Persona 3 Reload: How To Earn Money Fast [Easy Steps]

Get rich faster in Persona 3 Reload by utilizing these tips I discovered after 20 hours.

You often run out of money, especially during the early game of Persona 3 Reload. Since there are a lot of things that require money, whether you need good weapons or gear or take part in several activities to raise your social stats, you need to utilize methods to earn money as fast as you can in Persona 3 Reload.

Key Takeaways
  • There are various methods to obtain money fast in Persona 3 reload, including completing Elizabeth’s requests or selling items.
  • Exploring Tartarus and defeating Shadows is highly rewarding when it comes to getting more cash in Persona 3 Reload
  • You can try various activities such as doing part-time jobs or drawing fortunes at Nanagaki shrine to earn money fast in Persona 3 reload. 
  • If you visit the Fortune Teller in Club Escapade, you can encounter Rare Shadows, and beating one is worthwhile.

Exploring Tartarus

exploring tartarus earn money fast persona 3 reload
Breakable objects inside Tartarus (Image by eXputer)

Tartarus is definitely a huge place to explore, and with each trip, you can obtain a considerable amount of Yen. You can open a variety of Treasure Chests to get cash or valuable items that you can sell to earn money fast in Persona 3 Reload. 

Additionally, If you destroy breakable objects scattered around Tartarus, you can get valuable items and treasure that you can sell. You can get useful healing items like the muscle drink, which can be cashed in for a decent amount of money. 

Defeating Shadows

defeating shadows
Battling a rare Shadow (Image by eXputer)

Taking down various Shadows will occasionally reward you with items and valuables that you can choose to sell for a price. Furthermore, if you activate Shuffle by taking advantage of the enemy’s weaknesses or through All-Out Attacks, you can choose the coin bonus to obtain money. 

I also recommend taking down a Rare Shadow whenever you see one, as defeating it can be very rewarding. However, beware, as it will try to escape from you and disappear after some time. 

Visiting The Fortune Teller

rarity fortune persona 3 reload get money fast
Rarity Fortune (Image by eXputer)
Important: You need to be at Courage Level 2 to be able to go inside Club Escapade.

It is recommended to visit the Fortune Teller at Club Escapade in Paulownia Mall at Night for a special bonus. You can get the Rarity Fortune, which triggers the chance of encountering a rare Shadow in Tartarus. So, I recommend you to take a quick trip to the fortune teller every time before you visit Tartarus. 

Selling Items At The Police Station

selling items get money persona 3 reload
Selling items to Kurosawa (Image by eXputer)

You can sell your items to Kurosawa at the Police Station to earn money fast in Persona 3 reload. If you buy new equipment, including weapons and gear, you can sell your old ones for a good price. Furthermore, you can also sell other items, including consumables and valuables, if you are short on cash.

Part-Time Jobs

obtain money persona 3 reload
Working at the cafe. (Image by eXputer)

You can choose to do Part-Time Jobs during the night to earn a good amount of money fast while raising your social stats in Persona 3 Reload. Occasionally, these jobs may have busier days, giving you more cash than usual. Chagall Cafe and Screen Shot Cinema are locations that are unlocked in the early game. 

Completing Elizabeth’s Requests

retrieve the document
Elizabeth inside Tartarus (Image by eXputer)
Important: Elizabeth’s Requests are unlocked after 5/10 once you beat the first full-moon boss.

Elizabeth gives you decent rewards for completing her requests, ranging from different items to cash. One of the first requests you can make is to “Retrieve the first old document,” which you can obtain from the first border floor in Tartarus. Elizabeth will reward you 10,000 yen if you bring the document that you found to her. 

I recommend you complete Elizabeth’s request as she will give you plenty of rewards. If you do not need the items she rewards you, they can be sold to fetch money.

Nanagaki Shrine

nanagaki shrine money
Getting money from Nanagaki Shrine (Image by eXputer)

You can gamble 100 Yen at the exact spot I have shown above in Nanagaki Shrine. If you draw good fortune, you can increase your bond with one of the social links and a huge amount of money. It is one of the fastest ways to earn money in Persona 3 reload; however, it will cost you your daytime.

I only suggest you do it to strengthen your relationship with any of the social links. Otherwise, it’s a day’s waste, and other fast ways exist to obtain money. 

My Thoughts

With the help of these methods, you will be drowning in riches in no time. Out of all the above methods, I highly suggest exploring Tartarus since you can get a lot of cash easily after snagging some valuables during your trip.

Gambling at Nanagaki Shrine is also an excellent method to obtain money or increase your Social Links. While on the subject, check out the guides on Chariot Social Link and Magician Social Link. Also, check out the Persona 3 Reload Review written by Hammad Ijaz. 

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