Horizon Forbidden West: All Cauldron Locations, Fight & Rewards

This Horizon Forbidden West All cauldron locations guide is sure to help you find all cauldrons with ease!

Players can find six cauldrons in Horizon Forbidden West that are dispersed throughout the map; two of them require you to complete main quests allocated to them, while you can unlock the others on your own. While unlocking machine overrides, some of them will be “Corrupted” and need crafting at the “Base.” We will uncover the different cauldrons and summarize their overall quests and puzzles that you need to solve. 


Cauldrons in the game offer quests, puzzles, and boss fights. There are six of them, each with its own challenges:

  1. TAU Cauldron:
    • Part of “The Dying Lands” story mission.
    • Recommended Level: 15.
    • Boss: Grimhorn.
    • Rewards: 9000 XP, 2 Skill Points, Utaru Whisperer, and overrides.
  2. MU Cauldron:
    • Recommended Level: 18.
    • Boss: Widemaws.
    • Rewards: 8000 XP, 3 Skill Points, and overrides.
  3. GEMINI Cauldron:
    • Part of a story quest.
    • Recommended Level: 30.
    • Boss: Slaughter Spine.
    • Rewards: 24000 XP, 2 Skill Points, Sunwing override.
  4. IOTA Cauldron:
    • Recommended Level: 22.
    • Entrance is located in the west.
  5. CHI Cauldron:
    • Recommended Level: 30.
    • Access by breaking a glass panel to the right of the cauldron door.
  6. KAPPA Cauldron:
    • Recommended Level: 40.
    • Access it underwater.

Horizon Forbidden West Cauldrons Locations

CauldronAreaQuestsRewardsRecommended Level
Repair-Bay TAU Cauldron Plainsong The Dying Lands 9000 XP, 2 Skill Points,Utaru Whisperer15
MU Cauldron No Man's Land N/A8000 XP, 3 Skill Points, MU overrides18
GEMINI Cauldron West of Scalding SpearGemini, Gate of the vanquished 24000 XP and 2 Skill Points, Sunwing Override30
IOTA Cauldron Salt BiteN/A10000 XP, three skill points,IOTA Overrides22
CHI CauldronThe RaintraceN/A12500 XP and 3 skill points, Overrides30
KAPPA Cauldron The Long CoastN/A12500 XP and 3 Skill Points,Overrides 40

TAU Cauldron 

Cauldron Bay TAU map location
map location Bay TAU

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To complete the TAU Cauldron in Horizon Zero Dawn:

  1. Go to Plainsong for “The Dying Lands” mission.
  2. Follow Zo to the Cordon.
  3. Defeat Apex Scrappers and Clawstriders; use the Ravager Cannon.
  4. Reach “The Sacred Cave.”
  5. Step on a triangular panel and shoot the disc.
  6. Climb a ladder, push a crate onto a panel, and shoot discs.
  7. Deactivate three more discs and the network uplink.
  8. Proceed to another room, override the network link, and open the door.
  9. Face the boss “Grimhorn” to complete the Cauldron.
Horizon Forbidden West cauldron locations
cauldron Bay TAU door override

How to defeat Grimhorn

To defeat Grimhorn, you can help by being at a distance and attacking its weak points. When attacking the Grimhorn, please make use of the Ravager Cannon that is placed on the ground while using it to get rid of the Claw Strider and Apexes. You can also get rid of the Cluster Launchers attached to the Grimhorn and take advantage of them in battle. 

Rewards and Overrides 

The primary rewards of this quest include 9000 XP, 2 Skill Points, and an Utaru Whisperer. The override machines include

  • Bristleback 
  • Plowhorn- craft it using 1 Plowhorn Primary Nerve and 3 Plowhorn Horns. 

