Tekken 8 Character Tier List [All Fighters Ranked]

With 30+ hours experience in the game, here is my take on the complete character roster of Tekken 8!

In this Tekken 8 character tier list, I have broken down the strengths and weaknesses of each fighter in the latest installment of this iconic fighting game. Understanding the tier placements is crucial for competitive success in the game; otherwise, you can get destroyed by better fighters and the best players in Tekken 8.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 32 characters in Tekken 8.
  • S-Tier: Dominant powerhouses with unmatched strength and versatility.
  • A-Tier: Formidable fighters, strong tools, versatile game plans for competition.
  • B-Tier: Solid and reliable characters, balanced strengths, requires strategic play.
  • C-Tier: Face challenges, struggle against higher-tier fighters, and demand strategic usage.
  • Author’s Note: I’ve dedicated over 30 hours to Tekken 8, testing various combo chains, damage potential, and the playstyle of all characters in the game. My extensive experience is one of the best reasons to trust the information in this tier list.


The S-ranking characters in the Tekken 8 character tier list that I have mentioned are at the top of the power food chain. These fighters dominate the competition with unmatched strength, versatility, and tools, excelling in all aspects, boasting top-tier movement, devastating combos, and formidable mix-up options. Their exceptional frame data and punishing capabilities make them the go-to choices for competitive play, forcing opponents to strategize carefully to stand a chance against their overwhelming presence.

Jin Kazama

Jin Kazama
  • Key space control move: f4, a ranged CH mid launcher, safe on block.
  • Strong mobility with a wavedash for easy gap-closing.
  • Versatile playstyle, offense with poking or defense with keepout.
  • Best parry in the game for versatile defensive options.
  • Punishment can be lacking against moves with pushback.

Jun Kazama

Jun Kazama
  • Tremendous prowess in poking and pressure with + on block mids.
  • Frustrates opponents with top-tier poking, leading to CHs or defensive tools.
  • Some moves inflict self-damage, requiring careful management.
  • More challenging to make a comeback against patient opponents.

Feng Wei

Feng Wei
  • Unique snake dash extends the range for versatile WS moves.
  • Varied low arsenal with high-crushing options and + frames.
  • Locks opponents in place with tracking 12f mid (b4).
  • Difficult to pressure with panic moves like b1, uf2, and back kenpo.
  • Combos off-axis can be inconsistent, requiring player adjustment.
  • Toned down from Tekken 7, but still formidable in Tekken 8.

Azucena Ortiz

Azucena Ortiz
  • Various stances for accessible, guaranteed mixups.
  • Libertador stance for mixups and built-in evasion.
  • Overwhelms with stance transitions and deadly mixups.
  • Lacks effective punishment against later frames.
  • Libertador’s built-in evasion is not very useful.
  • Relies heavily on mixups, making predictability a potential issue.


  • The latest Jack model shows significant changes in lows and strategy.
  • Maintains strong space control, using ranged tools.
  • Crucial move ff1, a ranged mid for space control.
  • Prone to larger combos due to size.
  • Limited sidestep, reducing evasive options.


  • Excellent pokes: df1, d3, ff4, SCR df4.
  • Deadlier mixups in heat with a low launcher in SCR stance.
  • Zafina can be played minimally despite multiple stances.
  • Poor WS punishment, leaves certain moves exploitable.
  • Requires effective movement and crushing.

Bryan Fury

Bryan Fury
  • 3+4, a long-range CH mid for opponent pressure.
  • Well-rounded playstyle with B1, a long-range CH mid launcher.
  • Strong jab strings for pressure and interruption.
  • Relies heavily on counter-hits.
  • Execution-intensive with the taunt for guaranteed hits.
  • Limited defensive options.
  • Vulnerable to opponents with strong close-range pressure.


The A-ranking fighters in this Tekken 8 character tier list are formidable contenders, just a step below the elite S-tier. While not as overwhelming, they still possess strong tools, impressive combo potential, and versatile game plans. According to my 30+ hours of experience, these fighters can compete at the highest level, requiring players to master their unique strengths and exploit opponent weaknesses to secure victories.

They’re not as strong as S-Tier, but they’re still really good. These fighters have cool moves too. If you learn how to use them well, you can win a lot of matches.

Paul Phoenix

Paul Phoenix
  • Excels at being in the opponent’s face.
  • Mixups become more potent in heat.
  • Above-average standing and crouching punishment.
  • Deathfist is a damaging mid, challenging for opponents to punish.
  • Low pokes are weaker, making Paul’s playstyle feel committal.

