18 BEST Minecraft Beach House Ideas [Hands-On Guide]

Just because it's unbearably hot, doesn't mean that players can't beat the heat with these amazing beach house ideas!

When it comes to a tropical vacation in Minecraft, nothing serves it fresh like a beach house. The Minecraft Beach House Ideas can assist players with building modern, easy, and cozy homes! Beach homes are handy for spawns near water or on smaller islands. 

Important: In order to have the best-looking beach house in Minecraft, players need to experiment with all sorts of designs, such as modern, cottage-core, easy, cozy, and even nature-centric.

Key Takeaways
  • Players can try out all kinds of beach house designs that can suit them based on their needs and preferences. 
  • modern simple house that features an off-white rooftop, as well as a white color palette, can look absolutely amazing. 
  • For a player that wants wooden homes, one with lanterns illuminating the pathway and docks leading to it might be it. 
  • If you’re more into a house that can focus on nature and a modern mix, then a pool in a wooden house can do it for you. 
  • complete modern house that focuses on two-storied buildings, as well as pools in front of the home and patio can look wonderful too. 
  • For players that want a rather feminine home, a pink-and-white color palette that still matches the modern look can work out too. 
  • For those that are obsessed with nature, a cottage-core cabin that is filled with plants and greenery might be it. 
  • survival island base might be up the alley for some players, with it split off into storage and living spaces. 
  • An afloat home that comes packed with a fully accessible balcony, slanted rooftops, as well as a chimney might look amazing. 
  • beach hut that has a lounging space that overlooks the ocean, complete with lounging chairs might be the best idea for a few players. 
  • For more cultural homes, a Japanese home design that mimics Japanese architecture can be it too. 

Modern Simple House 

MC Modern Simple House
Modern Simple House

One of the first beach house ideas in Minecraft that players can try out was inspired by the incredible build by Keralis. It is a gorgeous house with a pool overlooking the front yard, off-white rooftops, and a spectacular white all-rounder build. 

  • The main materials players need for this build are smooth quartz blocks, slabs, and stairs, and combining the build with the stripped oak logs and light grey concrete powder. 
  • Alongside that, players can also use light grey concrete in the build, light blue concrete, birch trap doors, planks, stairs, and slabs, and combine it with some beautiful basic windows and white stained window panes

Wooden House 

MC Wooden House
Wooden House

Moving on, the next option that I would like to take a look at focuses on a wooden beach house that has a dock that leads up to it, with lanterns that illuminate the path for the player. The house overlooks the clear waters and is a simple, wooden beach house inspired by LayaMinecraft

  • Among other materials, a few types of woods and items that players can use for this build is focused mainly on spruce planks, jungle planks, and acacia planks. Alongside that, players can also use items like sandstone walls, glass panes, jungle fences, and lanterns for lighting.

Lighter Wooden Beach House 

MC Lighter Wooden Beach House
Lighter Wooden Beach House

Another masterpiece by LayaMinecraft that players can get inspired by is the wooden house that was quite similar to the last one.

The main difference is that this one has a shorter and lighter-wood-colored deck, and the house seems intermediate in its overall difficulty. Nonetheless, it’s a beautiful wooden house that is afloat on water. 

  • The house’s interior focuses on a rustic design rather than a modern one, which makes the house all truer to nature. 
  • The materials players can use for this build are different types of wood logs, slabs, stairs, fences, trap doors, chains, carpets, beds, anvils, flowers, potted plants, and more for decoration. 

Nature/Modern Mix 

MC Nature Modern Mix
Nature Modern Mix

Now, if you’re a player that would rather focus on nature and a modern mix, then one of these Beach House Ideas by Stevler should be right up your alley. The building features a wooden roof with an exterior that is afloat on water, combined with its pool, as well as a dock and stairs that lead to the water. 

  • The main materials players can use for the build are andesite walls, jungle slabs, polished andesite slabs, and jungle fences, combined with white concrete powder and jungle logs. 
  • For the windows, players can use light gray stained glass panes, and generally, players can use stairs, slabs, and wooden materials to build the home. 


MC Modern

Let’s take things further with a gorgeous modern beach house by LayaMinecraft, focusing on a two-story building resembling real-life modern homes. The house is also complete with a rooftop that overlooks the ocean, and it is accessible as well. There is also a patio area and stairs leading to the house. 

