20 Best Minecraft Barn Ideas: Cool, Easy, Modern, Simple

The Best Minecraft barn ideas that include Simple, Large, Easy, Modern, and Cool will help you build the best barns In Minecraft.

Minecraft also allows you to build barns for generating food and storing your animals. However, the best Minecraft barn ideas won’t pop up in your mind just like that, and you need to be having a bit of know-how here. 

Key Takeaways
  • In Minecraft, having barns or farms is really beneficial to have a source of food and also gain other items.
  • Sizes of barns can range anywhere from being small and simple, but if you are more experienced in the game and have more materials, you give bigger barns a try.
  • Barns in Minecraft can also be of many animals, such as horses, cows, chickens, or even sheep, it all depends on what is best for your sourcing and needs in your world.
  • This list can be a great guide because it lists down some great ideas for a barn for your world if you run out of things to do but also want some source of food.
  • You can also gather your friends and invite them into your world to build bigger and better farms.

Minecraft Barn Ideas

It’s worth noting beforehand where exactly you can construct the barns of your choice in Minecraft. The game features many modes, such as Hardcore and Adventure, but the ones we’re concerned with for this guide are Survival and Creative.  

The Survival mode is the default way of playing the game. It has stuck with Minecraft since the title made landfall and is by far the most popular, fun-filled mode. However, the best barn ideas for Minecraft necessitate a hefty number of resources. You can’t just get two blocks of wood and start building high-end barns right out the gate.

Minecraft Survival Game Mode
Minecraft Survival Game Mode

However, for the more simple projects listed in this guide, you may as well go to town with them in Survival. This is because complexly-made barns warrant the time, necessary materials, and zero interruptions from lurking mobs. To achieve this, you only have the Creative mode to tend to. That is where the game makes you play God, basically letting you fly, giving you unlimited blocks, and even enabling the option to fly.

Simple Minecraft Barn ideas

Simple Barn 

Source: Servasius

Starting off this list is a simple yet clean barn that takes relatively less effort to build completely. It’s best that you start practicing your skills in this respect for the barns that necessitate more time and work because it’s only going to get complex from here on out.

Therefore, this incredibly facile construction can be made by just using spruce wood blocks and nothing too fancy. It’s definitely one of the easy Minecraft barn ideas for new players and those who are just starting out with the title. 

  • You can start out by placing 16 blocks of wood as a base with 4 of them positioned on each corner.
  • After that, you can add four more blocks atop the 14 blocks to get your structure to a considerable height and then join each formed pillar with more blocks.

That way, you can start adding more flavor to your barn and choose to use different blocks. When you’re finished with the top area, come down to the ground and set up fences for the safe keeping of your animals.  

Make sure to leave room for Oak Fence Gates between each setup of Oak Fence blocks to allow your animals to venture outside. A total of three gates will suffice in this regard with separations between the other major fences.

Perfectly Sized Barn

barn ideas for minecraft
Source: Greg Builds

If you’re the type of player who’s not into gigantic barns and is searching for something relatively low-profile and decent, look no further than this perfectly sized barn that we have for you. The number of resources that are required isn’t too exorbitant and with some skill and effort, you’ll easily be able to construct this barn in no time.

As for its function, you can host a bevy of different animals in this barn. Some of these include horses, pigs, chickens, rabbits, cows, and sheep.

  • A rough estimate of the barn’s dimensions would be 13 x 19 blocks wide and 11 blocks tall.
  • In addition, you’ll need oak wood logs, coarse dirt, fences for setting up barricades, stones, oak fence posts, oak gates, and stairs.
  • To build the framework, construct a six-block tall structure inside each corner of the copper stone block boundary.
  • That way, there should be 9 blocks of space between each side of the area. Once done, connect the 6-block structures together and you’re almost done with the initial framework.
  • The next step is to create beams on what is supposed to be the roof of the barn.

After that, you simply set up the stone walls, add the fences, implement a dirt path, and finalize by adding your fences again. That should set you up with an effective, elegant, and useful Minecraft barn that does nothing but impresses right from the get-go.

