20 Best Minecraft Base Ideas With Required Materials

Looking to get your hands on the best Minecraft base ideas? Draw inspiration from amazing designs listed below.

We’re all prone to running out of creative ideas when looking to build something in this brilliant sandbox title. However, survival can become a fairly approachable affair when a fantastic community like Minecraft’s is out and about to cover your back. We have outlined a bevy of the most impressive Minecraft base ideas ahead to help you craft a shelter like never before in your Minecraft world.

Key Takeaways
  • A total of 20 Best Minecraft Base Ideas that you can implement in your gameplay have been listed down from which some of them are as follows:
    • Easy Minecraft Survival Base
    • Survival Underground Base
    • Futuristic Dome Base
    • Modern Base Minecraft
    • Fantasy Base Minecraft
    • Ultra Modern Spiral Base
  • Each of these Base projects in Minecraft needs specific materials that you will need to gather in order to construct these houses.

Minecraft Base Ideas

Some word on Minecraft’s two essential game modes prior to getting your blocks out and start building. If you consider yourself a fairly experienced player who has a commendable grip on crucial system mechanics and survival techniques, crafting some of the difficult base designs listed ahead isn’t going to pose too much of a problem for you. 

Minecraft Survival Game Mode
Minecraft Survival Game Mode

That said, if you’re new to the game and have been just getting started with the basics, you can fire up the Creative Mode and enjoy unlimited blocks, the ability to fly and hover above the ground, and no mob threat whatsoever to construct whatever your creativity can allow you to.

 1. Easy Minecraft Survival Base

minecraft survival base ideas
Source: Awomance

Main Required Materials:

  • Cobblestone.
  • Stripped Oak Log.
  • Oak Log.
  • Spruce Planks.

Let us not get too ahead of ourselves at the very start of the list, shall we? It’s better to have humble beginnings and then progress to over-the-top builds. The Easy Minecraft Survival Base is a formidable design idea that basically comprises everything you need to get going with the game. It also isn’t keen on requiring heavy and difficult-to-obtain resources from the player. 

CobblestoneStripped Oak LogOak Log, and Spruce Planks are some of the main blocks that you’ll be needing to construct this base. None of these are hard to find and can easily be crafted through wood, which is something you can get in spades by simply cutting down trees

The base layout of the base will follow a 25 by 25 format. These figures aren’t too excessive for a base, nor are they too trivial. Just about the right size for a beginner to comprehend and manifest. You’ll find a cottage, multiple houses, animal pens, and crop fields within the base to nurture your chances of survival. Definitely, one of the easiest Minecraft base ideas to get off on the right foot with the game. 

2. Barracks-Style Minecraft Base

starter base
Source: Barracks-Style Minecraft Base

Main Required Materials:

  • Oak Logs.
  • Dark Oak Planks.
  • Cobblestone Walls.

The Barracks-Style Minecraft Base is yet another undemanding design that newcomers to the game can perfectly comprehend. It sports barracks to house players in and provide multiple commodities to survive and thrive. There’s also a distinct Nether portal featured inside that can take you to the Nether world in a jiffy.

The latter is the only way to acquire genuinely high-quality materials in the game, such as GlowstoneGhast Tears, and Blaze Rods. Other than that, the base is just built like a tank and well set up to be constructed in the game’s Survival Mode.

Another top-end benefit of having barracks in your base is the enormous increase in your defense from threatening mobs. You can rain death on Illagers, vindicators, and anyone else who dares to raid your base with your trusty crossbow

3. Starter Cave Base

minecraft cave base ideas
Source: Bluebits

Main Required Materials:

  • Stripped Spruce Logs
  • Dark Oak Planks
  • Spruce Stairs
  • Polished Andesite
  • Cobblestone Walls

The Starter Cave Base is a different beast that borrows a fascinating concept of building right inside a cave. You cannot go wrong with harnessing creativity on a level like this. Despite its unique foundation, the base design at hand isn’t too difficult to construct. However, it is preferred that you venture into the badlands biomes to create this cave-oriented base for yourself. 

The reason for that is Brown Terracotta. This block can be found in hefty quantities in the badlands, so do give that area a shot to harvest some Terracotta. However, using this material isn’t set in stone, and you can probably substitute any wood-based block instead of it, depending on what suits you. 

The initial foundation of the Starter Cave Base is built using Stripped Spruce Logs and Dark Oak Planks. Other materials like Spruce StairsPolished Andesite, and Cobblestone Walls will soon follow suit. In conclusion, this design is one of the easiest bases to start your journey with, but just wait until you find what other entries are booming on this list.

