapons
Name Power Rate of Fire Reload Speed Ammo Capacity
WCX 250 0.15 3.2 20

Custom Parts:

  • WCX – Foregrip.
  • WCX – Red Dot Sight.

The WCX is a reliable assault rifle that players can unlock for use in the campaign by purchasing it in the Extra Content Shop for 30,000 Completion Points after beating the story at least once. The WCX offers decent damage output and is a solid choice for those who prefer automatic firearms in Resident Evil Village.

You can further enhance the WCX’s performance by customizing it with options like the Foregrip and Red Dot Sight. These upgrades can make the WCX a more effective and versatile weapon as you take on various threats.

10. S.T.A.K.E.

Resident Evil Village Best Weapons
Name Power Rate of Fire Reload Speed Ammo Capacity
S.T.A.K.E. 2000 1.3 2.7 10

Custom Parts:

  • S.T.A.K.E. – Improved Grip.
  • S.T.A.K.E. – High-Capacity Mag.

Our second magnum on the list is the S.T.A.K.E. Players can only get this after beating the campaign and starting a New Game+, at which point The Duke will sell it when you meet him before entering Castle Dimitrescu. 

Compared to the M1851 Wolfsbane, the S.T.A.K.E. does not do nearly as much damage. In fact, it takes around three upgrades before surpassing the other magnum’s base damage. At first glance, it seems fairly obvious which weapon is the superior among the two.

But unlike the M1851 Wolfsbane, which cannot hold more than 7 bullets at a time, the S.T.A.K.E. is able to hold a whopping 28 rounds when fully upgraded. At the max level, it also has an increased reload speed, Rate of fire, and the differences between the power values don’t seem so stark anymore.

My Personal Weapons Preferences During My Playthrough

The V61 Custom is definitely the strongest handgun in the first playthrough, and the USM-AI was my go-to for new gameplus. The USM-AI is extremely overpowered and helped me clear the Village of Shadows difficulty. I would recommend you get your hands on the sniper rifle and the grenade launcher as soon as you can because these will deal maximum damage to bosses.

re8 hours
My experience in Resident Evil Village

As for the shotgun, I ran most of my mid-game with the W-870 Tac and switched to the SYG-12 for my end-game. The Wolfsbane is more than enough for a magnum in Resident Evil Village, and I personally found myself not using assault rifles much.

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