This is done with the first Cauldron in Horizon Forbidden West

cauldron TAU puzzle completed
cauldron bay TAU completed puzzle

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MU Cauldron

Horizon Forbidden West cauldron locations
Cauldron MU map

To complete the MU Cauldron in Horizon Forbidden West:

  1. Head to the Cauldron with a recommended level of 18.
  2. Inside, navigate through the pit and corridors.
  3. Zip down a zipline.
  4. Defeat Burrowers and override the Node to open a bridge path.
  5. Continue through the bridge and defeat the Scroungers.
  6. Activate your Shieldwing to glide across a gap and override another Node.
  7. Reach a triangular doorway, defeat a Scrounger, and break down the Cauldron door.
  8. Defeat the Burrower and Shell-walker inside.
  9. Use mechanical arms to traverse and reach the “MU Cauldron Core.”
  10. Overcome the Widemaws and override the core to complete the Cauldron.
door overriding MU
Cauldron door override MU

Rewards and Overrides 

The rewards include 8000 XP, 3 Skill Points, and some MU overrides that include: 

  • Scrounger 
  • Burrower
  • Scrapper- craft it using 1 Scrapper Primary Nerve and 2 Scrapper Radars 
  • Widemaw- craft it using 1 Widemaw Primary Nerve and 2 Widemaw Tusks 
  • Fanghorn- craft it using 1 Fanghorn Primary Nerve and 3 Fanghorn Antlers 
  • Grazer 

With that, you are done with the second Cauldron quest! 

Horizon Forbidden West cauldron locations
Cauldron MU Completed puzzle

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GEMINI Cauldron

forbidden west cauldron Gemini map
Cauldron GEMINI map location

To complete the Gemini Cauldron in Horizon Forbidden West:

  1. Ensure Aloy is at least level 30.
  2. Begin the quest by heading to The Base and talking to GAIA and Vari.
  3. Agree to go to the Gemini Cauldron.
  4. Enter the Cauldron and prepare for an immediate combat encounter with the Behemoth.
  5. Use Acid attacks and Elite Blast Traps to defeat the Behemoth.
  6. In the next room, glide down from a ledge using the Shield Wing.
  7. Climb pipes and ride a machine to advance.
  8. Defeat various machines in the following room using ranged attacks.
  9. Reach the Assembly Chamber and override nodes quietly.
  10. Proceed to the next room to face the boss, Slaughter Spine.
Horizon Forbidden West cauldron locations
network uplinking for cauldron GEMINI

How to defeat Slaughter Spine 

Taking advantage of the Purgewater Canisters, you can launch Purgewater at them, which will kill off a small amount of Slaughterspine’s HP. Another thing that you can do is to launch a Spinetail Launcher on its tail to help it get rid of more of its HP. When attacking the Metalbite Sac, you will launch an acid explosion which will be detrimental to taking out the slaughter spine. 

Rewards and Overrides 

You can get about 24000 XP and 2 Skill Points upon completing this Cauldron quest, and as for the overrides, you can get the Sunwing Override which does not need any crafting.  

completed puzzle Cauldron gemini
Cauldron GEMINI completed puzzle.

IOTA Cauldron 

Horizon Forbidden West cauldron locations
Cauldron IOTA location

To complete the IOTA Cauldron in Horizon Forbidden West:

  1. Ensure Aloy is at least level 22.
  2. Head west to the general area of the Cauldron.
  3. Locate a small hole in the ground, which serves as the entrance to the Cauldron.
  4. Override the entrance door by interacting with it.
  5. Venture inside and deal with Leaplashers that attack you.
  6. Progress through a forge area.
  7. Override a door to access the next area.
  8. Defeat two Apex Burrowers in this section.
  9. Use the Pullcast ability to traverse a gap in the middle of the room.
  10. Eliminate a Claw Strider and a Scrounger.
  11. Proceed to the Node on the right corner and override it.
  12. Go through the vent at the end of the room.
  13. Override another Node, which triggers a battle with the boss, the Rollerback.
  14. Defeat the Rollerback while evading its attacks.
  15. Finally, override the Cauldron Core to acquire the needed overrides.

Rewards and Overrides 

From this Cauldron alone, you will receive 10000 XP, three skill points, and this IOTA Overrides: 

  • Leaplasher 
  • Langhorn 
  • Glinthawk 
  • Longleg 
  • Clawstrider 
  • Bellowback- craft it using 1 Bellowback Primary Nerve and 2 Bellowback Webbings 
  • Skydrifter- craft it using 1 Skydrifter Primary Nerve and 2 sky drifter Razor Tails 
  • Ravager- craft it using 1 Ravager Primary Nerve and 1 Ravage Circulator 
  • Rollerback- craft it using 1 Rollerback Primary Nerve and 2 Rollerback Hammer Tails. 
  • Snapmaw- craft it using 1 Snapmaw Primary Nerve and 2 Snapmaw Sac Webbings
iota completed quest forbidden west
Cauldron IOTA completed puzzle

