Persona 3 Reload: Maiko Social Link [Hanged Man]

Waste zero time in getting to know Maiko by knowing all the best choices for Hanged Man social link.

The Hanged Man is one of the many tarot cards in Persona 3 Reload and its representative is Maiko Oohashi.  Since time is already limited in Persona games, players should strive to finish as many social links in as little time as possible. Therefore, players currently focusing on the Hanged Man must know the BEST choices for the Persona 3 Reload Maiko social link.

Key Takeaways
  • Before starting Maiko’s social link, you must buy her Wierd Takoyaki and Mall Bull drink in Persona 3 Reload.
  • Visit her after a few days of sharing food to begin her social link.
  • Choosing the right choices in a social link grants you affection points, determining how quickly you can rank up.
  • Completing the Hanged Man social link grants the ability to obtain Attis through fusion in Persona 3 Reload.
  • Aside from Attis, you will gain extra XP when crafting a Hanged Man persona, depending on the rank.

How To Start Hanged Man Social Link

maiko social link persona 3 reload
Playing with Maiko [Image Credit: eXputer]
Before you can start ranking up the Hanged Man social link, you must become associated with Maiko. She is interactable after May 6th.

  1. When you interact with her for the first time, Maiko will ask you for something to eat.
  2. Head to the Octopia in Iwatodai Strip Mall and purchase a Wierd Takoyaki.
  3. Once you give her the Takoyaki, she will ask you for something to drink.
  4. You can’t get her just any drink, it has to be Mad Bull.
  5. I purchased the Mad Bull from the vending machine at Iwatodai station but you can also purchase it from the vending machine at the Dorm.

After sharing the food, respond to her dialogue: “You will see her again”. Then visit her at the shrine some other day and your Persona 3 Reload Hanged Man social link with Maiko will start. You can choose any dialogue during your first interaction because they don’t reward you with any affection points.

BEST Choices For The Hanged Man Social Link

maiko social link persona 3 reload
Choosing the right dialogue [Screenshot Credit: eXputer]
In case you didn’t know, choosing the right choices in a social link grants you affection points. These affection points determine just how quickly you can rank up. 

Here, I have enlisted all the best choices you can make in the Persona 3 Reload Hanged Man social link:

RankDialogueBest Answers
Rank 1 to Rank 2My tummy's grumbling! Can we go to Wilduck?-“Sure, let’s go.” +3
Rank 2 to Rank 3Do you think he'll come home and see me?-“Don’t worry, he’ll be there.” +3
Rank 3 to Rank 4They really do care about me!-“That's great news.” +3
-“Of course they care.” +3
Rank 4 to Rank 5He's so mean! It's not fair!-“That’s awful.” +3
Do they just wish I would disappear?-“They would never.” +1
Rank 5 to Rank 6I made up my mind! I have to run away from home!-“Calm down.” +1
I need lots of snacks, right? And my... insurance card?-“That should be enough” +3
Rank 6 to Rank 7--Any choice.
Rank 7 to Rank 8What do you wanna get?-“Hamburgers.” +1
It was sad, but I listened to the whole thing. Did I do good?-“You're a good girl.” +3
Who do you think I should pick?-“Your dad.” +3
Rank 8 to Rank 9Even if I'm gone... we’ll still be friends, right?-“Friends forever.” +3
Rank 9 to Rank 10Do you think I’ll have a family of my own one day?-“I'm sure you will.” +3
Can we get married?-“Sure.” +3

Unlike most social links, the social link with Maiko has no special interactions in Persona 3 Reload.

Hanged Man Availability And Rewards

hanged man
Maiko location [Image Copyright: eXputer]
Maiko is available to hang out with on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays during the daytime at Nagasaki Shrine.

  • Availability: She is also available during holidays, off-school days, and vacations.
  • Focus On Social Link: Therefore, I would recommend focusing on this social link during vacation or off days. 
  • School Days Recommendation: Use the school days by prioritizing social links that can only be ranked up in school.

Aside from availability, the reward for fully completing the Hanged Man social link is the ability to obtain Attis through fusion. And of course, you will gain extra XP when crafting Personas of the Hanged Man arcana, depending on the rank.

Important: You can NOT enter into a relationship with Maiko.

And with that, my guide on Persona 3 Reload Hanged Man Social Link comes to an end. I also have social link guides for the Magician and the Chariot, in case you are interested. Or you can read my Persona 3 Reload review as well. But that is all from me. Do let me know what you think about Persona 3 Reload in the comment section below.


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