25 Easy Minecraft House Ideas

From making buckets in the game to constructing castles, there’s virtually no limit to what you can build in Minecraft. This sandbox title has amassed insurmountable popularity over the years ever since its release. It today boasts widespread prevalence on a bevy of platforms, including PC, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and current-gen consoles as well. The game’s Creative Mode is famous for delivering a limitless experience, but when it boils down to the easy Minecraft house ideas, you have the Survival Mode to turn to.

Apart from the most amazing building ideas in Minecraft that require their fair share of expertise and effort, there are many uncomplicated design ideas to work on too. This makes the whole affair more approachable for beginners and newcomers to the game. We’re going to talk about the best house designs that don’t require tons of resources nor do they sport a complicated layout. 

  • On a side note, do make sure though that you check out our mainline Minecraft house ideas guide for a thorough list of different types of high-quality designs, but continue reading if you’re only after the easiest ones in the bunch.

We’ll also leave important guidelines along with each entry to make sure you get started in the right direction. Let’s jump right into the guide without any further ado. 

Best Easy Minecraft House Ideas

It’s best that we put it out here that you can always take to Creative Mode of Minecraft to practice your building skills. This is especially advised to players who have just started out with the game for the first time. When you feel you’re experienced enough to nail the basic mechanics of the title without breaking a sweat, you can venture into Survival Mode. 

Minecraft Survival Game Mode
Minecraft Survival Game Mode

It’s common knowledge in Minecraft but Survival Mode is where you’re pitted against a daunting game world filled with both friendly and dangerous mobs. You’ll have to cut down trees, gather wood, fend of lurking enemies, and craft yourself some shelter to spend your nights in. You can, however, make things for yourself a lot easier using the best axe enchantments and revamp your experience with powerful buffs. 

Now that the initial disclaimer is out of the way, let’s talk about some of the most well-admired easy Minecraft house ideas there are. 

1. Basic Minecraft House

Starting off this list is something exceedingly simple. The Basic Minecraft House is a build that can be manifested directly in Survival Mode with little to no practice. You’ll find that it mostly comprises wood-based blocks in the game. Most of these include Oak Wood and Spruce Wood Planks for constructing the exterior of the house. In addition, it consists of an 8-by-9 block base layout that fills in the fundamental format. You then have to raise 7-block tall walls using any wood-based material of your liking.

You will then conjoin the columns of the raised blocks to form the roof of the house. It’s easy business from there on out as you decorate the interior and introduce versatility to the build. Do make sure to keep the “starter” spirit going and not delve into too much complexity.

That would ultimately be taking the fun out of this house idea. It’s definitely worth putting some time to construct a shelter for the character in your Minecraft world and negate the dangers that arise in the dead of the night. This simple Minecraft House, being easy and undemanding, will help you achieve just that.  

2. Small Minecraft House

Small Minecraft House
Source: Rizzial

Difficult house designs are similar to the “Minecraft stuck on Mojang screen” error: you find it hard to perceive what to do, leaving you feeling helpless and incapable. That said, there are fixes for both of those situations. One is in the guide we have linked and the other one is through the small Minecraft House that balances decency and charm in equal measure.

You don’t have to build a mansion or a luxury crib in the game to start out strong. You can simply take some Cobblestone blocks, Stone blocks, and Dark Oak Wood blocks to manifest this house design. 

In addition, it’s worth investing some time and effort to decorate the build too. Doing that always bodes well for a homestead, no matter if it is gigantic or small-scale. You can use Grass blocks around the exterior front walls of the house and Glass Panes at the front of the roof.

The decoration isn’t something that’s necessary for easy Minecraft house ideas, so you’re free to skip it if you’re not the whole into-it type. The rest of the build can proceed just fine with not a thing to worry about in terms of difficulty. 

3. Wooden Minecraft House

Just look at that adorable little house. Doesn’t it look outright delightful? The Wooden Minecraft House is the perfect mix of Cobblestone and Stripped Oak Logs and is incredibly simple to build. The entrance of the house features a set of two Lanterns that you can get through crafting and a door in the middle for a swift entrance and exit.

The initial layout of the build is about 6 blocks by 3 blocks in length and width, so you can assume how humble and unchallenging this build truly is. Do make sure that you have cleared out the grass first before setting out the base format for the house. That’s bound to make things a lot more clean and simple. 

