Horizon Forbidden West: All Cauldron Locations & Rewards

In essence, cauldrons are locked places in the world of Horizon Forbidden West that contain certain quests, puzzles, and boss fights that Aloy needs to fight to get through to the “Cauldron Cores,” which are located in the heart of the dungeons. These cauldrons free specific machine overrides Aloy can train in a way that they fight alongside her in combat and battles. This is why players need the Horizon Forbidden West All Cauldrons Location guide.

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Players can find six cauldrons in Horizon Forbidden West that are dispersed throughout the map; two of them require you to complete main quests allocated to them, while you can unlock the others on your own. While unlocking machine overrides, some of them will be “Corrupted” and need crafting at the “Base.” We will uncover the different cauldrons and summarize their overall quests and puzzles that you need to solve. 

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TAU Cauldron Location and Guide 

Cauldron Bay TAU map location
map location Bay TAU

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The TAU Cauldron is a part of the “The Dying Lands” primary story mission. The recommended level for this quest is for Aloy to be at Level 15. To solve this puzzle, make your way over to Plainsong, where you will come across two NPCs, Vari and Zo. Activate the dialogue options and continue following Zo. 

Zo will escort you to the “Cordon,” where you will encounter some veracious “Apex Scrappers” and Clawstriders. To assist you with fighting these monsters, you can use the Ravager Cannon on the ground. After finishing them off, you will come across “The Sacred Cave,” head into the cave and make your way over to the ledge. 

There will be a panel shaped like a triangle in the Cauldron; step on it and shoot the disc that appears in front of you. When you come across a ladder, start climbing it and break open a window located on the opposite end. The Crate that is located beside the window needs to be pushed onto the panel, and discs need to be shot. 

After you have done that, there will be three more discs. And you will then need to shut off the network uplink. Moving into the other room, make your way over to the panel, and make your way down using a ledge. Making your way over to the door opposite you, go there and override the network link set up there. Once you open the door, a boss known as “Grimhorn” will be awaiting you. 

Horizon Forbidden West cauldron locations
cauldron Bay TAU door override

How to defeat Grimhorn

To defeat Grimhorn, you can help by being at a distance and attacking its weak points. When attacking the Grimhorn, please make use of the Ravager Cannon that is placed on the ground while using it to get rid of the Claw Strider and Apexes. You can also get rid of the Cluster Launchers attached to the Grimhorn and take advantage of them in battle. 

Rewards and Overrides 

The primary rewards of this quest include 9000 XP, 2 Skill Points, and an Utaru Whisperer. The override machines include

  • Bristleback 
  • Plowhorn- craft it using 1 Plowhorn Primary Nerve and 3 Plowhorn Horns. 

This is done with the first Cauldron in Horizon Forbidden West

cauldron TAU puzzle completed
cauldron bay TAU completed puzzle

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MU Cauldron Location and Guide 

Horizon Forbidden West cauldron locations
Cauldron MU map

Moving right along, the second Cauldron is the MU Cauldron in Horizon Forbidden West. The recommended level for Aloy for this quest is level 18, and listed below are the different objectives on how to solve this quest. 

Once you have made your way to the Cauldron and entered it, you will encounter a pit located in the middle of the room. There are chances that you might end up falling into the pit for the first time, no worries, climb back up using the vents! Making your way through the corridor, you want to take the zipline and zip down. 

Once you have made it down, you will encounter two Burrowers blocking your way. Make sure to take them out and then override the link to the Node, and it will open up a bridge path for you. Once you sprint through the bridge, you will come across another node that you will need to override if you head right. 

You will come across some Scroungers that can be easily defeated using the Horizon Forbidden West All Cauldrons Location guide. Once you have obliterated the monsters, activate your Shieldwing and glide across the vast gap in the middle. There is a node that you will need to override again. 

When entering the next room, you will encounter a doorway shaped like a triangle, and there, a Scrounger will be awaiting you. Beat it up to a pulp jump onto a perch located on the right side of the doorway. The Cauldron door will need to be broken down, and there Aloy will come across a Burrower and Shell-walker that she will need to get rid of. 

Overriding the other Node will make another bridge path for you to cross while sprinting. Jumping onto the next perch, use the mechanical arm located there, and make your way over to the second mechanical arm. From there, you can use the Hovering Cargo Machine to jump across several Mechanical Arms that will act as pathways for you. 

door overriding MU
Cauldron door override MU

When you have overridden the next Node, you will encounter Widemaws who want to fight you. Use your fighting abilities to get rid of them so that you can override the “MU Cauldron Core.”

Rewards and Overrides 

The rewards include 8000 XP, 3 Skill Points, and some MU overrides that include: 

  • Scrounger 
  • Burrower
  • Scrapper- craft it using 1 Scrapper Primary Nerve and 2 Scrapper Radars 
  • Widemaw- craft it using 1 Widemaw Primary Nerve and 2 Widemaw Tusks 
  • Fanghorn- craft it using 1 Fanghorn Primary Nerve and 3 Fanghorn Antlers 
  • Grazer 

With that, you are done with the second Cauldron quest! 

