Horizon Forbidden West: All Tallnecks Locations

In this guide, we will discuss Horizon Forbidden West all Tallneck locations along with how to override and reach their head.

A Tallneck is a giant machine in Horizon Forbidden West that was created for communication purposes. They are harmless docile machines, and the game does not allow Aloy to kill them. You can override these Tallnecks without any difficulty as these are non-aggressive machines, and they just roam the course without much concern. There are six Tallnecks in Horizon Forbidden West.

Key Takeaways
  • Tallnecks are harmless, docile machines used for communication.
  • There are six Tallnecks in total.
  • In Cinnabar Sands, a Tallneck roams the desert, accessible by climbing a ladder.
  • In the Stillsands, a malfunctioning Tallneck walks around the southeast desert; unlocking a quest and completing it repairs the Tallneck.
  • The Stand of the Sentinels has a Tallneck located to the west, before reaching the coast.
  • Landfall Tallneck, partially covered by the sea to the west, needs repairing to become operational.
  • The Shining Wastes house a Tallneck in a mountainous desert at the center of the map.
  • Salt Bite, hidden from the map, can be unlocked during the Cauldron: IOTA quest

Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck Locations

Step by step guide finding tallnecks Horizon
All tallnecks locations Horizon Forbidden West
TallnecksLocation Level
Cinnabar Sands Tallneck In the far east of the map in the sandy dunes10
The Stillsands TallneckIn the centre of the map on the edge of the Dryland's eastern border20
The Shining Wastes TallneckIn the middle of the map north
of The Stillsands Tallneck
Salt Bite Tallneck In the north of the map within the Cauldron22
The Stand of the Sentinels TallneckSouthwest of the snowy hills25
Landfall TallneckIsle of Spires, on the island west of the mainland30

You can find six Tallnecks all around the Horizon Forbidden West’s world. Finding them all can seem daunting, just as obtaining the Wings of the Ten is. Regardless of the challenging task, we have discussed all tallnecks locations to make it easier for you to find them. Also, fast traveling will help you reach tallnecks regions faster than running toward all six of them.

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Cinnabar sands

You can find Cinnabar islands in the east of your map. You can find the Tallneck near Stone’s echo settlement. 

Horizon forbidden west all tallneck locations
Cinnabar sands Tallneck location on the map

You will find the Tallneck walking around in the desert though you would have to make some efforts to reach it. A large satellite structure will be visible to you. Climb up the ladder. First, you would have to power up the generator to rotate the satellite dish.

To do that, you must find a power cell to get the generator up and running. Once you have done that, rotate the dish with the help of a console. Then climb up and jump on the Tallneck to override it. Interact with it to disperse the fog on your map. The recommended level before you attempt to interact with this Tallneck is 10.

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Cinnabar sands Tallneck location
Cinnabar sands Tallneck

The Stillsands

This Tallneck can be found in the desert area in the southeast part of the map. There is a camp area near it that you must visit before you unlock this Tallneck. You would want to visit this Tallneck location in Horizon Forbidden West early in the game as the recommended level to unlock it is level 20.

Horizon forbidden west All Tallneck locations
Stillsands Tallneck location on the map

This Tallneck is malfunctioning and wandering around the desert. Once you go near it, a quest will activate, and you must complete this quest before you override this Tallneck. Completing the quest would fix the Tallneck to unlock the map area. First, you must examine the damaged Tallneck to fix it. You must bring it down with the nearby equipment.

You have to find some ballista nearby to use the equipment, which you would use to fire at the Tallneck. Kill the nearby hostile machines to make the task easier for you. Once you bring down the Tallneck, Climb its head and override it to clear more fog on the map. The recommended level before you unlock this Tallneck is level 20. 

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Horizon Forbidden west Tallnecks stillsands
Stillsands Tallneck

The Stand of the Sentinels

You can find this Tallneck on the western side of the map. You can find this Tallneck before reaching the coast area. It can be found in the treetop village area.

Horizon Forbidden west All Tallneck location
The Stand of the Sentinels Tallneck Location on the map

The Stand of the Sentinels is largely populated with tall trees that Aloy can climb to reach heights. To reach the head of the Tallneck, you would be required to climb up the abandoned settlement. You can use various tools used by Aloy to aid you in climbing. Climb up various trees, Move through the branches and vines until you see the Tallneck.

Once you get high enough to reach the Tallneck head, jump over it and interact with the disc to activate it. This would reveal more of the map. The recommended level before you attempt to unlock this Tallneck is 25. Before you reach this level, it’s recommended to visit other Tallneck locations in Horizon Forbidden West.

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Tallneck location The stand of the sentinels
Stand of the Sentinels Tallneck


You can find this Tallneck partially covered by the sea near the western coast.

All Tallneck locations Horizon Forbidden West
Landfall Tallneck location on the map

The Tallneck appears to be not working, and you must first get it fixed. Swim down to investigate the Tallneck and assess the damage done. Examine the empty socket. It seems that the Tallneck is missing a few parts, and you have to find them. Glinthawks took these parts, and you can find them in scavenger piles scattered across the surface. Dive down again once you have received those parts.

This will get the Tallneck up and running. Once it’s up and running, You have to climb up the highest surface with the help of ladders and Aloy’s equipment. When the Tallneck walks near the surface, jump over it and climb up to reach the head part. Interact with the disc to remove the fog from the map. You are required to complete the story quest Faro’s Tomb before you unlock this Tallneck.

Tallnecks location Landfall
Landfall Tallneck

The Shining wastes

This Tallneck is located near the center of the Map in a mountainous desert area. You can unlock this Tallneck as part of the main story quest, “The Wings of the Ten.”

Tallneck Locations Horizon Forbidden West
The shining wastes Tallneck location on the map

To unlock this quest, you must first start the story quest. Then you must override and fly using a Sunwing. The story quest will require you to ride the Tallneck. The quest will then provide the players with instructions on using a flying mount using a Sunwing.

You have to ride toward the desert area where you will find the Tallneck Roaming around. Descend over its head and override it to unlock the map. The Sunwing can be convenient as it can easily help you fly across the world. You can visit any other Tallneck location in Horizon Forbidden West once you get Sunwing to override it easily.

Tallneck the shining wastes
The Shining wastes Tallneck

Salt Bite

This Tallneck is hidden from the map, and you can unlock it during the Cauldron: IOTA quest. IOTA is located at the North of the Map, and you will find the Tallneck once you reach the end.

Tallneck location Horizon Forbidden West
Salt Bite Tallneck location on the map

You must override the Tallneck as a part of the quest so you cannot miss it during the quest. To get out of the IOTA region, you must override it. Overriding this Tallneck is easy, and you have to climb around the machine structures to reach its head. Once you have reached the head, override the Tallneck’s disc to reveal more of the Map.

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Tallneck Salt biite
Salt bite Tallneck

This guide has thoroughly discussed all Tallneck locations in Horizon Forbidden West. You can override them easily if you have the Sunwing near the end of the game. Though, waiting till the end can get inconvenient as your map would be foggy throughout the game and disturb the sense of direction in the game. It’s better to unlock them as you progress through the game and have the recommended level before trying to override a specific Tallneck.

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