18 Best Minecraft Bed Designs [Detailed Comparisons]

Sleep tight in the most stylish and cozy bed designs of Minecraft!

Upgrade your sleeping situation in Minecraft with the best bed designs that will make your virtual world cozy and comfortable. Sleeping on the ground is somewhat boring, and most players love to take full advantage of the creative freedom Minecraft offers, so that’s why many players want to create their own unique and cozy beds in the game.

Key Takeaways
  • Sleeping is an essential aspect of Minecraft to skip the night and avoid mobs while exploring.
  • Many players want to create their own unique and cozy beds in the game for a comfortable and enjoyable sleeping experience.
  • Beds only work in the overworld at nighttime, and the area around the bed must be free of mobs.
  • The wooden post bed and the bamboo bed will make you feel one with nature.
  • The jungle hammock bed is a cozy-looking vacation-themed bed.
  • If you have a pet dog, then the bed with a pet is for you.
  • The aquarium bed is best for marine lovers.
  • Book lovers can opt for a double bed with bookshelves or a bunk bed with a study area.
  • The racecar bed design is best for car fanatics.
  • The Gothic and the grave bed designs give a unique creepy look, best for scaring other players.
  • The sleek bed is optimal for players going for a high-end, rich, modern look.
  • The scorpion tail and the crib bed design is a unique-looking bed, best for players aiming to go out of the box.
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Before you move on, here’s a quick overview of the list of materials required for each bed design. Feel free to add or remove any item as you prefer:

Bed Design Required Material
Wooden Post Bed wooden fences, wooden planks, lanterns, campfire, wooden stairs, flowerpots, wooden slabs
Double Bed With Bookshelves trapdoors, bookshelf, painting, carpet
Sleek Bed End rods, skeleton heads, white concrete blocks, and slabs
Grave Bed Mossy stone Blocks, cobblestone, trapdoor, name post
A Bed With Pet Wooden slabs, flowerpot, lantern, picture frame, carpet, stairs, trapdoors
Racing Car Bed Any wooden planks and slabs, black concrete block, carpet, picture frame, buttons
Aquarium Bed Sea Lantern, coral reef, flower pot, banners, quartz stairs and slabs, trap doors, and wooden stairs.
Gothic Bed candles, skeleton head, chains, and black stone blocks and stairs
Bamboo bed Barrels, logs, trapdoors, bamboo, lantern, zombie head, banner, wooden slabs
Jungle Hammock Bed Wooden Slabs, lanterns, buttons, wooden gates, and fence
Canopy Bed Trapdoors, carpets, wooden gates, banners, dripstone, barrels, flower pots, lanterns, wooden slabs, and blocks
Scorpion’s Tail Design Wooden Planks, lanterns, chests, trapdoors, wooden slab
Simple Bunk Bed enchanting table, crafting table, lantern, barrel, flower pot, trapdoors, and stairs.
Simple Double Bed With Storage Chests, End rods, Carpets, Painting, Picture frame, wooden stairs
The Crib end rods, Trapdoors, wooden logs, and planks
Kirizuma Design Wooden planks, lanterns, trapdoors, flower pots, wooden slabs.
Bunk Bed With Study Area Wooden Stairs, flower pots, bush, name post, trapdoors, chest, bookshelf, lantern
Simple Double Bed Coral, barrels, bookshelves, wooden slabs, flower pots

Wooden Post Bed

wooden post bed design
A cozy-looking wooden post bed by BlueNerd

Be one with nature with this simple and possibly the best bed design in Minecraft by BlueNerd. The wooden posts, which are wooden fences, separate this bed design, and the bushes give it a touch of uniqueness.

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  • The top is made out of a campfire (with the fire taken out), which provides a better overall look to the design.
  • The lantern adds some eeriness to this bed design and provides the perfect lighting and atmosphere for a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • This is a perfect minimalist build for those survivors out there who want a simple yet aesthetic-looking bed to sleep on.
  • With the main component being only wood, which is by far the easiest to get and basic item in the game, you can make this bed pretty early in the game and start sleeping comfortably from day 1.
  • You can add different flowers in the flowerpots next to the beds or change the bed’s color to match the bedroom you designed.

Double Bed With Bookshelves

Double bed with bookshelves [image credits: Gorilla]
If you love books and want to show them in your Minecraft world, too, then this bed design is the best one for you. Or if, in case, you don’t have access to a lot of materials, creating a simple and visually appealing bed design can be a great way to spruce up your builds without breaking the bank.

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This bed design uses trapdoors to construct an outside frame, while bookshelf blocks line the interior, with a nice painting in the center.

