The 20 BEST Minecraft Farm Ideas

Looking for the Cool and Cute Minecraft farm Ideas to haul those resources like never before? Follow these 20 Best ideas to get started.

A Minecraft enthusiast acknowledges the importance of farming in the game. You get to keep your character healthy, generate resources, and gather tons of other materials that you’ll require sooner or later in the game. It’s one of the most essential parts of Minecraft. Whether you’re testing out your skills in Creative Mode or going all out in Survival, the best Minecraft farm ideas are those that are easy to manifest. 

Key Highlights 
  • When you progress further in Minecraft and have built a base, farms can save a lot of your time and effort.
  • Farming is the best way to obtain resources of a certain kind quickly. It requires a lot of materials and time, but the long-term source is worth it.
  • Some of the ones you can make are Animal Farms, Crop Farms, Cobblestone Farms, Berry Farms, and Villager Breeding farms.
  • This guide consists of small farms to bigger and more complex farms, and you make what fits your world best.

Without any further ado, then, let’s jump right in.

Minecraft Farm Ideas

Compact Minecraft Farm

Source: disruptive builds
Source: disruptive builds

Starting off this list is the Compact Minecraft Farm that looks and feels like a modern-day shamba. It comprises several different compartments if a player is looking to farm certain types of resources.

In addition to the overall design it has, you’re looking at an exceptionally solid farm with attributes that could satisfy you for days. As for the materials needed, there’s no need to use something difficult to get. This is a more or less beginner-level farm requiring about 148 Stone Brick Slabs and 96 Dirt blocks. 

Those two are materials that you start to get early on in the game. People looking to build a sizable farm in Survival Mode cannot overlook what happens to be one of the best farm ideas in the game.

The base layout follows a 5 by 5 format, and you can establish that using Spruce Wood blocks. You can also implement Glass Panels within the mix for extra flair, but we’ll be leaving that up to you.

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Animal Minecraft Farm

farm minecraft ideas
Source: Wolf Atari

Animal Minecraft Farm is one of the most effective ones to kickstart your adventuring journey in the game. It’s got a decent design, an affable entrance, and a simple-to-follow layout. Speaking of which, this build uses a 5- by 6-block format for creating four different sections for your animals and growing resources.

The corridor should be about 9 blocks in length. This is to make sure that the back is spacious enough to protrude outside. Dig out the blocks on the ground before you form the entrance though. Once done, fill in the floor with Stone Bricks and you should be good to go.

You can build the entrance to about 4 blocks high in combination with Stone Bricks and Stone Slabs. Repeat the process three times throughout the length of the corridor in a balanced proportion. That should set you up with a cool-looking farm with spacious compartments for growing food.  

Awesome Minecraft Farm

Source: SimpleMC
Source: SimpleMC

The Awesome Minecraft Farm is easily one of the best for users with a developed aesthetic sense. As you can comprehend from the image above, this is not your average Joe of a farm. This is to say that you will be needing some uncommon resources for this build, but rest assured, since those too aren’t over the top as well.

We’re talking about a substantial barn here that’s 30 blocks wide and 19 blocks tall. You can place helping blocks on the floor to assist you in creating the base layout. 

Continue by cropping out the grass within the main format of the build but leaving a 2-block gap from the walls of the farm. You then have to draw a line in the middle, so there’s a gap of 6 blocks on either side of the line. The next step is to dig out one block and repeat the same throughout the length of the format you’ve created within.

This will specify each compartment for you inside the farm and make it easy to grow different types of foods and even wheat perhaps. It’s also worth using Oak Leaves and Birch Leaves to beautify the farm and instill glamor in it.

Easy Minecraft Crop Farm 

minecraft animal farm ideas
Source: Mysticat

The best Minecraft crop farms are those that obviously generate the most yield. The Easy Minecraft Crop Farm isn’t up there with the top dogs, but it’s definitely worth a shot due to its simple layout and common resource requirement. It’s quite simple and is capable enough to provide more than 10 stacks of carrots on each harvest.

You can construct the Crop Farm by creating three C-shaped walls using 9 blocks on each side. You then have to clear out anything unwanted in between each C-shaped structure. The next step is to dig a trench on one side of the first wall. Moreover, you need to find the center of the first wall and take out a block from there.