Aesthetic Barn

barn minecraft ideas
Source: LennyRandom

The Aesthetic Barn is surely for creative stylists to look out for. Barns don’t have to be boring and all. You can actually build some genuinely professional-grade barns with a touch of effortless class in Minecraft. It ultimately cuts down to you whether you’re after a simply-styled barn or a building that’s got killer looks.

  • You’re talking about a barn here that’s 17 x 13 in length and width respectively.
  • You’ll also leave a 5-block gap between the front door, so there’s that as well.
  • In addition, don’t forget to keep their height fixed at 5 blocks tops. Proceed by building the roof with more dark oak logs and giving it a style that’s similar to the embedded photo above.
  • Move on to using spruce planks and steps to tailor the roof’s trim.
  • Your entrance gate should also be partially completed by now with a beam over its top.
  • Add details by using additional spruce planks but do add a little spice between the mix using trapdoors.
  • Make sure that you’re leaving at least 2 blocks of space between the planks for achieving the desired results. 
  • Wall creation in the Aesthetic Barn is done using granite and brick. 

It’s advisable to use Oak Trapdoors and Spruce Steps to make your barn’s windows look terrific. Another noteworthy feature to implement is campfire blocks. This makes the barn house an overhang, which appears to be outright fantastic.

The rest of the building is free to be developed as per your preferences. It’s worth noting that you can build the Aesthetic Barn in Survival Mode as well. However, Creative Mode is always available at your disposal if you’d like to brush up on your skills first. 

Elegant Minecraft Barn 

Source: Smithers Boss
Source: Smithers Boss

Before we get into the final entry on this list, let us take a moment and relish a tasteful Minecraft barn idea. You have probably made gigantic builds in your playthroughs but nothing can compare to the beauty of sheer simplicity. That is exactly what this Elegant Minecraft Barn has in store for you, allowing for fairly sized storage of animals with a minimal footprint.

  • Begin by placing six oak blocks with three of them being in one column and the rest of the three in another.
  • Each block in each column should be at a distance of 5 blocks from each other.
  • Place five more oak blocks atop each block that you’ve placed on the ground. This should give your structure some proper height to go with.
  • Once you’ve done that, join the blocks together and you should be good for moving ahead. The next step is to take Stripped Birch Wood and form the front of the barn.
  • Start by placing one of those blocks diagonal to any of the four columns, depending on where you want to create the entrance.
  • Complete the initial phase by placing blocks all the way to the back of the barn and returning to the front again.
  • Leave a space of four blocks in the middle of the front and that should be good enough for your door. 

Consolidate the roof from the inside by placing Birch Flanks but be sure to leave a gap in the middle of the roof for further modifications. You can also embellish the top of the front area by building a walled structure with Stripped Birch Wood so it looks remarkable and professional. 

Simple Survival Barn 

Simple Survival Barn
Simple Survival Barn

The Simple Survival Barn is a straightaway design that doesn’t come off as demanding or challenging for Minecraft players. Moreover, you’ll get space for different types of animal pens and a chicken coop as well. You can surely benefit profoundly from a simple barn like this, especially in Survival Mode. 

  • You’re mostly going to be needing Stripped Oak Logs—about 74 blocks of it—Spruce Slabs, and Spruce Fences for the majority of this build.
  • Extras such as Horn Coral Fans, Campfires, and Glass Panes will also be required for extra flair in this barn project.
  • Its base layout is 9 blocks by 7 blocks in length and width respectively, so you can presume it’s not going to be a substantial barn.
  • You have to create 4-block tall structures in each corner of the base layout to get started. Stripped Oak Logs will be the choice of material here.
  • Clear out the area in-between to begin developing your floor once you’ve built the initials. It’s best that you fill the floor with Spruce Wood blocks next and prepare for the development to follow.
  • You’ll erect the walls of the barn using Stone Brick Wall that’ll join the four corners of the base layout. To form the entrance now, you’ll use Spruce Trapdoors and a singular Spruce Door. 

Large Minecraft Barn Ideas

Animal Barn

Source: Balzy
Source: Balzy

It’s about time that we get into something more suited to Minecraft hobbyists. The Animal Barn is an exceptional way of establishing and setting up a barn that just works. This is a simple, fast build that definitely won’t leave you wanting for more anytime soon.