Horizon Forbidden West cauldron locations
Cauldron MU Completed puzzle

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GEMINI Cauldron Location and Guide 

forbidden west cauldron Gemini map
Cauldron GEMINI map location

The Cauldron Gemini is yet another one that will require you to complete a story quest. The recommended level for this quest is for Aloy to be at level 30 at least. In this Cauldron, you will start by making your way over to The Base, where you will talk to GAIA and Vari. after a series of dialogues and some back and forth, you will agree to go to the Gemini Cauldron. We hope that these Horizon Forbidden West All Cauldron Locations are helpful. 

Once you enter the Cauldron, ensure that you are prepared beforehand, as a combat-induced battle will instantly start. The boss you will encounter is the Behemoth, which is weak to Acid attacks. Using an Elite Blast Trap to your advantage will help you achieve victory against the Behemoth fast. Ensure that the bow you use is charged with Arrows full of Acid. 

After you are done, make your way over to the next room, where you can take the help of your Shield Wing to glide down from the ledge. A pipe can be used to climb up, and you will need to steer your direction towards the left ledge. Once you climb the second pipe, you will come across a machine to hook onto and ride on it. 

Moving your way into the next room, you will encounter countless machines, so make sure to take them out. Using a platform in the room, you can Pullcast up there using a Grapple Point and use your long-ranged attacks to get rid of the machines. 

Head over to the Assembly Chamber, where you will need to override some nodes, but not to alert the machines; you can take a rest in some vents. Moving into the next room, you will encounter a boss known as Slaughter Spine. 

Horizon Forbidden West cauldron locations
network uplinking for cauldron GEMINI

How to defeat Slaughter Spine 

Taking advantage of the Purgewater Canisters, you can launch Purgewater at them, which will kill off a small amount of Slaughterspine’s HP. Another thing that you can do is to launch a Spinetail Launcher on its tail to help it get rid of more of its HP. When attacking the Metalbite Sac, you will launch an acid explosion which will be detrimental to taking out the slaughter spine. 

Rewards and Overrides 

You can get about 24000 XP and 2 Skill Points upon completing this Cauldron quest, and as for the overrides, you can get the Sunwing Override which does not need any crafting.  

completed puzzle Cauldron gemini
Cauldron GEMINI completed puzzle.

IOTA Cauldron Location and Guide 

Horizon Forbidden West cauldron locations
Cauldron IOTA location

Moving forward with our all cauldron locations guide, the iota Cauldron is also located in Horizon Forbidden West. For this, the recommended level for Aloy to be is level 22 when you reach the general area of the Cauldron, venture forward west, where you will come across a small hole in the ground, which will be the entrance to the Cauldron. 

Cauldron IOTA entrance
entrance of the cauldron

Jump in the hole, and you will need to take the help of a wall to find a door. Once you have found it, override the door, unlink it and open the door. When you first venture inside, you will come across some Leaplashers that will attempt to attack you, attack them, and obliterate them. 

Coming across a forge, when you have crossed it, there will be a door that you will need to override, after which you will fight two Apex Burrowers. Pullcast your way through the gap in the middle, and get rid of the Claw Strider and the Scrounger to move towards the Node located on the right corner. Override the Node, and jump on your right side. 

After getting through the vent at the end of the room, override another node, where you will come across the boss called a “Rollerback.” The rollback will leash several attacks on you, which you will need to avoid, after which you can override the “Cauldron Core” and get hold of the overrides. 

Horizon Forbidden West cauldron locations
link overriding

When trying to find your way back, you will encounter some Burrowers. Defeat them, override the Node to unlock a bridge way path, cross it, and move across, whereby you will then need to obliterate some Burrowers and Scroungers. There will be a glass panel that you will need to break further to get some more loot. 

Coming through the glass panel, there will be a Grapple Point that you can grab, and you will come across the head of the Tallneck. When the head start’s swinging about, use your abilities to launch yourself towards your left side and finish off all the enemies. Get hold of the neck when you have overridden the Tallneck, and you are done with the Iota Cauldron! 

Rewards and Overrides 

From this Cauldron alone, you will receive 10000 XP, three skill points, and this IOTA Overrides: 

  • Leaplasher 
  • Langhorn 
  • Glinthawk 
  • Longleg 
  • Clawstrider 
  • Bellowback- craft it using 1 Bellowback Primary Nerve and 2 Bellowback Webbings 
  • Skydrifter- craft it using 1 Skydrifter Primary Nerve and 2 sky drifter Razor Tails 
  • Ravager- craft it using 1 Ravager Primary Nerve and 1 Ravage Circulator 
  • Rollerback- craft it using 1 Rollerback Primary Nerve and 2 Rollerback Hammer Tails. 
  • Snapmaw- craft it using 1 Snapmaw Primary Nerve and 2 Snapmaw Sac Webbings
iota completed quest forbidden west
Cauldron IOTA completed puzzle

CHI Cauldron Location and Guide 

Horizon Forbidden West cauldron locations
Cauldron CHI map location

Moving right forward, this is how to defeat the CHI Cauldron with the help of this horizon forbidden west all cauldrons location guide. The recommended level is 30. When you first come across the cauldron door, you will take a right and encounter a glass panel that you will need to obliterate. Start making your way up to open up the Cauldron door. 

