Top 28 Minecraft Decoration Ideas [Must Try]

Simply building a house in Minecraft is not enough. A dry interior is a big no-no. Here are some great Decoration Ideas to try out!

The virtual world of blocks in Minecraft allows players to create their own personal spaces and decorate them how they like. Players can get creative in Minecraft and decorate their space using various available resources. So, here is our take on some of the fantastic Minecraft decoration ideas.

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Minecraft Decoration Ideas

Like our Minecraft cottage ideas, the following text contains some creative and awesome Minecraft décor ideas. Be it interior design or outdoor décor, we’ve got you covered. Take inspiration from these super fun ideas below that fit any construction project and will make your residence even cooler.

A Big TV

Minecraft Big TV
Imagine bringing all of Haikyuu on this thing.

Kicking off our list of decoration ideas for Minecraft is this big television. Align with the modern age and make your bedroom and living room cooler by adding a Big TV to entertain your Minecraft buddies!

This huge television is a must-have for every Minecraft player, especially if they have a cool Minecraft house. Put lamps on either side of the television to add charm to your cozy space.

To make this TV, you’ll need armor stands for the basic structure and build a cobblestone wall on either side of it. Use gender dragon heads for the TV screen by placing them backward. Add tiny flower pots near it to make it look even more remarkable.

A Vending Machine

Minecraft Decoration Ideas
Credit: BlenDigi

Owning a personalized vending machine is both relaxing and impressive. It’s a unique addition to your space that allows customization of your favorite foods. Your friends will be amazed when they visit and see your vending machine.

To create this vending machine, follow these steps:

  1. Use red concrete blocks to form an “L” shape.
  2. Add two bookshelves and glass blocks to the structure.
  3. Place red carpets on top and a red banner under the glass block.
  4. Insert an item frame and a golden apple into the vending machine.
  5. Dig into the ground to install a dispenser.
  6. Add a birch button beneath the golden apple frame.
  7. Press the button to retrieve a food item from the vending machine.

This DIY vending machine is a great addition to your space, offering relaxation and impressiveness.

Karaoke Machine

Minecraft Decoration Ideas
Credit:  Average Tuna Sandwich

Strike some high notes with your homies, and have a karaoke night in the Minecraft world! You can place this karaoke machine indoors as well as outdoors. This incredible karaoke machine is easy to build as well.

Add a little jazz to your Minecraft space with this fantastic karaoke machine. You can follow many tutorials to create this super cool karaoke system.


Minecraft Decoration Ideas
Credit: Spudetti

Building an aquarium in Minecraft is perhaps one of the most fantastic additions to your house. If you are looking for something fancy for your space, make this massive aquarium because the small ones were so last year. Fill it with your favorite fish, cod, or puffer, and decorate it with seaweeds and ferns.

You can use quartz stairs for the top and bottom of the tank armor and simple white quartz blocks. Use a light blue stained glass window pane to build the tank.

Koi Garden

Minecraft Decoration Ideas
Credit: Cortezerino

This idea is probably the most aesthetically pleasing for fans of Fairycore. Amp up your Minecraft garden with your very own koi pond oasis. After making a basic pool, add a tiny bridge and water lilies or other floating plants to provide shade for the fish in the pond. You can also add a tiny gazebo to make it look cuter! This lovely koi pond will add a charming and colorful touch to your Minecraft space!

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Fairy Gazebo

Minecraft Decoration Ideas
Credit: Kelpie The Fox

What’s better than a standard gazebo? A fairy gazebo! If your style inclines more towards fairy and cottage core, then this super cute and aesthetically pleasant fairy gazebo is a must-add to your fairy garden!

Heart Lava Fountain

Minecraft Decoration Ideas
Credit: Pachimarik

There is nothing more perfect than a heart-shaped Lava fountain for your Minecraft date night! This Lava fountain is quite easy to build and will make your garden look unique and awesome. This fountain will look gorgeous at night and will definitely add to your popularity.

