Minecraft: 6 BEST Boots Enchantments [2023]

Boots Enchantments make them much more effective for you in Minecraft.

In Minecraft, you do not need to play with plain old boots. Instead, you can use a number of different enchantments on the boots. Then not only will they give you the Armor that you’ll normally get, but you’ll also get special benefits from the Enchantments. That is why it is necessary to have Enchantments on Boots to make them more useful in Minecraft.

Key Takeaways

  • There are a total of 13 Enchantments for Boots in Minecraft.
  • Including these, the boots have some unique Enchantments.
  • The unique Enchantments make the game a lot easier for you.
  • The Best Enchantments for Boots are Mending, Frost Walker, Depth Strider, Unbreaking, and Protection.
  • There are a variety of methods using which you can acquire Enchantments in Minecraft.
  • These include using Enchantment Table, Trading with Villagers, or even Bartering with Piglings in The Nether.
  • Some combos make boots much more useful.

Best Minecraft Boot Enchantments

Boots are a type of Armor that gives you protection from attacks. There is a variety of boots available, ranging all the way from Leather boots to Netherite boots. They themselves are better at protecting you, but it can get better when you apply enchantments on them.

In enchantments, you have a variety of options available, as there are a total of 13 enchantments available for the boots. They give you protection from different kinds of damage, increase durability, or inflict damage on the attacker, among many other enchantments.

We will list 6 of the best enchantments for them. Some of these are exclusive to boots. These are some of the best Boots Enchantments that we found after scouring Reddit and other Minecraft communities. When used, these enchantments give you the most benefit in the game.  So, here are the best enchantments that you can get on boots.


The first enchantment we will talk about is Mending. Mending enchantment can be applied to any item in the game, whether it’s any armor piece, tool, or weapon.

Mending Enchantment Minecraft.
The Mending Enchantment repairs Boot’s durability with Experience Points. [Image taken by eXputer]
Mending is an enchantment that allows you to recharge the durability of the boots; in other words, it repairs boots. It does that by using the experience points you gain from performing certain tasks in Minecraft. However, the experience points will be aimed only toward the boots when they are used. Once the durability level is fulfilled, you will receive XP points normally again. 

The maximum level of Mending you can get is only Level I. Mending is a difficult enchantment to get your hands on. It can only be found in the form of an enchanted book but never on an enchanting table. Although it is a rare enchantment, it is worthwhile to achieve. We’ll explain later how you can acquire it. 

Feather Falling

Feather Falling enchantment is actually used for boots specifically. It helps reduce damage taken by 12% in case of a big fall. Damage is reduced without affecting the speed at which you fall. So, instead of dying, you will be able to survive and recover from the drop; for instance, it can be utilized while exploring and wandering about in caves.

Feather Falling Enchantment.
Feather Falling reduces the damage you take by falling down. [Screenshot by eXputer]
However, if you use level IV of the feather falling enchantment, the damage you get is reduced by 48%, which is great. For instance, when you teleport using Ender Pearl, the Feather Falling enchantment will come in handy. 

Frost Walker

One of the best enchantments in Minecraft for the boots is the Frost Walker enchantment. Once again, it is a boots-only enchantment, meaning you can’t get it on anything else. It allows you to be able to commute through the water as it enables you to walk on water. It temporarily turns water into ice to quickly just commute through water from one place to another without wasting any time.

Frost Walker enchantment of boots minecraft.
Frost Walker enchantment lets players walk on water. [Image taken by eXputer]
Once you walk past that spot, the ice will automatically turn back into the water. It is a great method to travel on water if you don’t have time to build a boat. Not only that, you can use it to your benefit if you are running from the mob.

Another great benefit of using frost Walker enchantment is how it protects you from certain blocks as you walk on the ground, such as magma blocks. But, it does not give you any advantage when you’re dealing with Lava.

The maximum level for frost walker enchantment is level II. The level of enchantment defines the blocks that will transform into ice. The formula to determine that is “2 + Enchantment level“.

