15 Best Minecraft Farms With 300+ Hours Experience

Learn how you can get the max amount of every rare resource by building some of the Best Farms in Minecraft!

During world-building in Minecraft, the biggest hurdle for the players is materials of different kinds. That problem is easily solved by farming, which creative and advanced Minecraft players mostly do. My Best Minecraft Farms guide has listed the top 15 farms you can build, no matter what kind of player you are.

Key Takeaways
  • Farms are a crucial part of your base in Minecraft; they provide a constant supply of XP and raw materials.
  • You can get raw materials by slaying the mobs you keep inside these farms and XP due to collecting those materials.
  • You can have either a multi-mob farm for different raw materials or a mob-specific farm for farming particular items.
  • They must be regularly maintained and visited so the mobs inside don’t overpopulate.
  • Some farms can also be made in the Nether with mobs like Zombie Piglins, Endermen, Wither Skeleton, and/or Blazes.
  • Of course, the larger the farm, the more mobs you can keep and, therefore, the more XP and items you gain in a single go.

1. XP Farm

YouTube video

In my experience, gaining XP is one of the most difficult tasks in Minecraft, especially for newbies. Leveling up allows one to unlock new skills and become more powerful. It is one of the most essential and basic things you must do in the game. The best way to gain XP is by farming for it with Enderman.

  • There are multiple methods of capturing Enderman.
  • But the main way of doing it is luring the Enderman towards a trap.
  • You can lure all of them simply by killing one once they start spawning, which will anger all the Enderman in the group.

2. Gold Farm

gold farm minecraft
Source: GamerCory

You can trade the gold with villagers for several cool things. Or you can use Gold for crafting different gold armor. Now I know that Gold is important, so let’s look at how to farm gold in the best way possible. 

  • Both versions involve creating a platform in the Nether and then having Zombified Piglen Spawns trapped.
  • Once they are trapped, one farm will let you kill them, and the other will kill them automatically. So one of the farms is considered AFK whilst the other is not.

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3. Creeper Farm

creeper farm minecraft
Creeper Farm in Minecraft

In Minecraft, not all farms are a good option to build for Creeper farms if you ask me. Mainly, the Creeper Farms can be divided into two categories: the Creeper Only Farms and the second Charged Creeper Farms. Creeper farms are a much better option when compared to Charged Creeper Farms. Because when directly compared, one requires a lot of work whilst the other doesn’t, and they both give the same rewards.

You can check out Shulkercraft’s take on a Creeper Farm in Minecraft.

4. Chicken Farm

chicken farm minecraft
Chicken Farm

Chicken farms produce many goods at very low costs and work. Unlike almost all the other animals in Minecraft, Chickens don’t require any work. Like Cows and Sheep, which require you to feed them and get the goods. But when it comes to chickens, you don’t even need to feed them.

Triloms has put up a good Chicken Farm tutorial that you can follow to get your own.

  • The egg farm can only produce eggs and sometimes feathers.
  • Both farms work similarly by getting the chicken in a place and then collecting the eggs with a hooper.
  • However, lava kills the mature chicken in the Chicken Farm, and hoppers collect the Cooked Chicken.

5. Piglin Bartering Farm

piglin farm minecraft
Piglin Bartering farm

Bartering is very useful in Minecraft to acquire all sorts of different items. If you don’t know what Bartering is, then it’s simply exchanging gold with random spawns with Piglin. If you have a gold farm or a lot of Gold, this farm is a must-have because Piglin drops items such as Enchanted Books with Soul Speed or Gravel.

  • The farm is pretty simple to build in Minecraft; all you need to do is transfer the gold from the Gold farm to the Pigman farm.
  • They will pick it up and drop a random item every time.
  • It is worth noting that if you kill a Piglin to get the Gold back, it will not work because they confiscate the gold and do not drop anything unless you one-hit-kill them.

You could also drop by Shulkercraft’s tutorial and build his tried and tested Piglin Bartering Farm.

6. Hoglin Farm

YouTube video

Hoglin farm is one of the most underrated farms in Minecraft if you ask me. It lets you do so much as compared to some farms. A Hoglin drops raw pork chops, which, if cooked, are the same in saturation as steaks. On top of that, their nutritional value is also the same as a chicken. Other than that, you trade Leather and Raw Pork with villagers that come from this farm for Emeralds.

Hoglins spawn on Crimson Forest and are afraid of certain things in Minecraft. This farm creates a spawning point for Hoglins and then scares them with something to make them run into the lava placed at the edges. From beneath the lave, hoopers gather up all the loot for you. The farm works relatively simply and does wonders.

7. Stone Farm

stone farm minecraft
Stone farm

Stones are valuable in Minecraft, and they come in handy with a lot of different objectives like repairs or construction. They even help you build Redstone repeaters and Redstone comparators. Though stones are necessary for building, a stone farm is rather difficult. You need to use a cobblestone generator farm to create stones in Minecraft, but it gets tricky.

Creating a generator includes mixing lava into the water and turning lava into Cobblestone. But it’s also possible to generate Stone with it. All that’s required is to switch things up a bit. By placing lava above the water and placing the hopper beneath the water, you can generate stone. Then, using a pickaxe with Silk Touch enchantment will mine those sweet stones efficiently. 

Even though the process is quite simple, I strongly recommend checking out BlazeDude’s take on some easy-to-make Stone Farms.

