10 Best Minecraft Base Ideas With Required Materials

Looking to get your hands on the best Minecraft base ideas? Draw inspiration from amazing designs listed below.

We’re all prone to running out of creative ideas when looking to build something in Minecraft. We have outlined a bevy of the most impressive Minecraft base ideas ahead to help you craft a shelter like never before in your Minecraft world.

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1. Easy Minecraft Survival Base

minecraft survival base ideas
Source: Awomance

Main Required Materials:

  • Cobblestone.
  • Stripped Oak Log.
  • Oak Log.
  • Spruce Planks.

The Easy Minecraft Survival Base is a formidable design idea that basically comprises everything you need to get going with the game. It also isn’t keen on requiring heavy and difficult-to-obtain resources from the player.

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2. Barracks-Style Minecraft Base

starter base
Source: Barracks-Style Minecraft Base

Main Required Materials:

  • Oak Logs.
  • Dark Oak Planks.
  • Cobblestone Walls.

The Barracks-Style Minecraft Base is yet another undemanding design that newcomers to the game can perfectly comprehend. It has sports barracks to house players and provide multiple commodities for survival and thrive. There’s also a distinct Nether portal featured inside that can take you to the Nether world in an instant.

3. Starter Cave Base

minecraft cave base ideas
Source: Bluebits

Main Required Materials:

  • Stripped Spruce Logs.
  • Dark Oak Planks.
  • Spruce Stairs.
  • Polished Andesite.
  • Cobblestone Walls.

The Starter Cave Base is a different beast that borrows a fascinating concept of building inside a cave. You cannot go wrong with harnessing creativity on a level like this. It is preferred that you venture into the badlands biomes to create this cave-oriented base for yourself.

4. Survival Underground Base 

underground base
Source: SpudettiIn ad

Main Required Materials:

  • Oak Planks.
  • Stone Bricks.
  • Polished Andesite.
  • Spruce Planks.
  • Spruce Stairs.

An effective base doesn’t need complexity. The Survival Underground Base offers a solid, secure shelter with a discreet pond entrance for added safety.

Constructed primarily with materials like Oak Planks, Stone Bricks, Polished Andesite, Spruce Planks, and Spruce Stairs, it includes storage and a Nether portal in the bedroom. In my opinion, you should also enhance the design with decorative items for added flair.

5. Medieval Minecraft Base 

minecraft 1.17 base ideas
Source: Awomance

Main Required Materials:

  • Oak Logs.
  • Spruce Stairs.
  • Spruce Planks.

The Medieval Base borrows the classic design of the Middle Ages and gives you a terrific base to work with. This exceptionally well-constructed structure sports effectiveness and beauty in equal measure. It’s got room for expansion and is basically sporting everything that you need to start enjoying Minecraft. The unit actually employs the perfect balance between difficulty and high quality.

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6. Futuristic Dome Base

futuristic base
Source: AdieCraft

Main Required Materials:

  • Smooth Quartz Block.

The Futuristic Dome Base has a striking design reminiscent of 2099, showcasing impressive creativity in the game. However, it may seem absurd, considering it’s crafted from simple blocks. To construct it, gather a significant amount of Smooth Quartz Blocks by smelting Nether Quartz in a furnace obtained from Nether Quartz Ore.

7. Jungle Minecraft Base

minecraft jungle base ideas
Source: MegRae

Main Required Materials:

  • Oak Logs.
  • Dark Oak Logs.

The Jungle Minecraft Base stands out from regular bases. To locate a jungle biome, explore near the Taiga biome, deserts, or savannas. Look for unusually large trees as indicators of a jungle.

The Jungle Minecraft Base evolves beyond basic wood resources since progress requires advanced materials like Blackstone and Polished Andesite. A notable feature, if you ask me, is the large head of a saber-toothed tiger at the forefront, enhancing the base’s aesthetic appeal.

8. Aesthetic Underwater Base 

underwater base
Source: FenX Builds

Main Required Materials:

  • White Concrete.
  • Spruce Planks and Spruce Slab.
  • Light Blue Stained Glass.
  • Prismarine Bricks.
  • Block Of Quartz.
  • Sea Lantern.
  • Warped Trapdoor.

The best part is that the Aesthetic Underwater Base isn’t too large. It can be built with fewer resources as compared to some of the other bases. That’s why many players opt for a design like this when starting out first with the game. Furthermore, the resources required aren’t too difficult to obtain either. 

9. Treehouse Base

Source: Cortezerino
Source: Cortezerino

Main Required Materials:

  • Oak Leaves.
  • Iron Blocks.
  • Oak Wood Planks.
  • Oak Logs.

You can’t mention cool builds without bringing up the Treehouse Base. You have two stairways leading up to the storage area, with the main entrance in the middle. Above all of the base resides a tree teeming with Leaf Blocks. There’s also the great front yard area of this base that’s wide and spacious and can be expanded for further potential. 

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10. Well-Hidden Base

secret base
Source: TheMythicalSausage

Main Required Materials:

  • Stripped Acacia Wood.
  • Spruce Planks.
  • Looms and Barrels.
  • Spruce Logs and Spruce Trapdoors.

Looking to surprise your friends with a fantastic base? There’s nothing more jaw-dropping than Minecraft secret base ideas and, subsequently, the Well-Hidden Base. Imagine you’re going about your way in the game, and you manage to find a well. You inadvertently fall inside the well and discover a full-fledged base. That is what this design idea is all about; the entrance to it resides inside a well! We genuinely hope you get the pun now and then, pardon it.

Do let us know in the comments section if you managed to build a base by following any of the designs above. As always, eXputer wishes you happy gaming!

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