Persona 3 Reload: All Class Answers [Cheat Sheet]

Below I have discussed all the class answers to the questions to help you fully max out the Charm Stat.

Persona 3 Reload comes with a challenge, a series of multiple-choice questions that are based on the General Knowledge of the world. Speaking from personal experience, I believe it is incredibly hard to answer every set of questions from each month correctly. So, after multiple trials and errors, I have made a list of all the correct answers to each class question in Persona 3 Reload!

Key Takeaways
  • Persona 3 reload contains a set of multiple-choice questions which you have to answer correctly.
  • Choosing the right answers boosts the Charm statistic.
  • Getting Charm points helps improve your social stats.
  • The exams span from April to January.
  • A total of ten months have sets of questions for you to answer in Persona 3 Reload.

All Class Answers In Persona 3

All Months In P3R
All Days Of May In Persona 3 Reload With Questions Inside Of Them – (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Giving the right answers to all questions in exams is crucial for increasing Charm Stat. Since the questions are multiple-choice, you will have to pick just one answer from 4 different choices. 

Here is a cheat sheet of all the class answers from April to January in Persona 3 Reload:

DateQuestionCorrect Answer
April 8thWhat phrase symbolizes summer!?Vivid Carp Streamers
April 18thThe places where people dumped their waste in the Jomon period – what are they called nowadays?Middens
April 27th[Protagonist] do you know which one is not an algebraic spiral or whatever?A
May 6thWhat do you call the device that helps generate electric power from the train?A pantograph
May 13thWhich tool did he use in his experiments?The pendulum
May 15thWhat’s the other name for “May Sickness”... the more casual one?May Blues
May 19thMay BluesMay Blues
May 20thWhich of the following did Léon Foucault use in his experiment on the rotation of the Earth?A pendulum
May 21stWhich of the following is generated by a pantograph?Electricity
May 22ndDuring which historical period were Middens most commonly used?Jomon
June 15thWhich phrase means “able to see things for what they really are”?Keen eye
June 17thWhat early religious practice was the origin of magic?Shamanism
June 22ndWhat else do people call this curve?Witch of Agnesi
June 25thWhat’s it called when the air bubbles in a whirlpool bath hit you and make your body vibrate?The flutter effect
June 29thWhat form of natural magic is used to find water sources?Dowsing
July 3rdH-Hey, lend me a hand here, [Protagonist]. What kinda tale is he talking about?About romance
July 8th“Because it is 10:30 right now, we will not reach the theater in time, it’s already started, to my dismay.”Between "time" and "it's"
July 9thAt the same time, a serious problem arose for farmers. Do you remember what it was?Social disparity
July 10thWhat is the esoteric study of Jewish texts called?Kabbalah
July 11thNow, what do you think that item was? It’s something every samurai needs!The katana
July 14thWhich form of magic is used to find water sources?Dowsing
July 15thHow did the Witch of Agnesi gain the first half of its name?Averisera
July 16thWho designed the prototype for the katana?Taira No Masakado
July 17thThere’s an error in this sentence, what kind is it?Comma splice
September 1stWhat property of electricity is relevant to superconductivity?Resistance
September 10thH-Hey, [Protagonist], do you know what it means to “spill the beans”?To reveal a secret
September 11thWhich book helped further the art of magic during the Renaissance?The Hermetica
September 14thWho is one referring to when speaking of their “better half”?Their soulmate
September 26thWhat is the collective name for the four holy numbers in numerology?Tetractys
October 7thWhich hormone is the one in your brain that provides a sense of achievement?Dopamine
October 10thWho was the founder of Theosophy, a group that gave rise to many other magical societies?Helena Blavatsky
October 13thThe hormone dopamine is related to our sense of accomplishment. Name a symptom of its over-production.Addiction
October 14thWho is considered by many to be the first numerologist, whose name lives on today in mathematical theorem?Pythagoras
October 15thWhat happens when electrical resistance reaches zero? Hint: It was the word I used to confess my love for someone…Superconductivity
October 16thWhat is the meaning of the phrase “to spill the beans”?To reveal a secret
October 19thWe used the number “zero” a lot. Do you know where it originally came from, though?India
October 22ndWhich Roman goddess has been theorized as the namesake for the month of April?Venus
October 26thBut there’s one region that instead calls it “the month with gods,” because that’s where they all go! Do you know which one it is?Izumo
October 30thA certain enzyme brings out the sweetness in them when they’re baked. Do you happen to know what it is?Beta-amylase
November 7thWhat is the ancient Indian magical text I mentioned today?The Upanishads
November 12thWhat was she describing with such a sparse line?Her favorite time in winter
November 30thIn the poem that Genji, the protagonist, sends to her, what did he compare her to?The cherry blossom
December 7thWhat’s the name of the stratospheric layer of molecules comprised of three oxygen atoms?The ozone layer
December 9thWhat sorcery was Himiko said to have used?Kido
December 11thDid you catch what she said? Do you know the answer?Lives
December 14thWhich of the following originated in India?The number zero
December 15thWhen heated, the beta-amylase enzymes in sweet potatoes react with the starch present to produce which disaccharide?Maltose
December 16thWhich Roman goddess has been theorized as the namesake for the month of April?Venus
December 17thIn the Tale of Genji, who does Hikaru Genji compare to cherry blossoms?Murasaki-no-Ue
December 18thWhich of the following words is not in the correct plural form?Geeses
December 22ndWhat do you call the feeling of joy that comes from a near-death experience?Euphoria
January 8thWhere is the "certain place" referred to in the quote about the new year?The underworld
January 18thBesides Medea, who was the other Greek sorceress mentioned?Circe

So these were all the Class Answers to the exam questions in Persona 3 throughout the months! You will now be able to gain 1 Charm point per correct answer, which compiles up to a lot of them from my experience. These points will help to improve your Social Stats and grant access to some of the buildings.

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