Horizon Forbidden West: All Signal Towers Locations

Horizon Forbidden West Signal Towers allows players to collect Signal Lenses and rewards for collecting all. Discover all locations & rewards

There are many side quests and collectibles, such as Survey Drones, Relic Ruins, and more, in Horizon Forbidden West to keep players busy for hours on end. Returning players may recall the prequel having “errand missions” which would offer many collectibles. Horizon Forbidden West Signal Towers and the lenses found in them are one of those many collectibles within the game.

Key Highlights
  • There are six Signal Towers locations in Horizon Forbidden West
  • The lens of Dawn is located in the extreme northern part of The Daunt. It is east of the mine
  • Lens of Morning can be found as soon as you enter the open world approximately 250 meters north of the Chainscrape.
  • Lens of Midday is quite a long climb so using your Focus Pulse is key, the tower is on top of a mountain across the valley.
  • The lens of Afternoon is 230 meters west/southwest of Chainscrape. It is discoverable during the Twilight Path side quest. 
  • Lens of Twilight is east of Barren light, in the southeastern portion of The Daunt.
  • The lens of Evening can be picked up during the side quest Signals of the Sun. 

Horizon Forbidden West Signal Tower Locations

There are six Signal Tower locations in Horizon Forbidden West. Each of them is not too complex, with most requiring a lot of traversing and climbing. Our step-by-step guide lists how to reach these signal towers pretty easily.  

Lens of Dawn

HFW - Lens of Dawn
Horizon Forbidden West – Lens of Dawn Location
HFW Lens of Dawn
Horizon Forbidden West – Lens of Dawn Gameplay

The Signal Tower holding the Lens of Dawn is located in the extreme northern part of The Daunt. To be specific, it is east of the mine visited during the Deep Trouble side-quest and north/northeast of a campfire.

With a few grapple points and handholds, you will need to make your way all the way to the top of the mountain. The path begins with a broken wooden structure at the bottom and leads to handholds. Make sure to highlight them with your focus and begin your climb. In general, it is a simple climb to the tower. Once at the tower, just grab hold of the yellow wooden beams, which would also be highlighted by the focus. Get to the top and claim your lens as well as the gorgeous view.

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Lens of Morning

HFW - Lens of Morning
Horizon Forbidden West – Lens of Morning Location
HFW- Lens of Morning Gameplay
Horizon Forbidden West – Lens of Morning Gameplay

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About 250 meters north of the Chainscrape, you can find this Signal Tower as soon as you enter the open world. You can begin your way towards it immediately after you’ve taken the elevator down during the Point of the Lance.

You will come across the ruined brick structure to the mountains on the northern side from the first campfire, which you can grapple up to. From there onwards, it is mostly a simple climb using handholds.

Whilst climbing, you will also encounter a metal flower. If you are early on in the game, you probably won’t be able to clear it. Even Aloy will express it herself by saying something along the lines of “I don’t think I can get past them”. However, if you have progressed till the 12th main quest, “Seeds of the Past”, you can use the vine cutter to get through. It’s not really worth coming back to later as it only leads to a supply chest and valuable chest.

If you choose to ignore the metal flower, you can jump to the window right of it and climb in. From there, you can climb and circle around the tower, leading you to the top.

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Lens of Midday

HFW - Lens of Midday Location
Horizon Forbidden West – Lens of Midday Location
HFW- Lens of Midday Gameplay
Horizon Forbidden West – Lens of Midday Gameplay

This one is quite a long climb, taking up to possibly 3 minutes. It will take you through many broken wooden stairs, ladders, and other structures, so the Focus pulse is a must. With it being directly south of the Lens of Morning, the tower is on top of a mountain across the valley.

You’ll need to climb a ladder and follow the broken wooden structures. Use the grapple points and Focus pulse often to keep your sense of direction. Despite all of that, you just need to climb and stay on the path, and you should get there. With that, you should be halfway through the Horizon Forbidden West Signal Towers and only need three more.

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Lens of Afternoon

HFW- Lens of Afternoon Location
Horizon Forbidden West – Lens of Afternoon Location
HFW - Lens of Afternoon Gameplay
Horizon Forbidden West – Lens of Afternoon Gameplay

230 meters west/southwest of Chainscrape, you might’ve already visited this Signal Tower. During The Twilight Path side quest, you are tasked to grab the lens in the quest. If you’ve missed the quest, you can get it from Petra in Chainscrape.

However, you can still access it if you’re exploring outside the quest. To begin the climb, you will first need to shoot down a ladder with your bow. Then there will be a section where you need to double-jump between ladders. That is followed by you having to do a wall jump to reach the handholds.

After following the path, you will be led to a broken bridge that you must again double jump off and grapple to the other side. A few more complicated elements to this climb. But from here onwards, you can just make your way around to the top of the tower. You won’t find a disk this time around; instead, the lens will be in rubble. Just walk closer to it at the top of the tower, and you’ll get the option to pick up the lens.

Lens of Twilight

HFW - Lens of Twilight Location
Horizon Forbidden West – Lens of Twilight Location
HFW - Lens of Twilight Gameplay
Horizon Forbidden West – Lens of Twilight Gameplay

The Lens of Twilight signal tower might be the easiest and shortest tower of them all. You’ll find this tower east of Barren light, in the south-eastern portion of The Daunt. There is a campfire at the base of the mountain, which leads to the path. Just make your way from the campfire; you may need to grapple point your way up to reach the path. After that, follow through the abandoned camp, and you will be at the base of the tower. It is quite simple if you just zoom in on the map and follow the road.