One of the best parts about this build is the possibility to be constructed in Survival Mode and not just the overly generous Creative Mode. Although the latter is a great place to hone your building skills, the real challenge is gathering enough materials and getting yourself to build a barn of this stature in the former.

  • You’ll be needing materials like Oak Planks, Spruce Fence, and Spruce Gates to form the foundation of the Animal Barn.
  • In addition, you’ll have to clear out a sizable field to get started with this build.

Another highly desirable feature of this barn in Minecraft is its versatility. You can create different sections within the cross-sectional area to accommodate different types of animals. Then there’s the added flexibility of separating them with the help of Spruce Gates.

It’s also equally easy to introduce decorations within the farm and embellish it with lamps, grass, and lighting for your animals.

Expansive Barn 

Source: One Team
Source: One Team

It’s time to get into the big boys now as the list starts to progress. The Expansive Minecraft barn idea is catered towards those who are looking to build a full-blown farm. Do bear in mind that you’ll be needing an abundance of resources to build this barn.

  • The starting layout begins with 22 blocks and you build the barn using those as a base.
  • Place three more Oak Blocks atop each block in a rectangular format to make 6 4-block structures. Connect them with each other and prepare to form the roof next.
  • Make the front of the roof diagonal by placing one block on top of the other.
  • Add more flair to the build by deleting the first block and giving the roof front a true diagonal look.
  • Don’t forget to use Spruce Slabs and Stripped Oak Logs in combination for the best results. 
  • Focus on the entrance gate once you’ve done the roof. This part of the barn should have its fair share of fences and oak slabs.
  • Decoration can also be applied in this area. Materials like Cobblestone Walls and Lanterns can help you take this barn to the next level.

Consolidate the back and front walls by using oak slabs again and you should be golden. You should now focus on finishing the roof since you had merely prepared it previously. Do that by using Spruce Slabs and Spruce Stairs for the best results. The Expansive Barn is a worthwhile investment of time and effort if you do it right.

Large Animal Barn

horse barn ideas minecraft
Source: Zaypixel

The Large Animal Barn in Minecraft is something to drool over. Experienced players of the game know the importance of a solid barn and what value they bring to our survival. A well-built barn allows you not only to yield a multitude of resources but also protects your animals from a zombie onslaught.

You will be needing to invest a fair amount of effort and materials. That said, perseverance and consistency are two traits that get you far in not just Minecraft but in life as well. 

  • You will need to clear out a sizable area of a field to get started with the Large Animal Barn.
  • Begin by placing a 19 by-28-block boundary to set out the initial parameters.
  • The next step is to make a separate section within the boundary. This area is going to serve as the central sheltered barn for your animals.
  • The area that’s excluded from this section will let the animals come out freely and munch on their favorite foods.

A few more tweaks within the mix are needed before you can move on to the actual construction part. It’s smart to make more sections within the boundary. That way, you have dedicated places for keeping hens, horses, and animals.  

The first step of building the Large Animal Barn is to finalize the layout. You can move on to the actual construction part as soon as you’re done with the latter. Building the front of the barn seems like the logical choice to get started. Take your time with the entrance and use a variety of blocks for the best results.

Ultimate Minecraft Barn


You simply cannot go wrong with a giant barn that packs all the bells and whistles. The Ultimate Barn in Minecraft is your one-stop shop for anything you’ll ever require from a barn in the game.

You will need to invest 3-5 hours into this build, depending on your skill and expertise. In addition, if you intend to construct a barn like this in Survival Mode, it’ll take you a significant amount of time just to gather the resources. 

  • An idea of how extensive would be is approximately 2200 spruce planks, 1900 stripped spruce logs, 1500 polished Blackstone stairs, 1000 spruce slabs, and 1000 polished Blackstone slabs.

Looking at this Ultimate Barn, it’s effortless to refer to it as one of the best barn ideas Minecraft has to offer. It’s surrounded by two small-scale ponds where you can put fish inside and give it a presentable overall look. The multiple divisions within the actual barn mean that you can create several pens for your animals. This would get you a separate section each for chickens, horses, sheep, and pigs as well.

Substantial Minecraft Barn

Substantial Minecraft Barn
Substantial Minecraft Barn

It’s interesting to gauge whether the Substantial Minecraft Barn has what it takes to be one of the best barns in the game. It occupies a sizable footprint and isn’t something to be taken lightly in Survival Mode. However, you will be getting different sections and pens for each animal so your experience stays as immersive as possible.