  • The good thing about this design is the different color combinations it provides.
  • To complement the bed blocks, players can add carpet blocks around the bed itself, choosing a color that further complements the overall theme of their build.
  • This creates a cohesive and visually pleasing sleeping area that won’t require a lot of resources.
  • You can choose to replace the upper trapdoors with wooden planks and create a shelf to add some decorations.
  • You can also add a bookshelf on each side to create a bigger painting in the middle.

Anyhow, this design will look great with or without modifications, and that’s what makes it one of the best designs.

Sleek Bed

sleek bed design by Anantrup

Just looking at this bed gives a modern and rich vibe. The cushions, the enormous space, the side lamps, and the extended foot space all merge to give birth to this eye-pleasing bed design, which is one of the most modern-looking, if not the best, bed designs in Minecraft.

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A few of the reasons that Minecraft players are drawn to this design is because of:

  • It features a simple and clean design that looks great in many modern builds.
  • Offers plenty of space for players to lie down and relax.
  • It can be customized with different colors of wool or other materials to match the overall theme of their build.
  • The clean lines and simple design make it a great addition to any modern or minimalist build.
  • It can be easily integrated into existing furniture setups.
  • Has a satisfying visual appeal.

If you are wondering where those cushions come from, they are skeleton heads. Plus, the lighted white rods are end rods. Both these items are pretty hard to get, so you cant dream of this bed design until much later in the game.

Grave Bed

Grave bed design by spudetti

“Where is the bed here?” you might be wondering. It is actually inside the grave. Yes, that is the main takeaway from this bed design, and oh, you can see that it is unique.

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Add some creeper or zombie heads on top of the cross, and you have the best creepy bed design in Minecraft. The branches around the grave give an eerie feeling, while the mossy stone blocks further solidify the old and creepy look that this design pulls off.

You can place this bed in your garden area and, with a zombie skin equipped, look like a dead resurrected. Or you can place it inside your house and go for a vampire-themed bed.

Whatever the case, this bed design requires the most basic materials in the game since normal cobblestone can replace mossy stone blocks. Due to this, the grave bed design is one of the best and creepiest designs.

A Bed With Pet

A bed with pet space by Lomby

At some point, you’ll get tired of exploring the Minecraft world alone in single-player mode. At that time, dogs can prove to be the best partner. And only those with pets can understand the true bond that players share with their dogs in Minecraft. For this special bond, Lomby brings the ‘bed with pet’ bed design so that you don’t have to leave your partners’ side even when you sleep.

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  • With the perfect little space for your little buddy right under your bed, you can get a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • And don’t have to worry about those monsters under your bed either since your companion is there to protect you.
  • This bunk bed design is the best for players who care for their pets.
  • Do not worry if you have more than one since this bed design can be extended for more.
  • Since this bed design only requires wood as the main component and not any additional hard-to-get, this is the best choice for early survival builds.
  • The bone in the picture frame adds a pretty cute look to the overall design, and you can make a painting inside your dog’s apartment to fill in the empty wall.

Racing Car Bed

Racing car bed design by Lomby

We all know someone who is a car fanatic. If you have one of those as a friend playing with you in Minecraft, then you can amaze them with this fantastic racing car bed. Since Minecraft does not have cars as a mode of transportation, this design is the nearest you will get to racing cars in the game.

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  • In my opinion, the red color suits the car pretty well and gives it the depth and looks that it deserves. 
  • If you disagree, then feel free to experiment with different colored blocks and find the bed design that you love.
  • The concept of tires and the black buttons inside the picture frame for the rims help give the car more life.
  • The bed is the seat in the picture, covered by the red carpet.

And yes, you can sleep in the car and have some racing dreams. Decorate your bedroom like a racing track, and you will feel like you are sleeping in a racing car.

Aquarium Bed

Aquarium bed design by Lomby

So, you are allergic to dogs, and cats don’t appeal to you as much? Worry not, since you can keep fish as a pet in Minecraft too. And what other way to enjoy their company than sleeping right next to them? Hence, here is another one of the best beds for all those marine lovers of Minecraft by Lomby.

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  • The sea lanterns act as a source of light in the aquarium and provide just the right amount to brighten the atmosphere.
  • The coral reef and the blue blocks help give more life to the aquarium, and the simple white and grey bed finishes the design pretty neatly. You can further decorate the shelves and add flowerpots.
  • The pillows, in this case, are banners placed on top of a glowing stone covered by quartz stairs. So, you would have to visit the nether once to finish this bed design in survival mode.

Gothic Bed

Gothic bed design by Kelpie the Fox

This one’s for all the goth Minecraft players. And if you liked the above gravestone design, then you are bound to love this bed design again by Spudetti. The candles, skeleton head, chains, and black stone are enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine.

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  • Placed in the center of the room, this bed immediately draws the eye and creates a sense of opulence and extravagance.
  • The use of Netherexclusive blocks adds to the dark and mysterious atmosphere of the bed, giving it a truly gothic vibe.
  • By incorporating other gothic-themed elements like dark wood, players can create a cohesive and visually stunning bedroom that perfectly captures the essence of gothic style.

