Top 14 Minecraft Bedroom Ideas

Did you build a great house but it lacks a flashy interior? Well, here are some of the best Minecraft Bedroom Ideas to get creative.

Your Minecraft world describes your personality, and the more effort you put into it, the greater the impression you leave on others. Our Minecraft Bedroom Ideas entails the best bedrooms you can build so that you can take your creativity to another level. 

Keep reading, and below you’ll find some creative and unique ideas that can help you make your bedroom look even better than before.

Key Highlights
  • A good Bedroom in Minecraft can take the coziness of your house to the next level.
  • If you are a player who loves aesthetics and decorated interiors, you can choose from a Modern bedroom with aquariums, an Aesthetic bedroom, and an Aesthetic girly bedroom.
  • To choose the perfect bedroom with soft and versatile colors, you can build a Red, Orange, Peach, Pastel pink and white or Minimalistic White and Pink bedroom.
  • For having a rich and royal appeal in the game, you can build rooms that include Elite Bedroom or Luxury Master Bedroom.
  • The Dark theme, Cozy loft, Turquoise Bedroom, and Realistic are in appeal to the players who want a mood and special charm in their room.

Bedroom Ideas In Minecraft

A bedroom is a place where you can lock yourself away from the world. It’s a sanctuary in itself and is the most comfortable place to be in the world. Due to its undeniable importance, it deserves to be embellished uniquely and beautifully. Below are some of the best bedroom ideas that would give you a vague notion to design your bedroom in a way that goes perfectly with your aesthetic.

Modern Bedroom With Aquarium

Aquarium and green plants in room
Image Credit: MCram

Required Core Materials:

  • Black Concrete.
  • Gray Concrete.
  • Smooth Quartz.

Starting off our list of Minecraft bedroom ideas, we have this modern bedroom design with an aquarium as the center of attention. The fish would make your bedroom feel cozier and will release all your stress.

You can also enhance the natural aura by adding some hanging vines on the top of the bed and alongside the aquarium. Tiny pots with cute flowers or cacti would make this room look even more enchanting.

If possible, keep the theme alive and go for wooden beds and cabinets; add sliding glass doors that lead out to your backyard or garden. Add green or brown curtains and cozy lights. You can even add some lanterns if you want. Since the key theme of this bedroom is natural, keep the interior hues in greens and browns for a more aesthetic vibe.

Dark Theme Bedroom

Dark theme room with green plants
Image Credit: Zog

Required Core Materials:

  • Gray Concrete.
  • Light Gray Concrete.

If the rest of your Minecraft house is in neutral or pastel color, building a dark-themed bedroom can certainly be unique and stylish. It would be very soothing to enter this dark-themed bedroom completely different from the rest of the house.

If you’re into the goth aesthetic then this theme is a perfect complement to your style. Add dark-colored interiors such as dark cabinets, dark-colored cabinets, and a bed with black bedding and pillows to give it a complete look. You can also add black-themed banners for that elegant touch. You can also make black curtains using banners.

For the sake of contrast, add some light-colored interior (preferably white) or some green plants like vines or cacti. Add some source of lighting to make your bedroom cozier. Use glow stones with trap doors on all sides to make beautiful light ornaments.

Aesthetic Bedroom

Minecraft Bedroom Ideas
Image Credit: milkybqb3s

Required Materials:

  • Spruce Planks.
  • Stripped Spruce.
  • Grass block.
  • Smooth Quartz.

If you’re looking for a lighter theme, then this simple aesthetic bedroom is just the perfect bedroom for your living space. This bedroom is for those who want to keep it minimal yet stylish. These neutral colors are very refreshing and cozy. The greatest thing about this aesthetic bedroom is that you won’t need many resources to build this.

Your bed should be made of wood, and it can be embellished in any way you like to make an aesthetic bedroom. Keep the bedding colors neutral or in warmer tones to complement the rest of the room.

Add some tiny flower pots and some hanging vines. You can also add a bookshelf to give the place some personality. You can also add some picture frames by making item frames to decorate your home. This Minecraft bedroom décor idea is by far the most resourceful and easiest one.

Red Bedroom

Minecraft Bedroom Ideas
Image Credit: MCram

Required Materials:

  • Red Carpet.
  • Red Concrete.
  • Red Dye.

Red is the color of passion, and it’s the perfect color to make your bedroom look more vibrant. It can bring so many ideas to your boudoir, all bold and daring. This color is not for people who are going for a more soft and unexpressive bedroom theme.

If you feel hesitant to go all red, mix it up with white or black. Red-themed bedrooms are perfect for couple homes in Minecraft. If you’re making a couple’s bedroom, then embellish the room with poppies and use a red bed.

Another detail you can add to your Minecraft bedroom is a heart-shaped window lined with red bricks. Adding some lanterns would make your room pop out more. Add some ceiling lights using glow stones and red stained glass to make your room look more royal. Minecraft Red bedroom idea is sure to make your bedroom pop out the most in your Minecraft home.