4. Survival Underground Base 

underground base
Source: SpudettiIn ad

Main Required Materials:

  • Oak Planks
  • Stone Bricks
  • Polished Andesite
  • Spruce Planks
  • Spruce Stairs

The best base doesn’t have to be teeming with complexity. They can be oftentimes well-established with a great starter concept and then doubled down on with impressive features. This is the case with the Survival Underground Base which allows aspiring players to have a full-fledged shelter for themselves. In addition, one of the major benefits of having an underground base is security

Talk about never running into potential mob threats unless you’re the one spawning them. What’s unique about the design idea at hand is its pond entrance. Secrecy is at its level best here, quite frankly, and you’re going to need all of it if you want to keep safe from most enemies. As for the resource requirement, wood-based blocks like Oak Planks are going to be your best friend. 

Some of the other main materials include Stone Bricks, Polished Andesite, Spruce Planks, and Spruce Stairs. There’s going to be decent room for storage and a full-blown Nether portal right in your bedroom. Don’t hesitate to take things up a notch and implement decoration in your build with different items.

5. Medieval Minecraft Base 

minecraft 1.17 base ideas
Source: Awomance

Main Required Materials:

  • Oak Logs
  • Spruce Stairs
  • Spruce Planks

The Medieval Minecraft Base borrows the classic design of the Middle Ages and gives you a terrific base to work with. This exceptionally well-constructed structure sports effectiveness and beauty in equal measure. It’s got room for expansion and is basically sporting everything that you need to start enjoying Minecraft. The unit actually employs the perfect balance between difficulty and high quality.

Wood-based blocks like Oak Logs, Spruce Stairs, and Spruce Planks are going to be the main materials that you’ll be needing for this build. You’ll also want to build animal pens, crops, and farms within the base, so prepare accordingly if you’re thinking of creating this base in Survival Mode. It’s best that you practice your building skills in Creative Mode if you’re a Minecraft novice.

It’s needless to affirm, but this hefty base idea can be used for every version of the game, including the latest releases such as Minecraft 1.17 and Minecraft 1.18. Furthermore, it also doesn’t matter what Minecraft launchers you’re using to play the game as long as you’re satisfied with the features incorporated and the overall user experience. Do give the Medieval Minecraft Base a shot if you’re into classic Minecraft base ideas

6. Futuristic Dome Base 

futuristic base
Source: AdieCraft

Main Required Materials:

  • Smooth Quartz Block

Okay, we’re going to turn up the level now just a bit, maybe more. The Futuristic Dome Base is outright phenomenal, boasting a staggering design that looks something straight out of 2099. It truly shows you what a person is capable of creating in the game. On the contrary, it does sound ridiculous when you tell yourself all that is made from mere blocks. Speaking of which, you’re going to need a substantial amount of resources here.

One of the main materials required for this build will be a Smooth Quartz Block. It can be generated by smelting Nether Quartz in a furnace and for that, you’ll have to dig up Nether Quartz Ore. A pretty involved process, we know, but if you have a habit of venturing into the Nether world regularly, you can gather as many Smooth Quartz Blocks as you need.

There’s just no missing the fact that this is one of the most futuristic base designs. You surely don’t come by one of these every day. One player who built this base comments that decoration is very well worth it. You can even put a beacon atop each dome to make it look like a gigantic receiver that’s acquiring signals from other planets

7. Jungle Minecraft Base

minecraft jungle base ideas
Source: MegRae

Main Required Materials:

  • Oak Logs
  • Dark Oak Logs

The Jungle Minecraft Base is a class apart from a regular base in Minecraft. Therefore, you’ll have to venture into the unknown and find yourself a jungle biome in the game. Fret not, though, since these can be found near the Taiga biome along with deserts and savannas. A good tip is to look for unusually large trees from afar. Those are typically the signs of a jungle.

Do make sure that you’ve cleared out a significant area for this base, as the jungle is mostly convoluted with grass and trees. Once done, the next step is to get going with the foundation, which will be built using woodblocks like Oak Logs and Dark Oak Logs.

However, the Jungle Minecraft Base doesn’t remain as basic as using wood-based resources for long. You’ll soon need advanced-range materials like Blackstone and Polished Andesite moving forward. At the front of it all resides a large head of a saber-toothed tiger. This is one of the highlights of this terrific base that sure does add a decent amount of aesthetic appeal to the overall unit. 

