Horizon Forbidden West: How to Get Flying Mount

Our Horizon Forbidden West flying mount guide mentions everything you need to know about flying machines such as Sunwing in the game

Flying Mounts in Horizon Forbidden West

You may have a clear idea of what exactly mounts are in Horizon, it’s time we jot down the concept of flying mounts. As the name depicts, flying mounts are certain machines that allow the player in Horizon Forbidden West actually to fly in the air and explore the in-game world. As of right now, there is only one machine type in the game that can fly and allow you to mount itself as well—the Sunwing.

Key Highlights
  • Mounts are machines that Aloy can tame and use as transportation. The Sunwing is the only Flying Mount
  • Sunwing is a fast, slick creature with energy shield mechanisms. 
  • It can be unlocked by completing “The Wings of the Ten” main quest, which is one of the last missions in the game. 
Horizon Forbidden West Sunwing
Sunwing in Horizon Forbidden West

This is a fairly formidable entity that looks like a real-life pterosaur. In case you’re not caught up on your history lessons, these were ancient reptiles that possessed the ability to fly. Developer Guerilla Games sure does its homework.

Sunwings are mostly scattered across the world of Forbidden West in groups with other Sunwings and are fast, slick creatures with flexible movement. Characteristics such as these make this machine a relatively hard target to conquer. 

It even has a defense mechanism that triggers energy shields. As for the offense, the Sunwing goes hard with plasma beam pounces, making Alloy run for her life at times and seek out cover. There is definitely a bevy of other reasons to override a Sunwing apart from the obviously plain intention of flying.   

You’ll need this aerial machine to complete sidequests and, of course, finish the main storyline of Horizon Forbidden West. Flying was a mechanic that wasn’t present in the original Horizon game, but the developers have seemed to revamp the sequel and introduce this completely newfangled concept to players, and we’re glad they did. 

How Many Flying Mounts Can You Get 

Similar to how the whole mount system has been developed for machines that run on land, flying mounts in Horizon Forbidden West aren’t widespread. The fact of the matter is that there are actually four different machines in the title that players can override and ride, but only one of them is a flying mount. As you’re probably aware by now, that mount is called Sunwing. 

The conclusion of the whole concept revolving around flying mounts came as a shock to many fans. Flying machines like the Stormbird and Dreadwing are far more powerful and well-equipped than Sunwings, but it’s merely the latter that you can get on top of and fly around Forbidden West. 

Therefore, you’re limited to these pterosaur-shaped machines for taking to the skies with. Guerilla Games might look into releasing additional DLC expansions for the game down the road, so there’s that to consider as well. It’s likely that we’ll get more flying mounts as the game matures, and a while has passed since its release.  

That’s enough talk. Let us dive right into the raison d’etre of this article and talk about how to unlock flying mount in Horizon Forbidden West. The section given below will take it from here.

Getting Flying Mount in Horizon Forbidden West

We hate to be the bringer of bad news, but the flying mount in Horizon Forbidden West isn’t something that you can get early on in the game or even in the middle of it. Unfortunately, you can only unlock it for free-roam by completing “The Wings of the Ten” main quest, and this is the second last mission before you get to the epilogue.

After beating the game, you get to keep all your skills, weapons, mounts, skills, and other items in your inventory. You can then squeeze out Forbidden West’s remnants as there are certain missions you can complete only when you have the flying mount in the bag. One of these missions, or errands—as the game likes to coin it—is Shining Example.  

Do keep in mind that this errand only pops up on the map when you complete “The Wings of the Ten.” Quite obviously, that is when you’ll unlock the capacity to ride Sunwing, which is the only flying mount in Horizon Forbidden West, and use it to access areas previously unreachable. 

The other errand is called First to Fly, and it pits up against the ferocious Stormbird at the end. It’s pretty exciting stuff to enjoy, so at least Guerilla Games have made the acquisition of a flying machine somewhat worthy, even if it happens at the very end of Forbidden West.  

If you were hoping to grab the flying mount somewhere around the start of the game and use it for the rest of your time in the game, you might be bummed to find out about all this. Don’t fret, though, and keep your hopes up for an imminent “New Game Plus” update to drop in the coming months or so. You might be able to override Sunwings right from the get-go that way and enjoy the game again with a flying mount in the bag. 

For now, let’s talk about how you can complete The Wings of Ten mainline quest in Forbidden West and get yourself Sunwing to fly around with. 

The Wings of the Ten Walkthrough 

The Wings of the Ten quest quickly appears for you to take on as you complete the previous main mission, which is “All That Remains.” Also, do not confuse the quest with the Wings of the Ten weapon. To get started, you will need to make haste back to the “Base” area and meet up with your companions. This will prompt Aloy to have a chat with Zo as well, making it possible for the player to progress and get to the next phase of the quest. Find her exterior to the area where you talked to Tilda and Varl. 