While this bed design may require more resources than some of the simpler options on this list, the result is well worth the investment. It creates a truly unique and memorable bedroom that will impress any player who visits your base.

Bamboo Bed

bamboo style bed design by Lomby

Just like the wooden post bed, this bed design makes you feel one with nature. The bamboo in the background acts as a pivot around which the whole structure is built.

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  • The whole design is rather simple, made from easy-to-get blocks like barrels, trapdoors, and lanterns.
  • The banner pattern also provides a more sophisticated look, while the lanterns reinforce the whole jungle idea.
  • The green bed color, along with the zombie’s heads, as the cushions, strengthen the green color of the bamboo.
  • This bed design by Lomby not only gives the player a place to sleep comfortably, but the barrels around the bed provide storage options for the player’s needs.

Overall, this bed design is one of the best options for a simple jungle-themed bedroom in Minecraft, and with the low requirements, it is quite feasible too.

Jungle Hammock Bed

Jungle hammock by XlauncherX

The jungle hammock bed is one of the most unique and creative bed designs in the game. It combines the coziness of a bed with the thrill of being high up in the trees.

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  • This bed design is best for players who want to add a touch of adventure and excitement to their homes.
  • To make the bed more comfortable and realistic, players can also add decorative elements such as blankets, lanterns, and even a bookshelf for bedtime reading.
  • Although the hammock is unable to swing, the visual of this bed design is enough on its own.

Just make sure to place enough lighting around the area to prevent hostile mobs from spawning and ruining your peaceful slumber. So why not give the jungle hammock bed a try and take your Minecraft home to new heights?

Canopy Bed

Canopy bed design by Lompy

A luxurious bed design by Lompy that not only look cozy but is bound to give you a good night’s sleep. The posts are built with dripstone, which gives this bed design its uniqueness. The roof of this design is built with trapdoors and carpets reinforced by wooden gates.

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  • The banners add another layer of decoration, acting as curtains.
  • They provide the players with infinite possible patterns and color combinations for this bed design.
  • The back of the bed can be made out of barrels which can also provide some storage area for players.
  • This bed design would provide not only comfort but also sustainability to players looking to survive.

The color scheme and the unique ambiance of this bed design are what appeals to me the most, securing its place in my list of best bed designs in Minecraft.

Scorpion’s Tail Design

Scorpions Tail bed design by Gay-slime

Provided by Gay-Slime/Tumblr, This unique scorpion-tail-like bed design is simple yet stylish and possibly the best option for Minecraft players who want a cozy and functional sleeping area in their home. The use of wooden planks makes this bed design easy to create, as it is one of the most abundant resources in the game. This means that even new players can create this bed design with minimal effort.

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  • The overhang created by the wooden planks adds a unique shape to the bed, making it stand out from other designs.
  • The use of trapdoors further enhances the style of the bed, creating a bracketed effect that adds depth to the design.
  • The lantern hanging from the top of the overhang provides soft lighting, making the bed area feel warm and inviting.
  • The addition of a miniature painting, two chests, a potted plant, and a bookshelf block further adds to the style and functionality of the bed design.

The miniature painting adds a touch of personality to the space, while the chests and bookshelf provide storage options for items such as books, armor, and tools. The potted plant adds a natural element to the space, making it feel more inviting and homely.

Simple Bunk Bed

Simple bunk bed design by HamstersForAll

For those who prefer solo travel instead of exploring with pets, I bring the simple bunk bed design. This is just like the ‘bed with pet’ design but without the compartment for the pet. Instead of that, there is an enchanting table and a crafting table for the player to use.

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  • This design is simple yet effective, allowing players to utilize their beds without taking up too much space.
  • The wooden trapdoors used in the construction give it a rustic and classic look, making it a perfect addition to any Minecraft home.
  • The use of a lantern, a barrel, and a flower pot adds a touch of elegance to the overall design.

With its minimalized requirements and multiple uses, this bunk bed design is one of the best in Minecraft. Its simplicity and elegance make it a popular choice among Minecraft players, and it is an excellent addition to any home.

Simple Double Bed With Storage

Bunk bed with storage by GregBuilds

This is a simple-looking elevated bed design by Greg Builds for adventurers who like to sleep with their treasure. With the chest on three sides of the bed, you would not have to worry about going out of storage for a while.

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The main component required for this design is wood, so you can make this bed design pretty early, apart from the end rods, which are accessible toward the end of the game.

Replacing the end rods with lanterns will not only allow you to complete the design early in the game but also change the whole dynamic to a much warmer look. The painting on top of the bed gives a little artistic touch to the whole setup, and designing your bedroom around this will look good.