8. Aesthetic Underwater Base 

underwater base
Source: FenX Builds

Main Required Materials:

  • White Concrete
  • Spruce Planks and Spruce Slab
  • Light Blue Stained Glass
  • Prismarine Bricks  
  • Block Of Quartz
  • Sea Lantern
  • Warped Trapdoor

Who needs to work hard on land when you can dive deep and build yourself one of the best houses? This top-tier design is perfect if you want to escape the bothersome threat of lurking mobs in Survival Mode. The best part is that the Aesthetic Underwater Base isn’t too large. It can be built with lesser resources as compared to some of the other bases.

That’s why many players opt for a design like this when starting out first with the game. Furthermore, the resources required aren’t too difficult to obtain either. You’ll be needing White Concrete, Spruce Planks, Light Blue Stained Glass, and Prismarine Bricks to give shape to this base idea. Other important blocks include Block of QuartzSpruce SlabSea Lantern, and Warped Trapdoor.

The front of the base that you see in the photo above comprises a foundation of 8 blocks by 11 blocks in height and length, respectively. You will, however, need to suck up the water on the inside area to start building the interior. That is where sponges come in.

9. Treehouse Base

Source: Cortezerino
Source: Cortezerino

Main Required Materials:

  • Oak Leaves
  • Iron Blocks
  • Oak Wood Planks
  • Oak Logs

You just can’t mention cool builds without bringing up the Treehouse Base. Just look at that formidable settlement marveling in all its glory. You’ve got two stairways leading up to the storage area, with the main entrance in the middle. Above all of the base resides a tree teeming with Leaf Blocks. There’s also the great front yard area of this base that’s wide and spacious and can be expanded for further potential. 

Apart from all that, the interior features hanging lights, and this is something that’s becoming more and more common in today’s Minecraft builds. Truth be told, though, you will need a wide variety of resources to make this base come to life. It’s best that you hop onto the Creative Mode to practice building the Treehouse Base

It’s not quite clear from the embedded image above, but the design in question also boasts separate sections to grow your crops in. The best place to incorporate those is just behind the two apparent stairways. Make sure to leave room for decorative items and take this awesome base idea to the next level.  

10. Well-Hidden Base

secret base
Source: TheMythicalSausage

Main Required Materials:

  • Stripped Acacia Wood
  • Spruce Planks
  • Looms and Barrels
  • Spruce Logs and Spruce Trapdoors

Looking to surprise your friends with a fantastic base? There’s nothing more jaw-dropping than Minecraft secret base ideas and, subsequently, the Well-Hidden Base. Imagine you’re going about your way in the game, and you manage to find a well. You inadvertently fall inside the well and discover a full-fledged base. That is what this design idea is all about—the entrance to it resides inside a well! We genuinely hope that you get the pun now and pardon it too subsequently. 

The interior features a diversity of different blocks, but that’s entirely up to you regarding what materials to use. Rest assured, though, because the rest of the base boasts everything you need for survival in the game—an Enchanting Table, a Crafting Table, an Avil, and a bed.  

Want to take things even further? Build a whole village around the well and conceal this base like Houdini himself.

11. Modern Base Minecraft 

minecraft big base ideas
Source: JUNS MAB Architecture Tutorial

Main Required Materials:

  • Block Of Quartz and Quartz Stairs
  • Glass, Glass Pane, and Black Glass Pane
  • Glow Stone

We’ve all had our fair share of regular wood-based bases situated somewhere in the middle of nowhere, but it’s time we have a little change of perspective. The Modern Base Minecraft certainly packs all the flash for people looking to construct a well-designed settlement. It doesn’t classify as a megabase in particular, but its formidable size still makes it fairly large in comparison.

The main materials you’ll need for this modern base are a Block of QuartzQuartz StairsGlassGlass PaneGlowstoneEnd Rod, and Black Glass Pane. Slapping on some Oak Fences wherever required is an excellent way of marking the entry and exit points as well. As for the decoration, you’re free to switch things up in accordance with your preference.

12. Safest Base Minecraft 

cool minecraft base ideas
Source: Wifies

Main Required Materials:

  • Lava
  • Bedrock

It’s fairly commonplace in multiplayer Minecraft servers to get your base raided by other players. Building this structure in your Minecraft world is a surefire way of warding off annoying players who get their fun from destroying other people’s bases. The base is consolidated with multiple layers of protection

Its most external covering is lined with lava, making incoming threats acknowledge what’s waiting for them further on. What’s waiting for the player inside is a house made out of Bedrock. Nailing everything right will set you up with an impenetrable fortress, even though the size of the base isn’t too formidable. Lastly, you can even place hostile mobs around the area to further deliver protection from lurking players.