Aesthetic Garden Swing

Minecraft Decoration Ideas
Credit: Michael Heist

Live your fantasy dream by building this dreamy floral swing that looks straight out of a fairytale! This swing is perfect for enjoying some outdoor quality time. This swing is perfect for adding that aesthetic and cottage-core touch to your garden.

You can design your swing however you want and decorate it with poppies, blue orchids, sunflowers, rose bushes, etc. You can also add fairy lights or lanterns to the swing to add to its beauty.

Cute Hanging Pots

Minecraft Decoration Ideas
Credit: Sleepy Socks

Hanging decors are all the rage these days, and this trend also made its way to the Minecraft world!

Decorate your Minecraft house with these lovely hanging plants and make your living space more beautiful and pleasant. You can use any type of flower you want in these small pots, be it orchids or poppies, these cute and tiny hanging pots will rejuvenate your Minecraft garden.

Wooden Lantern Hanging

Minecraft Decoration Ideas
Credit: Red Golem

You can add a luxurious décor piece to your Minecraft residence by building this beautiful wooden lantern hanging. Once you’re done building the wooden panel, decorate it using oak leaves or flowers and ferns of your choice

Luxury Jacuzzi

Minecraft Decoration Ideas
Credit: Defroi

Relax and freshen up your day with this luxurious jacuzzi. Get comfortable in this huge de facto jacuzzi and experience the rich. Building this jacuzzi isn’t as hard as it looks. After setting up the basic hot tub structure, add a roof to it.

Luxury Swimming Pool with Gazebo

Minecraft Decoration Ideas
Credit: Crian Gaming

Swimming pools add a modern touch to any house and can be a fun and chill place to hang out with your friends in Minecraft.

You can build yourself a deluxe yet cozy swimming pool and make your Minecraft space look more extravagant. While building a swimming pool, you should keep in mind that you should dig your pool deep, as filling it with water can be quite a task. 

Cherry Blossom Tree

Minecraft Decoration Ideas
Credit: Derezero

If spring is your favorite, add a pretty cherry blossom tree to beautify your Minecraft garden. These pretty pink fragile blossoms will be a magnificent addition to your garden. This Sakura tree is very easy to build and will make your garden stand out the most.


Minecraft Decoration Ideas
Credit: Blue Nerd Minecraft

If you like music, then you should build a cute piano for yourself. Minecraft gives you the unique experience of building anything possible. You can build complex machines like pianos as well.

Building this piano is very simple. You’ll need some wooden blocks and white tiles in order to build a piano. However, you can also build a working one using mods in Minecraft. This unique Minecraft décor idea will amp up your living space and make it cooler.

Terracotta Pot

Minecraft Decoration Ideas
Credit: BlushyAlien

This earthy terracotta flower pot complements any flower or fern with its vintage and aesthetic rusty brown color. Line up these pots outside, in your garden, or indoors for a cool and awesome living space.

To craft terracotta pots, mine clay blocks to obtain clay balls, then bake them in a furnace to make bricks. Arrange these bricks in a specific pattern to create your terracotta pot.

Flower Cactus

Minecraft Decoration Ideas
Credit: Blushy alien

This cute, spiky item is an easy way to decorate in Minecraft. The emerald-green cactuses charm any garden, indoors or outdoors, even in a terracotta pot. They outshine regular cactuses.

Cacti are farmable and grown from a single block. To harvest, find the cactus, break it, and pick it up before it vanishes. At three blocks tall, they’re not just decorative but useful in dyes and mob grinders.


Minecraft Decoration Ideas
Credits: Spudetti

Nothing compares in beauty to a luxurious fountain. This serene and peaceful fountain is any player’s fantasy and will be the perfect addition to your Minecraft artistic collection. It is perhaps one of our favorite décor ideas, and it is rightfully so due to its being loved by many Minecraft players.

Get creative with your fountain, and add some fish in there too! You can design your fountain however you want and add your favorite details too.

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Aesthetic Bridge

Minecraft Decoration Ideas
Credit: Zaypixel

You’ll need a bridge from time to time in Minecraft to carry resources and equipment or simply to cross from one place to another. You’ll need bridges to cross towers, canyons, and castles. They are also very helpful in transporting water, which is crucial for farming in Minecraft. You can transport almost anything through bridges without getting hurt by mobs. This aesthetic bridge will make your Minecraft space cooler and will be very useful for you.

