Horizon Forbidden West: Wings of the Ten Weapon Guide

Horizon Forbidden West Wings of the Ten is a secret weapon you can unlock by collecting black boxes. Our step-by-step guide lists everything.

Horizon Forbidden West Wings of the Ten is a secret weapon in the game. It is categorized as a legendary weapon and is one of the best weapons, specifically blast-slings, in the game. This is not to be confused with the main mission, “The Wings of the Ten”, in Horizon Forbidden West. Acquiring it can be quite tedious, just as finding the locations of all tall necks.

Key Takeaways
  • Wings of the Ten is a Legendary Weapon and is considered one of the best weapons in Horizon Forbidden West.
  • It is not tied to any quest, but you do need items from “Seeds of the Past.” and “Sea of Sands”.
  • These are required for collecting Black Box items. 
  • You start by going to Memorial Grove and talking to Untalla, who assigns you the quest. 
  • There are 12 Boxes to collect.
  • After collecting all of the Black Boxes, you can trade them with Untalla in exchange for Wings of the Ten. 

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How To Start Wings of Ten Quest

You can commence your journey of unlocking the Wings of the Ten by talking to an NPC, Untalla. She can be found in the Memorial Grove, marked as the Black Box Collector. Once you talk to her, she assigns you the quest.

Memorial Grove Horizon Forbidden West
Memorial Grove, the starting location of Wings of the Ten secret weapon

There are 12 total boxes to be collected. They are all found within old airplane wreckages throughout the map. Moreover, the boxes provide insight into the Old Ones and build-up to the legendary Wings of the Ten weapons.

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Upon collecting all the Black Boxes, you can trade with Untalla to get Wings of the Ten. Essentially, you need to buy every item that she offers in exchange for the Black Boxes. After you buy all the items and back out, you should get a quest completion notification along with the weapon. Overall, this quest not only gives you a legendary weapon but also some useful hard-to-come-by-machine parts.

Some players have reported a bug where they don’t get the weapon, but it may fix the issue if you back out and press trade again. With all that being discussed, let’s look at the locations where you can find these black boxes.

Wings of the Ten Stats

Horizon Forbidden West Wings of the Ten weapon stats
Wings of the Ten weapon Stats – Horizon Forbidden West

As discussed, Wings of the Ten is quite a powerful weapon. Each weapon variant has a legendary variant, with the hunter bow having two. Wings of Ten appears to be the legendary type for blastslings, which is why it has some insane stats.

The weapon can completely annihilate mid-sized machines with its explosive abilities and advanced explosive bombs. But the most outstanding use case is the adhesive bombs, which can slow down any machine. Making it useful against enemies, especially big enemies, that round around a lot.  

Furthermore, the weapon also comes with five perks and six coil slots. Three of the perks and 2 of the slots are initially locked and can be unlocked by upgrading the workbench’s weapon.

Due to all of this, the weapon does have some insane stats, and they are as follows:

  • Weapon description: Death flies on the Wings of the Ten. Passed down from one elite champion to another, Wings of The Ten is a prized weapon that has rallied Tenakth troops and claimed decisive victories.
  • Type: Blastsling
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Weapon Coil slots: Five Coil slots

Ammo Types

  • Explosive Bombs (8 in battle)
  • Advances Explosive Bombs (8 in battle)
  • Adhesive Bombs (8 in battle)

Weapon Perks

  • +5% Critical Hit Chance
  • +15% Critical Hit Damage
  • +15% Overdraw Damage
  • +15% Close Range Damage
  • +2% Instant Plasma Blast Chance

After collecting all 12 Black boxes, make your way over to Untalla, and she will give you the Wings of the Ten in exchange for all the boxes. Did you get the weapon in the game? Which has been your go-to weapon so far? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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