How Distant Horizons Transformed The Minecraft Experience

This mod alone revived Minecraft's hype.

Story Highlights

  • Distant Horizons increases Minecraft’s render distance up to 512 chunks which enhances exploration. 
  • The mod improves visuals with shaders and helps gameplay by making distant landmarks visible.
  • Loved by players, Distant Horizons continues to improve with updates for better performance.

Since its creation, Minecraft has been the epitome of great creativity and immense worlds, with only one enemy consistently in its way: render distance. This is, and probably has always been, the trade-off that ambitious players must go through when discussing exploration or building at full scale without compromising performance. The Distant Horizons mod has pretty much changed this facet of the game completely, allowing users to feel the immense landscapes of Minecraft. 

An Insight Of Render Distance In Minecraft

Render distance in Minecraft refers to the number of chunks the game renders around the player. A chunk is a 16×16 block segment of the world. Increasing the render distance means that more chunks are visible, providing a broader view of the world. However, this also places a significant strain on the hardware, both the GPU and CPU, as it needs to process and render more data.

distant horizons performance
Minecraft Max Render Distance on 128GB RAM (Image by Ahpt on Youtube)

In vanilla Minecraft, the maximum render distance is capped to ensure the game remains playable on a wide range of systems. Even with powerful hardware like 128GB RAM, setting the render distance to the maximum can lead to unstable frame rates and performance issues. This limitation can be frustrating for players who build grand structures or enjoy exploring vast terrains.

The Magic Of Distant Horizons

In response, Distant Horizons deals with the same issue by utilizing some standard modern game techniques, such as LOD. Level of detail scales the level of detail an object has based on the distance between that object and a player’s camera. Objects will be rendered at high detail when close and at low detail when far away. 

Distant horizons is a game changer
byu/Traditional-Dare-514 inMinecraft

The mod extends Minecraft’s render distance by rendering simplified terrain beyond the game’s default view distance. This way, players can feel and enjoy the widely open views without the performance hit that comes with a high render distance in vanilla Minecraft. For example, where vanilla Minecraft may already be struggling to render more than 32 chunks, Distant Horizons can stretch it out to 512 chunks, opening up the world far and wide.

Visual Enhancements

YouTube video

Possibly one of the most visual advantages of Distant Horizons is the enhancement that a player’s game will have in Minecraft. The moment Shaders are applied, it dramatically turns the looks of Minecraft into something astonishing. These shaders bring very natural lighting, shadows, and reflections that make the game look dynamic and highly immersive. 

For instance, players could stand atop a mountain and observe numerous huge forests, rivers, and mountains reaching beyond the horizon, all detailed to the tiniest feature. The combination of Distant Horizons with shaders makes Minecraft one of the most beautiful games that can hold out to AAA games today.

Practical Benefits

Beyond aesthetics, Distant Horizons has practical benefits for gameplay. A significant advantage is the ease with which it can move through the world. The distant landmarks in vanilla Minecraft are impossible to see with the low render distance. You will be able to see the mountains, villages, and other far-off landmarks, thereby making the game more accessible and more enjoyable with Distant Horizons. 

Builders benefit further because it provides them with opportunities to create large-scale projects easily. Now, massive constructions can be seen entirely, not half-fading in the fog. Viewing structures is now much easier, and planning as well as executing large constructions properly becomes much more satisfying to build.

YouTube video

Community And Reception

The community of Minecraft users has warmly embraced Distant Horizons. Many players commend this mod for it changes the game. Amongst other reasons, cite the enhanced visual experience and gameplay for which they can’t get enough words to express their satisfaction. Many of the reviews and comments support the inspiration Distant Horizons brings to an understanding of the landscapes of Minecraft as well as the user’s creativity. 

minecraft distant horizons tweet
Fans Reaction To The Distant Horizons Potential (Source: Sam Winkler on Twitter)

In that way, the mod was featured within popular YouTube and Twitch Minecraft channels and streamers, increasing its viewership and attention. The videos showing how this mod works, especially with adding shaders, have drawn much interest. These demonstrations often stress the incredible graphical improvements and the buttery-smooth play without interruption, even from a long render distance.

Future Plans

Distant Horizons is also undergoing further development, just like most popular mods. At the time of writing, the mod developers are working on providing support for the most recent Minecraft clients to be provided and actively trying to implement some new features.

One of the ways that LOD could be further developed is by fully integrating much more advanced techniques. Most likely, with better hardware, pushing render distances further might be brought under control about performance. Of course, community feedback significantly impacts the shape of the mod: it is through players’ suggestions and bug reports that the development process continues 

YouTube video

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