  • Players would typically want to use smooth quartz blocks, bricks, smooth quartz slabs, and smooth quartz stairs since the materials are pretty true to modern aesthetics. 
  • Alongside that, players can also use spruce planks, spruce slabs, and nether bricks, as well as combine it all with gray stained glass and gray stained glass panes for the windows. 


MC Pink

Now, if players would rather have a house that is more centric towards a more feminine theme, then this pink beach house by GAMES can be an excellent idea to implement. It is a two-story house with a protruding second floor, and the entire exterior is focused on being pink, and the rest is matched with a beautiful white modern look.

  • As far as materials are concerned, players typically need to stick to a white and pink color palette, with materials like pink concrete, as well as players can use smooth white quartz blocks for the walls. For the stairs leading up to the house, smooth quartz stairs can be handy. 
  • Players can tie the entire look together by using pink-stained window panes.


MC Cottagecore

For all the players who want to live in a cottage, why not combine it with a beach house with two stories, is inspired by SweetMarble, and is filled to the brim with potted plants and flowers, both inside and outside, to represent its connection with nature. The roof makes it look similar to a traditional wooden house, with a balcony overlooking the ocean. 

  • Making the base with grass, players can fill the base with planks and use fences, plants, and more to decorate the inside and outside. 

Nature’s Dream 

MC Nature's Dream
Nature’s Dream

Yet another one of the nature-based Beach House Ideas players can try out is the perfect mix between cottage-core and nature. Similar to the last house I saw, this one also has two stories, wooden rooftops, loads of plants, a balcony that overlooks the ocean, and a checkerboard-patterned floor. The very talented Zaypixel inspires this build. 

  • Players want to mix and match the main materials between spruce logs, stripped spruce logs, spruce planks, stairs, slabs, trapdoors, fences, gates, and buttons well as oak logs, wood, stripped logs, planks, and more. 
  • Players can also use oak signs, cobblestones, cobblestone stairs, mossy cobblestone walls, glass panes, paintings, and plants for the interior and exterior decor. 

Criss Cross 

MC Criss Cross
Criss Cross

unique house inspired by MinecraftArchitect is this criss-cross rooftop beach house with stairs leading up to it and two separate parts to the house itself, and an entire area wraps around it the house, with a cozy resting area at the front of the house. 

  • For the materials, players want to use items like jungle planks, quartz blocks, jungle fences, jungle slabs, warped slabs, glass panes for windows, regular glass, oak stairs, and dirt blocks. 
  • Regular lanterns and soul lanterns can be used, too, as well as campfires, ferns, paintings, trapdoors, flowers, and potted plants for extra decor. 

Cozy Wooden Home 

MC Cozy Wooden Home
Cozy Wooden Home

If players want a cozy wooden home, then they can use the build by CreamAintFreeMC to build this cozy rectangular home that has vines hanging down from it, stairs that lead up to it, a cozy campfire in the front, an overlooking balcony, and loads of open space to hang around. 

  • The materials can range from cut sandstone, wooden logs, cut sandstone slabs, oak logs, and oak fences to using birch stairs and birch slabs. Interestingly enough, players can line the rooftop with a campfire, and after it has been lit out, it leaves a gorgeous pattern. 

Island Base 

MC Island Base
Island Base

Moving on, let’s look at this build by OtamaTheWorld, which focuses mostly on an island base with two buildings, one that can be used as a storage room and the other that can be used as a livable space. The entire space is constructed with wooden materials and has a cozy vibe.

  • Regarding materials, players can use oak fences, jungle fences, gates, chains, and oak trapdoors. For the main building, blocks like oak logs, stripped jungle logs, spruce slabs, cobblestone, mossy cobblestone, cobblestone slabs, and mossy cobblestone slabs can come in handy. 
  • The roof will be constructed using campfires, and decor will include furnaces, smokers, stone cutters, bookshelves, barrels, beds, and potted plants and flowers. 

Afloat Home 

MC Afloat Home
Afloat Home

Yet another masterpiece by LayaMinecraft is this amazing house that is afloat on water like the other two I mentioned before. This house is easily one of the Beach House Ideas as it comes complete with a deck, two stories, a balcony, and even a chimney to go along with it. 