Nina Williams

Nina Williams
  • Nina, the Irish Assassin, is a rushdown specialist.
  • Excels in “sticky” offense with extended cancels.
  • Known for execution-heavy play.
  • Requires proper backdash and hayashida step for evasion.
  • Weaker ranged game, urging players to stay vigilant up close.

Lars Alexandersson

Lars Alexandersson
  • Lars transitions to a rushdown stance-based style in Tekken 8.
  • Overwhelms with diverse stance options and mixups intensified in heat.
  • Frustrates opponents, setting them up for additional damage.
  • Strong block/whiff punishment, fb21 serves as a 14f launcher.
  • CH tools are lacking, demanding precise timing and mixups.
  • Playstyle shift may challenge those accustomed to his previous approach.


  • Diverse mids, including a safe launcher for mixups.
  • Forces reactions for Counter-Hit game.
  • Shaheen pokes and punishes whiffs with a straightforward playstyle.
  • Vulnerable to strong defensive opponents.
  • Limited options against aggressive rushdown characters.
  • Predictable reliance on slide/mid mixups may be exploite


  • Suited for Tekken 8’s chip system with fast-paced play.
  • Pure rushdown character with demanding pressure.
  • Various stances for high-reward opportunities.
  • Requires creative pressure and mixup application.
  • Top-tier offense and pressure.
  • Weak in keep out, excelling in close-quarters.
  • Prone to counter hits during the aggressive approach.
  • Requires quick management of stances and options.

Lili Rochefort

Lili Rochefort
  • Boasts the game’s best sidestep for unique escapes.
  • Solid generics with the effective jab, df1, and low pokes.
  • Excels in + frame pressure with moves like df3 and qcf3+4.
  • Gameplan focuses on intimidating opponents with step and evasiveness.
  • Prone to being stepped due to slower homing moves.
  • Requires precise timing to realign with opponents during steps.


  • Reina debuts with Mishima playstyle.
  • Wavedash for easy gap-closing.
  • Diverse mixups from wavedash.
  • Abundance of stances for versatility.
  • Strong Sentai mixup for snowballing.
  • Vulnerable to being stepped.
  • Homing moves lack rewarding impact.

Devil Jin

Devil Jin
  • Most well-rounded Mishima.
  • Standard Mishima tools: EWGF, hellsweep, strong jab game.
  • Wavedash for quick gap-closing and mixups.
  • New Mourning Crow stance for flying move and launcher in heat.
  • Excellent space control with ff2 ranged mid in heat.
  • Similar to other Mishimas, lacks a diverse set of mids.
  • Requires precision execution for optimal performance.

Victor Chevalier

Victor Chevalier
  • In neutral, he overwhelms opponents with poke game and string mixups.
  • Utilizes Perfumer and Iai stances for offense.
  • Heat mode turns high-risk moves into rewarding ones.
  • Slow, and committal tracking moves in neutral are susceptible to CH.
  • Weakness in Victor’s gameplan is the lack of strong lows.


  • King excels as a grappler in Tekken 8.
  • Boasts the best throw game in the roster.
  • Strong okizeme off grabs leads to potential additional damage.
  • Centered around landing grabs, particularly the deceptive giant swing.
  • Lacks strong lows, relying heavily on grabs.
  • Struggles if opponents excel at breaking grabs or guessing.

Leo Kliesen

Leo Kliesen
  • Plethora of mids for versatile mixups.
  • Strong wall carry leads to an extremely potent wall game.
  • Well-rounded character in Tekken 8, possesses strong basic tools.
  • CH game is relatively weaker for Leo.
  • Subpar lows for poking outside of power mixups.

Steve Fox

Steve Fox
  • Mainly on fist attacks.
  • Excels in CH tools, retaining fast launchers.
  • Quick whiff recovery enhances keepout strength.
  • Strong lows chip away and frustrate opponents.
  • Lacks a launcher at certain frames, allowing opponents to exploit moves.

Alisa Bosconovitch

Alisa Bosconovitch
  • Strong poking game and neutral.
  • Excellent movement with a powerful sidewalk and backdash.
  • Chainsaw stance applies dangerous pressure.
  • High WR2 for effective approach and pressure.
  • Access to chainsaws from WR2 on block in Tekken 8.
  • Lower poke damage.

Kazuya Mishima

Kazuya Mishima
  • Mixups become stronger in heat, with extensions off hellsweep and a low heat smash.
  • Improved space control with FF2 and CD1+2, strong mids with range.
  • Exceptional punishment and unique 13f crouching launcher.
  • Kazuya retains the typical Mishima playstyle in Tekken 8.
  • Relies heavily on vortex mixups, making him predictable in certain situations.
  • Vulnerable to opponents with strong keepout and defensive playstyles.