All that said and done, do you know what makes the Base truly safe in Minecraft? The answer is not what one would normally expect. To guarantee 100% chances of your base not being raided by anyone, construct it thousands, if not millions, of blocks away from the spawn location.

13. Underground Farm Base

underground base ideas minecraft

Main Required Materials:

  • Stripped Spruce Logs
  • Dark Oak Logs
  • Lanterns
  • Oak Leaves

The Underground Farm Base is a touch of excellence, hiding an incredibly detailed homestead beneath a gorgeous circular farm. To get started with the build, you will need to clear out a massive circle in the biome of your choice.

Don’t forget to cover the area as well with a suitable block that can duly serve as protection. You can see how the farm is decorated with Lanterns, but if you can’t find the latter, gather any other light source, and that should work like a charm as well.

The idea here is to build a well in the middle of the base and dig it deep, almost about 15-20 blocks down, depending on how deep you want the base to be. Furthermore, this build is heavy on decoration, so it’s best that you follow suit.

The interior of the well or the pool can be designed with a variety of different wood-based blocks such as Stripped Spruce Logs and Dark Oak Logs. Minecraft is a game where creativity prevails above everything else, so don’t hesitate to implement your experiments in the mix. 

You can create different rooms within this underground base that would each serve their own purpose. For instance, one section can be allotted for storage by having it filled with chests, while bookshelves can surround the other in combination with an Enchanting Table.

14. Fallout Vault Survival Base

minecraft mountain base ideas
Source: TheMythicalSausage

Main Required Materials:

  • Cobblestone
  • Stone
  • Dark Oak Logs

If you’re a fan of the well-reputed Fallout series, this Minecraft base will ring a bell or two. It comes pretty close to imitating Vault 44 in the post-apocalyptic FPS with characteristic features spread out all over the place.

Get started with the build by designing a vault-like entrance at the heart of the base and following it up with lining the exterior area. This is where your creativity will factor in heavily. The design shown above in the embedded photo comprises a diversity of blocks.

The mix ranges from Cobblestone and Stone to Dark Oak logs and even Lava. You can use the materials that you think will suit the Fallout Vault Survival Base the best.

This is a fairly easy base to build that relies mostly on preferences as to what kind of materials you’d like to use. It’s also packed with all the resources that are necessary for survival, so you should be good to go. 

15. Ocean Base Minecraft

minecraft mega base ideas
Source Cortezerino

Main Required Materials:

  • White Concrete
  • Quartz Blocks
  • Crimson Stairs

If you’re all about mighty, gargantuan bases in Minecraft, consider constructing this sensational Ocean Base. The unit ever-so-gracefully bids farewell to uninteresting and spiritless builds and marks itself as a monument of magnificence. It employs a Greco-Roman style of construction and incorporates a number of gardens, farms, and automated storage mechanics as well. 

You will need an extra amount of patience and skill to make this base see the light of day on your end. It’s easy to tell just by the breathtaking looks of it the amount of effort that goes into building a base like this. There’s a villager trading hall too that allows users to do business with villagers and get valuable items. 

Managing to create a structure like this is no easy feat. The Ocean Base is undoubtedly beautiful but is also insanely hard to build, so do give it a shot in Creative Mode to up your chances of success. Calling it one of the most impressive Minecraft megabase ideas would be nothing but fitting and definitely deserving. 

16. Mountain House Base 

A large base embedded to an even bigger mountain somewhere in the middle of a jungle
Source: TheMythicalSausage

Main Required Materials:

  • Glowstone
  • Spruce Slabs, Spruce Logs and Trapdoors
  • Dark Oak Logs

Talk about taking bases to higher levels. The Mountain House Base is for you if you’ve had your fill of underground and land-based bases in Minecraft. This unique concept combines a mountain and a base, resulting in a great settlement for you to return to each time you venture out. It’s got trees lurking on the exterior sides to give the whole unit a more tropical look.

Moreover, the interior is what has us fairly impressed. First off, it doesn’t employ the use of fancy blocks but is rather lined with wood-based blocks save for some decorative items. Additionally, there’s a Nether portal inside too, that can transport you to the underworld of Minecraft.

If you’re looking for a crisp, clean build with all the basic requirements to ensure your survival in the game, do not miss out on the Mountain House Base. It’s easily one of the most outstanding ideas that we’ve got for you on this list.

