Persona 3 Reload: All Elizabeth Requests And Solutions

I have entailed all of Elizabeth's Requests and how to clear them in order to progress.

Elizabeth has a plethora of requests for you to fulfill in Persona 3 Reload. Some of these requests have a deadline and can be missed, while others are available indefinitely. Learn how to clear each of these requests successfully to obtain the rewards and progress her quest. 

Key Takeaways
  • Elizabeth makes 101 requests in Persona 3 Reload. 
  • Requests have different dates of availability and deadlines. 
  • Some requests have a prerequisite that needs to be cleared before accessing them.
  • There is no limit to accepting requests; you can accept as many of them as you want. 
  • You can turn in and pick up requests from Elizabeth at the Mall and in Tartarus’ lobby.

All Elizabeth’s Requests In Persona 3 Reload

persona 3 reload elizabeth requests
Elizabeth is present in the back Alley.  [Image by eXputer]

Here are all the requests made by Elizabeth and how to clear them:

Quest NumberRequestDate of AvailabilityDeadlinePrerequisiteHow to CompleteReward
Quest No. 1Bring me a Muscle Drink.5/10NoneNonePurchase a Muscle Drink from the Aohige Pharmacy and bring it to Elizabeth.Soul Drop x5
Quest No. 2Retrieve the first Old Document.5/10NoneNoneYou can find the first Old Document on Floor 22 of Tartarus inside a purple treasure chest.10000 Yen
Quest No. 3Shadow Hunting Milestone.5/10NoneNoneGo to Tartarus and defeat 100 Shadows. Cure Water x3
Quest No. 4Treasure Hunting Milestone.5/10NoneNoneOpen 50 treasure chests in Tartarus.Snuff Soul x2
Quest No. 5Create a Persona that's level 13 or above.5/10NoneNoneObtain a Persona that is at least level 13 and talk to Elizabeth.Bufula Gem x3
Quest No. 6Create a Persona with Kouha.5/10NoneComplete Quest 5.Have a Persona with the skill Kouha or make it learn the skill through Skill Cards.Fierce Sutra x2
Quest No. 7Bring me a Juzumaru.5/10NoneNoneThe Juzumara sword can be found on Boss Floors in Tartarus, usually on Floor 36.Makouha Skill Card
Quest No. 8Experiment with fortune telling.5/10NoneNoneObtain a Rarity Fortune from the fortune teller at Club Escapade. You need 2 Courage for this to work.Speed Incense 1 x3
Quest No. 9I'd like to try all kinds of drinks.5/10NoneNoneThere are vending machines in each of the following areas: Iwatodai Dorm, Port Island Station, Strip Mall. Purchase all of the different drinks from each machine. Media Skill Card
Quest No. 10I'd like to try a beef bowl.5/10NoneNoneBring a Umiushi Beef Bowl from the third floor of Iwatodai Strip Mall.Male Uniforms (W)
Quest No. 11Please prevail in the Big Eater Challenge.5/10NoneComplete Quest 9.Complete the Big Eater Challenge at Wild Duck Burger.Twilight Fragment x3
Quest No. 12Bring me pine resin.5/106/6NoneTalk to Yukari to obtain Pine Resin.Toy Bow
Quest No. 13Bring me a handheld game console.5/106/6Complete Quest 12.Talk to Junpei to get a handheld game console.Pixel Vest
Quest No. 14Retrieve the second old document.5/10NoneNoneYou can find the second old document on Floor 43 of Tartarus inside a purple treasure chest.20000 Yen
Quest No. 15Shadow Hunting Milestone #25/10NoneComplete Quest 3.Go to Tartarus and defeat 200 Shadows.Umugi Water x3
Quest No. 16Treasure Hunting Milestone #25/10NoneComplete Quest 4.Open 100 treasure chests in Tartarus.Chewing Soul x2
Quest No. 17Fusion Series #1: Emperor, Oberon5/10NoneComplete Quest 5.Obtain an Oberon with the skill Mazio and talk to Elizabeth.Female Uniforms (W)
Quest No. 18I'd like to be gifted a bouquet of flowers.6/13NoneNonePurchase a Rose Bouqet from the Flower Shop and bring it to Elizabeth.Female Winter Garb
Quest No. 19I want Jack Frost Dolls.6/13NoneNoneBring 3 Jack Frost dolls to Elizabeth after winning them at the crane games. Twilight Fragment x3
Quest No. 20Bring me some potent medicine.6/13NoneNoneObtain the potent medicine by going to the Nurse's office. Steel Pipe
Quest No. 21Retrieve the third old document.6/13NoneComplete Quest 14.You can find the first Old Document on Floor 69 of Tartarus inside a purple treasure chest.30000 Yen