Furthermore, you have to be mindful of the height you raise this house to. Three blocks of Oak atop the Cobblestone-made layout is going to work like a charm here. You will then have to implement a mix of both Cobblestone and Stripped Oak Logs to form the roof effectively.

You’re almost done now, so make sure to deliver in the final touches with decorative items like Oak Leaves, Spruce Fences, Buttons, and Trapdoors as well. Resources like Spruce Wood, Spruce Stairs, and Spruce Panks are also going to come in handy, so make sure you dive in prepared when going for this build in Survival Mode. As far as the best easy Minecraft house ideas go, this one surely tops the list. 

4. Survival Minecraft House

Survival Minecraft House
Source: DioRods

Another perfectly well-established build that puts some respect to the name of easy Minecraft house ideas is the Survival Minecraft House. It dons an elegant design despite being mostly made out of a fairly mundane resource and nudges players in the right direction early-game.

That means that you can comfortably construct this house in the Survival Mode of the game without having to worry about any in-between difficulties. If you happen to find yourself in the Taiga biome of your Minecraft world, consider picking up some Mossy Cobblestones for this build. You can introduce more variety to the house by going that route. 

Another material that you will actually need for the Survival Minecraft House is Spruce Wood. You can also obtain this resource by cutting down trees found in the Taiga biome. It certainly boasts its fair share of aesthetic appeal with a touch of distinctiveness to make even the most basic of all houses stand out. Don’t forget to add in Glass Panes to virtually create windows for the house.

You can combine that with some Lanterns here and there to even apply extra flair and get yourself one of the best easy Minecraft house ideas in the game. The base layout with respect to the length and width is 7 by 8 blocks, so you’re looking at a decently sized build all over. 

5. Entry-Level Minecraft House

The Entry-Level Minecraft House is another construction where you don’t have to gather exotic game materials to get into. You’ll be requiring Oak Planks and Cobblestone blocks for the most part of this house, but other, more interesting materials can always be hauled in for extra depth. You can easily manifest this design idea in the game’s Survival Mode and take things eventually from there on out. 

Some Glass Panes and other items for decorations such as paintings can be used in the interior of the house for extra flair, should something like that interest you. Many players draw inspiration from a design like this for their first-ever Minecraft house in the game and it’s easy to see why. 

A rectangular-shaped layout is what this design needs to be built upon. You can then use 3 more Cobblestone blocks atop each base block to form the basics of the house, excluding the roof. The latter has to be constructed after you’re done with everything that’s down under.

This includes making the stairs with Oak Stairs and more Cobblestone blocks. If you start out with humble beginnings, you can form a blueprint to work your way up to more complicated builds in the game and exude your building prowess with your friends and the rest of the Minecraft community. Check out our Top 25 Cottage Ideas for a list of exceptionally dapper designs.  

6. Incredibly Simple Minecraft House

Incredibly Simple Minecraft House
Source: TSMC – Minecraft

The Incredibly Simple Minecraft House is eponymously one of the most easy Minecraft house ideas that you’ll ever come across. It just takes so little to build it whole and tart using it effectively in your Minecraft world. One of the most easily attainable resources in Minecraft is Wood, so it’s no wonder that this house uses the latter as its primary building material.

Find some trees in Survival Mode and go to town on them to yield wood. You’ll be needing about 42 Oak Planks, 5 Oak Stairs, 4 Oak Fences, 78 Spruce Slabs, and one Spruce Door to complete the majority of this house. 

Other important materials include Oak Leaves, Beetroot Seeds, a Hoe, and a Shovel. You will be needing a 9 by 9 block base layout to start the build. The best way to begin is by placing an Oak Plank at one block inward from the first right-hand corner and then using a combination of Spruce Door, Oak Wood Stair, Oak Wood Plank.

You will then use the latter to place blocks behind this structure that you’ve just erected to form the entrance of the house. You’re always free to introduce your own pick of depth in any Minecraft house, so feel at home doing that here as well. Rest assured, you’re not going to find an easier Minecraft house idea than this. 