Cauldron CHI entrance room
Cauldron CHI entrance

When entering the room, finish off the Scroungers, and get hold of the Crate, which you will place in the middle of the room. Make your way along the corridor, and you will come face to face with a Frostclaw, making sure to attack its stomach and shoulders. After defeating it, take help from a Grapple Point, grab it, and get hold of the Crate. 

Move over to the next Node, override it, and take the elevator moving down. When you come across the Core Regulator, using your Focus ability, you will be able to create tracks that will lead you to it. Following the tracks, you will encounter a doorway that will take you to a crate, which you can use to climb the vents. 

As you progress, you will come head to head with a Clamberjaw, which you will need to obliterate. Climb up the pillars, make your way across the platform and start the bridge from where you will need to carry the Core Regulator along with you across the bridge. 

Horizon Forbidden West cauldron locations
Cauldron CHI link overriding.

When you get to the barrier, override the node present there and, take the Crate in one hand, set down the Core Regulator on the Crate. Take hold of the Core Regulator and place it down on the Stand with red lights. Two more Clamberjaws will try to attack you, and you will need to obliterate them. 

A Slitherfang will suddenly appear, and you can easily obliterate it. Upon obliterating it, you will get hold of the Cauldron Core, which you can use to finish the CHI Cauldron. 

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Rewards and Overrides 

The rewards for getting hold of the Cauldron CHI is 12500 XP and 3 skill points, as well as these Overrides- 

  • Fireclaw- craft it using 1 Fireclaw Primary Nerve and 2 Fireclaw Sac Webbing 
  • Scorcher- craft it using 1 Scorcher Primary Nerve and 3 Scorcher Scanning Ears 
  • Shellsnapper- craft it using 1 Shell Snapper Primary Nerve and 4 Shellsnapper Shell Bolts 
  • Frostclaw
  • Behemoth 
  • Clamberjaw 
  • Stalker- craft it 1 Stalker Primary Nerve and 3 Stalker Stealth Generators 
  • Redeye Watcher 
  • Spikesnout- crafts it using 1 Spikesnout Primary Nerve and 2 Spikesnout Sac Webbings. 
cauldron chi completed puzzle
Cauldron CHI core acquired

KAPPA Cauldron Location and Guide 

Horizon Forbidden West cauldron locations
Cauldron KAPPA location

Last but not least, the KAPPA Cauldron is another one that is located on the Forbidden West map. For this, you will need to be at level 40, and you will need to head underwater. Go close to the cauldron door and enter the Cauldron. When you get into the first room, make sure not to get noticed by a Snapmaw; go through the opening in the middle of the room. 

As you make your way along the corridor, take hold of the Pullcaster and get the Crate, whereby you will need to obliterate the spikesnout. Using the Crate, start moving up and go into the next room. When coming close to the cauldron door, you want to unlink it and head back inside the water. 

Avoid the enemies roaming around, and instead start climbing the wall until you can climb up to the next platform. When you come across a doorway that shapes like a triangle, there will be two apexes that you will need to obliterate. When you turn on the other Node, there will be a pillar in front of you; take help from it and get rid of the other Burrowers. 

Take help from the Pullcaster so that you can get into the divot. Pull the water level down, and take help from the Pullcaster to climb up the rail. Activate the other Node to make the water level increase, and dive back in where you can get hold of the Crate. 

cauldron kappa unlink link
cauldron KAPPA link override

When you venture into the other room, there will be a few enemies such as some Spikesnouts, Burrowers, and Scroungers that you will need to take down to continue. Climb up the next wall, and unlink the next Cauldron door where you can enter, and you will come face to face with a Tideripper. Obliterate the tideripper using your fighting abilities. 

When you finish it off, you can unlink and get hold of the KAPPA Cauldron Core so that you can finish off with this puzzle and obtain the rewards! Let’s keep on moving with the Horizon Forbidden West All cauldron locations. 

Rewards and Overrides 

The rewards that you can get for clearing the KAPPA Cauldron are 12500 XP and 3 Skill Points, as well as these Overrides: 

  • Thunderjaw
  • Dreadwing 
  • Slaughterspine 
  • Slitherfang
  • Tideripper
  • Stormbird
  • Tremortusk
  • Rockerbreaker
Horizon Forbidden West cauldron locations
Cauldron KAPPA completed puzzle

With that, you have completed all six cauldrons. We hope this Horizon Forbidden West All Cauldrons Location guide was helpful to you

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