Depth Strider

Another enchantment that is exclusive to Boots is the Depth Strider enchantment. Depth Stricker Enchantment helps you to travel faster when underwater. It reduces the power of water, slowing you down by ⅓ at the level I. But that reduction increases as you level up the enchantment. Using the maximum level, which is level III, you can move as fast underwater as you can run on the ground.

Depth Strider ability.
Depth Strider lets players move faster underwater. [Screenshot by eXputer]
Depth Strider is especially used in cases such as exploring an ocean monument or avoiding sinking while also obtaining a trident. You can use it when you have to outrun the monsters.


Unbreaking is one of the most useful Enchantments in all of Minecraft. That is because you can use it on almost all of the game’s equipment, armor pieces, tools, or weapons. You can consider it a universal enchantment in the game.

Unbreaking enchantment.
The Unbreaking enchantment makes Boots more durable. [Image taken by eXputer]
Applying Unbreaking on boots significantly increases their durability. Level I increase the durability of the weapon by 100%. At level II, it is 200%; at level III, it increases to 300%. That means the boots will last three times longer than usual. You can use it on rare items such as Netherite boots to ensure they last longer. 


Protection enchantment may be easily considered one of the best enchantments. It reduces the damage taken from all sources. But, if you are using specific Protection enchantments like Blast Protection or Fire Protection, then they will reduce their respective damages. But with the Protection Enchantment, it affects all types of damages at once.

Protection enchantment.
With the Protection enchantment, you will take less damage. [Screenshot by eXputer]
At level I, you will get a 4% damage protection; it doubles at level II. At level III, it becomes 12%, and finally, at the maximum level IV, it becomes 16%. That is only for the boots. Using it on all armor pieces will get a 64% damage reduction with the Protection Enchantment. Using it will significantly increase your defense.

Acquiring Enchantments

In Minecraft, there are a few different methods that you can use to get the Enchantments for Boots. These include using the Enchantment Table, looting Desert Temples, trading with villagers, etc. We’ll explain in detail how each of these works. 

Enchantment Table

Usually, the method that most players use to acquire enchantments is by using the Enchantment Table. You’ll need a variety of items that we’ll list below. Once you have these, you can head on to Enchanting different items.

You can either go on and Enchant the boots you want. But in that, you won’t always get your desired Enchantment, as the three Enchantments that you’ll get will be random. So, most players use the method of Enchanting books. Although the enchantment that you’ll get on a book will be random, you can set them aside to use on other items.

That is why it is better first to check the enchantments available on Boots. If these Enchantments aren’t one of the bests, then you can head on to Enchanting the Books to get them.

To use the Enchantment Table, you’ll need Boots or Books, Lapis Lazuli, and Experience points. To set up the Enchantment Table, place 15 Bookshelves all around it, one block away. Then you can head on to Enchanting. Place the Boots or Book, and it will show all the available enchantments.

With the Enchantment Table, you’ll get these enchantments onto the boots.

  • Blast Protection
  • Depth Strider
  • Feather Falling
  • Fire Protection
  • Projectile Protection
  • Protection
  • Unbreaking

Whereas the following Enchantments aren’t acquired through the Enchantment Table

  • Curse of Binding
  • Curse of Vanishing
  • Frost Walker
  • Mending
  • Soul Speed
  • Thorns

Trading With Villager

Apart from Enchantment Tables, the best way to acquire the Enchantments was through trading with Villagers. Now, if you are specifically talking about the Boots, you need to look for villagers with Armorer or Librarian trade. You can trade with them for Emeralds to get the enchantments. So, what are you waiting for? Head to the nearest Village in the game.

The Armorer sells Enchanted boots at the Expert level. At that time, he sold Diamond Boots that could be bought anywhere from 13 to 27 emeralds. The price depends on the level of Enchantment. Now the Armorer sells Enchantments related to the boots, so you can use them for your benefit and get some of the best enchantments in the game. For that, all you have to do is place a Blast Furnance in front of it.

