CAPCOM Reports Its Highest First-Quarter Results Of All Time

Resident Evil Village Has Sold Over 4.5 Million Copies...

Recently, in its consolidated business results for the three months ended on 30th June 2021, CAPCOM announced its sales and profits for the first quarter. With net sales of more than 48, 423 million yen, the corporation showed an increment of 104.1% in net sales compared to the previous year. Similarly, the operating income for this year was 23, 604 million yen — an accretion of 120.4% compared to the previous year. Compared to the previous year, the ordinary income had increased by a significant 125% — 23, 899 million yen — with the net income attributable to owners of the parent showing an increment of 121.9% — 17,340 million yen — compared to the previous year. As such, CAPCOM reports its highest first-quarter results of all time!

CAPCOM Reports Its Highest First-Quarter Results

In this year’s first quarter, most of CAPCOM’s increment in sales can be seen from the unexpectedly increased sales of the new releases to their renowned Resident Evil and Monster Hunter franchises. Resident Evil Village — released in May 2021 — sold over 4.5 million copies across the world in this business segment. Likewise, Monster Hunter Rise — released at the end of 2020 — also showed an increase in sales across the world due to its already established eminence. Thanks to Resident Evil Village and Monster Hunter Rise, CAPCOM reports its highest first-quarter results of all time!

This isn’t to say that other franchises or instalments didn’t perform as well. While Resident Evil Village and Monster Hunter Rise showed a majority of net sales for the business, CAPCOM also reported a rise in the sales of its home video games — an increment of 44.6% compared to the previous year, with 13.3 million units sold across the world. In Mobile Contents, licensing income from using CAPCOM’s major intellectual property also contributed to profits.

With the emergence of COVID-19 in the first quarter of 2020, CAPCOM and every other business was forced to suspend many operations and shorten the operating hours. Despite the hindrance, the business surpassed its expectations and achieved a record for net sales. During this time, CAPCOM also focused more on the sales of character merchandise to use its notable intellectual property internationally for revenue and increase its franchises’ brand value. Additionally, e-Sports was one of CAPCOM’s focuses for the current year. The commencement of tournaments, such as the all-online Capcom Pro Tour Online 2021 in 19 regions across the world, was done to expand the user-base of the business internationally. However, as a result, the net sales decreased by 5.4% — 832 million yen — and operating income decreased by 5.6% — 482 million yen — compared to the previous year.

Source: CAPCOM

It’s a massive milestone for any business, particularly CAPCOM, to achieve such a record of net sales. CAPCOM hasn’t really been a fan-favourite in recent years. Hence, such profits, and even those during a pandemic, are really impressive. It seems like this isn’t the end for CAPCOM and we will see more from them soon!

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