FFXIV Novice Network – Everything You Need to Know

The FFXIV Novice Network serves as the compendium for new players to get started with. Learn all you need to know about it in this guide.

What is the FFXIV Novice Network?

The FFXIV Novice Network is basically a chat channel meant for game veterans to help out new players. Players who have just started out with Final Fantasy XIV are referred to as “New Adventurers.” This is in addition to a symbol of a green-colored sprout right beside their usernames. 

Key Highlights

  • Novice Network, as the name implies is for new players to interact with each other.
  • New players can also get taught by veteran players known as Mentors.
  • New adventurers can only join the NN if a mentor invites them.
  • You will automatically leave the Novice Network when you lose your new adventurer status.

What Can a New Adventurer Do in the Novice Network?

New Adventurers in the Final Fantasy XIV Novice Network, marked by the sprout icon in their nameplates, have several opportunities and guidelines when participating in the Novice Network. Here’s what you can do as a New Adventurer in the Novice Network:

  1. Ask Questions: You are encouraged to ask questions about the game. These questions can pertain to any aspect of Final Fantasy XIV, such as game mechanics, quest guidance, skill recommendations, and how to get started. Don’t hesitate to ask for help or clarification when you’re unsure about something.
  2. Learn from Others: Pay attention to the ongoing conversations in the Novice Network. You may come across questions from other new players that you hadn’t considered, and the answers provided can be very enlightening. This is a valuable way to learn more about the game.
  3. Make Friends: The Novice Network isn’t just for asking questions; it’s also an excellent place to make new friends. You can connect with other players who are working on similar quests or objectives. Forming friendships in the game can enhance your overall gaming experience.
  4. Avoid Item Requests: The Novice Network is not a place for requesting in-game items or currency (Gil). It’s meant to be a friendly and informative environment, not a marketplace. No one is obligated to provide items or Gil to others.
  5. Maintain Civil Behavior: It’s important to keep your interactions within the Novice Network civil and respectful. Avoid using offensive language or engaging in disruptive behavior. If you encounter a player who is verbally abusive or creating a hostile environment, you can report them to the Mentors for appropriate action.

How to Join the Novice Network

Joining the FFXIV Novice Network is a straightforward process, and it depends on whether you’re a Mentor or a new player:

For Mentors:

  1. If you meet all the prerequisites for becoming a Mentor, you are automatically added to the Novice Network with the crown icon next to your username when you log in or change regions in the game. This icon indicates your status as a Mentor.
  2. In case you’re not automatically added to the Novice Network as a Mentor, you can manually enable it by typing the following command in the chat window: /nnetworkon.

For New Adventurers:

  1. New Adventurers can only gain access to the Novice Network by receiving an invitation from a Mentor. There are no alternative methods to join it.
  2. To get an invitation, you can either announce your intention to join the Novice Network in the general chat, indicating that you’re looking for an invite. Alternatively, you can use the “/shout” command followed by your message to broadcast your request to nearby players. This should make your request visible to potential Mentors.
  3. Given that the game has been out for a while, there’s a good chance that there are Mentors in your region. Don’t hesitate to ask for an invitation; Mentors are usually willing to help new players.
  4. Once you receive an invitation from a Mentor, you’ll be automatically added to the Novice Network chat channel, and your chat window will be set to the Novice Network by default.

Being part of the Novice Network grants you a unique online status in the game, which is visible in various areas:

  • Linkshells area: Other players will see your status as a New Adventurer in the Novice Network.
  • Joined members section within a Free Company: Your status will also be visible to members of your Free Company.
  • Members of a Party: When you join a party, your status in the Novice Network will be displayed.
  • Friends List: Friends who have you on their list will see your Novice Network status as well.

This allows other players to easily recognize your status as a New Adventurer seeking guidance or as a Mentor offering help.

What Are the Different Novice Network Commands? 

There are two major FFXIV Novice Network commands that can be used to alter your experience of the chat channel. We have even mentioned one of them in one of the sections above. For clarification, here it is again. 


This command is used by a Mentor to toggle the Novice Network on. The second major FFXIV Novice Network command is employed by a New Adventurer who wants to stop the sprout icon from showing up beside their name. The following is what we’re talking about. You’ll be toggling it on and off upon entering it. 


