Persona 3 Reload Clairvoyant Relic: Location + Fight

Here's everything that you need to know about Clairvoyant Relic, its location, and how to defeat it!

Persona 3 Reload has one main dungeon that is named Tartarus. In Tartarus, you can fight shadows of all types. Some shadows are special and can only be located at certain locations. They are boss battles and are really tough enemies. Clairvoyant Relic is one such boss in Persona 3 Reload.

Key Takeaways
  • Clairvoyant Relic is one of the boss enemies in Persona 3 Reload.
  • It is an enemy that has no weaknesses and can analyze the character’s weakness before attacking.
  • Clairvoyant Relic can be found on Floor 42 of Arqa in Tartarus.
  • The best way to defeat it is by using debuffs as much as you can so that it attacks as little as possible.

Where To Find Clairvoyant Relic

relic location
Floor 42 is where you can find the Clairvoyant Relic. You can find a teleporter right before you fight it. [Image credits: eXputer]

Before You Start: You can only fight Clairvoyant Relic after you have finished the first block of Tartarus.

Clairvoyant Relic is the final boss of the second block of Tartarus, Arqa. The second block spans from Floor 23 to Floor 43. Clairvoyant Relic can be found on the 42nd floor right before the border floor, Floor 43. 

How To Defeat Clairvoyant Relic

Clairvoyant Relic has no weakness and is immune to all light and dark attacks [Image credits: eXputer]
Clairvoyant Relic is a very tough boss. It has no weaknesses and can identify your weaknesses and act accordingly. To defeat it you must follow the following steps:

  1. No Weakness: As mentioned earlier, Clairvoyant Relic has no weakness. It cannot be stunned by using any type of attack. Furthermore, it is immune to Light and Dark Elements.
  2. Weakness Analysis: The hardest part about the Clairvoyant Relic is his ability to analyze weaknesses. Once it analyzes a character’s weakness it only attacks them with that attack.
  3. Debuff and Critical Stun: I think that the best way to deal with it is by using debuffs and stunning it with critical attacks. 
  4. Yukari’s Debuff: I recommend using her to lower its accuracy and avoid its attacks as much as possible.
  5. Iori and Sanada: Use Iori to buff Sanada and yourself. Iori will have a defense boost skill on his persona so use it often. You can also use Sanada’s persona as it has an attack-lowering debuff. 
  6. All-Out Attacks: Sanada should be the main damage dealer and using his melee attack is preferred as you may land a critical attack, which will let you do an All-Out Attack. 
  7. Makoto’s Debuffs: If you have a persona with a Confuse skill on Makoto then use it. I recommend debuffing it by using such a skill that can make the fight easier as it will render the boss motionless. You can use other debuffs like freeze to do the same job. 
  8. Dealing Damage: Keep using debuffs and dealing damage, and remember that once the boss attacks you can be wiped very easily. Using this strategy you will slowly but surely defeat Clairvoyant Relic.
persona 3 reload clairvoyant relic freeze
Using Freeze or Confuse you can stop the Clairvoyant Relic from attacking and get aggressive yourself [Image credits: eXputer]
From my experience, Clairvoyant Relic can be tough only if you allow it to attack. Because it only attacks the character with what they are weak to, it can kill them in just two hits. The first turn will always let the Relic analyze your characters so it is best you use the time to debuff it. The more debuffs, the easier the fight.

I recommend using debuffs like confuse or freeze because the boss won’t even attack you until the ailment wears off. So get a persona with such a skill and make easy work of the boss. I also advise you to use Sanada’s attack-lowering skill a lot because the damage Clairvoyant Relic does is very high.


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