Kuma and Panda
  • Kuma + Panda are nearly identical but differ in heat moves and smashes.
  • Best whiff punisher with df21 keeps opponents in check.
  • Hunting Bear Stance (HBS) offers chargeable mids for chip damage.
  • Poor backdash and sidestep make them vulnerable to pressure.


  • Limited poking tools, depends on situational moves for pressure.
  • Spin move allows Yoshi to evade the opponent’s pressure effectively.
  • Steep learning curve for optimal tool usage.
  • Basic tools less effective than normal characters.
  • Combo damage is low.

Ling Xiaoyu

Ling Xiaoyu
  • Xiaoyu heavily uses stances in Tekken 8.
  • Features mixups and pressure, a top-tier stance.
  • Famed for okizeme, relaunching on wakeup guesses.
  • Frustrates opponents, limiting movelists with AOP.
  • Making comebacks without heat is challenging due to lower poke damage.

Marshall Law

Marshall Law
  • Focuses on close-range pressure with quick pokes and strings.
  • The game plan centers around frustrating opponents for openings.
  • Strong Tekken 8 slide with a guaranteed followup.
  • Weak ranged game encourages Law players to stay close to opponents.


  • Strong mobility with snake dash.
  • Versatile toolset for different playstyles.
  • Unique backturn moveset.
  • Excels in parries.
  • Subpar low pokes.


Solid and reliable, B-ranking fighters in the Tekken 8 character tier list offer a balanced mix of strengths and weaknesses. While not as dominant as the top tiers, they hold their own in various matchups, requiring skillful execution and strategic decision-making. These fighters may lack some of the flashy tools of higher tiers, but with dedication and proficiency, players can succeed by leveraging their distinct playstyles.

These fighters are good, but not the best. They have some cool moves, but not as many as S and A Tier. If you practice a lot, you can still win with them.

Lee Chaolan

Lee Chaolan
  • Lee excels in stylish combos and just frames in Tekken 8.
  • Deadly counter hits, especially with the fast low CH launcher d3.
  • Successful just frames extend Lee’s heat timer.
  • CH-oriented offense makes comebacks challenging for Lee.

Asuka Kazama

Asuka Kazama

  • Notorious for defensive tools and turn-stealing.
  • Excels at ranged play with various mids.
  • Best whiff punisher with f2.
  • Frustrates with small pokes leading to punishment.

  • Struggles against patient players exploiting weak offense.
  • Weak early punishment, especially jab, makes certain moves exploitable.

Sergei Dragunov

Sergei Dragunov
  • Relentless pressure forces opponents to challenge.
  • Poking game, especially d2, complements his pressure.
  • Strong throw game.
  • Vulnerable to opponents with strong keepout strategies.
  • Limited options for dealing with opponents at range.
  • Reliance on + frames can be predictable against patient players.


C-ranking fighters that I have listed in this Tekken 8 character tier list face significant challenges in the competitive landscape. While they may have certain strengths, they struggle against the more powerful options in higher tiers. Players opting for C Tier fighters must be prepared to face limitations, focusing on exploiting opponent mistakes and maximizing punishes.

These fighters are not as good as the others. They have some problems, and it’s harder to win with them. If you really like a C-Tier character, you need to work extra hard to do well in Tekken 8, but I’d suggest that it may not be worth your time. 

Leroy Smith

Leroy Smith
  • Leroy’s infamous Tekken 7 debut is toned down in Tekken 8.
  • Known for turn stealing with one of the best parries.
  • Forces opponents to second guess with mixup options.
  • Heat-enhanced low adds a luxury to his toolkit.
  • Struggles in comebacks against patient opponents.
  • Retains remnants of his notorious Tekken 7 strength.
  • Moves and strategies may feel familiar and predictable.

Claudio Serafino

Claudio Serafino
  • Starburst install for powerful move buffs.
  • Excellent hopkick with range and crushing.
  • Strong WR2 high for approaching and pressure.
  • Outstanding wall game with ss4 and b1.
  • Heat mode grants low heat smash and enhanced mixups.
  • Weaker poking game without a generic mid df1.
  • Reliance on Starburst limits versatility.

Tekken 8 Character Tier List Criteria

The Tekken 8 tier list was curated after I played the game for 30+ hours, testing each character, and finding strengths and weaknesses. After that, I came up with a brief list of pros and cons for each character so that you can pick the best bits and decide your main fighter for the competitive scene in the game. 

This brings me to the end of the Tekken 8 tier list. I ranked each fighter based on my comprehension and their strength and weaknesses. If you found this tier list helpful, I recommend further reading these: Mobile Legends Bang Bang Tier List, Eversoul Tier List, BDO Tier List, and TFT Tier List.


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