Top 35 BEST Minecraft Cake Ideas

Minecraft Cake Ideas are in high demand. Follow our guide to get inspiration for the best birthday cakes ever!

People love to have virtual events like birthdays in Minecraft, hence the need to bake a pixilated cake for the occasion. So, if you are having a birthday party soon and you need some simple Minecraft cake ideas, you have come to the right place, as we have curated a vast list of options that you can choose from. 

Key Highlights
  • People love Minecraft so much that they will host their birthdays in its virtual world.
  • There are many cake ideas in Minecraft that you can bring to life, even the cake that you can craft in Minecraft.
  • This guide consists of over 35 cake ideas that revolve around Minecraft, and you are free to choose from them to your liking.
  • Diamond Block Cake, TNT Cake, Creeper Cake, Villiage Cake, and Pickaxe cake are only some of the ideas. 

Diamond Block Cake 

Diamond Cake
Diamond Block Cake

The first idea is one of the many easy cake ideas, as it features the world-famous Minecraft diamond block, courtesy of the spectator for the photo. A block cake is one of the simplest cakes as it features a simple sheet cake. You can go wild with options and choose a vanilla cake or even a chocolate cake.

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To achieve the turquoise blue color that you can see, you can take some ready-made fondant, and using some turquoise food coloring, drop a few drops of the food coloring onto the fondant and mix it until the fondant has changed colors. Carefully flatten out the fondant so that it is fragile, and carefully lay it on top of your cake. 

Ensure that it covers all edges and there are no fingerprints on the cake. Once that is done, you can decorate the cake with anything your heart desires. 

Minecraft TNT cake 

tnt cake minecraft
TNT cake

The next cake that we will look at is yet another Minecraft cake that is inspired by Cakes StepbyStep on Youtube, and it is one you can make by yourself, and it is sure to make every child happy. For this, you can use a simple vanilla base, and using the thin sheet cakes, stack two or three of them on top of each other until they are approximately the size of a TNT block. On the subject of cake’s base, in a totally different context, read our Minecraft base ideas.

Using red-colored fondant, the easiest way to color it yourself is to use a few drops of red food coloring and thoroughly mix it into the fondant, then flatten it out. Lay the fondant on top of the cake, making sure to smooth out the edges as you go along. Flatten it slightly using a rolling pin. 

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Use fondant to spell out the word “TNT,” and use some water to paste the letters on top of the red fondant. And just like that, your TNT cake is ready. A TNT cake is sure to be a famous cake amongst kids who love to explore things in Minecraft using TNT and fire. 

Minecraft Creeper cake 

creeper cake minecraft
creeper cake

Following the TNT cake, we present you with yet another popular mob that appears in the Minecraft open world; it is the Creeper! A Creeper is a mob that will usually spawn at night, and if you venture out at night and get too close to it, it can explode in your face, not only costing you your life points but it decreases your health as well. 

This is one of the best Minecraft creeper cake ideas, such as this amazing one made by KittyCatCakes on Youtube, and for this, you will need to have different colored fondants, ranging from light to dark green and black fondant. Starting with a simple chocolate sheet cake, cut the fondant pieces into small squares that measure less than an inch. 

Using the help of an image from the Internet, you can assemble the fondant pieces to fit the theme of the Creeper and cover the entire cake. This cake is sure to be adored by your family and friends, as they will be able to see how much effort you put into it. 

Pickaxe cake 

pickaxe cake minecraft
pickaxe cake

Following up, the next item that is one of the most important necessities to have in-game is a pickaxe, as it is typically used for mining and collecting precious ores that can be used to create other essential items such as stronger armor and more rich mining resources; therefore this is another hit. 

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Learning how to make a cake in Minecraft can be very easy, but making it in real life is another level of difficulty that you need to experience. This pickaxe cake that is inspired by Miss Yummy Cakes on Youtube requires a lot of effort and patience. Start with a basic circular cake, either store-bought or homemade. Take fondant and color it different colors like brown, white, grey, black, etc. 

Use a brush that is damp with water and use it to stick the fondant pieces together in the shape of a pickaxe. After the cake has been assembled, carefully place the pickaxe on top of the cake, and make sure that it has support on the back. For help, you can use toothpicks or cardboard stands. 

Real-life Minecraft cake 

real life minecraft cake
real life Minecraft cake

Have you ever thought about creating a cake from Minecraft and making that in real life? Well, this is the perfect time to do so. Just like there are birthday cakes in Minecraft, you can make the same in real life, as you can see one created by Feast of Fiction.

