Top 15 Cool Minecraft Houses To Build

Looking for cool Minecraft houses to decorate your world with? Keep on reading to find out the slickest houses in the game

Minecraft gives players the ability to build virtually anything they want. From the best Minecraft barn ideas to the most amazing castle designs, if you dream it you can achieve it in this sandbox title. However, it’s not a bad idea to look for more designs when there’s lackluster creativity. Players often want to build cool Minecraft houses but there’s nothing that comes to mind when they set out to do so.

In that case, we’ve rounded up some of the best ideas for the type of houses in question to get you back to building at full tilt. 

Key Highlights
  • Practice in creative mode to put your building skills to the test.
  • SIzable Modern House: Cozy interior, classy exterior, and not difficult to make.
  • Cool Small Minecraft House: Occupies less area and looks decent.
  • Simple Cool Minecraft House: Minimalist and decent. 
  • Flashy Minecraft House: One of the coolest easy Minecraft houses.
  • Big Modern House: Isn’t a cheap house to build but is enormous.
  • Cool Minecraft Mansion: A life-like mansion, with high-quality stuff everywhere.
  • Decent Minecraft House:  A Pretty easy-to-make decent build.
  • Substantial Minecraft House: Magnificent combination of concrete and wood.
  • Japanese Survival House: Reminds us of the elegance of the land of the rising sun.
  • Ultimate Cool House: Radiates silk-stocking vibes, Luxury, and Opulence.
  • Vogue Minecraft House: Fashionable, Perfect contrast and use of colors.
  • Desert Minecraft House: Mesmerizing details
  • Sloped Underwater Minecraft House: A pretty cool and unique build overall.
  • Stylish Mountain House Provides a new perspective to house building in Minecraft.
  • Mega Minecraft Villa: Absolutely phenomenal build but much time-consuming.

It’s also worth looking into the best Minecraft house ideas for a full-fledged list of every type of house in the game. The list also comprises the coolest Minecraft houses that should genuinely get you started with some of the slickest builds out there. 

However, if you simply want a curated list of cool Minecraft houses only, we’ve got that covered as well. The following is a list of the designs you’re looking for. Let’s dive right in without any further chit-chat. 

The Best Cool Minecraft House Ideas 

It’s worth putting your building skills to the test in the game’s Creative Mode first before venturing out in the Survival Mode. You will have more experience that way and have a greater likelihood to manifest the cool houses to build in Minecraft. 

For this list, we’ll make sure to include different types of houses in the game, so there’s one involved for every type of aspiring player. Let’s get started right away. 

1. Sizable Modern House

Source: Rizzial
Source: Rizzial

The Sizable Modern House is a touch of class and substance. It houses a flashy pool, a classy exterior, and a cosy interior build that exudes all the signs of a marvelous construction. This is one of those cool Minecraft house ideas that can be manifested in Survival Mode. You’re not going to need an awful lot of hard-to-get resources to make the house come to life. Gather some Stone Bricks, a bunch of Jungle Wood Planks, and White Concrete and you’ll be golden. 

It’s best that you take things slow and don’t hesitate to mess up from time to time. Your mistakes are going to make you a better builder in Minecraft—that’s for sure. However, it’s important to start off right by acknowledging the base layout of the Sizable Modern House. The recommended parameters are 14 by 12 blocks in length and width respectively.  You simply cannot go wrong with a house that looks this lovely and charming. We suggest trying this build-out right away!

2. Cool Small Minecraft House  

cool small minecraft houses
Source: RainbowGamerPE

The best houses in Minecraft do not have to be necessarily big and tall. Some of them can pull of an exceedingly decent look by occupying a relatively smaller footprint. That is exactly what this Cool Small Minecraft House is attempting to do and being quite successful at it. The building uses many similar resources as compared to the previous house but also manages to pull off a different yet equally fascinating job. What you’ll be needing here for the most part is some White Concrete, Glass Panes, and Grey Concrete.

Most of the materials required are basically deemed early-game and don’t warrant a lot of effort. If we were to factor in the interior decoration, you will need to move onto some advanced tier of blocks, such as Lanterns, Paintings, and even Carpets. As for the exterior, it’s best that you gather some Oak Planks and Oak Tree Leaves too for the best results. 

  • Knowing how to reset or reload chunks in Minecraft is nothing to sleep on. Find out how to do it here.

3. Simple Cool Minecraft House

Source: Rizzial
Source: Rizzial

You cannot go wrong with a Minecraft house that doesn’t involve a shard of complexity. In fact, many would agree that the best are the ones that are the most simple in design. As you can comprehend from the image above, the Simple Minecraft House comprises a decent porch, a seemingly undemanding garage, and a spacious driveway, even though there are no modern-day vehicles in the game. The materials that you will be needing for this build are Stone, Quartz, and Grey Concrete. 