8. Sugarcane Farm

YouTube video

Sugarcane farm is easily one of the most amazing farms in Minecraft. It just does so many things at a very cheap cost. With this Farm, you will easily craft papers and rockets. Paper is used for trading with villagers to get cheap emeralds, or you can craft enchantment books at the enchantment table. Then, with a rocket, there are several amazing things you can do in Minecraft.

  • When building a Sugarcane farm, you can build as big as you want or as small as you need.
  • It has a simple mechanism: plant the sugarcane in any dirt, grass, podzol, or sand block. That block must have water next to it, not higher or lower. Otherwise, the Farm will not work.
  • Lastly, you can place some observers and pistons to harvest the crops.
  • Then, place some hoopers and a chest where hoppers will collect them from above.

9. Melon Farm

melon farm minecraft
Source: GamerCory

If you cannot or don’t want to build the Sugarcane farm for some reason, you can build the Melon Farm. The Melon farm has its own uses, and a Sugarcane farm is better than this one, but the main reason to build a Melon farm is Composting. If you don’t know what Composting is, it’s simply turning edible items into bone meals.

Melon block has a 65% chance of producing a bone meal, while its slices have a 50%. But it’s recommended to go with the Slices since it is much more efficient and less material-consuming. Other than Composting, Melons can be used for trading with villagers to get good amounts of Emeralds. These are the basic uses, amongst many others.

10. Honey Farm

bee farm minecraft
Bee Farm by NaMiature

You can build the Honey Farm very easily, and it is extremely useful in Minecraft. The Farm collects Honey in Bottles, Honey Blocks, and Honeycombs. Honey, in general, is very useful in Minecraft for treating toxicants. Then, the Honey is used to make candles or to wax Copper Blocks. With a Honey Farm, you get Honey Blocks, which have tons of uses in the game. These are just a few benefits you get with a Honey Farm, amongst many others. 

The Farm works relatively simply, in repeating mechanics.

  • First, the Bees collect the pollen from flowers, and then that pollen is turned into Honey.
  • Lastly, it’s collected with various methods, and one popular example is the Bottles.

Though, there are some things you can do to make the farm work much more efficiently.

  • Firstly, by building the Farm in The End or Nether because Bees only work during the day, and in both those realms, it’s always day.

If you want, you can also check out NaMiature’s video tutorial on Honey Farm. 

11. Tree Farm

YouTube video

There is no denying that wood is one of the most valuable assets in Minecraft. You need wood for basic needs such as crafting or fuel in survival mode from the beginning of the game. With a Tree Farm in Minecraft, worrying about needing wood will become a thing of the past. But when it comes to Tree farming, you have many different options, from simple farms to TNT farms.  

The best option available, without any doubt, is the TNT Tree Farm. But for more beginner-level players, it’s best to stick with simpler farms. The TNT Tree Farm is one of the most difficult farms to build in Minecraft. The main difference between these farms is the quantity they produce and AFK farming.

12. Iron Farm

iron farm
Iron Farm in Minecraft

Just like wood, iron is crucial in Minecraft. You need Iron for basic crafting to more advanced builds. It is used for creating powerful armor to get you through the mid-game. Then there are also iron Golems created from iron to defend the base. All in all, Iron is handy and is required in large quantities in Minecraft.

Iron Farm in Minecraft requires villagers and a village in order to be created.

  • The most simple iron farm includes spawning iron Golems and gathering the iron from them. This is usually done by killing them on the spot or moving them to another place. 
  • Iron farming is also done with Skeletons or Zombies, but their iron drop rate is considerably lower than Golems. So it’s best to stick with Iron Golems.

Feel free to check out MushoDen’s video tutorial on creating an Iron Farm.

13. Blaze Farm

YouTube video

To reach the end in Minecraft, you will need Blaze powder at one point. And the only source for Blaze powder is from Blaze rods. On top of that, you will need it for brewing. Plus, Blazes have 20 points of health with twice the amount of XP compared to normal Mobs.

The Blaze farm is the easiest spawn farm in Minecraft

  • It starts by spawning the Blazes and then moving them into a place.
  • This is done in various ways, depending on how advanced a player is.
  • Then there, they are killed to get the drops. Killing is also made differently depending on the farm because not all farms grant XP.

14. Witch Farm

witch farm minecraft
Source: LaZ1en Farms

Witch farm has become much easier in the newer version of Minecraft compared to the older ones. So if that is the worry, no more; with a witch farm, you can easily get a lot of different drops. This includes Gunpowder, Glow Stone, Sugar, and also Red Powder.

Witches are just like any other hostile mob, which is dangerous. On top of that, Witches have more health points, and some have recovering potions. You should build the farm to immediately dispose of the witches upon spawning. Building the farm should be simple, with spawning and killing. 

15. Music Disc Farm

YouTube video

Music Disc farm is one of the most lengthy farms to build in Minecraft, but it’s worth it. The Farm does not do so many things, but the best thing is it grants you music discs to play music in the world of Minecraft. The Minecraft world can be deafeningly quiet, but that can be easily dealt with with the music disc. That said, one of the only guaranteed ways to get the Music Discs is to get a Creeper killed by a Skeleton. 

These are my picks for the Best Minecraft Farms, and they truly are the most useful farms in the game. Having these farms will improve overall gameplay and save time gathering basic materials. These farms will help all the players, Advanced or Newbies. If, by any chance, your favorite Minecraft Farm is not on my list, the comment section is all yours. 

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