This is where you will be creating a room for your chest. You can also place a Hopper next to your chest for further convenience. Lastly, Redstones are also going to play a part in this build. They will single-handedly act as a robust source of moving water.

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Cute Minecraft Farm Idea

cute minecraft farm ideas
Source: Mysticat

You’ll encounter all types of farms in Minecraft, but only an anointed few will be able to give you a cute look. Speaking of which, as far as cute Minecraft ideas go, this one definitely deserves a mention on the list. It’s quite small, but don’t doubt its compactness.

The requirement of the resources for this build will be a bit different, however, as you will be needing some Dispenser blocks and Redstone as well. Get started with the build by placing three Dispenser blocks so all of them face the center and there’s a one-block gap in the middle.

The next step is to dig out the center block with your trusty shovel and continue to break the block next to it as well. Doing so will make space for the water you’re about to fill in these areas. Once you’ve got some water in there, you now have to place the original block back—which was dirt—and prepare the area using the till command.

The popular choice that most players go with here is wheat. You now have to place Smooth Stone blocks in each corner of the dispenser and stack the base structure by one. The end result here will be a nicely crafted cute Minecraft farm.  

Starter Minecraft Farm

minecraft crop farm ideas
Source: Mysticat

Another top-tier farm design that we have up for grabs here is the Starter Minecraft Farm. This is a high-quality build that lets you experience the benefits of farming early on in the game, especially in Survival Mode. You need common materials for this farm and that should be no trouble gathering at the start of your journey.

As for the basic layout, the convenience continues. You begin by simply creating two squares with both of them being 9 blocks in length and width respectively. In addition, you will have to stack all of that up by one more block so the design stays consistent and workable. You should now have a basic layout that resembles the shape of the letter “8.” 

The next step is to create a gap in the middle of the layout. Once done, break the lower blocks from one side, as we’ve instructed you to stack one block on top of the other previously. This should now be leaving you with a full set of blocks on the upper side and no blocks on the lower one.

You will be needing to do this on one side only and that too of the middle one that you’ve just created.  It’s best that you now form an exit from beneath the side. Don’t forget that you have to place your chests there. It’s up to your creativity from there on out. Just make sure that you’re lining your floor with Smooth Stone Slabs for the best results. Also, you will be needing a Composter here again too. It’s best that you look into the aforementioned guide above to know how to get one. 

Rounded Minecraft Farm

minecraft crop farm ideas
Source: TheMythicalSausage

The Rounded Minecraft Farm is a quick and easy Minecraft farm idea that’s best utilized in Survival Mode. It mostly consists of wood blocks and that is something you’re comfortable with getting early on in the game. However, you will be needing tons and tons of them, so be sure to get your chopping axe ready for some action. The best part about this build is its versatility.

That is to say, it all boils down to you and what type of wood you’ll be using. In Minecraft, you know you have several of those available. There is Dark Wood that can be implemented, or perhaps some Spruce Wood, or a bit of Stripped Wood to diversify the farm. You can also use Spruce for the floor of the farm and try different combinations from there on out.

There’s also the variation in height in this build that you need to be aware of. Some structures can be raised to have 3 blocks while others will stay fixed at a single block. This kind of depth makes the farm look exceedingly tip-top for casual users. Be sure to use the crop of your preferences in the center to make your effort come to fruition.

Cool Minecraft Farm 

cool minecraft farm ideas
Source: TheMythicalSausage

The Cool Minecraft Farm looks visually pleasing and is definitely not some hum-drum build that couldn’t impress anyone.  You’re replacing regular-looking blocks with Basalt Blocks in the case of this farm. You’ll use those to form the base layout and provide a solid foundation for the rest of your construction to be built upon.

In addition, it’s worth knowing that Gravel works well with Basalt so a combination of the two can surely pay off here. It would also do you well to implement some Blackstones in your build although that would necessitate you to venture into the Nether for the Cool Minecraft Farm

Speaking of which, I recommend making this farm in the Nether as compared to the Overworld. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t choose the latter. Most of the resources you require for the farm are acquired from the Nether.

Moreover, the overall theme of the build matches uniquely with the Nether setting as well. You will have to waterlog the area in the middle to grow your crops, similar to any other farm in the game. Some users typically transform it into a Beetroot farm as doing so provides a bit of extra flair to the overall construction. Beetroot gives off a nice reddish color that strikes an impressive contrast with the Cool Minecraft Farm.