You can switch up things and introduce versatility in the mix by making your own additions to the concrete. If you’d like to swap out the Grey Concrete with White Concrete, you’re more than welcome to do so. Just make sure to decorate the rest of the house accordingly to make it look presentable. After all, the simple cool Minecraft houses in the game are all adorned with minimalism and propriety. The base format of this design is about 9 by 9 blocks of one square and 7 by 7 blocks of the other, so do double-check that to get started the right way. 

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4. Flashy Minecraft House

Source: Rizzial
Source: Rizzial

Some house ideas in Minecraft can have a rustic design but still manage to pull off a cool look. The Flashy Minecraft House is something that exactly fits the memo here, giving you a skyscraping structure and a pinch of flexibility with Glass Panes to absorb in the views. As for the rest of the materials concerned, you’ll have to stock up a bit on Cobblestone, Oak Planks, and Cobblestone Slabs. You can easily get started with the base layout using Cobblestones as the fundamental buildings blocks. 

You can then implement a variety of other blocks, such as Oak Planks from there on out to add more depth to the build. The Flashy Minecraft House may look difficult to construct, but it’s genuinely one of the cool easy Minecraft houses to add to your world. There’s plenty of space to walk around, set yourself up with a bed to sleep on, and embellish the house with Lanterns and whatnot to tailor the crib to perfection. You cannot go wrong with a build that uses Glass Panes to strike an everlasting impression. 

5. Big Modern House

cool minecraft survival houses

If you’re not the type of person to settle for less, consider looking into this enormous Minecraft house idea that we’ve drafted for your cause. It uses a combination of Grey and White Concrete and houses a sizable swimming pool too, should you need to take a quick virtual bath. You will have to invest some time in gathering the hefty list of resources this house requires if you’re wanting to build it in Survival Mode. It’s pretty much clear that some of the most enticing Minecraft houses don’t come that cheap nor that easy.  

6. Cool Minecraft Mansion

cool minecraft survival houses
Source: Rizzial

Some users want to go all in and build a lifelike mansion for themselves in Minecraft. Of course, doing so will technically land them one of the best cool Minecraft houses in the game, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t follow suit as well. The design in question features a number of outstanding features that truly puts the house at its place, and that’s just at the top. You’ve got some grand stairs going up to the heart of the mansion on each side, a full wrap-around balcony, and a substantial pool. Add a spicy interior with paintings, item frames, and stands and you’re looking at high-quality all over the place. 

7. Decent Minecraft House

Source: RainbowGamerPE
Source: RainbowGamerPE

If you ever find yourself wanting to adorn a build with decency, consider delving into this Minecraft house idea. Some of the best houses in the game are those that exhibit class day in day out without breaking a sweat. A bunch of basic materials like White Concrete, Grass, and Oak Wood should do the trick for the Decent Minecraft House, so you should definitely give the design a shot given its ease of building. You can also get some Glass Panes in the second story of the building to introduce more clarity and make the house no less than enchanting. 

8. Substantial Minecraft House

cool minecraft survival houses
Source: RainbowGamerPE

One of the best ways to flaunt your creative design skills in Minecraft is to create a sizable house that makes surrounding players do nothing but commend it. If build right, the Substantial Minecraft House happens to achieve just that, blending in a magnificent combination of Concrete and Wood. You can take notes from the image shown above and implement your own additions to the house as well. This design can even be included in the best cool Minecraft survival houses due to its sheer size and the potential for introducing better changes. A driveway can be added in front of the garage and more lighting can be used at the front of the house. 

9. Japanese Survival House 

cool Minecraft houses
Source: Ayvocado

Japanese houses are an awe-inspiring affair that remind the world of the elegance of the land of the rising sun. You can have all the cool Minecraft houses in the game, but none of them are going to be on the same level as the one in question. By using a combination of wood-based blocks like Oak Log, Oak Planks, and Stripped Oak Logs, you can even create this house in Survival Mode, given how most of the materials required are early-game.

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10. Ultimate Cool House

cool minecraft house ideas
Source: RainbowGamer PE or DrewBuilds

This next entry on the list is truly jaw-dropping. If you’re after an ultimate Minecraft house build that packs all the bells and whistles that you can ever possibly require from a house, this is it. Enter a world of luxury and opulence where the Ultimate Cool House radiates silk-stocking vibes. You better get hunting for a plethora of White Concrete as that’s what you’re going to be needing primarily for this gargantuan house. Other materials that are required include Oak Planks, Oak Tree Leaves, Quartz Stairs, and Glass Blocks.  