For the cake, you can start with a simple chocolate sheet cake and layer two cakes on top of each other, making sure that each cake is one inch in height. Using brown fondant, layer it on top of your cake, and smooth out the edges, making sure that no creases are showing. 

Using the white fondant, make cuts that will represent the pixelated feature of Minecraft cakes, and use red fondant squares to decorate the top of the cake. You can feel free to use chocolate icing and dot it along the side of the cake to decorate it even more and make it look more aesthetically pleasing. 

Minecraft Village Cake 

minecraft village cake
Minecraft village cake

Taking things up a notch, this is yet another excellent Minecraft cake idea that you can surely try your hands on, courtesy of Ann Reardon, who makes amazing cakes on Youtube. Minecraft villages are typically used to make houses, and they are used to populate villagers and create a small town. 

For this, you will need a lot of sheet cakes, some vanilla, and some chocolate cakes. You will need to layer cakes; in some places, layer three cakes, and in others, two cakes. You can either buy pre-made Minecraft blocks or make everything using fondant for the buildings

Another excellent option is to make sheet cakes and cut them into smaller squares, then assemble them like building blocks so that you can make them look like a Minecraft village. 

Minecraft Dirt block cake 

dirt block minecraft
dirt block cake

Another cake idea is that you can try out is going back to the basics of Minecraft, where you are spawned in nothing but wilderness, and you have to start your survival with basic dirt blocks. So, why not take that survival mindset, and come up with a creative dirt block such as this one inspired by Ann Reardon that is also a cake. 

To make this cake, you will need approximately 3-4 sheet cakes, each one inch thick, and you will need to stack them on top of each other. Once you have done that, go ahead and ice the cake to get a “crumb coat,” which allows the cake to become smooth so that the fondant can sit on top of it without breaking. 

Using different shades of brown fondant, cut out small squares representing the pixels in the Minecraft dirt block, and start to randomly place these pieces, making sure that it looks like a dirt block. Finish it all off with green fondant for the grass, and you are left with a beautiful cake design! 

Minecraft Crafting Table Cake 

Crafting Table Cake

If you are looking for some simple cake ideas, then this crafting table design, courtesy of Ten Ten TV  is one of the most straightforward designs you can follow. A crafting table is used to craft items in the game, such as armor, beds, and mining items; basically, anything and everything used in the game is made through a crafting table. 

For the cake, you can layer 3 one inch thick cakes on top of each other, ensuring that they will not topple over. To prevent that from happening, you can layer them with icing. Using birch-colored fondant, cover the top of the cake and flatten it out. Using some food-safe markers, you can start to color the edges black. 

Feel free to use either fondant or food-safe markers to decorate the top of the cake. After it is dry, you will be left with a beautiful cake that will look gorgeous and taste amazing. 

Minecraft Cakes For Boys 

cake for boys mc
mc cake for boys

One of the more detailed cakes that we will look into right now is this lovely cake by I Love Cakes on Youtube that features all of the elements that make Minecraft the popular game today. With its ever-increasing popularity, many people have started to make birthday cakes based on the game. 

This cake beautifully represents the main character, Steve, and the mobs such as creepers and zombies, combined with animals like the sheep and pigs that are another essential part of the Minecraft world. The dirt block brings the cake together as it is one of the critical elements of the cake. 

Easy Minecraft cake 

easy mc cake
easy mc cake

Yet another cake inspired by Little Cherry Cakes may seem complicated, but in reality, it is relatively simple to do; it is the exact cake as before, except this time, things are a lot easier since it is made using fondant. With the help of different colored fondants, you can take a circular cake and layer it on top of each other. 

After doing that, cover the edges of the circular cake with the brown fondant pieces that have been cut into the shape of squares until they all wrap around the circumference of the cake. After that, you can decorate the top of the cake with any items from Minecraft that your heart desired, whether it is a TNT block or simple flowers. 

Enchantment Table Cake 

Enchantment Table Cake
Enchantment Table Cake

Moving along, we believe that an enchantment table is one of the essential things you need if you want to progress as a player in the game. It not only allows you to make potions, but it allows you to become stronger as a player. 

So, why not convert it into a cake? The main thing you will require is the book to do that. For that, you can look into props and order them from any website that offers Minecraft-themed decorations, and it will contribute to some excellent Minecraft cake decoration ideas. For the cake itself, you can focus on using any sheet cake and using different colored fondant for the red cloth, as well as the turquoise blocks, and for the netherite block, you can feel free to use a purple fondant color. 

Minecraft Coal Cake 

mc coal cake
Minecraft coal cake

Coal is yet another essential item used daily in Minecraft, whether it is used to light torches or it is used to make delicious food in your furnace. Have you ever thought about what it would be like to make a coal-themed birthday cake from scratch? 