Orange Bedroom


Orange theme room with furniture
Orange was a color before it was a fruit

Required Materials:

  • White concrete.
  • Orange Concrete.
  • Light Gray Concrete.

Get a sunny and citrusy feel with this beautiful orange-themed bedroom. Orange really pops out in a modern bedroom set and is very dynamic in nature. Bedrooms involving different designs and styles based on the orange theme make everything else in the room stand out.

To create this beautiful orange bedroom in Minecraft, you won’t need many resources. You can add an elongated frame to the bed and add hanging to it using chains and an end rod. Add shelves using white carpet and add in some tiny flower or cacti pots to create a zen vibe in the room.

Using some white striped lines as a backdrop would make the orange look even brighter. Adding a little bit of yellow here and there, like in carpets or lamps, can really add that beautiful extra detail as well. You can construct a bed in some higher place and make stairs using white quartz topped with orange carpet.

Peach Bedroom

Peach color theme room
Image Credit: AmyYeah

Required Materials:

  • Pink concrete.
  • Pink and White Shulker box.
  • Smooth Quartz. 

Colors can really affect a person’s mood. Minecraft is a game that people play to relax and unwind from the day’s stress. Using gloomy and overwhelming darker shades in your Minecraft house can really drop the mood. The peach color is one of the colors that really contribute to the comfort of rooms and can lift the aura of the room.

When used with cream, grey, or white, it really makes your bedroom look dreamy and aesthetic. After you’ve done making the peach-colored bed and added peach-colored pillows as well, move on to the interior of your Minecraft bedroom.

One cute idea for your Minecraft bedroom is using end rods to make gorgeous horizontal or vertical vanity lights. Use peach carpets to make shelves and banners to make the cupboard. Besides white, you can also use neutral colors in your bedroom décor.

Pastel Pink Bedroom

Minecraft Bedroom Ideas
Image Credit: Crian Gaming

Required Materials:

  • Black concrete.
  • Gray Concrete.
  • Smooth Stone.

This Minecraft bedroom idea is perhaps the cutest, as many people love light pastel colors. Pastels and cotton candy colors are super sweet and combined with a white backdrop, they look even prettier.

However, balance the hues by adding some zingy blues and yellows, or the room would look extra white. If you’re trying to make your Minecraft bedroom cute but have a grown-up feel to it as well, add in some greys and neutrals to tone down the color a bit.

While working on the interior, make sure to add some greenery to give it that aesthetic touch. Adding solo flowers might not be the best choice here. Instead, use floral bushes and hanging vines to accentuate the pastel pink more. Another thing you can do is add some item frames. Green item frames or yellow item frames would really make your space cozier and aesthetic and give your Minecraft bedroom that vibrant country look.

Minimalistic White and Pink Bedroom

Minecraft Bedroom Ideas

Required Materials:

  • Black concrete.
  • Gray Concrete.
  • Smooth Stone.

The pink and white scheme melds peacefully together. For players who prefer minimalism and like to keep things simple, this minimalist yet intricate bedroom idea while being timid in nature conveys the impression of the bedroom owner’s sophistication. For players who prefer going all or nothing, then this pink-with-white contrast scheme would hit the mark.

Making the walls pink would really bring in that warmth and coziness while delivering the perfect style statement. You can opt for all-white furniture to cut crisp and add silhouettes. 

Use pink and white carpets to create a checkered rug, and it will really enhance the beauty of the bedroom. Construct the bed on a slightly higher platform of white quartz blocks to make it modern yet intricate. You can also make a mirror for your bedroom.

Aesthetic Girly Bedroom

Room outlook for girls
Image Credit: kerbsxberry

Required Materials:

  • Pink concrete Powder.
  • Pink Stained Glass Pane.
  • Pink Shulker Box.
  • Pink Beds.

This is perhaps the cutest Minecraft bedroom idea out there. Since Minecraft is all about relaxing, there is nothing like an aesthetically pleasing personal space that you’d want to come home to after a long day of adventure and fighting mobs.

In order to build yourself an aesthetic girly bedroom in Minecraft, use lighter colors and preferably more pinkish or peach tones since the main focus of this theme is more feminine. However, a neutral color would really be a good choice as well.

Don’t use the regular bed available in Minecraft, instead create your own. A low bed would be in perfect synchronization with the theme since most of the aesthetic rooms you see are all about being modest, earthy, and unpretentious. 

Cozy Loft Bedroom

Aesthetic and cozy room look
Image Credit: JINTUBE

Required Materials:

  • White Concrete.
  • Andesite Slab.
  • Smooth Quartz Slab.
  • Light Gray Concrete.

For players who are looking to change their normal, boring, and absolutely bland bedroom and go for something unique, fun, and creative, then this elevated bedroom project is something to try out in Minecraft. Much like bunk beds, but with a bit of a more modern touch to it, this cozy loft bedroom will not only be the perfect utilization of space, but also It will make your bedroom stand out.