Simple Minecraft Farm 

minecraft farm building ideas
Source: TheMythicalSausage

Another Minecraft farm idea that deserves a mention on this list is the Simple Minecraft Farm. As the name suggests, you’re not going to be using anything complicated for this build. This is an utterly straightforward farm that yields a decent amount of resources. Its strongest points lie in its ease of building, low and uncommon material requirement, and impressive circular design. You will be needing the Composter blocks for the base layout of the farm.

Those are relatively easy to get but if you’re still unsure of the exact method, take a look at the aforementioned guide and you’ll be all set. The Composter blocks are all combined with Spruce Slabs for more depth in the build. 

You can then start to add more materials to the farm by using Trapdoors near the top and corners of the farm. Make sure you do that for making the farm look more presentable. That said, you’re not restricted to following the exact color combination as shown in the image above.

You’re free to introduce your own charm to the Simple Minecraft Farm. Should you want to grow wheat or beetroot inside, it all boils down to you. There are a few mandatory steps though, such as waterlogging the farm from the inside and placing about three to four blocks to separate the crop and instill a sense of a distinct design. 

Amazing Minecraft Farm

Source: TheMythicalSausage
Source: TheMythicalSausage

The Amazing Minecraft Farm is not a commonplace affair. This is a quirky build that makes itself look more like a castle than a farm, given the implementation of Cobblestone and Stone Blocks.

It starts from the ground but ends up five to six blocks above it. What you have to do is create squares and join them together in a way that each of their corners is connected. When you’ve done that, the next step is to grow your favorite crops. 

There are four different sections for harvesting yield in the Amazing Minecraft Farm. You can grow wheatcarrotspotatoesbeetroot, and any other resource that you want. Make sure that you join each section with the stairs as well to get from one part to the other in style.

As for the materials required, it’s mostly Stone Blocks but it never hurts using some Polished Andesite Slabs for more depth in the farm. You can also use some Cobblestone BlocksStone Blocks, and regular Andesite Blocks for texturing and improving the overall aesthetic. You’re not quite done yet. An amazing farm isn’t top-tier from the inside and the walls but has the surroundings working well for it too.

Fantasy Minecraft Farm

farm minecraft ideas
Source: TheMythicalSausage

The Fantasy Minecraft Farm is one for steampunk enthusiasts. This is an exceedingly unique farm that’s not too sizable nor too small-scale either. It’s just the right size for a minimalistic farm in a world that prioritizes style and substance. You can get started with this farm by creating a square-based layout using Barrels and Oak Blocks.

You can then erect 4-block high walls using Stone and diversify them using walls, fences, and fence gates. To top it off, use Grimestones and hang Chains from each corner to pump a breath of fresh air into your farm. This will give you a build that’s unlike most other designs that players go with. 

The Barrels will play a significant role in constructing this farm. They will act as supports for the platform. In addition, make sure you go underneath the base and place a Trapdoor in the middle to waterlog the crop you’re going to place inside. Speaking of which, you can use any type of crop for this farm in Minecraft

There’s the added flexibility of increasing or decreasing the size of the farm at will. If you want to create a large Fantasy Minecraft Farm, be our guest. When it boils down to Minecraft, it’s needless to say that the sky is the limit, but we’ll say it nonetheless.

Automatic Tree Farm 

minecraft automatic farm ideas
Source: CaptainOwl

This next entry that we have on the list for you is a cut above the rest. It’s one of the best Minecraft automatic farm ideas that generate yield day in and day out on the playing field of Minecraft. These can actually save players a truckload of time by having a passive source of materials.

You definitely need to have one of these set up for yourself in the game to get ahead of the competition and what better way to get started other than the Automatic Tree Farm? The best part is that this can be fairly regarded as a starter farm due to its common resource requirement. You’re mostly going to be needing Spruce Logs to form this build.

In addition, you will also have to use Spruce PlanksChiseled Stone Bricks, and Spruce Stairs to genuinely get this build into its natural form. You can easily get started with the farm by digging out an area of 5 by 5 blocks and filling the floor with Spruce Planks. You will also have to place a single Chiseled Stone Brick in each corner of the base layout and then connect the whole thing using Oak Logs.

