10 Best Minecraft Castle Ideas – Step By Step

Once you learn the basics of building in the game, you might want to move on up to some Minecraft Castle Ideas for your next builds. Because what’s the point of having a completely customizable world, when you can’t even use it to create the perfect fortresses straight out of a fantasy novel. We’ve talked about this before in our Minecraft Building Ideas guide, but this is specific to Castle, Mountain, Survival, and other ideas.

Anything your mind can think of, you can build in this game. Do you want to build a cozy little moat Castle in the forest, or do you want to create an isolated keep on the top of a snowy peak? How about a tall evil looking spire in the Nether with dark towers and waterfalls of lava? This game allows you to create each and every single one of these fantastical builds, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort required to actually build them. It also gives you all the tools you require, and your only limit is your imagination.

So with this article, we’re going to showcase some of the most unique Minecraft Castle Ideas for both newer and veteran players. We’re also going to give you brief guides on how to get started with the builds, as well as how you might want to prepare beforehand.

Best Minecraft Castle Ideas

Minecraft Castle Ideas
The Different Modes.

Before we start, it should be mentioned that Minecraft has different modes in which you play the game.

Survival mode is the default mode, which has all sorts of enemies that can kill the player and stats such as health and hunger meters that you have to keep a track of. You also have to actively mine or craft the blocks you will use in the construction process. This is the way Minecraft was always intended to be played, but this does not incentivize particularly large or complex creations. You can technically create all of the more elaborate entries on our list in this mode, but expect to spend anywhere from a few days to a few weeks in the process.

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Creative mode on the other hand gives players access to an unlimited amount of materials by default. You can also fly and are immune to any sort of damage. So here you can purely focus on the building, without having to worry about enemies or food. I personally don’t think this is a rewarding experience, but that’s my own opinion. 

So basically, Survival mode should be enough for the easy Minecraft Castle Ideas, but for everything else you should go for Creative mode. Now with that out of the way, let’s jump into the list.

1. Simple Castle

Minecraft Castle Ideas
Image Credit: ImRandom.

We’re going to start our list off with some simple Minecraft Small Castle Ideas, because why move onto the complicated builds without looking at the basics first. There’s nothing wrong with starting out on a smaller scale and gradually building your way up to the big leagues. And nothing gets you hyped up for bigger ventures more than your first successful castle build.

So to begin with, consider mining a bunch to get your hands on a significant amount of Cobblestone. If you want, you can build your Castle out of this material as it is, or you can convert it into some fancier blocks first. To do this, simply throw the Cobblestone into a furnace to turn it back into regular Stone. Now place these blocks into a Crafting Table in a 2×2 pattern to get a bunch of Stone Bricks. These look much fancier than regular Stone blocks, and they also give your buildings a more professional look. This entire process will also require a lot of wood for the furnace, so consider checking out our The Best Axe Enchantments In Minecraft guide to learn how to maximize your yield.

Now take all of your Stone Bricks, and start planning the layout of your Castle. Build the foundations of a simple keep with one floor, at least two small stone towers and a gate. Don’t go too crazy at this point, and focus on making a tiny structure that looks cozy rather than intimidating. If nothing else, this build will serve as an excellent tutorial for some of the bigger structures we have on this Minecraft Castle Ideas list.

2. Small Moat Castle

Minecraft Castle Ideas
Image Credit: One Team.

Now that you’ve learned how to actually build a Castle, it’s time to learn how to enhance it’s security using an extremely simple moat. This is essentially a large ditch that surrounds your building and is usually filled with water. It acts as a barrier that prevents enemies from reaching your home, while the player themselves has quick access to the structure via a small bridge on one side of the base only.

To start this build, go ahead and lay the groundwork for your Castle. Go for four towers this time, and maybe at least two floors. Now once the foundations have been built, grab a shovel and start digging around the exterior. Make the hole at least three blocks wide and two blocks deep. The width here has more to do with the look of the moat, while the depth is the real security measure. Most mobs in this game cannot jump up vertically more than one block, so a two block hole is more than enough to stop them in their tracks.

Once the ditch is ready, go ahead and grab some Water Buckets and fill it with water. This process could take a while if your base is situated a long way away from a body of water, but the end product is going to be worth it. Also if you have a basic understanding of How To Use Redstone In Minecraft, you can even make a lever operated bridge that goes over the moat.

3. Large Walled Castle 

minecraft castle ideas big
Image Credit: ItsMarloe.

Now that you’ve learned how to set up a basic building and moat, let’s move onto some larger Minecraft Castle Ideas. And the first of these on our list is a structure with some actual walls and ramparts, which is something any great Castle desperately requires.