11. Vogue Minecraft House

cool minecraft house designs
Source: Greg Builds

Having a specced-out mansion for yourself somewhere along the beachside just feels different. The Vogue Minecraft House is an incredibly fashionable build that uses a fancy combination of dark and light colors to strike the perfect contrast. There’s a garage, a full-fledged entrance, and a three-story design to help players satisfy their urge to have one of the best cool Minecraft houses ever. It’s hard to skip past such a formidable build for one’s Minecraft world.  

12. Desert Minecraft House


We’ve covered the traditional biomes and their relevant Minecraft house ideas, but what about the areas where things tend to get rather dry and hot? There’s one king to rule them all, and it’s the Desert Minecraft House that features mesmerizing details, a terrific overall layout, and just a great amount of depth to make every user turn their head. There couldn’t be a cooler house idea to have in the middle of the desert somewhere, standing tall as a monument of perfection. Your wood-based blocks are mostly going to be replaced by Sandstone, so do start piling that up as much as you can before getting started.

13. Sloped Underwater Minecraft House

Source: MaNDooMiN
Source: MaNDooMiN

The Underwater Sloped Minecraft House isn’t for the faint of heart. This is unlike most players have ever thought of when picturing even the best cool Minecraft houses. It’s pretty evident from the image above that creating builds underwater is a relatively fresh concept that’s still not taken up the vast majority of Minecraft’s player base. Rest assured, if you happen to construct something like this in your Minecraft world, you’re going to be considered an exceedingly unique player. Just make sure that you know how to make sponges in the game as you’ll be needing those to drain the water out of the bedroom area.

14. Stylish Mountain House

Source: IrieGenie
Source: IrieGenie

Escape from the norms of Minecraft and traditional house building and shoot for a different approach. That’s the only way to truly level up in this game. If you’re bored of regular-looking house designs, let the Stylish Minecraft House provide a new perspective. As far as cold houses to build in Minecraft go, this one easily tops the list. Just look at that stylish circular design with a mix of Glass Panes and Lanterns. You cannot go wrong with a house that’s literally placed on a mountain—the swag exhibited is just off the charts.

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15. Mega Minecraft Villa

Source: Akila Gaming
Source: Akila Gaming

To top this list off, we’ve got an insanely fascinating Minecraft house idea for you to go to try out in your Minecraft world. The absolutely phenomenal Mega Minecraft Villa has to be one the coolest house designs in the game so far and that too for a wide variety of reasons. You’ve got a highly decorated interior, a colossal exterior with intricate details, and a sensational entrance that makes short work of monotonous builds at first glance. It’s definitely not one of the cool easy Minecraft houses out there but is surely worth putting in the effort nonetheless.

The main theme of the villa revolves around White and Gray’s colors using the respective Concrete blocks. You will be needing a lot of those, so be sure to have somewhere around 200-300 units of this material to guarantee your success.  If you’re one of those players that love to decorate their builds, you’ll have one whale of a time adorning the villa with items from all around the biomes of Minecraft. Easier said than done, however, but the look of satisfaction on your face by the time you’re done with this build will be something to cherish for a long while. 

  • You’re going to need a water source to craft Concrete Blocks for this colossal build. Streamline the process by using a bucket instead while finding out how to make one here.

Tips And Tricks To Build Cool Minecraft Houses 

Without using shaders, mods, or texture packs building a cool Minecraft house might be hard especially when you are playing Minecraft in survival mode. However, with some tips and tricks and step by step easy process, you can build your very own cool house, even in the vanilla version of Minecraft! Follow the tips and tricks below to get started. 

The first tip is to use real-life houses as an inspiration. If you take a look at some of the real-life architectural designs, you can get a basic idea of what you want your house to look like. Furthermore, you will also get ideas to add cool and easy-to-build features that will make your Minecraft house come alive.  

 The next tip is to use a variety of blocks in your Build. For instance, instead of using just wooden blocks, try using concrete blocks as well. Furthermore, block vines and Carpets matching your color palette will make your Minecraft house look even cooler and they are easy to get in the survival mode as well. 

A good tip is to use Fairy Lights and Glowstones as your light source. Additionally, you can also use End Rods to make cool items like lamps in your Minecraft house. 

Last but not the least, make your ceilings higher. While smaller ceilings help avoid the Enderman to teleport in your Minecraft house if you have an elevated ceiling your house will give an impression of a cool Minecraft mansion. 


Cool Minecraft houses can be head-turning, considering that you build them right in either Creative or Survival Mode. You can get all the bragging rights in the world if you manage to nail a modern-looking house that leaves no less than a striking impression on a reliable basis. We’ve outlined 15 deserving ones in this guide to boost your creativity and instill an idea in your mind. 

The list of the houses in the guide range from difficult ones to more easier designs, so do choose according to your skill level for the best results. Do let us know down in the comments section if you’ve managed to create a cool Minecraft house using this guide. Good luck out there! 

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