To make a cake inspired by coal, you will need two or three basic cakes. After layering the cakes, ice them, give them a crumb coat, and dry them. Then, using grey fondant, use a food-safe marker that is darker than the fondant and start making the ore colors so that it resembles actual coal. And there you have it, a delicious coal-inspired birthday cake! You can use any flavor that you want. 

Minecraft Armour Cake and Cupcakes 

minecraft armour cakes
mc armor cakes

The next idea comes from a beautiful cake design inspired by Karen Kaykes on Pinterest. While this idea may seem like a basic cake design, we will also discuss some excellent Minecraft cupcake cake ideas that you can string along with your armor-inspired cake. 

With the different gold and diamond armor offered in Minecraft, it is no secret that you can make a lot of cakes inspired by this one. The one presented in front of you is a simple sheet cake with a photo of steve (the NPC from Minecraft) printed on it in edible ink. You can make tiny cupcakes and publish them on different armor accessories such as helmets, swords, and boots to add glamour to the cake. 

Minecraft Zombie-Inspired Cake 

zombie inspired cake
zombie cake mc

We all know very well that zombies are an integral part of Minecraft. They spawn at nighttime, and as a player, you are supposed to go hunt them down to claim their loot. So, why not get inspired by this beautiful Minecraft cake design by MyCupcakeAddiction on Youtube. The checkerboard design on the cake is not only ingenious, but it is also straightforward to make. 

For the design, you can use the help of cookie cutters and cut out square shapes in the cake and fit the other colors in the holes you created in the original cake. The cookie cutters will give it the checkerboard pattern, and for the zombie, you can simply use some green-colored fondant, follow a template, and make the zombie design. 

Minecraft Skeleton Topper Decoration 

skeleton cake topper mc
mc skeleton cake topper

Moving along, while we are on the topic of cake, since you are already planning to make a cake, why not think about the decor that will go on top of the cake as well? Taking a look at this ingenious cake topper design by Caketastic Cakes, it is one of the best cake toppers that you can use for your Minecraft-inspired cake. 

You will need some cake support rods and some white covering supplies to make this. Join the rods in a way where you can see the form of a skeleton and cover it with white paper to cover the identity of the rods. You can glue the rods together to look more cohesive, and you are left with an excellent cake topper. 

Wither Minecraft Cake and Topper 

mc wither cake
Minecraft wither cake topper

Moving swiftly along, we will cover yet another beautiful design by Caketastic on Youtube. For the cake, you can pair in a simple dirt block cake by looking at some of our other cake ideas, or you can go all out and try to recreate an entire dungeon filled with mobs and creepers. To top it all off, you can place the Wither cake topper, which you can make using cake rods and covering paper in shades of white and grey. 

The cake topper is sure to be loved by kids and teenagers alike who love to indulge in Minecraft’s experience for everyone equally. 

Minecraft Cube Cake 

minecraft cube cake
mc cube cake

This screenshot is courtesy of Minecraft Therapy on Youtube. By looking at this beautiful masterpiece, you can indeed imagine it in the form of a cake, which is sure to wow many people and make people fall in love with your design skills. 

The rainbow aspect of the blocks can be easily implemented into a real-life cake using light-colored fondant, which you can flatten out using a rolling pin so that it is fragile and almost seethrough. Cover five or six plain vanilla sheet cakes with white fondant, cut slices which are the size of squares and insert the colored fondant in the middle of the hole. 

After a little bit of trial and error, you will be left with a gorgeous cake that will taste as well as look terrific. 

Minecraft Sword Cake 

mc sword cake
Minecraft sword cake

Moving swiftly along the list, there are still many awesome birthday cakes inspired by Minecraft that we can cover, such as this diamond sword-inspired cake by Cute Creationz on youtube. It is a straightforward cake, as you can follow the Minecraft cake idea from one of our ideas listed above for the base cake. 

For the sword, you can take a chocolate sheet cake, and using a sword template downloaded from the internet, you can easily use a sharp knife to cut out the rough shape of a sword and make sure to cut out the pixels. You can use some toothpicks to insert the blade into the cake to give the impression that it is being stabbed into the cake. 

Minecraft Pickaxe Cupcake Cake 

pickaxe cake mc
pickaxe cupcake cake Minecraft

Here we have another Minecraft cupcake idea, courtesy of Practical Cooking on youtube for the screenshot; you can see that it is a beautiful diamond pickaxe cake made entirely by cupcakes instead of one singular cake. 