7. Aesthetic Minecraft House

minecraft easy survival house ideas
Source: SheraNom

Easy Minecraft house ideas in the game don’t be to be dull and monotonous. They can be exceedingly aesthetic, given that you’re applying the right strategies to it. The house design idea in question is a strong proponent of the thought, donning quite the beautiful yet simple design so new Minecraft players can get started right with their Survival Mode adventures.

The material requirement isn’t too expansive nor difficult to gather, but if you’re willing to make the house as pretty as a picture, you may need to venture out into your Minecraft world and gather resources like Deepslate (Cobbled) blocks.

You’re looking at a fairly straightforward affair other than that. You’ll need about 32 Stripped Spruce Wood blocks, 83 Spruce Stairs, Seed crops of your liking, Lanterns, and 68 Stripped Oak Wood. Decorative items like Paintings, Green Candles, and Sunflower can also be implemented, but that’s purely your own decision.

The format of the Aesthetic Minecraft House is about 7 blocks by 9 blocks in length and width respectively, so it’s fairly small and not overly large to build. The middle part of the roof is about 7 blocks tall, but the rest of the build, especially the four walls are merely raised to 4 blocks. This design is certainly for the ones who don’t like their Minecraft worlds mundane in any way whatsoever. 

The following is a similarly designed brick-made variant of the Aesthetic Minecraft House with a relatively smaller footprint. Do check it out if you’d prefer brick instead of wood in your house.


8. Cobblestone Minecraft House

Source: Heyimrobby
Source: Heyimrobby

The Cobblestone Minecraft House is another fantastic Minecraft house idea that negates the concept of hard-to-construct designs in the game. You’re best off with an idea like this to incorporate into your Minecraft world. The reason you should do that is low-resource requirement primarily, and an uncomplicated infrastructure. 

Cobblestone can be easily farmed by mining regular Stones in the game but with the help of a pickaxe. The other major block that you’ll be needing is Oak for this build. It’s needless to say that the latter is also one of the game’s easily farmed resources, so you’re pretty much all set from here on out. 

You can decorate the interior using Lanterns or any other like-minded item that you can get your hands on early-game. You can get started with the base layout of the Cobblestone Minecraft House before doing that, however. Place the blocks of your choice in a 9- by 5-block format in length and width respectively.

That should get you going in the right direction. Take your time with the build as nothing substantial happens overnight. Still, the house idea in question shouldn’t trouble you at all with the building part as it is one of the very first houses that most players create when starting out Survival Mode. 

9. Versatile Minecraft House

We’re going to step things up a notch with the Versatile Minecraft House. It uses the winning formula of easy-to-construct Minecraft houses but involves multiple more features to make it stand out from the rest in terms of the value proposition.

Apart from being just a wood-based shelter to spend your nights in, this house sports separate sections for crops and animal pens too. From horses and pigs to chickens and cows, you can place every type of those in the vicinity of this house. To speak of the latter, cows are a definite source of getting leather in the game, but they aren’t the only ones. Find out how to get leather in the game using a variety of different ways here.  

  • If you ever want to pursue your dream of having a full-fledged farm in the game, consider taking a look at our top picks in the Minecraft Farm Ideas guide. 

You will also be needing Wood-based blocks like Spruce Planks, Spruce Stairs, and Spruce Slabs. All of those can be crafted on the Crafting Table when you have sufficient wood. The initial layout of the house consists of 10 by 5 blocks in length and width respectively. The first part of the base format will be made using Spruce Planks which will be quickly followed up by some Stone blocks for the foundation of the house.

The next step can either be to build the roof or continue to the entrance which will be through the usage of Spruce Stairs, so you can go up and down the whole thing seamlessly. The crops and the pens are separate from the house, so do factor those in on their own.

10. Easy Modern House

cool easy minecraft house ideas
Source: WiederDude

Most of the cool and modern houses in Minecraft aren’t too simple to build, but the Easy Modern House is out and about to change that. This is a design that can be manifested in the game’s Survival Mode without a ton of effort. In addition, choosing the right setting for a trendy, up-to-speed house like this, perhaps near a beach or an overseeing mountain can truly revamp the overall look of it as well. It’s small, compact, has a two-story design, and even comprises a small-scale pool to go with it—the perfect winning formula of a high-quality modern design. 