Simply type in this command into the chat window to enable the New Adventurer status again. That’s all about it for all the main FFXIV Novice Network commands.  

How to Turn Off the FFXIV Novice Network

To turn off or leave the FFXIV Novice Network, you have two options: either leave the network completely or disable the Novice Network chat window from appearing.

Here’s how you can do both:

Option 1: Leave the FFXIV Novice Network

Leaving the Novice Network means you’ll no longer be part of it and won’t receive messages from or be able to interact with Mentors or other New Adventurers.

  1. Open the “Social” menu by pressing “O” on your keyboard or navigating to it through the main menu.
  2. Click on the “Novice Network” tab.
  3. On the Novice Network tab, you’ll see the list of Mentors and New Adventurers who are currently part of the network.
  4. Right-click your own name on this list. A context menu should appear.
  5. Select the “Leave Network” option.

Option 2: Disable the Novice Network Chat Window

If you prefer to stay in the network but don’t want the Novice Network chat window to appear, you can hide it:

  1. Right-click the chat tab where the Novice Network messages appear. This is usually at the bottom of your chat window.
  2. In the context menu that appears, uncheck the “Novice Network” option. This will hide the Novice Network chat window while still allowing you to receive Novice Network messages in your main chat tab.

FFXIV – How to Leave Novice Network 

You can disable the New Adventurer status, which will automatically remove you from the Novice Network. To do this, use the following command:

/nastatus off
ffxiv disable novice network
Turning Off the New Adventurer Status

You’ll see the feedback given back to you right after you enter the command in the chat window. The following is the response you’ll be receiving on your end. 

ffxiv how to leave novice network
New Adventurer Status Removed


Another method to leave the Novice Network is by clicking on the “Leaf” button. This button is typically found at the bottom of the chat channel window, along with other chat options. When you hover over the “Leaf” button and click on it, you’ll be presented with the option to leave the chat, effectively removing yourself from the FFXIV Novice Network.

How to Disable/Turn Off the Novice Network

  1. Open the in-game log menu interface by pressing the “Esc” key.
ffxiv turn off novice network
Selecting “Character Configuration” Under “System” Settings

2. In the log menu, hover over the “System” tab and select “Character Configuration.” It’s illustrated in the menu for reference.

ffxiv turn off novice network
Entering Log Window Settings

3. In the “Character Configuration” window, click on “Log Window Settings,” which is located on the left-hand column.

ffxiv novice network
Clicking on “General” Under “Log Filters”

4. In the “Log Filters” section, click on the “General” button located below “Log Filters.” This is where you’ll configure chat-related settings.

 ffxiv disable novice network
Disabling Novice Network

5. Once in the “General” settings, find the “Novice Network” entry, which should have a checkbox next to it. Click on the checkbox to deselect it, disabling the Novice Network chat.

ffxiv turn off novice network
Novice Network Disabled

After deselecting the checkbox, click “Apply” to save your changes.

You should see a confirmation message that says “Log filter settings updated,” indicating that your settings have taken effect.


This is a special type of chat channel in FFXIV among all the other chat windows. It’s actually a way of integrating advanced and newcomers to the game together, so the latter can learn from experienced and expert players. It definitely is a handy feature that Final Fantasy XIV beginners can’t help but make the best of. We’ve outlined the most significant details of the utilitarian functionality, so you know what you’re dealing with here. 

Do let us know down in the comments section if you plan on using the Novice Network, now that you’re aware of what it actually is. Good luck in Eorzea—you’re going to need it!

FFXIV Novice Network

How to turn off Novice Network FFXIV?

The FFXIV Novice Network can be turned off by going into the Log Filters “Chat” settings and disabling it from there.

What are the FFXIV Novice Network Commands?

The FFXIV Novice Network commands are “/nnetworkon” and “/nastatus.”

What is the FFXIV Novice Network?

The FFXIV Novice Network is a chat window that allows experts and new players to communicate with each other for the purpose of newcomers to learn the game.

Where can I buy FFXIV?

You can buy FFXIV directly from the game’s official website.

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