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So to start off, make sure that you leave significant room around the main keep for some other structures. You can set up a farm in that space, or maybe you could even add something like an external armory or storage room. The point is to leave a bunch of space, around 8 to 10 blocks worth from each direction, and then start building your walls after that point.

And then when you do actually get to constructing the walls, build them high and wide. For the ramparts themselves, make sure that you leave at least one block worth of space on top of the walls so that you can walk around and inspect the surrounding areas. You also simply want to place blocks on the outside edge of the walls, with one space in between each placement. This will allow you to gain cover if you’re ever attacked, while also having gaps that you can fire from yourself. 

4. Tower Castle

Minecraft Castle Ideas
Image Credit: Master Majesty.

Don’t want to go about building a regular old structure from the pool of Minecraft Castle Ideas? Well, you don’t have to. You can always choose to make other unique creations like a giant multi-story watchtower instead. This is basically an entire base compressed into a single tower, with space inside for multiple rooms.

You also don’t require a lot of area to make a structure like this. All it takes is a relatively flat patch of ground, and then you can start layering on Stone Bricks until something resembling a room takes form. Then put in some staircases or ladders, and move onto the next floor on top. Keep going with this process until you reach the height you want, or you have the exact number of rooms you require. You also don’t have to stick with regular Stone Blocks if you don’t want. As seen in the image above, you can spruce up the design with some wooden planks or even simple wood among other blocks.

The advantages of a Castle like this are fairly obvious. It’s tall, it looks really unique and it takes up extremely little space. If you feel up to the task, you can also choose to fill your world with multiple similar towers as well, each of which can then serve as a different safe haven. And since these towers are so tall, you can spot them from much farther away than a regular Castle, so you’ll never get lost when you go out adventuring.

5. Hillside Fortress

minecraft castle ideas survival
Image Credit: ToxicKailey.

One of the best ways to create a structure with a lot of space and protection is to actually carve it into a hillside instead of building it yourself. This way you only have to focus on crafting an appealing entrance, while the rest of the rooms can be hidden inside the large hollowed out hill. They can still be designed well, but you don’t have to worry about how the exteriors might look otherwise.

This idea works as a Castle as well, allowing the player to build an elaborate concealed fortress with numerous different wings and other similar attachments. And if you ever run out of Stone to build with, you don’t even have to look far to find some. You can literally use the Cobblestone you carve out of the hill as materials to then use in expanding the building. Simply have some Furnaces placed in an easily accessible location, and you’ve basically created a self sufficient operation.

If you want, you can even go ahead and start excavating underground in order to spread your Castle downwards. This way you have a significantly more room to expand your base, without actually destroying the integrity of the hill. 

6. Mountaintop Castle

minecraft castle ideas on mountain
Image Credit: daxar123_builds.

When I think about any Minecraft Mountain Castle Ideas, my mind immediately visualizes an isolated stronghold atop a snowy peak. Imagine the orange light of the torches on the walls, contrasting strongly against the dark and cold night. Now that’s a truly imposing building.

To be able to make this structure you first have to locate a Mountain biome in your world. Simply walk around until you find one of these, and get ready to start the long construction process. The first step of this is actually picking a Mountaintop with enough space to accommodate your build, as well as good placement. You don’t want to pick a peak that is close enough to another Mountain, as that might obscure your new base. Either way, start off with flattening enough land to lay down a foundation without actually ruining the look of the area. Then start building your Castle on top of this, making sure not to crowd your buildings too much either.

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Now this is an extremely appealing aesthetic to be sure, but you might want to stick to Creative mode when you attempt to make this beauty. Because while the end result might seem extremely tempting, making a Mountaintop Castle is going to be extremely tough in Survival mode. You’ll have to repeatedly transport thousands of blocks up to the peak, and that’s not always going to be fun.

7. Sea Fort

minecraft castle ideas small
Image Credit: Viggoman Plays.

Here’s another one of the more unique Minecraft Castle Ideas Blueprints. How about a Fort built out on the sea, with only a bridge or two connecting it to the mainland. It’s going to be an interesting challenge to build for sure, but the result is a beautiful Castle unlike anything we’ve seen on this list so far.

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To start with, you first have to find a small island off the coast. And while you could be lucky and locate one of these in your world relatively easily, chances are that you might actually find one that’s a bit too small for your liking. In that situation, you can simply grab a bunch of sand and start expanding the area by yourself. It will take a lot of time to to this in a regular game, but remember that Creative mode is also your friend. So go ahead and create the perfect island for your Castle.