If you want a dual-purpose bedroom then this lofted bedroom will offer that accommodation. Keep in mind that high-ceiling rooms are necessary for this, so build your Minecraft home tall or choose the tallest room in your Minecraft home, like your bedroom.

Another cute addition to your cozy loft would be windows! However, if you don’t want to add a window, you can add fairy lights or use end rods as light sources too! Fairy lights would make your loft bedroom look dreamy, and end rods would look very cute on either side of your bed.

Elite Bedroom

Minecraft Bedroom Ideas
Image Credit: TheBlackBeltPanda

Required Materials:

  • Dark Oak Slab.
  • Dark Oak Trapdoor.
  • Gray Stained Glass.
  • Smooth Stone Slab.
  • Black Banner.

A contemporary style theme that will give your Minecraft house a rich and royal appeal. With its slick modern bedside units and perfect lighting, this bedroom will be praised by all the Minecraft players that visit you. One important thing to keep in mind while building something similar is to keep the décor as minimal yet stylish as possible.

Instead of sticking to just two colors, incorporate some warm colors to give your room a style statement of its own. Headboard lights and ceiling lights will give your Minecraft bedroom that necessary mod look and a royal feel to it.

Adding a rug beneath the bed can also make the room feel more lux. A dark or neutral-colored carpet would look nice. Avoid adding flowers; instead, add small terracotta pots with leaves. Use black banners as curtains. Use glow stones as ceiling lights and add some candles too if you like. Adding brownish furniture will make your bedroom feel cozier.

Luxury Master Bedroom

Minecraft Bedroom Ideas
Image Credit:

Required Materials:

  • Smooth Quartz Slab.
  • Snow Block.
  • Gray Concrete, Gray Wool, and Carpet.
  • Black Banners.

As the master of your Minecraft space, you’ll need a bedroom as lavish as your style and one that suits you perfectly. The Master bedroom is truly the place where one can show off his style and aesthetic. You don’t need to stick to one color scheme or a solo theme.

An undeniably luxurious feature of this master bedroom can be that it includes doors or huge windows that directly lead to an outdoor space. It can either be a balcony or your personal Minecraft garden. Using wooden furniture will give your room an earthy tone. While this may be one of the simpler Minecraft bedroom ideas, it is certainly appealing.

Make your room décor according to your style. A good addition to your room would be a fancy ceiling light. You can make it by using glow stones covered with stained glass. Also, using greenery will make your room look more lavish. Another décor you can add to your Minecraft bedroom is item frames.

Realistic Bedroom

Realistic looking room
Image Credit: Katherine Elizabeth Gaming

Required Materials:

  • Smooth Quartz.
  • Black Concrete.
  • Furniture mods.

Minecraft lets you explore your imagination and create everything you like. Many players in Minecraft like building home bases that are filled with personal touches. This is the reason why many people recreate their very own personal bedroom in Minecraft.

Another thing is when starting, its gameplay can feel quite underwhelming. Thanks to the regular updates in Minecraft, players can use certain mods to make their Minecraft worlds come to life. While the blocks would stay, the mods can make it look more realistic. Mods like chisel and bits can give your Minecraft bedroom a realistic look. Resource packs with high settings can also help make your bedroom look more vibrant.

Turquoise Bedroom with Hanging Bed

Minecraft Bedroom Ideas
Image Credit: ManDooMin

Required Materials:

  • Hoppers and End Rod.
  • Smooth Quartz Stairs.
  • Cyan Bed and Wood.

Created from a unique combination of blue and a small amount of yellow, turquoise is one of the prettiest colors used in décor. This fashionable color is the heart of themes and motifs and has a bizarre and vibrant quality that does not seem overpowering in any way. It brings instant coolness and freshness to the space and immediately catches the eye.

This pretty color enlivens the space instantly and can be unique but a good choice for your bedroom. Because of its vibrant nature, you can go on the spooky side with it as well if you are into the creepy aesthetic. There is no wonder how this beautiful thing made its way onto our list of bedroom ideas.

A very cool and unique feature you can add is a hanging bed. Using chains and end rods, you can hang your bed from the ceiling. Don’t worry as it won’t fall. Use stairs to reach the bed. A cool thing you can add here is a pool underneath the bed to give it an even creepier aura. Stay with the theme and add some spider décor.


This has been eXputer’s guide on some of the best Minecraft Bedroom ideas that you must give a try. We hope that you saw something you loved, and we wish you luck in building it in the game. 

Minecraft Bedroom Ideas - FAQs

How do you make your bedroom look realistic in Minecraft?

You can make your bedroom in Minecraft look realistic by using resource packs, mods, and shaders.

Why is a bed necessary in Minecraft?

Beds are used so that players can reset their spawn point within a few blocks of the bed and also to sleep through the night and avoid mobs spawning.

How can you obtain a bed naturally?

A Bed generates naturally in different areas depending on the specific structure and biome.

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