The Crib

The crib bed design by Greg Builds

The crib-like bed design is a unique and cozy option for players looking to create a comfortable sleeping area in their game. Another bed design by Greg Builds is built on a foundation of wooden planks, giving it a rustic feel. Two wooden logs are placed in the corners to provide support and a solid structure for the bed.

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  • To create a cozy feel, the crib-like bed is surrounded by wooden trapdoors.
  • These trapdoors can be opened or closed depending on the player’s preference.
  • Additionally, each corner of the bed is adorned with an end rod, which not only provides soft lighting but also adds a touch of elegance to the design.
  • The end rod can be replaced by lanterns here, too, for players going for a warmer touch.

Overall, the crib-like bed design is an excellent choice for players who want to create a lighted and comfortable sleeping area in their virtual world. With its sturdy structure, rustic charm, and soft lighting, this bed design is sure to make any player feel right at home.

Kirizuma Design

Japanese Kirizuma Style bed by BlueNerd

This bed design by BlueNerd is an impressive build that includes the closest thing to a Kirizuma-designed wall in the game. The wall features a hollow center with a single shelf made of trapdoors for decoration purposes.

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  • The Kirizuma design of the wall provides a unique and intricate pattern that adds visual interest to the bed’s overall aesthetic.
  • The bed itself is a double bed and is positioned against the Kirizuma-designed background wall.
  • The bed is enclosed on one end by two trapdoors, providing a border.
  • At the left and right of the wall, the design features lanterns attached to the end of the roof, providing warm lighting to the sleeping area.

Overall, this design is an excellent example of how utilizing intricate designs and utilizing minimal materials can elevate the aesthetics of your Minecraft builds. The Kirizuma-designed background wall adds an element of sophistication to the overall design, and the use of wooden planks and trapdoors creates an overall warm and inviting atmosphere in the sleeping area.

Bunk Bed With Study Area

Bunk bed with study area by Red Golem

Another bunk bed design by BlueNerd is a unique and functional structure that provides both sleeping and study areas. It is constructed entirely out of wooden planks and trapdoors, making it easy to build and modify.

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  • The top part of the structure features a single bed that is bordered with name tags.
  • Additionally, there is a barrel placed at the head of the bed, along with a flowerpot to add some natural elements to the building.
  • Players can use the wooden stairs attached to the structure to reach the top part of the bunk bed.
  • The bottom part of the bed is designed to function as a study area, complete with a chest to store materials, bookshelves to hold important books, and a bush on top of a flower plant to add some greenery to the space.
  • Overall, this design is perfect for players who want to make the most of their space while still having both a comfortable sleeping area and a functional workspace.

When building this structure, players will need to pay attention to the placement of the trapdoors to ensure that they are correctly positioned for the ladder and the study area. Additionally, players can customize the design by adding different types of decorations, such as banners or paintings. This will make the design unique to their Minecraft world.

Simple Double Bed

Simple double bed with pinky vibes by Red Golem

The unique addition to this double bed is the coral fan which seems like a fluffy carpet and gives a cozy look to the whole setup in Minecraft. What a smart move by BlueNerd. As you saw earlier, many combinations exist to set up the back of the bed. In this case, you use bookshelves and trapdoors to act as shelves.

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The two plants on each side add a touch of greenery to the whole setup. The barrels provide storage in the bed area. Thus, this bed design not only gives a comfortable sleep but also functions well.

My Thoughts On The Best Bed Designs

In my opinion, the greatest bed design in Minecraft is Canopy Bed. The prime reason is the bed’s aesthetic and attractive look and design. It gives a player a luxurious feeling and a unique experience as the curtains add elegance to its design. It also gives a wide variety of color combinations to the players.

minecraft hours
My current in-game achievements for Minecraft (Screenshot by me)

It also carries other benefits; the space behind the bed can be utilized as storage as it can be made out of barrels, and it is the best option for those who intend to survive due to the canopy and side coverage by curtains.

Wrapping Up

Additionally, you cannot sleep unless the area near your bed is free of mobs. This means that you’ll need to fortify the space around your bed and construct a strong building to make sure that no hostile creatures are around to prevent you from starting a fresh new day or haunting you in your dreams. Creating a bedroom with enough space and decoration can make the sleeping experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

With that, you are all set to sleep peacefully in your Minecraft world with some awesome bed designs in hand. If you need help with building your house in Minecraft or are out of ideas, read our guide: Best Minecraft House Ideas.

If your game is laggy with a drop in FPS, try changing your launcher and learn more about launchers in our BEST Minecraft Launchers guide. You can also tame a parrot in Minecraft; read more in our how to tame a parrot guide. You can also create an XP farm in Minecraft to level up quickly without any problems. Sleep tight in your cozy virtual home!

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