You can then get going with building the roof, which is about 9 blocks tall in height. Once you are done with the upper area, the next step is to return to the base and stylize it for the best results possible.

Basic Berry Farm

Source: BlueNerd Minecraft
Source: BlueNerd Minecraft

Some of the best Minecraft farms start out simple and thus give you simple resources to work with. The Basic Berry Farm is definitely one of those that doesn’t require a lot of space or a ton of materials. To get started, you have to clear out a space of 7 blocks.

Fill the dug-out blocks with Grass Blocks. That is where your berries are going to grow. Once you’ve done that, the next step is to place a single Spruce Fence on either side of the 7 Grass Blocks. You now have to place 7 Sweet Berries atop the Grass Blocks and finalize the design by using Spruce Slabs to cover the structure. 

The major purpose of growing berries in Minecraft is so they can be duly utilized as a food source. Each berry replenishes two hunger points.

That’s not a lot, but it’s something to get you going with. In addition, berries also come in handy for breeding foxes, which can be tamed to help players fight off threatening mobs. Therefore, the benefit of growing berries is two-fold. They’re a great way to regain some health when the player is out of life points.  

Cactus and Bone Meal Farm

minecraft farm building ideas
Source: Gorillo

The Cactus and Bone Meal Farm is a resourceful Minecraft farm idea that gets you one of the most important materials in the game early on. We’re referring to Bone Meal and how it’s used as an ingenious way of being used as a fertilizer. A multitude of different plants and foods fall under the domain of Bone Meal, including carrots, wheat, potatoes, and bamboo.

The material is also used as a dye but only in some editions of the game, such as BedrockLegacy, and Education. The same feature may not be available in Minecraft Java Edition, although Bone Meal can be used to craft White Dye in the latter. 

Moreover, the material also comes in handy for making automatic farm come to life. As for the farm in question, it follows a fairly basic layout of 6 by 9 blocks in length and width respectively. You will then provide an outline of the back and sides of the format.

The next step is to place Sand Blocks within the central area and use Cactus atop each Sand Block that you place. It’s recommended to use Glass Panes so that you can view the front of the farm effortlessly. Finalize the base construction using Water in each corner. 

Cobblestone Farm 

Source: Gorillo
Source: Gorillo

This next Minecraft farm design that you can take notes from is heavily focused on generating Cobblestone. You can discreetly set up this build somewhere in your Minecraft world and have a passive income source of an important game material.

The best part is that this is an automatic farm, so even if you’re AFK, the resource will be kept getting pulled in. Cobblestone is generated from mining stone and that is exactly what you’ll be doing here, just with the addition of one Lava bucket.

Cobblestone has a bevy of uses in the game. From creating Craft Levers and Droppers to crafting Dispensers and Pistons, you can accomplish a lot with this seemingly simple material. Some of the Minecraft Build Ideas also use Cobblestone as the main construction resource. 

Sizable Fuel Farm

 cool farm ideas minecraft
Source: Gorillo

The Sizable Fuel Farm is one of the biggest farms that we have on this list. As far as the most sizable Minecraft farm go, there’s no skipping past the design in question. It uses a unique connection of a Bamboo farm and a furnace system with the help of Hoppers, Minecarts, and Wood.

You can implement any length or width of the farm that you like, but the recommended format is 7 by 9 blocks. You can use Glass Panes in the front to add more flair to the design. 

The borders will be made using Wood, but you can also use anything else in place of it. Stairs of different resources can be added for detailing. As for when it gets dark, it’s best that you use some lighting solutions to genuinely take your farm from one level to the next.

Shroomlight is the block for this job, found in the Nether world in areas like Crimson Forest. Next up, items like Lanterns can be employed to deliver some final touches to the farm.

Starter Automatic Crop Farm

Source: Gorillo
Source: Gorillo

The Automatic Crop Farm is one of the most unique Minecraft Crop farm projects in this write-up. It uses Glass Panes as its base foundation instead of any other regular Wood- or Stone-block layout. Get started with the build by placing 11 blocks in length and width and carefully placing Shroomlight Blocks in the gaps for extra clarity.

Once you’ve covered the first part of the farm, repeat the process by designing another 11 by 11 format square. You have to make the base layout 2 blocks tall, so don’t forget to do that. Lastly, there should be a one-block gap between the two squares that you’ll construct. 