It uses a 10- by 8-block format as compared to the 9-block layout of the aforementioned Incredibly Simple Minecraft House. Jungle Wood Planks are some of the most appealing types of wood in the game, so there’s no wonder that this build uses that material for its entrance design. The rest of the build will comprise Oak Door, Jungle Wood Stairs, and White Concrete.

All of these materials are fairly easy to get in Minecraft, especially the latter. White Concrete can be formed when you place White Concrete Powder on a water source. You’re definitely looking at one of the best easy Minecraft house ideas in the game with the entry in question, so don’t hesitate in getting started with it right away.  

11. Fancy Survival House

easy cool minecraft house ideas

The Fancy Survival House is best constructed by the waterside where you can boost the aesthetic appeal of the unit in spades. It may look difficult to manifest in Survival Mode, but the resource requirement is quite generous. You’ll need about 146 Stripped Spruce Logs, 41 Spruce Stairs, 25 Spruce Trap Doors, 49 Oak Slabs, 43 Birch Leaves, 8 Lanterns, 16 Campfires, and a single Bell.

Do leave room for error in this material list, so it’s worth getting extra blocks for the exterior part to yield the best results. The base layout of the Fancy Survival House uses a format of 14 by 13 blocks in length and width respectively. 

This means that the house isn’t too large but it is also not minuscule. You will require Striped Spruce Logs to form the exterior of the house in combination with some Oak Planks. Don’t forget that you have two leave a two-block gap to the right side of the main circular format for the house to build the balcony.

The doorway will be formed using Oak Wood Door and the following interior can be lined out using a mix of all the aforementioned blocks. Decoration can also pay off, especially if you’re looking to beautify the homestead. Something decent like flowers in a flowerpot never fails to deliver the right impressions. 

12. Big Minecraft Village House

cool minecraft house ideas easy
Source: Peachester

The Large Minecraft Village House is another easy Minecraft house idea that can be implemented in all versions of the game, including the relatively recent Minecraft 1.18 release. If you’ve got a village set up in your game and you’re looking to create fairly sizable starters houses, you’ve stumbled upon just the right idea.

A combination of Cobblestone, Dark Oak Wood, and Oak Wood will be required to erect this house. None of the materials it needs are hard to attain, so you’re pretty much set moving forward. The only material that has the prerequisite of enchantment is Glass Pane, which needs Silk Touch to harvest. 

  • Speaking of enchantments, check out the Sword Enchantments in the game to lay waste to your enemies like never before.

It employs a 7- by 3-block base layout using Cobblestone blocks in width and length respectively. The next step is after you’re done forming the initial format is to generate the walls. That will be done using Oak Wood while raising the structures to 7 blocks in height. Be sure that you’re building from one block outward in each corner of the wall for the best results.

You will then use a combination of Cobblestone, Oak Logs, and Oak Planks. Be sure that you’re leaving a gap at the top of the house for the aforementioned Glass Pane. Doing so will get you a window for your house, so dwellers of the homestead inside can catch whatever you’re doing on the outside.    

13. Compact Minecraft House

minecraft modern house ideas easy
Source: Cubey

The Compact Minecraft House is one of the most minimal-grade easy Minecraft house ideas to shoot for. It makes sure to exude decency and is also capable of handling all your basic needs. Players who have just started out with the game’s Survival Mode are bound to enter a world of surprise when nighttime approaches. You definitely need a solid shelter to help you survive your first few nights before you learn the ins and outs of the sandbox title more efficiently. The Compact Minecraft House is suited to accommodate all that and then some. You can use this build for a wide variety of useful game mechanics. 

These include cooking, crafting, sleeping, and even storage, despite the minimal size. The best part is that the house is open to the idea of expansion, should you ever want to take it to the next level. You first have to find a clear area of land to get started with the build. Make sure to cut out the grass before you initiate the building process.

A small, open field will work like a charm since the house only requires a 4 by 4 area to work with. One of the first things that you have to do is cut out three rows of blocks and fill them in with Oak Wood Planks. You can then take regular Oak Wood Logs with you to raise the walls of the house and conjoin them subsequently to form the roof. 

14. Raised Minecraft House

cool easy minecraft house ideas
Source: Folli

Talk about taking a house to higher levels (pardon the pun.) The Raised Minecraft House is plenty of blocks above the ground but this isn’t without good reason. The ground level serves as the storage room for this build, housing resourceful items like the Anvil, Crafting Table, and Chests.