Make your way over to the left side of the tower if you are following the road. Over there, you will find a blue grapple point for your Pullcaster. Use it to pull apart the destructible wall and then simply climb the tower. The climb is short, and the lens is at the top, quite easy.

Lens of Evening

HFW - Lens of Evening Location
Horizon Forbidden West – Lens of Evening Location
HFW - Lens of Evening Gameplay
Horizon Forbidden West – Lens of Evening Gameplay

The final Lens on the list is one that you might have already picked up. The lens of the Evening can be picked up during the side quest Signals of the Sun. It is the same quest that reveals all the Signal Tower locations.

After you have defeated the machines and talked to Raynah, you can make your way over to the tower. Make sure to use the Focus pulse to navigate the terrain easily. There will be a part where you will have to double jump over a broken bridge to grapple onto a point before getting to the machines.

After beating the machines, you can talk to Raynah, who will guide you about the towers. Then you will also have to use the Pullcaster to pull down a destructible wall, followed by yet another one. And then, while entering the upper half of the tower, you will have to destroy another wall, finally allowing you to climb up to the top.

With that, you’re done with all the lenses, and you can return them to Raynah in Barren light to claim your reward. It has been thoroughly discussed in the rewards section of this article.

Horizon Forbidden West Signal Towers

Required for unlocking trophies, these Signal Towers can be visited quite early on in the game. However, only one of the lenses is required for the trophy, “Recovered 5 Different Collectables”. So, let’s dive in and understand everything there is about them.

What Are Signal Towers?

Horizon Forbidden West Signal Tower Screenshot
Horizon Forbidden West – Signal Tower Gameplay Screenshot

Signal Towers are part of the first major region of the game, The Daunt. With there being six total towers in the game, these towers stand tall on vantage points with great views of the beautiful Horizon world. These signal towers look like wooden structures with a circular disk-like frame. Inside the frame appears to be a rusted metal plate with a lens inside. 

Getting to them usually requires quite the climb. But when you’ve reached the top and soaked the view, you can collect “Signal Lenses” from them. These Signal Lenses are rare items that can later be returned to a merchant to gather rewards.

How to start the Signal Towers Quest

As the Signal Towers are part of an errand quest, you can initialize it to begin. Even though you can start collecting the lenses before activating the quest, it’ll prove useful to activate them. This is because after you are assigned the quest, all the locations get marked on your map. And once you collect a lens from each of the marked locations, it will disappear from your map.

You can begin the Errand Quest named “Signals of the Sun” by talking to a man dragging a body. This man, Maleev, can be found north of Barren Light and will be marked on your map as a green exclamation mark. After a brief dialogue, the quest will begin with the objective log being as follows:

  • Go to the Top of the Cliff
  • Kill the Machines
  • Talk to the Oseram
  • Gather the Signal Lens
  • Return to Raynah

You can climb the cliff easily by using your focus. Simply press R3 and scan the environment to highlight handholds on the edges of the cliff.

There will be a significant number of machines at the top, so be mentally prepared for a battle. After talking to the Oseram (the name for the human tribe), you will be told about the signal lens. There is actually a signal lens nearby, which the quest guides you through collecting. This is the “Lens of Evening”. Once you collect it, you can return the lens to Raynah, the Oseram, completing the Errand Quest. You also get 1 Greenshine Silver, 1 Bronze Ingot, 830 XP, and one skill point on completion.

But this only marks the beginning of the journey as now the other locations are marked on the map. You can fetch their lenses and return them back to Raynah, who will now be in Barren Light.

Useful Tips To Reach Signal Towers

If you wait to do this collectible quest near the end of the game, it will be an absolute breeze for you. This is because the quest is mostly about climbing and traversing the land, making a flying mount be the shortcut. If you have the Sunwing mount, you can easily just land on top of the towers and skip the tedious journey.

However, the climbing portions of the quest are quite interesting and showcase the game mechanics nicely. That is why you might prefer to do it without a flying mount. If that is the case, then you should get accustomed to using the Focus pulse to scan your surroundings. You can activate the pulse by pressing R3, and it will highlight all the handholds, engulfing them in a golden glow.


Considering it is an early game quest, the scavenger hunt does have excellent rewards. Go speak with Raynah in Barren Light after you’ve collected all of the Lenses; she’ll be near the campfire fast travel spot. If she doesn’t spawn right away, try saving near the campfire, quitting to the title screen, and clicking “continue”.

She gives you the following:

  • 1 Bronze Ingot
  • 2 Greenshine Silver Ingots
  • 15 Metal Shards per lens (90 in total)

These are some good weapon upgrade materials that can be hard to come by. Save these for later; they’ll come in handy when it’s time to upgrade your weapons at the workbench.

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With that, we have all the Horizon Forbidden West Signal Tower Locations. It is certainly a fun quest to explore the climbing mechanics in the game. Additionally, you get some nice rewards, so it’s worth the time, especially considering the simplicity of the quest.

Furthermore, the Signal Lenses also contribute towards an unlockable trophy. If you’re looking to unlock more trophies, you should consider reading this: Vista Point Locations. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below! 

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