Armorer selling enchantment boots minecraft.
The Armorer trades enchanted armor pieces. [Image taken by eXputer]
Similarly, the Librarian also sells Enchanted stuff, but it will be Enchanted Books that you can then utilize for your benefit. You will get an Enchanted Book at the Novice level of the trader, which is the first level. There is no limit on what type of Enchantment you’ll get from it. And there is an exploit that you can use to get your desired Enchantment from the Librarian.

Librarian minecraft.
The Librarian sells enchanted books. [Screenshot by eXputer]
Now the Librarian needs a Lectern to get their job. But, as long as you don’t perform a trade with them, their profession will change if you remove the Lectern. Then, when you place the Lectern back, they will become Librarian, but with different items for trade. Using it, you can place and remove the lectern until you get your desired Enchantment Book. In our case, that will be the enchantment that fits the Boots.

Treasure Chests

You’ll find Treasure Chests throughout the world of Minecraft. They are scattered all over at special places where you’ll have to go. Some examples of it are raiding the Mineshafts, Shipwrecks, etc. Not only that, you’ll find that there are tons of structures scattered around the world of Minecraft.

Some good examples of it are Jungle Temples, Desert Temples, Woodland Mansions, and even Ocean Monuments. They are some of the best examples of Treasure Chests, and you’ll find a lot of different Enchantments there. A good thing about it is that the Enchantments you’ll get will be random. So, you might find a good Enchantment for any other item.

Similarly, End Cities, Ancient Cities, Strongholds, or other late-game structures have a lot of Treasure Chests. These will provide you with some of the best Enchantments for the Boots.


Fishing is one of the lengthiest methods to get Enchantments for the boots. It isn’t as effective as the first two methods that we have already explained, but if you got time, you could use it too. It is a great opportunity for you to acquire enchantments and other items.

When you are fishing, the chances of getting Enchanted Books are quite low. It is at 0.8% just to get a Book with Enchantment. But that becomes another hassle as then you’ll have to consider the chance of getting a suitable Enchantment for your boots.

Fishing for enchanted boots.
Boots have a rare chance of dropping while fishing. [Image taken by eXputer]
If you get the Luck of the Sea enchantment on the Fishing Rod, the overall chance to get Enchanted Books increases. But it isn’t enough for you to spend a few hours here. If you can, it is better just to skip it.

Mob Loot

At times, you might find one of the Zombies, Drowneds, or some other similar Mob wearing Boots. When these types of mobs are killed, they’ll have an 8.5% chance of dropping that specific item. That makes fighting with mobs at night quite interesting.

Not only that, if you make a Mob Farm, then it will be much better for you. That way, you’ll get all of the zombies at one specific point. As you’ll be killing tons of mobs at a time, the chance of a good drop increases greatly.

Bartering With Piglings

Another method to acquire Enchantments is by Bartering with the Piglings. Piglings are found in the Nether. There, you can Barter with them by giving them Gold Ingots. For that, they will give you a variety of items. These items range from basic items with high drop rates to rare items with low drop rates.

Barter with Piglins to get rare enchantments from them. [Screenshot by eXputer]
As for enchantments, they will give you Enchanted Books. In addition to that, there is a low chance that they will give you Iron Boots with Soul Speed enchantment.

Killing Raiders (Bedrock Only)

If you are in the Bedrock edition of Minecraft, there is another method that you can use to get Enchantment for Boots. That is by killing the Pillagers or their Vindicators. They have a small chance of dropping these, but you can use them to your benefit too.

Cheats / Creative Mode

Lastly, You can get enchantments using commands. For that, the command is /enchant for Java and Bedrock edition. The command would be:

/enchant (player name) soul_speed 3

Here, you’ll put your own or any other name tag in the ‘Player name’. Then, any enchantment that you want to put on yourself or them, then finally, the level of enchantment you want to apply. Using it, you can get Enchantments on boots but you won’t be limited if you’re using the Bedrock version of Minecraft.

Alternatively, if you are in Creative Mode, you can acquire the Enchantment on the Boots by using Enchanted Books. We’ll explain that in a while.