As for the rest of the house, this is a masterful work of art that blends in different materials that all come together to deliver perfectly. You’ll be using Cobblestone for forming the base of the house but other blocks like Oak Logs, Oak Slabs, and Trapdoors will shortly follow. 

In addition, the house features a stairway that takes the user to the main house level. This is where the bed can be found, along with tons of nifty decorations like candles, lanterns, and paintings. You can also use flowers in flowerpots to kick things up an even higher notch.

All in all, this is one of the best easy Minecraft house ideas for those looking to embellish their Minecraft world with a masterful work of art. There is a bevy of houses in the game that are surely easy to construct, but not a lot can be said about their aesthetic appeal. The Raised Minecraft House, on the other hand, combines the best of both worlds in a single winning recipe for new and expert players alike. 

15. Stylish Minecraft House 

minecraft easy house ideas pe
Source: csx42

The Stylish Minecraft House is the perfect blend of vigor and charm. It’s quite trivial in size but manages to boast a striking impression nonetheless, simply due to how clean it looks. As far as the easy and cool Minecraft house ideas go, you won’t find any other design making the cut as effectively as this one. The best part is that the number of materials it requires is nothing too over the top.

You will be needing about 38 Logs of any wood type, 6 Sand blocks, 41 Cobblestone blocks, and 3 pieces of Wool. This is all that the Stylish Minecraft House requires, so you’re pretty much sorted with it as your shelter in Survival Mode.

Placing the house in the right environment also constitutes to about half the glorious outlook that a house can sport. Using the beachside for the Sytlish Minecraft House seems like one of the most ideal choices, but if you’re stuck in any other type of biome, go ahead and get started with the build nonetheless. You will need to dig out a 3 by 3 hole that’s 1 block deep to create the initial layout.

Follow that up by strategically clearing out another row of blocks in the direction that you want your house’s entrance to be in. You will then use Cobblestone initially but the rest of the blocks, including the Logs and the Sand will soon follow. 

The following video by Grian is a highly descriptive video on how to revamp your building skills in Minecraft. Do give it a watch if you’re having trouble building even these easy Minecraft house ideas. 

16. Simple Modern House

minecraft house ideas modern easy
Source TSMC – Minecraft

The Simple Modern House is another in fashion Minecraft house that can be easily built in Survival Mode. This is a must-have design idea for people who are looking to decorate their Minecraft world with fashionable houses without putting in too much effort.

All you need to construct the Simple Modern House from the outside is White Concrete, Gray Concrete, Quartz Slab, Blue Glass, and Oak Planks. Items that factor in for purely cosmetic purposes are Flowers and Leaves, but it all boils down to you whether this is something that you want to introduce to this easy house build. Definitely worth it if you’re into aesthetics.

Get started with the build by laying out a row of 11 blocks and a column of 9 blocks. Trace them all together so you have a perfectly shaped square at your disposal. You will have to begin the building with the help of Gray Concrete. Place 6 of those on top of each other two blocks diagonally from the bottom-left corner of the base layout.

Once done, continue by placing two Gray Concrete blocks to the right of the six-block structure, and then take it all the way down. This should form one side of the front of your house as depicted in the image above. Line the doorway using a mix of Gray and White Concrete and you should be headed in the right direction. 

17. Spruce Starter House

Spruce Starter House
Source: Folli

The Spruce Starter House is best generated somewhere along the lines of the Giant Spruce Taiga Hills in Minecraft. This is an area that’s home to tall trees and forests that often tend to encapsulate everything that a player builds in them.

This does nothing but add an extra flair to the Minecraft world you try to reinvigorate with your builds. There’s nothing better than having a classy house in the middle of nowhere that’s decked with everything you need to get started with the game’s Survival Mode. Get started with the design by forming the base layout with a low-cost block like Coarse Dirt.

Be mindful that the porch has to be protruded outside the main layout, so make adjustments accordingly. A mix of Cobblestone, Oak Wood Logs, Oak Wood Slabs, and Fences will be required for this house. It’s also worth noting that this isn’t too big of a design. It uses an 8 by 8 area excluding the porch and is rather the perfect size for a survival-grade house in Minecraft.