Oak blocks, flowers, and ferns will enhance the beauty of this bridge. Spruce and stone blocks will also make this bridge look ten times better. Add some lanterns as well so that you can cross the bridge easily at night too. Since stone is abundant and easily accessible, you can build a stone bridge too.

A Wishing Well

Minecraft Wishing Well
Credit: Michael Heist

You see a well that looks nothing special, just an ordinary cobblestone. Throw a coin and make a wish with this cute wishing well that looks too good to be true!

You can easily build a wishing well using a hopper. After placing the hopper, add the chute to use as a roof. Now to make it work, add an item elevator so you can use it to take out your stuff. This wishing well is fully customizable so design it however you like. Adding flowers will enhance its beauty, and you can also use lanterns to make it look more aesthetic.

Floating Lanterns

MC Floating Lanterns
Credit: Errol Three

Minecraft players have been obsessed with lanterns ever since the Nether update, and they are coming up with many creative ideas involving lanterns. One such unique and excellent idea is floating lanterns. These floating lanterns are an excellent idea and will impress all your friends.

You can make floating lanterns in several ways. Make a tower with stained glass as high as you want, break all the pieces except the topmost block, and attach a lantern to it. You can also use string to make floating lanterns. Candles can also be crafted into lanterns.

Two candles would make a lantern with neutral buoyancy that would make the lantern float; however, using three candles would give you a lantern that would float about randomly. These floating lanterns can be used as decorative pieces inside your home or even outside your home. You can use these lanterns on a tiny pond to make a very meditating and mystical pond.

Street Lamp

Minecraft Street Lamp
Credit: Zyl Craft

On a dark, cold night, with mobs at your tail, you’ll need a light source to make your way through the hurdles. Building a street light will help you in the nighttime to see clearly. However, it can also be placed in the front of your home on either side of your entrance gate to give an excellent royal appearance to your Minecraft house.

You can build a simple streetlight as well as a vintage streetlight. After you’ve set up your fences a long way, begin constructing the head of the streetlight by using glow stone. Cover this glowing stone with trap doors on each side, and you’re done!

You can also use a daylight sensor to build a street lamp. These sensors were made available with Minecraft 1.8 update. However, these day sensors can be made into nightlights too.

Heart-Shaped Bookshelf

Minecraft Heart Bookshelf
Credit: YalChu’s Home

Showcase your love for books by making a cute bookshelf in Minecraft. This bookshelf will make your living room more fascinating and will give your visitors a good impression. Bookshelves take warmth to the well-established décor and provide safe and suitable storage space for your books too. Since Minecraft is loved for the huge spectrum of creativity it offers, you can make your bookshelf in any shape you like. You can even make a heart-shaped bookshelf if you’re into the kawaii aesthetic.

To make a vast heart-shaped bookshelf, make smaller bookshelves using books and wooden planks. Place them on the crafting table to get mini bookshelves. Create a base using wooden blocks in a heart shape and assemble the tiny bookshelves. Add more décor like candles and flower pots to complete this aesthetically beautiful heart-shaped bookshelf!


Minecraft Chandeliers
Credit: OnlyCoronet

These beautiful crystal embellishments provide elegance to your living space and create a moody atmosphere in it. This eye-catching chandelier comes in a variety of styles and colors and illuminates the whole room beautifully.

This large and beautiful chandelier attracts players and doesn’t require many resources to be constructed. Though a chandelier can be built with a low ceiling, a high top is preferable to provide space for mobility. You can use birch fences or iron bars for the base, sea lanterns, and white stained glass for the chandelier bodice.

You can also use some tiny lanterns as hangings from the chandelier. Design your chandelier with colors harmonious with your living area. This Minecraft décor idea will undoubtedly impress your friends, and they will be amazed by your creativity.