Quest No. 22Shadow Hunting Milestone #3
5/10NoneComplete Quest 15.Go to Tartarus and defeat 300 Shadows.Bead x3
Quest No. 23Persona Fusion Milestone6/13NoneNoneConduct Persona Fusion 20 times.Twilight Fragment x5
Quest No. 24Create a Persona that's level 23 or above.6/13NoneNoneObtain a Persona that is at least level 23 and talk to Elizabeth.Sugar Key
Quest No. 25Fusion Series #2 Chariot, Mithras5/10NoneComplete Quest 17.Obtain a Mithras who is at least level 26 and talk to Elizabeth.Male Winter Garb
Quest No. 26Bring me an Onimaru Kunitsuna6/13NoneNoneThe Onimaru Kunitsuna is usually found on Boss floors in Tartarus.Crit Rate Boost Skill Card
Quest No. 27Bring me a triangular sword6/137/5NoneTalk to Mitsuru to get a Triangular Sword.Gallant Sneakers
Quest No. 28I want to look fashionable6/137/5Complete Quest 27.Talk to Akihiko to get Protein.Spiked Bat
Quest No. 29I want to look fashionable6/137/5NoneYou can obtain the fashionable item from the Bartender at Club Escapade.Power Incense x5
Quest No. 30Retrieve the fourth old document.7/9NoneComplete Quest 21.You can find the fourth Old Document on Floor 92 of Tartarus inside a purple treasure chest.40000 Yen
Quest No. 31Shadow Hunting Milestone #45/10NoneComplete Quest 22.Go to Tartarus and defeat 450 Shadows.Kamimusubi Water x2
Quest No. 32Treasure Hunting Milestone #35/10NoneComplete Quest 16.Open 150 treasure chests in Tartarus.Snuff Soul x6
Quest No. 33Persona Fusion Milestone #26/13None23.Conduct Persona Fusion 35times.Twilight Fragment x5
Quest No. 34Create a Persona with Torrent Shot.7/9NoneNoneObtain a Persona with the skill Torrent Shot and talk to Elizabeth.Attack Mirror x3
Quest No. 35Fusion Series #3: Hermit, Mothman.7/9NoneNoneObtain a Mothman with the skill Agilao and talk to Elizabeth.Maid Outfit
Quest No. 36Defeat a rare Shadow #17/9NoneNoneDefeat the rare shadow in Yabbashah and bring back the Rustic coin it drops.Onyx x7
Quest No. 37Traverse the Monad Passage.7/9NoneClear the Monad Door on Floor 80 of Tartarus.Kill all the shadows within the Monad Passage on the 91st Floor in Yabbashah.Black Sword
Quest No. 38I want to eat some chilled taiyaki.7/9NoneComplete Quest 10.Purchase a Lukewarm Taiyaki from the Cafetera and rest it in the fridge at the Iwatodai Dorm. Take the chilled Taiyaki to Elizabeth.Nihil Cloth
Quest No. 39Let me hear music unique to Gekkokan.7/9NoneNoneObtain the music CD by visiting the PA Room in Gekkokan.Female Uniform (S)
Quest No. 40I'd like to see a pair of Max Safety Shoes.7/9NoneNonePurchase the Max Safety Shoes from the Shopping Channel.Twilight Fragment x3
Quest No. 41Bring me the mysterious person's autograph.7/9NoneComplete Quest 40.Obtain an autograph from Tanaka after leveling up his Social LinkNihil Bible
Quest No. 42Please feed the cat.7/9NoneNoneFeed the Cat in Port Island Station Outskirts 4 times on different days.Male Summer Garb
Quest No. 43Bring me a christmas star.7/98/4NoneTalk to Fuuka in order to get the Christmas Star.Jack's Gloves
Quest No. 44I wish to feel the ocean.7/98/4NoneCollect any item on the Beach and bring it to Elizabeth.Amethyst x5
Quest No. 45Retrieve the fifth old document.8/8NoneComplete Quest 30.You can find the fifth Old Document on Floor 118 of Tartarus inside a purple treasure chest.50000 Yen
Quest No. 46Shadow Hunting Milestone #55/10NoneComplete Quest 31.Go to Tartarus and defeat 600 Shadows.Bead Chain x2
Quest No. 47Treasure Hunting Milestone #45/10NoneComplete Quest 32.Open 200 treasure chests in Tartarus.Precious Egg x2
Quest No. 48Persona Fusion Milestone #36/13NoneComplete Quest 33.Conduct Persona Fusion 50 times.Twilight Fragment x5
Quest No. 49Create a Persona that's level 38 or above.5/10NoneComplete Quest 31.Obtain a Persona that is at least level 38 and talk to Elizabeth.Marionette
Quest No. 50Perform King and I.8/8NoneComplete Quest 31.Perform the Fusion Spell King and I by having Black Frost and King Frost registered.Guard Incense II x3