Don’t forget to mine Stone blocks before diving in because that is what you’ll be needing for the Spruce Starter House. The floor can be lined with Spruce Planks while the raised walls will use Stripped Spruce Logs. You’re always free to introduce your own idea of depth to the house if you’re willing to do so.   

18. 5×5 Starter Minecraft House

cool minecraft house ideas easy
Source: Smithers Boss

The 5×5 Starter Minecraft House is another dashing design that makes short work of tedious single-story designs. this one actually uses a staircase that goes all the way up to a second level. You’ll be constructing two sizable Glass doors at the front and four windows at the back. The materials you’ll need are Spruce Wood Slabs, Oak Wood Planks, Oak Fences, and Oak Wood Stairs.

One of the first things that you have to do after setting out the basic dimensions is create four walled structures using Spruce Wood Planks in the middle. You can then take one corner of the layout and start placing Oak Wood Stairs and continue up until the height of the 6th block.   

The next material that will factor in is Oak Fences, which will be used to line the front of the house as perceivable in the picture above. The Glass Panes will come at the front and lateral sides of the house as well. You can now expand the top platform with Oak Wood Planks and get yourself a complete second story.

This definitely one of the classiest easy Minecraft house ideas that you can implement in your world for the best results. It’s called 5×5 Starter Minecraft House simply because it uses a 5- by 5-block base layout, which is nothing but fairly decent. A bevy of players has picked up this design and survived many nights in the game’s Survival Mode. 

19. Simple Minecraft Pocket Edition House

easy house ideas for minecraft pe
Source: Rizzial

Minecraft has several different editions to its name. While many PC players prefer the Java Edition, popular platforms like the Microsoft Windows Store houses Bedrock Edition that comes with its own range of pros and cons. The developer—Mojang Studios—has also tended to the mobile gaming space and released a version of the title called Minecraft Pocket Edition or Minecraft PE. 

The house idea that you see above is one of the best easy house ideas for Minecraft PE that doesn’t even require hefty resources or a complicated layout, unlike the vast majority of counterparts. Wood-based blocks are going to do the trick for you mostly in this case.

The foundation of the house will be formed using Oak Wood Logs in an 8- by 10-block format with 2-4-block gaps in-between certain areas. That is to make sure you can easily construct the entrance area and a separate section for the crops.

The next step after creating the initial layout is to raise the height of the blocks. This can be done quite easily and there’s no restriction as to how tall you have to create the Simple Minecraft Pocket Edition house. The bordering of the base blocks can be done using Cobblestone blocks and that should incorporate a fair amount of depth into the build, considering the overall potential that the house has moving forward. 

20. Decorated Starter Minecraft House

minecraft modern house ideas easy
Source: Rizzial

The Decorated Starter House is another painless build that comprises quite a few decorative items in it. Apart from having a basic layout and a simple design, you’ll need low-level resources to erect this dashing unit in your Minecraft house.

Moreover, it mostly revolves around cosmetics items like flowers, leaves, and Glass Panes, so you will be needing these to get the Decorated Starter Minecraft House in your world. It also features two balconies for you to enjoy, not to mention sizable storage and about else that you need to get started in Survival Mode. 

The base layout is about 7 by 7 blocks but you can always expand it if you ever need to. Stone Bricks will be utilized for this build, along with Oak Planks, Oak Wood, Stone Slabs, Dark Oak Planks, Stone Brick Stairs. You’ll lay out the base dimensions and then quickly follow up with Oak Logs for each corner of the foundation. The idea here is to raise each corner 7 blocks high and then conjoin the subsequent structures together to build a platform.

Be sure to leave a sizable gap in the middle to build the interior of what is otherwise one of the most effective easy Minecraft house ideas. It’s best that you implement this design in Survival Mode early-game for the best results. 

21. Pool Minecraft House

Source: Smither Boss
Source: Smither Boss

The Pool Minecraft House is an up-to-the-minute design that boasts the convenience of being built out of wood-based blocks mostly. You’ll need about 58 Oak Planks, 3 Oak Stairs, 100 Spruce Slabs, 24 Cobblestone, and 14 Trapdoors to form the exterior of this house. 7 pieces of Leaves will also be required to get going with the decoration part. 

