Horizon Forbidden West: Wings of the Ten Weapon Guide

Horizon Forbidden West Wings of the Ten is a secret weapon you can unlock by collecting black boxes. Our step-by-step guide lists everything.

Horizon Forbidden West Wings of the Ten is a secret weapon in the game. It is categorized as a legendary weapon and is one of the best weapons, specifically blast-slings, in the game. This is not to be confused with the main mission, “The Wings of the Ten“, in Horizon Forbidden West. Acquiring it can be quite tedious, just as finding locations of all tall necks, and a lot of work as you need to go to 12 different locations to collect “black boxes”, which then you can give to Untalla, who will give you the legendary weapon in return. But, worry not as we’ll break down each location for you and make it easy to unlock this monster of a weapon.  

Key Highlights
  • Wings of the Ten is a Legendary Weapon and is considered one of the best weapons in Horizon Forbidden West However, acquiring it is not easy. 
  • It is not tied to any quest but you do need items from Seeds of the Past.” and “Sea of Sands”. These are required for collecting Black Box items. 
  • You start by going to Memorial Grove and talking to Untalla who assigns you the quest. 
  • There are 12 Boxes to collect. All of which can be found near old airplane wreckages.
  • After collecting all of the Black Boxes, you can trade them with Untalla in exchange for Wings of the Ten

How To Unlock Horizon Forbidden West Wings of the Ten

The weapon is present till the end of the game, and you can acquire it even after finishing the main quests. Luckily, the weapon is not tied to some specific quest. However, you do have to get through a few main quests before you can work your way to unlocking the Wings of Ten. More notably, around the 12th main mission, you will undergo the mission “Seeds of the Past.” This mission will allow you to get the Vine Cutter. Additionally, you would need the diving mask from “Sea of Sands”. Both items are necessary for collecting all the required Black Box items.

Although you can make do without it, having a flying mount called Sunwing, will certainly make your life a lot easier. There will be a lot of climbing and traversing, which can be cut short by simply flying with an air-mount. However, the only issue with this is that the quest which unlocks the Sunwing mount is near the end of the game. Appropriately, it is also named “Wings of the Ten”. Also, fast traveling helps in traversing the landscape quickly so get those campfires lit for free traveling.

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How To Start Wings of Ten Quest

You can commence your journey of unlocking the Wings of the Ten by talking to an NPC, Untalla. She can be found in the Memorial Grove, marked as the Black Box Collector. Once you talk to her, she assigns you the quest.

Memorial Grove Horizon Forbidden West
Memorial Grove, the starting location of Wings of the Ten secret weapon

There are 12 total boxes to be collected. They are all found within old airplane wreckages throughout the map. Moreover, the boxes provide insight into the Old Ones and build-up to the legendary Wings of the Ten weapon.

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Upon collecting all the Black Boxes, you can trade with Untalla to get Horizon Forbidden West Wings of the Ten secret weapon. Essentially, you need to buy every item that she offers in exchange for the Black Boxes. After you buy all the items and back out, you should get a quest completion notification along with the weapon. Overall, this quest not only gives you a legendary weapon but also some useful hard-to-come-by machine parts.

Some players have reported a bug where they don’t get the weapon, but it may fix the issue if you back out and press trade again. With all that being discussed, let’s look at the locations where you can find these black boxes.

Horizon Forbidden West: Black Box Locations

There are 12 total locations which you need to go to. Most of them require some sort of traversal or puzzle-solving by gathering a power cell. So, let’s dive into these locations and how to get to their Black Boxes.

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Black Box: No Man’s Land

Horizon Forbidden West Wings of the Ten
No Main’s Land Map Location
Horizon Forbidden West Wings of the Ten
No main’s land in-game location

As referenced in the image, you can find the first box location near a fire camp in no man’s land. There is no order in which you need to collect them, and the list is simply in order to how they appear in the collectible’s notebook.

Make your way through the wreckage and enter the opening on the side of the hill as in the picture. Thereafter, you will find the box right next to the door as soon as you enter. (Marked purple on the picture).