This idea is straightforward to implement, as the only thing you will need is about 10-12 cupcakes, and you will need to line them in the same as a pickaxe and then ice and frost them according to the colors of the diamond pickaxe in Minecraft. The pickaxe cake looks gorgeous, and it will be thoroughly enjoyed and devoured by everyone in the room

Minecraft Armour Cake Idea 

armour inspired cake idea
Minecraft armor inspired cake idea

Now, if you are someone who wants to look into easy cakes that you can make, then perhaps you can take inspiration from this armor design that is accepted by Lavanky on Youtube. Considering how vital stronger armor is in Minecraft, an armor-inspired cake is one of the best things you can do for a birthday. 

To make these cakes, you can use different colored icings, such as gold for gold armor, turquoise for diamond armor, and brown for leather armor, and you can quickly ice the colors so that they resemble the armor in Minecraft. You can even go as far as to make the helmet, the shirt, the pants, and the boots to make a complete set. 

Minecraft gold block cake 

Minecraft cake ideas
mc gold block cake idea

The next cake you can make is highly inspired by the Minecraft gold block design, courtesy of a photo from ItsJerryandHarry on Youtube. To make this cake, you do not need to spend a lot of time and effort, as the cake is a meager effort and easy to make. 

To make this Minecraft cake, all you will require is a yellow or gold-colored fondant that you can buy premade from any supermarket. Take three or four basic cakes, and stack them on top of each other. Carefully place the fondant on the cake, ensuring no cuts, creases, or holes. Decorate, however, you want to, and you are left with a beautiful gold block cake. 

Minecraft Nighttime Cake Inspiration 

Minecraft cake ideas
mc nighttime cake inspiration

Following up with inspirations for simple Minecraft cake ideas, this idea might be a little bit niche, but it is one that you should try out. Inspired by the nighttime photo taken by Rockstomp15 on Youtube, it represents the moon and the stars in the night sky, pretty simple, right?

To turn this into a cake, all you need to do is to use some dark-colored icing in varying colors such as blue or black, and then use food-safe markets in white color to color the moon and the stars. This will make it look like there are stars on top of the cake, and it will also look aesthetically pleasing. 

Minecraft Daytime Cake 

Minecraft cake ideas
mc daytime cake

Now, moving on to the more unorthodox methods of making Minecraft cakes, courtesy of Cubey for the screenshot, this is a daytime image of daytime in Minecraft. As simple as it may be, it can be an excellent image to use for a Minecraft-themed cake. 

If you are looking for the easy way out, then the easiest thing you can do to get this image on a cake is to use edible ink. With the help of a food-safe printer, you can download this image into the software and directly print it onto a cake. Edible ink will not affect the taste of the cake. 

Minecraft Cupcake

cupcake inspo mc
Minecraft cupcake inspiration

Moving on, we are obsessed with these adorable cupcakes that Michael made At Work on youtube; it is an excellent idea that you can implement and you can recreate to add your twist. 

To make these cupcakes, all you need to do is bake some red velvet or chocolate cupcakes, use some colored icing, and take some inspiration from the mobs that appear in the Minecraft world, such as creepers, pigs, sheep, and zombies. This will make your cupcakes come alive, and they will look very realistic. 

Easy Minecraft Cake 

Minecraft cake ideas
easy cake mc

Now, if you are looking for more accessible cake ideas, then this is yet another excellent one made by SweetenTheWorld on Youtube. Although we have previously talked about a creeper-themed cake, this is another beautiful way to implement the cake design. 

To achieve the design, you should start with some simple sheet cakes and layer two on top of each other. Moving forward, start icing light green dots in the shape of squares, then switch to another variation of green. Finish it off with black icing, and you are done! It will resemble a real-life creeper and is sure to be loved by anyone and everyone! 

Minecraft Glass Cake 

Minecraft cake ideas
mc glass cake

It is one of the most critical components and items needed to build architectural buildings and bottles in Minecraft when it comes to glass. In Minecraft itself, you can easily use sand to make glass and achieve a realistic block. 

Let’s say you want to make a glass-themed cake in real life; how will you achieve it? The simple answer lies in using a simple vanilla cake, and the real showstopper will be caramel. When the caramel is melted, it leaves behind a melted sheet that is perfectly see-through and therefore can be used as “glass pieces.” 

Melt five sheets of caramel and shape them until they resemble a square, and let them harden. They will naturally have a yellow tint, so you can make the glass stained. Form them into a square on top of the cake to resemble the glass block, and you are done! 