9 Glass Panes will also be required to add extra depth and make the house even more better-looking. It’s pretty much clear that the main highlight of the house design in question is the sparkling pool that allows players to create their own water source. 

The best way to get started is to place three blocks of Dark Oak Wood to form a single column and repeat the process two more times in a single row with a three-block gap in-between. Do the same on the other side by jumping six blocks back. You can then utilize Oak Wood Planks to form a square of the same height within these walled structures.

However, do make sure that you’re proceeding with this last step by leaving out a distance of one gap from the outside. This is to ensure that you can safely create the entrance of the Pool Minecraft House. The next step is to dig out two blocks on each side of the structure with a gap of one block and fill them in with Glass Panes. You can then continue to use your own creativity and finish the rest of what remains. 

22. Crop Minecraft House

easy cool minecraft house ideas
Source: Tanol Games

Most easy Minecraft house ideas don’t pack a lot of punch in terms of yield and being resourceful. Many of them will cover the basic needs of crafting, sleeping, and storage, but if you’re willing to go a bit above this, the Crop Minecraft House is just what you’re looking for. 

You can craft crops in this homestead to only dwell in it but gather resources as well, such as wheat, beetroot, carrots, and a lot more. It is fairly barricaded as well, in case zombies come up knocking on your door at nighttime. Draw inspiration from this house design and build something similar for yourself in your Minecraft world!

23. Lush Cave Starter House

Source: Minecraft Architect
Source: Minecraft Architect

Have you grown tired of carving out the same ground time and time again with your Minecraft builds? The Lush Cave Starter House takes away the boredom and lets you instill a house directly inside a cave. This makes returning home after a long day of adventure exceptionally pleasing and satisfying. 

You will be needing Calcite, Oak Stairs, Spruce Stairs, Spruce Trapdoors, Oak Planks, and some Spruce Buttons for the vast majority of this build. Venture into your biome and find a cave to make your very own undercover Minecraft house today. This prospect is surely more exciting than the rest of the competition out there. 

24. Simple Minecraft Treehouse 

Source: Ayvocado
Source: Ayvocado

The Simple Minecraft Treehouse is yet another fascinating house idea that can set you apart from the rest of Minecraft players. Bid farewell to poor Creepers that have the ground to tend to. Take to the skies and build an actual treehouse for yourself with all the necessary living commodities. This treehouse design specified in the photo above is actually more painless than other treehouse ideas in the game. 

We’ve made sure to pick one that can accommodate newbies and beginner Minecraft players. It’s relatively smaller, more compact, and is just an ideal starter survival house to shoot for. You’ll be needing Dark Oak Wood for this design, but you’re always free to pick other variants of wood, depending on what you’d like to go with. It’s simply one of the most impressive Minecraft house ideas to manifest that exudes jungle vibes and everything in-between, especially if placed in a fitting biome. 

25. Large Survival House

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That last entry on this list belongs to the Large Survival House that doesn’t take to come to life in the game. You need not the generosity of Creative Mode with infinite resources and an ability to fly to build yourself a house as simple and effective as this. Most of the materials required are wood-based, including Oak Wood Planks, Oak Fences, Spruce Wood Slabs, Glass Panes, Spruce Wood Planks, Oak Wood Stairs, Oak Stairs, Stone, and Yellow Wool. The majority of these materials can be obtained by either punching and cutting down trees or crafting. 

It’s not called the Large Survival House for no good reason. The basic dimensions of the build are 10 blocks by 10 blocks. This leaves you with plenty of storage to house and a spacious, cozy, and comfortable bedroom to catch some Zs. In addition, it also features a two-story design, so definite plus points on the attractive end as well. If you’re after the best easy Minecraft house ideas, it’s only logical to pursue the design in question for the best results. 


Minecraft has impaled the limits that video games put on creativity. You can virtually build anything as per your preference in this open-world title and the only thing limiting you will merely be your imagination. If you’re a new player who has just began playing Minecraft, you’re sure to run into your fair share of hiccups in the game. That is exactly why we’ve decided to put together a top-tier list of easy Minecraft house ideas. You can certainly draw the inspiration you needed from the designs mentioned in the list and get back to finding your way with Minecraft. 

Let us know down in the comments section below if you’ve managed to create a house in your Minecraft world then. We’d be delighted to read your comments. eXputer wishes you happy gaming!

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