17. Mega Mountain Base

minecraft big base ideas
Source: TheMythicalSausage

Main Required Materials:

  • Dark Oak logs 
  • Spruce Slabs and Spruce Stairs
  • Grindstone
  • Looms and Barrels

We cannot help but mention mountains and not talk about this dazzling beauty of a design. The Mega Mountain Base is simply a class apart, having its roots stretched deep into a colossal mountain summit. Embrace a sky-rise build and bid farewell to bases of the ground.

Not only does this design idea look fancy but it also packs quite a number of utilities as well. You will find ample storage, a bed to sleep on, a Crafting Table, an Enchantment Table, and different sections for farming too. You’ve also got animal pens to keep your cows, pigs, chickens, and sheep. 

However, one of the biggest pros you’ll admire in building this amazing base is the view. Observe the Minecraft world from afar and watch how the terrain looks when you’re this high up in the clouds. The build also comprises Nether warts, which can be used to create potions in the game. The Mega Mountain Base is one of the unique projects out there, so feel free to give it a go.

18. Fantasy Base Minecraft 

minecraft base design ideas
Source: TheMythical Sausage

Main Required Materials:

  • Stripped Spruce Logs
  • Dark Oak Logs
  • White Concrete and the White Powder Concrete

This Fantasy Base Minecraft features hanging structures and whatnot that look straight out of a fiction novel. There’s even a hot air balloon floating in the sky and enhancing the overall look of this base. 

It just isn’t about how this fantastic base appears. It’s equipped with all the commodities necessary to ensure you survive like a boss in the game. Some of these include horse stablesanimal pens, a house to sleep in, and plenty of storage options. 

The Nether portal in this build is integrated nicely into the giant battle axe constructed at the heart of the base. The overall unit is nicely put together and is highly recommended for fantasy-build creators.

19. Castle Base

cool minecraft base ideas

Main Required Materials:

  • Full Block Stone and Full Block Stone Bricks
  • Cobblestone
  • Quartz
  • Spruce Logs 
  • Oak Planks’

You cannot go wrong with a structure as solid as the Castle Base. Build this formidable unit and watch the Creepers of your world tremble in fair, thinking at least a million times before approaching your rigid settlement. Okay, we’re getting a little too creative with these statements now, but seriously, this is one of the most solid base ideas we have on this list.

You’ve got tons of options to expand the interior and exterior alike. There’s even a small prison inside the castle base just for the sake of adding more depth to the building.  The base is also perfect for hauling resources. You can create a farm on the outside and even construct a couple of barns too.

The Castle Base simply has royalty written all over it. It looks fantastic in the nighttime and breathes solidarity during the day. As for the inside, there’s a royal bedroom teeming with decorations of all kinds. You’ll also have to use a fair amount of Redstone Torches for this build.

20. Ultra-Modern Spiral Base

minecraft futuristic base ideas
Source: AdieCraft

Main Required Materials:

  • Smooth Quartz Block
  • Cyan Stained Glass and Cyan Concrete
  • Sea Lantern
  • End Rod

Looking to build yourself a base that’s bang up to date? Get a taste of the Futuristic Spiral Base and bask in its glow. You won’t find resourceful elements in this build, though, so practical players beware. However, the latter just goes for the original design. You’re free to fill up the interior space with an Enchanting Table, a bed, and other items. 

The main materials required include Smooth Quartz BlockCyan Stained GlassSea LanternCyan Concrete, and End Rod. The design is just awe-inspiring and instills End Rods in a unique way, so they appear as if they’re floating in the air. Definitely, one of the best futuristic bases to make, especially if you’re an avid builder and can expand it underground as well.


We’ve laid out the Minecraft base idea from mega, underground, and underwater to secret, cavernous, and starter. You’re free to draw inspiration from all of the ideas listed above and implement your own experimentation to achieve desirable results. Do let us know in the comments section if you managed to build a base by following any of the designs above. As always, eXputer wishes you happy gaming!

Minecraft Base Ideas - FAQs

What Should an Ideal Minecraft Base Have?

An ideal Minecraft base should comprise all the necessary resources for survival, such as a bed, an Enchanting Table, a Crafting Table, a furnace, and consolidated protection to ward off potential threats.

How Do You Make a Cool Minecraft Base?

You can make a cool Minecraft base by using modern blocks such as Smooth Quartz Blocks, White Concrete, or Gray Concrete to create an exceedingly impressive base.

Where Should I Put My Minecraft Base?

You can put your Minecraft base anywhere you’d like in any biome that suits your style.

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