Black Box: The Whitewatch Peaks

Whitewatch Peaks Wings of the Ten
Black box location in Whitewatch Peaks
Pullcaster to get the box
Using the Pullcaster to get through rubble to get the black box

Our second location on the list is The Whitewatch Peaks. The box is at the foot of the mountainside under some rubble southwest of Plainsong. Using your Pullcaster, lock onto the markers that appear when looking at the mess and simply pull. You will have to do this twice, one for the left and the other for the right. Once the mess clears up, the black box should appear, allowing you to collect it easily. There is a campfire north of the location, which you can quickly reach the location.

Black Box: Jagged Deep

Horizon Forbidden West Wings of the Ten
Jagged Deep Black Box Location
Wings of the Ten secret weapon quest
Jagged Deep Box swimming gameplay

You’ll need to take a deep dive for this one. The location is in the southern waters of No Man’s Land, as seen on the map. Make your way over to the marker while swimming deeper and deeper.

Eventually, you will run into the crashed plane, where Aloy will crack open the door with her spear. Go inside and scan the area for the Black Box’s purple glow, and you should be able to find it easily. Considering this box is underwater, the Diving Mask is a must, as we discussed earlier.

In case you missed it, you can get the mask during The Sea of Sands, one of the main missions of the game. So, if you don’t have the Diving Mask yet, simply progress further into the game, and you should get it. Also, this is a critical step in unlocking the Horizon Forbidden West Wings of the Ten secret weapon.

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Black Box: The Promontory

Horizon Forbidden West Wings of the Ten
Promontory Black Box Location
Wings of the Ten secret weapon guide
Promontory Black Box Location in Game view. And right arrow pointing to the power cell

This one is a little complicated, and you have to work with an energy cell. Head over to the location on the map, east of Plainsong.

Once you go inside the plane wreckage, on the right of the entrance will be an icon displaying a lack of an energy cell. Simply come outside the plane wreckage and go left (or right if you are looking from the view displayed in the picture as displayed by the red arrow). Run a few meters straight, and you should run into the cell lying on the ground. It is in plain sight, but if you are confused, look for the broken airplane parts, it’s next to them.

Take it back to the broken airplane and place the cell. Once you go inside, you will find a metal flower with the Black Box behind it. Clear the Metal Flower by destroying it and its vines using melee attacks. Only after then will you be able to collect the Black Box.

Again, if you missed it before, you need an item for the vines that can be acquired through the main quests. In “Seeds of the Past” you get a vine cutter, so if you do not have it yet, just spend a bunch more time with the main quests.

Black Box: Bleeding Mark

Bleeding Mark Black Box quest for secret weapon
Bleeding Mark Black Box Location
Sunwing benefits
Bleeding Mark Location Accessed through Sunwing

The next Black Box location is located on the top middle of the map. North of Salvage Contractor: The Greenswell and Shelter #8 it is embedded into the edge of the snowy mountains. If you have a Sunwing mount, then getting to the top is quite easy. However, there is also a way up by climbing on top from the bottom; just scan for the grab holds. Once you get up there, it is as easy as taking candy from a baby. Just walk inside and retrieve it.

Black Box: The Stillsands

Horizon Forbidden West Wings of the Ten
The Stillsands Black Box Location
Horizon Forbidden West Wings of the Ten
The Stillsands Black Box Gameplay

The location for this Black Box is west of The Stillsands Relic Ruins. As seen in the image, there are vines due to the Metal Flower. Clear them using the vine cutter that you unlock during the main quest, Seeds of the Past.

Once you go inside, there will be a crate which you will need to move by yourself. The Pullcaster may not work, so don’t bother with it, just walk up to it, and you should get the grab option. Bring it backward, and behind the crate, you will find the black box. 

If you have been following this list, you should be halfway through getting the Wings of the Ten.

Black Box: Memorial Grove

Horizon Forbidden West Wings of the Ten
Memorial grove Black Box Location
Horizon Forbidden West Wings of the Ten
Memorial grove Black Box Gameplay

Back where it all started. To the east of Memorial Grove, over the river, you’ll find the wrecked cargo plane. In the attached image on the top left, you can notice a marker. Double jump towards it and grab onto the bar. After that, shimmy your way to the right into the plane, and at the very end, you will find the next black box.