Quest No. 51Bring me an Outenta Mitsuyo.8/8NoneNoneYou can find an Outenta Mitsuyo on Boss Levels in Tartarus.Multi-Target Boost Skill Card
Quest No. 52I’d like to try a home-cooked meal.8/8NoneComplete Quest 38Bring Elizabeth a meal that you made at the dorm.Legendary Cleaver
Quest No. 53I’d like to see a mysterious potato.8/8NoneComplete Quest 52.Bring Elizabeth a potato that you have grown yourself. Ergotite Shard
Quest No. 54Attempt a hundred shrine visits.8/8NoneNonePray at the shrine everyday.Lime Swim Wear
Quest No. 55I’d like to see proof of a bond.8/8NoneNoneShow Elizabeth an item that you can obtain only after maxing out a social link.Space Badge
Quest No. 56Look for the drink with my name.8/8NoneNoneYou can find the drink in question at Que Sera Sera.AS Generic Material
Quest No. 57I’d like to try Aojiru.8/8NoneNoneObtain some clues by heading to the Pharmacy. Next trade 2 Topaz and 1 Turquoise at the antique shop to obtain a Vintage Yagen. Give the Yagen to the Pharmacist to get Aojiru.Twilight Fragment x8
Quest No. 58I wish to become a straw millionaire.8/88/31NoneAfter obtaining bandages from Elizabeth, talk to the following people in order:
The man in the Port Island station Alley.
The man outside Port Island Station Alley.
The Kid at Iwatodai Strip Mall.
At last, give the cat headband to Elizabeth.
Turquoise x20
Quest No. 59Retrieve the sixth old document.9/10NoneComplete Quest 45.You can find the sixth Old Document on Floor 144 of Tartarus inside a purple treasure chest.70000 Yen
Quest No. 60Shadow Hunting Milestone #68/8NoneComplete Quest 46.Go to Tartarus and defeat 800 Shadows.Soma
Quest No. 61Create a Persona that’s level 46 or above.9/10NoneComplete Quest 49.Obtain a Persona that is at least level 46 and talk to Elizabeth.Atrophying Sutra
Quest No. 62Fusion Series #4: Lovers,Titania9/10NoneComplete Quest 35.Obtain a Titania with the skill Matarukaja and talk to Elizabeth.Male Uniform (S)
Quest No. 63Fusion Series #5: Magician, Rangda9/10NoneComplete Quest 50.Obtain a Rangda who is at least level 54 and talk to Elizabeth.Female Summer Garb
Quest No. 64Defeat a rare Shadow #29/10NoneComplete Quest 49Defeat the rare shadow in Tziah and bring back the Sumptous Coin that he drops.Topaz x7
Quest No. 65Bring me an Ote-gine.9/10NoneNoneYou can find Ote-gine on Boss Floors in Tartarus.Quality Nihil Ore
Quest No. 66Bring me a giant, creepy doll.9/10NoneComplete Quest 39.You can find the doll inside the Laboratory at the schoolQuality Nihil Blade
Quest No. 67Find me a beautiful tile.9/10NoneComplete Quest 54.You can find the beautiful tile at the Mahjong Parlour.Scrub Brush
Quest No. 68Bring me a fruit knife.9/1010/2NoneTalk to Shinjiro to get the fruit knife. Bus Stop Sign
Quest No. 69Bring me oil.9/1010/2Complete Quest 65.Talk to Aigis to get the oilRocket Punch
Quest No. 70Retrieve the seventh old document.10/6NoneComplete Quest 59.You can find the seventh Old Document on Floor 172 of Tartarus inside a purple treasure chest.90000 Yen
Quest No. 71Fusion Series #6: Strength, Siegfried10/6NoneComplete Quest 62.Obtain a Siegfried with the skill Endure and talk to Elizabeth.Sky Sundress
Quest No. 72Fusion Series #7: Hierophant, Daisoujou10/6NoneComplete Quest 63.Obtain a Daisoujou with the skill Regenrate 3 and talk to Elizabeth.Blue Shorts
Quest No. 73Bring me a Mikazuki Munechika.10/6NoneNoneYou can find a Mikazuki Munechika on Boss Floors inside Tartarus.Endure
Quest No. 74I’d like to try sushi.10/6NoneComplete Quest 53.Bring sushi that you obtain at the shrine to Elizabeth.Ergotite Chunk
Quest No. 75Bring me a sengoku-era helm.10/6NoneComplete Quest 66.Go to the Faculty office at school everyday till you get the Sengoku-era Helmet as a reward.Twilight Fragment x7
Quest No. 76Bring me a glasses wipe.10/611/1NoneTalk to Ikutsuki to get the glasses wipe.Garnet x5
Quest No. 77I’d like to walk around Paulownia Mall.5/10NoneComplete 15 requests given by Elizabeth.Go on a date with Elizabeth during the day.Small Cheongsam