Once that’s all done, go ahead and start putting up some foundations. You probably will not be able to make perfectly straight walls or perfectly symmetrical rooms, but that’s kind of the appeal of a Sea Fort. You make do with the space you have, and let the limited area of the island guide your design choices. The result of this will be a unique looking building unlike anything you would regularly make on your own. And while you’re at it, go ahead and make yourself a cool looking port while you’re at it. No one wants to see a Castle on the sea with no room for ships.

8. Mountain Fortress

minecraft castle ideas on mountain
Image Credit: Geet Builds.

Up until now, we’ve been focusing on smaller builds that can accommodate maybe one or two players at the most. But what about some massive builds that you can make with a group of your friends? Maybe a Castle where each player can get a huge section of the building for themselves? Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to look at next. Because why settle for smaller easily accessible structures, when you can create ones that you can get absolutely lost in. 

In this entry on our Minecraft Castle Ideas list, we’re going to discuss a full blown mountain fortress. This is not something you can knock out in an afternoon or two, you’ll actually have to get some friends involved if you don’t want to spend a week building only the bridge. So grab a bunch of other players, and divide the duties among yourself. Assign each player a section of the Castle that they have to work on, and focus on creating the central keep first. After that, you can focus on the bridge and any other attachments.

While this massive creation is beautiful and intimating to look at by itself, it also has another purpose. It can literally serve as a impenetrable base during multiplayer matches, and one that enemy players will not be able to breach easily. Sure you don’t have to go all out with the architecture to make an easily defendable Castle, but why sacrifice style if you don’t have to. This is truly the most impressive and difficult build on our list so far, and it’s only going to get more intense from here on out.

9. Nether Castle

Minecraft Castle Ideas
Image Credit: Shannooty.

You might not think that the Nether is a good place to build a Castle, and you’d be absolutely right. It’s dark, covered with hazards and absolutely teeming with mobs that can kill you in seconds. Plus, you have to constantly go back to the Overworld if you want to collect items or blocks that cannot be found in that dimension. But on the other hand, it’s a thematically appropriately location to build your perfect villain lair.

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To start with, you first have to get yourself to the Nether. So build a portal with Obsidian and head inside. If you arrive in a location with a lot of space and a great view, then that’s perfect. But if you don’t like the first area you find, you can always explore a bit until an acceptable piece of land is found. The Nether is it’s own unique place with different biomes like the Overword, so you can always find what you’re looking for if you simply look around a bit. And once you’ve found the perfect spot, go ahead and start laying the groundwork for your Castle. Go with whatever design suits you, but tall spires usually go great with flowing streams of lava.

Now a lot of the blocks you’ll find in this dimension are really dark. They all vary in color between different shades of red, grey and black, and while these do make for some really cool looking buildings, the surroundings are usually also of the same color palate. So your Castle might blend into the environment if you don’t know what you’re doing. I’d keep this in mind when you’re trying to set up a base in the Nether.

10. Flying Castle City

Minecraft Castle Ideas
Image Credit: Geet Builds.

Making a flying Castle City is not going to be an easy task, and it’s not one that should be attempted by anyone other than experienced players. It requires a effective team of builders working long hours to even get the groundwork laid out, let alone build the actual keep and the surrounding settlement. This is one of those challenges you attempt to really stand out from the crowd.

The first thing you require for this build is a starting anchor, since you cannot begin building in midair. You have to build a line of blocks straight up from the ground, and then use that as a starting point for the rest of the flying island. So do that first and make a believable floating piece of land. Don’t simply make it flat, add a lot of ridges, hills, trees and other natural features so that it actually looks and feels believable. You can keep the central area where you’ll build the city completely flat though, since you’re going to erect structures there anyway.


And you’ll really want to plan this thing out with some proper Minecraft Castle Ideas Blueprints. Nothing is going to sting quite as much as realizing that you’ve spent days on a section of the city, only to find out that it’s not symmetrical or that it has some other major flaw you’ve overlooked. So talk to your fellow builders, and make sure to plan each step of the way as you go along. Eventually, you should have a Castle on your hands that will make every other player jealous.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Most Difficult Build Among The Minecraft Castle Ideas On This List?

The Flying Castle City is undoubtedly the most difficult, purely due to the size and scale of the build.

Should I Stick With Survival Mode For Each Of These Builds?

I think you can easily make some of the Minecraft small castle ideas in Survival mode, but for the larger ones I wound definitely recommend Creative mode.

Can I Use Creative Mode If My Friends Are In My Game?

When you set a world to Creative mode, you can tweak the setting so that every player in the game gets access to it.

What Is The Best Build In This List?

The best build is the one that is the most difficult, which is the Flying Castle City.

And with that, the Minecraft Castle Ideas guide comes to an end. While you’re here, why not check out our How To Get Leather In Minecraft guide.

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