CHI Cauldron 

Horizon Forbidden West cauldron locations
Cauldron CHI map location

To conquer the CHI Cauldron in Horizon Forbidden West:

  1. Ensure Aloy is at least level 30.
  2. At the cauldron door, turn right and break the glass panel.
  3. Continue upward to unlock the Cauldron door.
  4. Inside the room, eliminate the Scroungers.
  5. Place a Crate in the center of the room.
  6. Proceed through the corridor until you face a Frostclaw. Target its stomach and shoulders, then defeat it.
  7. Utilize a Grapple Point and transport the Crate.
  8. Reach the next Node, override it, and descend via an elevator.
  9. Use your Focus to create tracks that lead to the Core Regulator.
  10. Follow the tracks and reach a doorway, where you can climb up vents.
  11. Encounter a Clamberjaw and defeat it.
  12. Climb the pillars, cross the platform, and activate the bridge. Carry the Core Regulator across the bridge.
  13. When you reach a barrier, override the nearby Node. Set down the Core Regulator on a Crate, pick it up, and place it on the Stand with red lights.
  14. Two more Clamberjaws will attack, defeat them.
  15. Face a Slitherfang and eliminate it.
  16. Once the Slitherfang is defeated, acquire the Cauldron Core to complete the CHI Cauldron.
Horizon Forbidden West cauldron locations
Cauldron CHI link overriding.

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Rewards and Overrides 

The rewards for getting hold of the Cauldron CHI is 12500 XP and 3 skill points, as well as these Overrides- 

  • Fireclaw- craft it using 1 Fireclaw Primary Nerve and 2 Fireclaw Sac Webbing 
  • Scorcher- craft it using 1 Scorcher Primary Nerve and 3 Scorcher Scanning Ears 
  • Shellsnapper- craft it using 1 Shell Snapper Primary Nerve and 4 Shellsnapper Shell Bolts 
  • Frostclaw
  • Behemoth 
  • Clamberjaw 
  • Stalker- craft it 1 Stalker Primary Nerve and 3 Stalker Stealth Generators 
  • Redeye Watcher 
  • Spikesnout- crafts it using 1 Spikesnout Primary Nerve and 2 Spikesnout Sac Webbings. 
cauldron chi completed puzzle
Cauldron CHI core acquired

KAPPA Cauldron 

Horizon Forbidden West cauldron locations
Cauldron KAPPA location

To conquer the KAPPA Cauldron in Horizon Forbidden West:

  1. Make sure Aloy is at level 40.
  2. Head underwater and enter the Cauldron through the cauldron door.
  3. In the first room, avoid being noticed by a Snapmaw and proceed through the central opening.
  4. Navigate the corridor, retrieve a Pullcaster, and collect a Crate, then defeat the Spikesnout.
  5. Use the Crate to ascend and enter the next room.
  6. Approach the cauldron door, unlink it, and re-enter the water to avoid enemies.
  7. Climb the wall and reach the next platform.
  8. In the triangular door-shaped room, eliminate two Apexes and activate the Node.
  9. There’s a pillar nearby; use it to eliminate other Burrowers.
  10. Employ the Pullcaster to get into the divot, lower the water level, climb up the rail, and activate another Node to raise the water level.
  11. Dive back in, retrieve the Crate, and proceed to the next room.
  12. Battle various enemies such as Spikesnouts, Burrowers, and Scroungers.
  13. Climb up the next wall and unlink the next Cauldron door to enter and confront a Tideripper.
  14. Defeat the Tideripper and unlink the KAPPA Cauldron Core to complete the puzzle and collect your rewards.
cauldron kappa unlink link
cauldron KAPPA link override

Rewards and Overrides 

The rewards that you can get for clearing the KAPPA Cauldron are 12500 XP and 3 Skill Points, as well as these Overrides: 

  • Thunderjaw
  • Dreadwing 
  • Slaughterspine 
  • Slitherfang
  • Tideripper
  • Stormbird
  • Tremortusk
  • Rockerbreaker
Horizon Forbidden West cauldron locations
Cauldron KAPPA completed puzzle

With that, you have completed all six cauldrons. We hope this Horizon Forbidden West All Cauldrons Location guide was helpful to you

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