FFXIV Mystery Miners Guide: How To Solve The Riddle

FFXIV Mystery Miners is one of the many side quests introduced into the game with the release of the Shadowbringers expansion back in 2019. And it’s also something that players have been having a somewhat hard time completing due to a challenging riddle attached to it.

This is not a particularly important quest for the fantastic main plot, but many players might want to finish it anyway for the experience points alone.

So with this FFXIV Mystery Miners guide, we’ll show you exactly how to complete this quest.

FFXIV Mystery Miners Guide

FFXIV Mystery Miners
Amh Araeng Region.

To start this quest, head to the town of Twine in the Amh Araeng region. You will come across this area organically while exploring the map and following the main questline.

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Here you will find a male NPC with a marker over his head named Drery. Talk to him to get the FFXIV Mystery Miners quest.

Many players find this quest to be so hard because you get little to no guidance on how to finish it. In fact, talking to the quest giver gives you a notification, warning you about the lack of directions.

Once you do accept the quest, however, you’ll get a riddle to work out. It goes: “On-road leading afar, follow the third star, fear not the fall, look to the wall, at the first dry giant’s heel, the brave wanderer must kneel.”

We’ll guide you through the FFXIV Mystery Miners quest step by step, keeping the riddle in mind.

  1. “On road leading afar” – This is referring to the railroad leading out of the town of Twine. To begin your journey, get on it and start walking.
  2. “Follow the third star” – Stars give off light, so in this context, the riddle is talking about the lamp posts on the track. You should walk as far as the third post.
  3. “Fear not the fall” – Players will have to jump off the tracks. They’re pretty elevated, so you’ll take a bit of damage.
  4. “Look to the wall” – To the northeast is a giant white wall. You have to jump off the tracks in the direction of this structure.
  5. “At the first dry giant’s heel” – Directly in front of where you land, there will be an old tree standing all alone. This is what the riddle refers to as the dry giant.
  6. “The brave wanderer must kneel” – Perform the Kneel emote at the base of the old tree to receive a chest.

Bring this back to the NPC Drery to finally finish the quest.

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You should receive some experience points, 832 Gil and 2x Sausage Links, as a reward.

This has been eXputer’s FFXIV Mystery Miners quest.

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