How to Make an XP Farm in Minecraft [SOLVED]

Your Guide to Leveling Up in the Beginning and the End

For enchanting and upgrading the gear, players want to collect more XP in Minecraft. Along with enchantments, they get much experience as they keep on playing. If you’re a newbie and want to explore how to make an XP farm in Minecraft, be glad. This guide is going to be helpful in understanding the basics of earning XP during both early and end game scenarios.

Key Highlights
  • XP farms are the easiest way to gain tons of XP as well as other useful items in Minecraft.
  • These farms can include several mob types and/or objects to give you the XP you need.
  • One of the best ways to ensure an endless supply of XP is by including a Spawner, an item that spawns mob as time goes on.
  • The XP generated from an XP farm can be used in numerous ways, such as enchanting, repairing, and even renaming your weapons and armor!
  • Of course, the bigger your farm, the more XP you’ll collect in a single go!

By creating an automated farm, you can produce an unlimited supply of XP. There are multiple ways to make such farms, such as setting up a cactus farm or fish farm and spawning mobs (any of the three categories). To become a pro player, you have to be an expert in some of the Minecraft processes like renaming your items and applying enchantments.

Minecraft empowers the players with different abilities and gives them the freedom of doing various things. You can traverse deep caverns, create custom tools, and build enormous fortresses. So, there is much more to explore in Minecraft. Let’s have a look at different ways through which you can make an XP farm in Minecraft.

Make an XP Farm in Minecraft without a Spawner

If you’re eager to know how to make an XP farm in Minecraft without a spawner, here is the easiest way of doing so. No need to mine an area for spawner around it. All you have to do is to build a chamber that must be 30 blocks off from you. This way, the mobs will spawn 30 blocks away from the player.

As there would be water around the hole which will make the mobs drop down in it. Killing them will not be a difficult task for you when the mobs will be falling in the hole speedily.

Make an XP Farm in Minecraft without a Spawner
Gaining XP without a spawner

Make an XP Farm in Minecraft with a Spawner   

If you’re thinking about how to make an XP farm in Minecraft with a spawner? It’s as simple as making an XP farm without a spawner. Here you have to make a room for the spawner which will provide plenty of space to the mobs for spawning. Then, you have to push the mob towards the hole with the help of water.

When they move into the hole, also fill it with water. Extend the length of the hole up to 20 blocks above the ground. Again, at the block’s top, you require water for pushing the mob a few blocks away towards any direction. When the mobs fell from the hole, they become weak, and killing them becomes a breeze.

Make an XP Farm in Minecraft with a Spawner   
Gaining XP with a spawner

Make an XP Farm in Minecraft 1.14

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You have various options for making farms In Minecraft 1.14, which will increase your experience and let you earn more XP. You can create a farm of chickens, cows, or pigs. Maintaining a chicken farm is not challenging but it provides less experience. Make a chicken pen and keep some eggs there for growing up chickens. Once you are done with the basic setup then make a floor on the already-built chicken pen.

Spread hoppers on the whole floor and use a switch and Redstone timer for connecting them to a dispenser. The chickens will throw their eggs from the top into the hoppers.

From there, the eggs will transfer into the dispenser. The fresh chickens spawn here and all that process occurs automatically. Just you have to kill the lower potion’s chickens for the experience. 

With the levels up, when you are desiring to diversify your farm, go for raising pigs or cows. 

Make an XP Farm in Minecraft 1.14   
Gain XP through crops or cattle

Enderman XP Farm

When the player reaches the end and kills the Enderman Dragon, he/she can build an Enderman XP farm. The end realm has a lot of free space which is ideal for an Enderman to spawn. The players can make well-organized mob farms here. The interesting fact is that the XP level of a player can go high up from 0 to 30 within just one minute. This automatic farm is made conveniently and gives plenty of pearls to the player. 

Enderman XP Farm
Making an automatic XP farm

Best Minecraft Farms for XP   

There are many XP farms in Minecraft, but here we are discussing the 5 best farms that focus on boosting one’s experience. This selection will make it easier to choose from when wondering about the best XP Farms in Minecraft.

1 – Cactus and Bamboo Farm

If you desire to get the maximum output without investing in many materials, this one is best for you. It requires a very low amount of materials for its setup and then it does all the rest of the work on its own. You can leave it to complete its tasks and return after a few hours to receive the benefits.

The cactus and bamboo farm is too compact and highly efficient, but it’s exceptionally loud which becomes irritating and hard to bear. 

How to Make an XP Farm in Minecraft
Cactus and Bamboo farm

2 – Guardian Farm 

Guardian farm is the highly XP paying farm which offers more experience on every killing. But it asks for excessive work in return. Sometimes you will be draining out the whole ocean temple to gain experience. 

Guardian Farm 
Guardian Farm

3 – Blaze Farm

Blaze farm is one of the best mob farms which is not that difficult to form. You can design it in hundreds of ways but it’s better to choose a spawner with multiple natural covers. So, building the farm around it is not too demanding and protects the player from being killed. This should be the answer to blaze farm.

How to Make an XP Farm in Minecraft
Blaze Farm

4 – Kelp XP Farm

For every player that wants to stay away from the hassle of getting experience through the complex farms, this one is ideal for them. The kelp XP farm gives a boost to the player in a very simple way. Kelp is a beneficial fuel that you can easily grow and then dry in furnaces. It can be used to dry other kelp, that’s why it is a big source of fuel production. 

How to Make an XP Farm in Minecraft
Kelp Farm

5 – Classic Mob Farm

The classic mob farm is considered the king of all mob farms because it provides more experience points for little effort. You can build the farm at an enormous height with fewer stones. The monsters spawn inside the farm conveniently if it is built too high or over a huge water body. You can kill the mobs by pushing them down in the water. 

How to Make an XP Farm in Minecraft
Classic Mob Farm

If you liked our guide on XP Farm In Minecraft Guide, learn more about Minecraft’s history.

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