Applying Enchantment Using Anvil

Okay, so once you have acquired an Enchanted Book and want to apply that enchantment to your Boots. You’ll need an anvil for that. Press the use button on the Anvil, which will open its window. There, place the Boots in the first box and Enchanted Books in the second. The Enchanted Boots will come on the right side, with the enchantment cost. Pick it up to apply the enchantment.

Using Anvil to apply enchantment on Boots. [Image taken by eXputer]

All Boots Enchantments

There are a total of 13 Enchantments available for Boots in the game. We’ll list each of them and explain briefly what that enchantment does.

  • Blast Protection: It reduces the damage that you take from explosions of TNT or Creeper. You can get up to 32% damage reduction.
  • Curse of Binding: Any item with the enchantment curse of binding will be worn permanently till the player dies.
  • Curse of Vanishing: Any item with the enchantment curse of vanishing will disappear from the world if the player dies wearing it.
  • Depth Strider: Increases your movement speed under the water.
  • Feather Falling: Reduces the damage that you receive from falling. It doesn’t affect the falling speed, only the damage taken.
  • Fire Protection: Reduces damage taken from fire, including lava and magma blocks. The damage is reduced by around 32% if Fire Protection 4 is used.
  • Frost Walker: Temporarily freezes water and converts it into Frosted Ice blocks when you walk over it. With that, it makes you immune to damage from Magma Blocks, Campfire, etc.
  • Mending: Restores the durability of boots using experience points that you gain from different activities.
  • Projectile Protection: Reduces the damage caused by fireballs, arrows, tridents, etc. Like all other protection enchantments, the maximum reduction is up to 32%.
  • Protection: With the enchantment, it reduces any type of damage taken. You can get a maximum of 16% off any one piece of equipment.
  • Soul Speed: With the enchantment, you can walk faster and more quickly on soul sand and soul soil if Soul Speed is applied on boots.
  • Thorns: It exerts damage on the attacks that are attacking you.
  • Unbreaking: Gives increased durability to boots, which in turn makes the boots last for longer durations.

Best Enchantment Combinations For boots:

Enchantments themselves are quite useful too. But they give more benefits if you combine them with other enchantments. So, after going through different forums such as Reddit, etc, here are some of Minecraft’s Best Boots Enchantments combinations.

  • Protection enchantment with Unbreaking will help you to protect your boots in case you take a lot of damage. Unbreaking enchantment will support Protection by allowing it to work even more effectively, as it makes your boots further durable.
  • Secondly, the enchantments Feather Falling works great with Unbreaking. Feather falling reduces the amount of damage from a large drop. Unbreaking helps the boots to be able to receive more damage without damaging a lot.
  • Mending enchantment works great with enchantments like Feather Falling too. It also allows the boots to receive more damage from a large drop. And if you get any experience, the Boots will automatically repair.


Although there are tons of combinations that you can get on the boots, but some of them are more useful than others. So, here are some of the best combinations of Enchantments on Boots. 

  • Feather Falling + Soul Speed + Protection + Unbreaking
  • Protection + Unbreaking + Mending
  • Protection + Depth Strider 
  • Thorns + Unbreaking + Mending
  • Thorns + Feather Falling + Unbreaking + Mending
  • Unbreaking + Mending
  • Unbreaking + Feather Falling

Incompatible Enchantments

As there are some of the best combinations in the game, there are some enchantments that don’t work together. You can either have one of these attachments. These attachments are:

Any kind of protection enchantment does not go together with any other Protection enchantment. They cannot be applied simultaneously on the same pair of boots. However, you can have different types of Protections on different Armor Pieces.

Enchantments like Frost Walker and Depth Strider do not go together for a logical reason. Frost Walker allows you to freeze water and walk on it temporarily. On the other hand, Depth Strider supports you underwater. They both have opposite functions on boots. Therefore, they are incompatible. 


Enchantments in Minecraft make the game a lot easier for you. Not only will they increase the Boots’ durability, but they also make them much more useful. In addition to that, you can get enchantment on Helmet, Bow, Axe, or even Swords too. If you are still learning it, it’s better to start with less valuable items on which you test Enchantment. It would be best to practice on items that use Iron as the main ingredient.

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