  • Regarding materials, players can choose their own or choose from sandstone, sandstone stairs, sandstone slabs, smooth sandstone, sandstone wallpolished granite, and polished granite stairs. 
  • Other than that, items like spruce planks, stairs, slabs, fences, trap doors, dark oak planks, stairs, fences, doors, glass panes for the windows, acacia trapdoors, campfires, and lanterns complete the look. 

Beach Hut 

MC Beach Hut
Beach Hut

For a beach hut that overlooks the waters, complete with its own lounging chairs, dock, stairs, balcony, and hanging area, this design by MiaBloom is not only nature-centric, but it mainly uses wood as its material, and it is complete with its own set of greenery such as plants

  • For materials, players will need stripped spruce logs, slabs, oak slabs, campfires, spruce trapdoors, stairs, fences, and oak fences. Other than that, players can also use spruce fence gates, spruce signs, and ladders. 
  • Players will need flower pots, orchids, strings, leaves, carpets, scaffoldings, banners, and miscellaneous items for decor and interior. 


MC Exotic

For a rather exotic look, this modern yet gothic beach house is extremely minimalistic, with stairs leading to the back of the house, a balcony protruding out, two stories, and loads of trees that surround the house to bring it to life. The build is credited to CurtisBuilds

  • As for the materials, players can use stone stairs, stone blocks, smooth quartz, jungle wood slabs, stained glass, and birch fences, and that’s all. 
  • The house’s interior can be decided by the players, and any kind of decorations can be used. 


MC Easy

An easier house design that players can go for is this beach house credited to OtamaTheWorld, which not only is a normal house but also has a lounging area that overlooks the ocean. The living and lounging spaces are separated into two areas that combine to make the perfect home. 

  • For materials, players can use cobblestones, mossy cobblestones, birch fences, gates, glass panes, and white stained glass panes for the windows. Players will also need oak trapdoors, jungle trapdoors, and spruce trapdoors. 
  • Other than that, the rest of the materials include oak wood, planks, jungle planks, stairs, and slabs, as well as dark oak stairs, slabs, and stairs that are used for the main building as well as spruce doors. 

Tropical Island 

Moving on, if you’re looking for a beach house that is more on the intermediary level of construction, then this one by A1MOSTADDICTEDMINECRAFT is for you. This house is built on water, protected by wooden legs, and has two stories, tons of rooms, two slanting roofs, and balconies looking out to the sea. 

  • While the materials aren’t listed, players can use wood, spruce, oak, dark oak, or any other, for the main build. 
  • Other than that, players can also use trapdoors, stairs, slabs, fences, leaves, buttons, signs, and glass panes to line the balcony. Players will most likely use potted plants, flowers, and vines for decor. 

Survival Starter House 

MC Survival Starter House
Survival Starter House

If there’s anything that players know, it’s that a starter survival house in Minecraft is a necessity. This basic house by SvGravity features a one-story house with a wooden roof, a corridor, bushes at the front, and a yellow exterior. The house itself looks extremely clean and cozy at the same time. 

  • For materials, players will require different types of logs, planks, stairs, and slabs, including dark oak logs, planks, stairs, and slabs. Other than that, players will also require fences, gates, and doors, as well as regular cobblestone and glass blocks. 
  • Leaves and glass panes are needed too. For your interior, players need chains, crafting tables, signs, beds, lanterns, as well as bookshelves and potted plants for decor

Japanese Home 

MC Japanese Home
Japanese Home

Moving on, the next piece by Hakdow is a Japanese survival home that not only represents the local architecture of the country but it primarily uses wooden materials and also has stepping stones that lead up to the entrance of the house. The entire house wraps around the water and gives off a very cozy vibe. 

  • For building materials, players need a variety of wood, such as spruce, oak, and dark oak, and this includes basic logs, chiseled blocks, planks, slabs, well, and stairs. Fences, trapdoors, ladders, and chains will also be used. 
  • Other than that, players can also choose to use decor pieces such as leaves, plants, bookshelves, anvils, beds, crafting tables, and chests, including survival materials like food. 


And there you have it! Eighteen amazing beach house ideas that players can try out, and with that, I will wrap up my Best Minecraft Beach House Ideas guide! If you want your bedroom to look the best that it ever has, you can read up on our Minecraft Bedroom Ideas guide! In order to stay protected in Minecraft, players need to have enchantments on their shields, and you can find the best ones by reading our Best Shield Enchantments Minecraft guide!

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