The Wings of the Ten quest Horizon Forbidden West
Talking to Zo

Once done, your latest task then would be to hurry back toward the specified location in the Base and get started with generating a brand-new override for yourself. This override will allow you to mount the Sunwing later on, so it’s definitely of the utmost importance. 

Horizon Forbidden West: how to unlock flying mount
Unlocking the Sunwing Override

After you’re done giving Aloy her gift, you’ll be prompted to go up to the upper side of the mountain in close vicinity with the Base and find some Sunwings in the robotic flesh. The machines will be easily approachable from the back if you sneak and cover your steps by crouching down. That’s because there will be patches of grass that would lead you right up to each of the three Sunwings you’ll find at the location. 

Horizon Forbidden West: how to unlock flying mount
Going Up to a Sunwing

Press and hold the mapped button for overriding machines to begin the process. It should take no more than a few seconds for you to tame the machine and mount it afterward, so no struggles to worry about here. As soon as you’re up on the Sunwing, have gone through the cutscene, and are back in control, fly toward the mission pointer until you’re briefed about landing on a Tallneck

These are airborne machines that can transmit dedicated pulses to activate certain energy cells. All the technical jargon here is probably of no use to casual gamers, so let’s just venture toward the Tallneck, make your landing, and override it. You will be taught how to summon a Sunwing and call it to your location after you’re done here. Press the relevant button on the directional pad to make it come to you and mount it again to continue the quest. 

Horizon Forbidden West: how to unlock flying mount
Summoning the Sunwing

Fly toward the mission pointer that you see on the screen now to make the Sunwing grab the Horus energy cell that you’ve just activated in the previous step. This will be done quite seamlessly, and Aloy doesn’t even have to get off the flying machine for it as well. Snatch the cell and make your way to the Memorial Grave now to get close to the finishing part of the quest. 

After coming close to the designated pointer, a cutscene will appear, showing you your allies battling the opposition. You’ll lift the spirits of your companions as soon as they see you on the Sunwing in all your glory and push the enemies to retreat. After getting to the other side of the hilltop, you’ll get down your flying mount and land straight on the battlefield. Here, the game will set you up with a boss fight.

Regalla boss choices
Regalla Boss Fight

Regalla is nothing but a force to reckon with, especially since she has three phases to go through. Take your time with the boss fight until you come out on top. As soon as you defeat her in-game, you’ll be made to enter a dilemma: either to let Regalla live or lay her down to peace for good. You won’t have to regret your decision either way since any decision here doesn’t affect the ending of Horizon Forbidden West. However, read our Regalla’s Wrath guide and learn how to acquire this weapon from Regalla. 

However, if you don’t kill her, Regalla will help you in your final fight and will even let you have a few cutscenes with her. None of that will be possible if you end up dispatching the woman. So, that’s about it, we believe. After the quest concludes and you’re back into roaming freely again, you’ll be able to summon your Sunwing, basically unlocking the flying mount for the rest of Aloy’s days.


Guerilla Games is back with a bang and has put forth an absolute banger of a game for PlayStation fans. Horizon Forbidden West has managed to pack all the bells and whistles so far by blending tip-top combat, tons of exploration, and, of course, awe-inspiring visuals in a single winning recipe. There’s now even the ability to fly and access untraversed areas in the world map, thanks to Sunwing—the flying mount.

We hope that you’ve genuinely found this guide helpful as we covered Horizon Forbidden West: “How to Get Flying Mount”. Some players call it a pity for not letting them enjoy Sunwing sooner into the RPG, whereas others have agreed with the idea and refer to it as smart thinking. You wouldn’t be willing to explore the vast lands in Forbidden West if you had something to fly around right from the beginning, would you? 

Horizon Forbidden West has just been released, and PlayStation owners couldn’t be any happier. Developer Guerilla Games has delivered an up to the par job with this much-anticipated sequel while harnessing the complete power of the PS5. Serving as a direct sequel to the original Horizon Zero Dawn, Forbidden West continues Aloy’s journey as she rushes out into an unknown world to find the origins of a dark, life-threatening secret.  

The title has been praised all across the spectrum, and we’re happy to see things unfolding that way. The developers have definitely put in the work to provide gamers with a visually stunning game with dense lore and a gripping storyline. There were concerns about Forbidden West being nothing more than a copy-paste of the original game, but three hours into the title, and we can easily see how it brings its own royalty to the table.

Without any further ado then, let’s dive right into the fuss surrounding flying mounts in Horizon Forbidden West and how you can get them for yourself.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fly in Horizon Forbidden West?

Yes, it is now possible to fly in Horizon Forbidden West by overriding and mounting a machine called Sunwing.

How do I get a flying mount?

You get a flying mount by completing the main quest, “The Wings of the Ten” in Horizon Forbidden West.

What can you mount in Horizon Forbidden West?

You can mount four different types of machines in Horizon Forbidden West, including Chargers, Bristlebacks, Clawstriders, and Sunwings.

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