Stone Alligator

Minecraft Stone Alligator
Credit: Average Tuna Sandwich

This is one of the most unique and fun-to-build ideas on this Minecraft decoration ideas list. Stone ornaments make your garden look ten times more exciting and beautiful. They can be utilized indoors as well as outdoors. In a pond setting, they enhance the beauty of the garden.

The stone statue you choose brings your garden story together and adds to the theme of your garden. A cool and unique statue idea would be an alligator stone statue. This requires minimal effort and doesn’t take much time to build.

You’ll need some stone blocks, and you can use some stone blocks with protruding grass needles if you like. Assemble them elongated and use black and white tiles for the eyes. Finish it with some scales using black rods or tiles on the back. This alligator will give your garden a little bit more personality and might even scare the mobs away!

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Cotton Candy Machine

Minecraft Cotton Candy Machine
Credit: BlenDigi

Make your carnival dream come true and bring some sugary sweetness to your Minecraft space by building this adorable cotton candy machine. There is nothing possibly cooler than your very own cotton candy machine.

Use an armor stand to make the structure of the cotton candy machine and use a leather cap for the cotton candy maker. Use pink wool as the table and a pink and white striped banner design. Finish it off with pink carpet as the roof.

Coffee Machine

Minecraft Coffee Machine
Credit: BlenDigi

To get up and go on an extraordinary expedition in the Minecraft world, you’ll need a boost of serotonin, which a cup of coffee can provide. Owning a coffee machine is not only cool but gives others the impression that you are serious about your builds. Passionate coffee lovers can Express their love for coffee by building themselves an adorable coffee machine.

To make your coffee machine, use spruce stairs as the base, an armor stand, and an iron chest plate as the basic structure. Use smooth white quartz and top and push it down using a piston. Label it with the picture of coffee beans and place some empty pots on the side for cups. Making this coffee machine is very easy and takes a maximum time of five minutes to complete.

A BBQ Grill

Minecraft BBQ Grill
Credit: BlenDigi

Perfect for barbecue parties, this barbeque grill will impress all your friends and will add a cool touch to your living space. This is a must-have for all barbeque enthusiasts. This season is perfect for a barbeque, and the smoky burning smell of barbeque will surely attract people!

In order to construct this fantastic barbeque, you’ll need stone or brick stairs and barrels for the stove. For the furnace, use a campfire to give that smoke effect and place rails over it. Add a piece of meat on top, and the result is an awesome-looking barbeque grill!

Gaming Computer

Minecraft Gaming PC
Image credit: BlenDigi

Exhibit your love for gaming by building this fabulous gaming computer! PC gaming has its golden era right now. Owning one in Minecraft will leave an impression on anyone who visits your MC world. Minecraft allows everyone to get creative and build whatever they like. This gaming computer is a unique idea that would set your living space apart.

Dig a hole and use armor stands for the structure. Use a smooth white quartz slab for the table. Use a chainmail helmet for the keyboard and push it down using a piston. Moreover, use a button as a mouse and wither skulls for speakers. Use a black banner for the monitor and Shulker Boxes for storage space. The final result would be an awesome-looking gaming PC.

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This has been eXputer’s guide on some of the best Minecraft decoration ideas. We hope that the article above will have helped your creative juices flow. Remember that these are just some of the best decoration ideas you can use.

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The thing that let this post stand out: it had a curated assembly of photos. That\'s the only thing that was helpful. I can go to Pinterest if I want pictures of fantastic Minecraft builds. I can\'t get a decent description there nor here. The writer used a lot of non Minecraft descriptions for the difficult to understand bits. Take, for example, the alligator above. The description uses the word tiles to describe both the buttons and whatever the eyes are made of. That\'s just one example, and I will hold my tongue regarding other descriptions. In the future, just do not describe how the builds were made. INSTEAD, envelope a story around a well curated selection of Minecraft builds to keep us reading. Describe where the Minecraft player is going OR where the player might see these ideas. Just, do not describe how to build them. Thank you for your time.

This is the best! I am getting materials to build my Minecraft house and I wanted to see if I wanted to add anything and this DEFINITELY helped me a lot because I have a creative mind but I didn’t know how to express it. Thank you and have a wonderful day everyday hopefully ❤️

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