Quest No. 78I’d like to visit Iwatodai Station.5/10NoneComplete 30 requests given by Elizabeth.Go on a date with Elizabeth during the day.Book of the Ancients
Quest No. 79I’d like to visit Naganaki Shrine.8/8NoneComplete 45 requests given by Elizabeth.Go on a date with Elizabeth during the day.Vitality Sash
Quest No. 80I’d like to visit Gekkoukan High.10/6NoneComplete 70 requests given by Elizabeth.Go on a date with Elizabeth during the day.Sorcerer's Mark
Quest No. 81I’d like to visit your room.11/6NoneComplete 80 requests given by Elizabeth.Go on a date with Elizabeth during the day.Tyrant's Horn
Quest No. 82Retrieve the last old document.11/6NoneComplete Quest 70.You can find the eighth Old Document on Floor 198 of Tartarus inside a purple treasure chest.120000 Yen
Quest No. 83Bring the Progress report.12/4NoneComplete Quest 82.You can find the progress report on Floor 226 of Tartarus.150000 Yen
Quest No. 84Create a Persona with Tempest Slash.11/6NoneNoneObtain a persona with the skill Tempest Slash and talk to Elizabeth.Empowering Sutra x3
Quest No. 85Create a persona with Auto-Maraku.12/4NoneComplete Quest 84Obtain a persona with the skill Auto Maraku and talk to Elizabeth.Debilitor Sutra x3
Quest No. 86Fusion Series #8: Death, Alice11/6NoneNoneObtain Alice and talk to Elizabeth.Maid Outfit
Quest No. 87Fusion Series #9: Fool, Loki12/7NoneComplete Quest 72.Obtain a Loki who is at least level 75 and talk to Elizabeth.Masakados
Quest No. 88Defeat a Greedy Shadow.11/6NoneNoneDefeat the Greedy Shadow in the fifth block of Tartarus and bring back the Gold Medal that it drops.Life Aid Skill Card
Quest No. 89Bring me a Rai Kunimitsu.11/6NoneNoneYou can find Rai Kunimitsu on Boss Floors inside Tartarus.Prime Nihil Ore
Quest No. 90Bring me a Dojigiri Yasutsuna.12/4NoneNoneYou can find Dojigiri Yasutsuna on Boss Floors inside Tartarus.AS Refined Material
Quest No. 91Bring me a Tonbo-kiri.11/6NoneNoneYou can find Tonbo-kiri on Boss Floors inside Tartarus.Nihil Black Model x2
Quest No. 92Go clean a restroom.11/6NoneNoneClean the restroom near the Port Island Station.Maid Outfit
Quest No. 93Go water the flowers.11/6NoneNoneWater the flowers at your school.Maid Outfit
Quest No. 94Bring me food for a furry friend.11/611/30NoneTalk to Koromaru to get the dog food.Bone
Quest No. 95Bring me a Featherman R action figure.11/611/30Complete Quest 94.Talk to Ken to obtain the action figure.Sacrificial Idol
Quest No. 96I’d like to try Oden Juice.11/6NoneNoneTalk to the Friendly Student near the Persimmon Tree before your Trip. Once you return from the trip and buy all the drinks from the Vending Machines, talk to her again to get the Oden Juice.Winter Uniform
Quest No. 97Bring me my Christmas Present.12/412/25NoneExchange the Thank You Note for a Christmas Present at the Iwatodai Strip Mall.Ruby x3
Quest No. 98Fusion Series #10: Tower, Masakado1/6NoneNoneObtain a Masakado with the skill Charge and talk to Elizabeth.Nihil White Model x2
Quest No. 99Defeat the Shadow of the Void.1/6NoneNoneDefeat the Shadow of the Void on Floor 255 of Tartarus.Dead Moons Husk
Quest No. 100Bring me a Bloody Button.1/6NoneNoneDefeat the Reaper to get the Bloody Button.Divine Pillar
Quest No. 101Take out the ultimate adversary.1/6NoneNoneFight the Ultimate Adversary by going to the Monad Door on Floor 255 on 1/31.Omnipotent Orb
persona 3 reload elizabeth requests
A completed request from Elizabeth. [Image by eXputer]

Completing Elizabeth’s Request can grant you an edge in other aspects of Persona 3 Reload. The rewards that you gain can help you in combat or help you develop your social links. I would highly recommend that you complete these requests.

The list of available requests. [Image by eXputer]

While here, consider checking out our review of Persona 3 Reload by Hammad Ijaz. Moreover, you can check out the guides written on the Magician Social Link to get an idea of the top choices. Also, check out the Chariot Social Link if you are struggling to level it up. In addition to that, if you want to learn more about the class answers


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