You’ll now pick up the pace and find the middle of one square. The next step from here on out will be to dig out the Grass Block and use a Water Bucket inside. Cover the area with Composter and add another Shroomlight on top of it.

Do the same in the other square and continue on to placing crops on the farm. It now boils down to you whether you’d like a Wheat, a Carrot, or a Potato farm. You’ll first have to till all the grass in the area though to get any work done.

Village Breeder Minecraft Farm

Source: Gorillo
Source: Gorillo

Breeding in Minecraft has its own range of benefits. It allows you to expand your Minecraft world and populate the area with the characters of your choice. The Village Breeder Minecraft Farm is a simple, effortless structure that lets you trap two villagers and allow them to breed. This is an effort to have a passive source of offspring production, which this farm idea remains successful in doing so. As you can comprehend from the image above, the design uses a unique build. It comes to life with a combination of Glass Panes, Carpets, and Trapdoors

You also have to implement Minecarts to transport the villagers in and out and, of course, get the babies to come out of the trap you’ll be creating on the farm. Keep in mind that you’ll have to make a small platform using slabs of any material to make the villagers stand on something. When the night falls, wait for your specimens to catch some Zs. They’ll wake up between the fences and will have to breed with each other, given the right conditions. Make sure you’re supplying enough food and their willingness is on point for that to happen.

YouTube video

Starter Cow Farm

 animal farm ideas minecraft
Source: Gorillo

This next Minecraft farm idea pertains to cows, which are one of the most useful animals in the game. Cows, when killed, let players yield leather and raw meat, although there are other ways of getting leather in the game as well. However, when they are not killed, cows can be a great addition to barns. If you’re unaware of the creation of barns in the game, check out the interlinked guide above for more information. The Starter Cow Farm is constructed using Stone StairsStone Blocks, and Stone Blocks. All three are easily available even at the start of the game. 

The next step after creating the farm is to bring your cows over and trap them so they could breed. You will be needing a Lead or a Leash in order to guide your cows to the area of the farm. Wheat can also be used in place of a leash for steering cows in Minecraft. Since we’re shooting for a breeding farm here, you will be needing two cows at least. Either that or ask the developer of the game to make asexual cows. 

Nano Crop Farm

Source: Gorillo
Source: Gorillo

The last entry on the list goes to the Nano Crop Farm. This Minecraft farm may look unimpressive, but it’s genuinely one of the best designs to get a high yield with just a couple of seconds of farming. The method works with all crops, except for Melon and Pumpkin. You will be needing three Dispensers and Redstone for this build. The latter can help you automate the process and that is something we will be requiring for this farm. Other than that, you will use mere Stone Blocks to fully construct the build. 

Moreover, a level will be placed on one side of the Observer block. Lowering or raising the level will either trigger or stop the farming process. Don’t forget to leave a one-block gap and incorporate a Piston in it. Top it off with having an ample supply of Bone Meal as that will serve as the bedrock of this farm. Fill each Dispenser with Bone Meal and let the build go to work. Your final task is to click and hold the right-click button on your mouse to begin farming.


Minecraft has been around for a long while now, and people have made some truly impressive farms, houses, and castles in the game. After all, the Creative Mode can help you make the best Minecraft farm ideas come to life. If you have been running out of suggestions for bumping up your Minecraft world, let this guide fill you with creative ideas. We recommend shooting for those farms that will blend in with the rest of your builds. 

Don’t forget to get even more crafty and implement your own style in your Minecraft farms. The game is all about discovering your true building potential. That is in addition to the satisfaction you get after finishing off a difficult build. We hope you have a terrific time tailoring your farms to near perfection. As always, eXputer wishes you happy gaming!

Questions About Farms In Minecraft

What Are the Most Useful Farms in Minecraft?

The most useful farms in Minecraft are Wheat farms, Carrot farms, Animal farms, and Potato farms, although you can also set up breeding farms which are quite useful.

What Should I Build in My Farm in Minecraft?

You should build borders, an entrance, animal pens, blocks, and, of course, the main cropping area from where you will harvest the resources.

How Can I Make My Farm Look Nice?

There is a multitude of decorative items in Minecraft ranging from lanterns, Glowstones, and Shroomlights that can take your farms ten levels above. Experiment with different items to achieve the best results.

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