FFXIV City Of The Ancients Guide: How to Find It

Did you find FFXIV City of the Ancients quest location yet? No? Check out our guide here and learn the whereabouts of the quest location.

Final Fantasy XIV has many secrets or hidden quests that only have meager hints to go with. Not all clues have concrete dots to connect and form a bigger picture that could potentially lead players to the starting point of a quest. City of the Ancients is yet again another quest that is tucked away nicely behind a clue, one that does not explicitly points at the quest’s location.

Key Highlights

  • FFXIV boasts many side quests alongside its MSQ (Main Scenario Quest).
  • The City of The Ancients is a level 79 that works differently from your average quest.
  • It is unmarked on the mini-map and instead has players find clues from a description.
  • The precise location is in The Tempest at (x 22.0, y 11.0).

This is a well-concealed quest that players have had greater difficulty in the finding-the-quest-location part, and completing the quest is a whole different story. So, we have curated this guide for those poor souls who have wasted a good chunk of their time in exploring the beautiful vistas of Final Fantasy XIV just so they could reach the quest starting point.

FFXIV City Of The Ancients

Unlike Mystery Miners quest, The City of the Ancients quest is a story progression quest that does not speak of where and how to begin it. The problem it causes is that players roam around here and there in circles, trying to find the spot from where they could initiate the quest.  However, the game tucks away all the details and leaves them in just one clue, and that is also not enough to begin the search with or where to go. 

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What is the City of the Ancients Quest?

The City of the Ancients is a level 79 quest in Final Fantasy XIV. In this quest, players receive a task from Y’Shota Rhul, involving finding a certain structure. Ironically, the structure that he asks the players to search for looks very similar to the Qitana Ravel mural. Even if you have encountered the latter before in the game, you are still clueless about how and where to begin the City of the Ancients quest. So, where exactly should you go to unravel this mystery? We have got you covered here. 

Where To Find City Of The Ancients Quest

The quest’s description says:

“Find a structure which resembles those in the copy of the Qitana Ravel mural, then inspect it from the survey point”

That is not much to go forward with, right? Well, this is why we are here to pinpoint the exact spot to you and save you the trouble of exploring the map wildly. To kick start the pre-quest involving finding the actual quest, look closely at the mural’s map. It shows up a structure set against a backdrop of mountains and shooting stars in the sky. Here is an image for your reference regarding City of the Ancients quest location.

FFXIV City Of The Ancients
The quest location clue

So, did you crack the location just by looking at the map? No? Well, just visit the main hub area inside the Tempest located at the Northwest side of the Norvrandt Slope’s hills. To be even more precise, the location’s exact coordinates are 22.0, 11.0.

FFXIV City Of The Ancients
Coordinates Location
Image Source: Reddit

Reach these coordinates, and you will find yourself in a bowl-shaped location, surrounded by houses, lush trees, and grass. You can go there alone or with NPC AI companions after building a good relationship with them using the newly introduced Trust System. You would notice glittering, brightly lit, colorful sparkles nearby. All you need to do here is just approach this object and interact with it. Doing so will trigger a cutscene, indicating the completion of your tiresome pre-quest of the actual quest if you found it on your own or otherwise if you reached the location by following our guide. Well, in any case, reaching this point ensures you are moving forward in Final Fantasy XIV.

The Quest Rewards

Assuming you found the location to initiate the quest and also completed it. If you finished the quest, you would be awarded 820k XP and 969 Gil. That is a decent amount of XP you bag in after completing the quest. On the topic of earning a good chunk of experience points, if you want to level up faster, be sure to check our Final Fantasy XIV level up faster guide.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about FFXIV City of the Ancients location. If you think we missed something or need to be more elaborate in our walkthrough guides, let us know about it in the comment section below.

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