Dripping Effect Minecraft Cake 

Minecraft cake ideas
dripping effect mc cake

Inspired by SweetBeakCakes on Instagram, we will look at this unconventional yet interesting cake design that they came up with, and so can you! The creator has managed to add beautiful elements to the cake and bring it together to make it seem like it is indeed representing the Minecraft world itself. 

You will start with a circular cake and cover it with green frosting to make this cake. After that, take some green-colored fondant, and use it to make the small circles and the creeper. Using chocolate syrup, you can let the chocolate drip down the sides of the cake to achieve the dripping effect. 

Use pink fondant to make the pig, finish the cake off with green icing around the top of the cake, and leave you with a beautiful masterpiece. 

Enderdragon Cake Topper 

enderdragon cake topper mc
enderdragon cake topper mc

Now we will take a look at some Minecraft cake decoration ideas. The Ender Dragon is another crucial aspect of Minecraft, with it being the final boss that players will need to defeat when they head to the nether. 

For the cake topper, take the help of many black fondants, start by making rectangles that represent the body, the neck, the face, the tail, and the feet of the dragon. Using cake rods, join them together, and use a white food-safe marker to line out the wings, and you are done! You can feel free to browse through any of the other cake ideas or make a simple black fondant cake to make the cake itself. 

Minecraft Themed Cakes and Cookies 

Minecraft cake ideas
cakes and cookies minecraft

This adorable idea is inspired by Chantilly mousse on Instagram, and it is the perfect blend of creativity and accessibility, as everyone can make this, including you. 

For the cake, you can feel free to use green icing to cover a circular cake, followed by squares made by fondant. For the cookies, using icing of different colors, you can make TNT blocks, creeper cookies, enderman cookies, Steve cookies, and many others. The cookies are not only going to be delicious, but they also look beautiful. 

Minecraft Steve Cake 

Minecraft cake ideas
steve cake mc

The next Minecraft cake that we will cover is inspired by Hodge Podge on Youtube. Steve is the main NPC shown in Minecraft, and he is one of the most important characters. 

To achieve this cake design, you will need two vanilla cakes, one rectangular and one square. Cover the two cakes with vanilla frosting and let them set. Using turquoise frosting, make the shirt design for Steve, and use a skin-colored frosting for the arms and the face, and you are done! 

Minecraft Dog Cake Idea 

Minecraft cake ideas
dog cake Minecraft

Moving swiftly through, this is one of the best cake ideas that we have yet come across, courtesy of Monica Gain on Pinterest. Start with a simple sheet cake; you have complete freedom of the flavors here. 

To achieve the pixelated look, you will need either frosting or fondant of different grey, blue, black, and brown variations. Flatten each color, cut them into small squares, and make sure that they are all the same size. For the nose, use brown fondant and make it the size of 6 smaller squares and align it and you have the cake completed! 

Minecraft Ocelot Cake 

Minecraft cake ideas
mc cake ocelot

Following through with Karen’s Kaykes on Pinterest, this ocelot cake has to be one of our favorites. To achieve this design, you need to start with three basic cakes, stacking them on top of each other, icing them, and giving it the “crumb coat,” then letting them set. 

Finish off with different colored fondant squares pre-cut, and assemble them to achieve the pixelated ocelot design. You can take help from a template of an ocelot to make the job easier. 

Minecraft Ghast Cake 

Minecraft cake ideas
mc ghast cake

Moving swiftly along, we came across this beautiful cake by House of Cakes, which we think you can make yourself as well. The cake is a double-tier circular cake, the bottom tier representing a Minecraft dirt block, and the top-level being a ghast. 

For the ghast, you can use fondant or icing and with the help of a ghast template, align the fondant pieces to fit the shape of a ghast. For the dirt block itself, use small colored squares of fondant to achieve the pixelated look. 

Minecraft Inspired Cake

minecraft inspired cake
mc inspired cake

There are countless Minecraft sheet cake ideas that you can use, and this one is no exception, as seen above in the photo taken by Cakes Burg. To make this cake, you will need sheet cakes that have been cut and leveled to fit the blocky theme of Minecraft. 

Using different variations of brown, green, and grey, make the grass blocks, and wrap up the entire look with some fondant animals, and everyone will be in awe of your skills when you present them with this cake. 

Minecraft Pig Cake 

Minecraft cake ideas
mc pig cake

Last but not least, this is a beautiful cake made by Baking Obsession that you can also make yourself. Start with four rectangular cakes for the legs, one big rectangular cake for the main body, and one for the head. 

Using fondants of varying pink colors, start assembling the cake with the help of a template. Use black and white for the eyes and brown fondant for the nose. You will be left with a beautiful cake that is sure to be loved by everyone. Make sure to let us know what you think of these cake designs, and happy baking!

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