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Black Box: Salt Bite

Horizon Forbidden West Wings of the Ten
Salt bite Black Box Location
Pullcaster Wings of the Ten
Salt bite Black Box Pullcaster Gameplay

The next box is cleverly hidden in Salt Bite. Make your way over there and find the Hunter merchant. As indicated in the image, behind the merchant is a panel that you can use your Pullcaster on. Pull it down and climb up into the revealed pathway. Just a few meters deep into the path, you’ll run into the black box. Get it, and you will be much closer to acquiring Horizon Forbidden West Wings of the Ten.

Black Box: The Raintrace

Horizon Forbidden West Wings of the Ten
Raintrace Black Box Location
Horizon Forbidden West Wings of the Ten
Raintrace Black Box Gameplay

This Black Box is sort of out in the middle of nowhere. But I guess that is something to be expected with Horizon Forbidden West’s gameplay. The box is north of Salvage Contractor.

The plane has two broken parts, which you can go inside, as indicated by the circles in the picture. There are three elements to getting the box; first, you need to clear the vines using the vine cutter. (Acquired through main mission Seeds of the Past). After that, you need to get the energy cell and take it to the other half of the plane wreckage. That will open the door, and you can finally get the black box.

In short, clear vines, get the energy cell from one half of the plane, take it to the other half. And finally, get the black box.

Black Box: Bonewhite Tear

Horizon Forbidden West Wings of the Ten
Bonewhite Tear Black Box Location
Wings of the Ten black box quest
Bonewhite Tear Black Box Gameplay. Red arrow points to Power Cell

This location is northwest of The Bulwark, on top of the northern cliffs near a shelter/campfire. When there, go to the shelter, and right next to it in the stash, you will find an energy cell. Then, take it to unlock the door; the box will be placed right in front.

Black Box: Stand of the Sentinels

Sentinels Black Box Location Wings of the Ten
Stand of the Sentinels Black Box Location
Wings of the Ten Sentinels Black Box
Stand of the Sentinels Black Box Gameplay

Besides the hike that you have to take to get to this location, this one is quite a simple black box. It is located in the rocky region north of Relic Ruins: The Long Coast. There will be a crate, and you can pull it out, perhaps even with the Pullcaster. And then you can just collect the box.

Black Box: Isle of Spires

Isle of Spires black box Wings of the Ten questline
Isle of Spires black box location
Horizon Forbidden West Wings of the Ten
Isle of Spires black box Gameplay

This one is located to the far left of the map, in Isle of the Spires. Specifically in the northern half of the Island, east of Charger Mount site. The box is on the ground; no need for vine cutters, Pullcaster, or any power cells. Easy as that! Finally, just get near the cockpit, and you’ll notice the purple label of the box.

Wings of the Ten Stats

Horizon Forbidden West Wings of the Ten weapon stats
Wings of the Ten weapon Stats – Horizon Forbidden West

As discussed, Wings of the Ten is quite a powerful weapon. Each weapon variant has a legendary variant, with the hunter bow having two. Wings of Ten appears to be the legendary type for blastslings which is why it has some insane stats.

The weapon can completely annihilate mid-sized machines with its explosive abilities and advanced explosive bombs. But the most outstanding use case is the adhesive bombs which are able to slow down any machine. Making it useful against enemies, especially big enemies, that round around a lot.  

Furthermore, the weapon also comes with five perks and six coil slots. Three of the perks and 2 of the slots are initially locked and can be unlocked by upgrading the workbench‘s weapon. Due to all of this, the weapon does have some insane stats, and they are as follows:

Weapon description

  • Death flies on the Wings of the Ten. Passed down from one elite champion to another, Wings of The Ten is a prized weapon that has rallied Tenakth troops and claimed decisive victories.

Weapon Type

  • Blastsling

Weapon Rarity

  • Legendary

Weapon Ammo Types

  • Explosive Bombs (8 in battle)
  • Advances Explosive Bombs (8 in battle)
  • Adhesive Bombs (8 in battle)

Weapon Perks

  • +5% Critical Hit Chance
  • +15% Critical Hit Damage
  • +15% Overdraw Damage
  • +15% Close Range Damage
  • +2% Instant Plasma Blast Chance

Weapon Coil slots

  • Five Coil slots

Final Takeaways

After collecting all 12 Black boxes, make your way over to Untalla, and she will give you the Wings of the Ten in exchange for all the boxes. And that is how Aloy can get her hands on Horizon Forbidden West Wings of the Ten secret weapon.

Did you get the weapon in the game? Which has been your go-to weapon so far? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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