Horizon Forbidden West: How to Get Flying Mount

Our Horizon Forbidden West flying mount guide mentions everything you need to know about flying machines such as Sunwing in the game

Flying Mounts in Horizon Forbidden West

You may have a clear idea of what exactly mounts are in Horizon, it’s time we jot down the concept of flying mounts. As the name depicts, flying mounts are certain machines that allow the player in Horizon Forbidden West actually to fly in the air and explore the in-game world. As of right now, there is only one machine type in the game that can fly and allow you to mount itself as well—the Sunwing.

Key Highlights
  • Mounts are machines that Aloy can tame and use as transportation. The Sunwing is the only Flying Mount
  • Sunwing is a fast, slick creature with energy shield mechanisms. 
  • It can be unlocked by completing “The Wings of the Ten” main quest, which is one of the last missions in the game. 
Horizon Forbidden West Sunwing
Sunwing in Horizon Forbidden West

How Many Flying Mounts Can You Get 

  • In Horizon Forbidden West, there is only one flying mount called Sunwing.
  • While there are four different machines players can override and ride, Sunwing is the only flying mount.
  • Other flying machines like Stormbird and Dreadwing are more powerful but cannot be ridden.
  • Future DLC expansions may introduce more flying mounts as the game matures.

That’s enough talk. Let us dive right into the raison d’etre of this article and talk about how to unlock flying mount in Horizon Forbidden West. The section given below will take it from here.

Getting Flying Mount in Horizon Forbidden West

  • Obtaining the flying mount isn’t possible until late in the game.
  • You unlock the ability to free-roam with the flying mount by completing the “The Wings of the Ten” main quest, the second last mission before the epilogue.
  • After finishing the game, you retain all skills, weapons, mounts, etc., allowing you to complete certain missions that require the flying mount.
  • “Shining Example” is one such mission that only appears on the map after completing “The Wings of the Ten.”
  • Another mission, “First to Fly,” involves facing a Stormbird at the end and becomes available after unlocking the flying mount.
  • While obtaining the flying mount late may disappoint some players, it adds excitement to the endgame experience.
  • Hope remains for a “New Game Plus” update in the future, potentially allowing players to override Sunwings earlier in the game.

For now, let’s talk about how you can complete The Wings of Ten mainline quest in Forbidden West and get yourself Sunwing to fly around with. 

The Wings of the Ten Walkthrough 

  • Start “The Wings of the Ten” quest after completing the previous main mission, “All That Remains.”
  • Head back to the “Base” area and meet up with your companions, including Zo.
  • Find Zo outside the area where you talked to Tilda and Varl to progress the quest.
  • Talk to Zo to advance the quest.
    The Wings of the Ten quest Horizon Forbidden West
    Talking to Zo
  • Return to the specified location in the Base to generate a new override for yourself.
  • After giving Aloy her gift, go to the upper side of the mountain near the Base to find Sunwings.
  • Sneak and crouch to approach the Sunwings from the back.
  • Press and hold the mapped button to override the Sunwing.
  • Mount the Sunwing after the override process is complete.
  • Fly toward the mission pointer to land on a Tallneck and override it.
  • Learn how to summon a Sunwing and call it to your location.
    Horizon Forbidden West: how to unlock flying mount
    Unlocking the Sunwing Override
  • Fly toward the mission pointer to grab the Horus energy cell.
  • Proceed to the Memorial Grave to approach the finishing part of the quest.
  • Watch a cutscene showing your allies battling the opposition.
  • Lift the spirits of your companions by appearing on the Sunwing.
    Horizon Forbidden West: how to unlock flying mount
    Going Up to a Sunwing
  • After reaching the other side of the hilltop, dismount your flying mount and land on the battlefield.
    Horizon Forbidden West: how to unlock flying mount
    Summoning the Sunwing
  • Engage in a boss fight against Regalla, who has three phases.
  • Defeat Regalla to enter a dilemma: let her live or lay her to rest.
    Regalla boss choices
    Regalla Boss Fight
  • Your decision doesn’t affect the ending of the game.
  • If spared, Regalla will assist you in the final fight and have cutscenes with Aloy.
  • After the quest concludes, you can summon your Sunwing and unlock the flying mount for Aloy’s future use.

The End

We hope that you’ve genuinely found this guide helpful as we covered Horizon Forbidden West: “How to Get Flying Mount”. Some players call it a pity for not letting them enjoy Sunwing sooner into the RPG, whereas others have agreed with the idea and refer to it as smart thinking. You wouldn’t be willing to explore the vast lands in Forbidden West if you had something to fly around right from the beginning, would you? 

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