  • The basic layout is about 21 blocks long and 23 blocks wide.
  • You can line that out using anything available at your disposal, may it be a shovel, dirt, or perhaps stone blocks even.  
  • The next step is to engage in getting the structure to height. Make one part of the layout 7 blocks tall and place 5 more blocks atop another base block to make it a 6-block structure.
  • Lastly, use 4 more blocks on the last base block, so it becomes 5 blocks tall in essence. Replicate this area same to same in the front and back part of the layout to continue building the barn.
  • As for the rest of the specified layout blocks, make them 5 blocks tall and use Spruce Logs for every 5th block in the structure.

That should set you up nicely for the rest of the barn. 

Easy Minecraft Barn Ideas

Peaceful Minecraft Barn

minecraft barn ideas
Source: TMC

In Minecraft’s chaos-ridden Survival Mode, let this Peaceful Barn light the torch of tranquility for you. 

The Peaceful Barn takes up minimal effort and can be built in Survival Mode with ease. Forget about the dangers of looming enemy AI and gather enough resources to start building this project. Don’t fret, since you don’t have to spend hours and hours in this regard as this barn demands an average number of materials.

  • Begin by digging out a hole in 12 x 8 format and start filling it with Spruce Planks. It’s then advisable to cover the surrounding area of the whole with fence gates to establish a boundary.
  • While you set up the fences, make different sections in the free areas within the boundary to allot different pens for different animals.
  • This means that sheep, pigs, horses, and even chickens can have their own areas in the barn in an open environment.

The best way to embellish the entrance of any barn is to leave remnants of the campfire block above it. In addition, you can also implement flowers at the top of the front area for even more decoration. You will have to have crafted flowers beforehand to make this prospect work. Finalize the project by creating the roof with wood stairs and wood slabs.

Horse Minecraft Barn

Horse Barn
Horse Barn

The best Minecraft horse barn ideas are those that are spacious enough to hold a bevy of horses without the bothersome requirement of rare materials. Thankfully, what we have up for display here is something that precisely fits the memo. The Horse Minecraft Barn is ideal for keeping your equines fully organized and tamed in good health.

Not only that, but you can create several other pens in this barn to accommodate other types of animals as well. Therefore, you can probably slide in some cows and pigs in other sections while you gather your horses in stables. Doing so increases your barn’s diversity and yields more resources.

The best part is that this barn uses Oak Logs, Spruce Slabs, and Spruce Stairs mainly for its construction. All of these materials are readily available in the Minecraft world, but mainly through crafting though. Get started with the build by clearing out the grass first, which is an easily understandable prerequisite of constructing anything in Minecraft.

Once done, use Cobblestone blocks or any other material that can properly highlight the area for the columns. This barn uses a 9- by 13-block layout, which is fairly moderate in size and nothing too over the top. In summary, it’s one of the best horse barns in the game to draw inspiration from. 

Modern Minecraft Barn Ideas

Stylish Minecraft Barn

Stylish Minecraft Barn

The next entry on this list is a simple and relatively small Stylish Minecraft Barn. This is yet another design that can allow a regular player of Survival Mode to build their own full-fledged barn. It’s pretty much clear up until now that animals are of colossal importance in the game.

  • For this design, you’ll be needing Red Stained Clay. This is a resource that can either be found in the Mesa Biome or through crafting. If you choose to opt for the latter, you’ll be needing dye and Hardened Clay.
  • The basic layout for this barn is 17 blocks long and 21 blocks wide. Use Red Stained Clay to form the base and raise each fundamental block up by 4 blocks.
  • Therefore, it should collectively become 5 blocks tall. Join each block together and you should have a beautiful red-walled structure on your screen.
  • You’ll then use two important blocks that will make you build a lot cooler: Quartz Block and Quartz Stairs. Use these two in combination by placing them diagonally from each corner of the roof.

That should get you going the right way.

Unique Minecraft Barn

Most Minecraft barn ideas come and go, but only an anointed few stay to leave a striking impression. The same is the case with this Unique Minecraft Barn that leaves no room for imperfections. It’s more referred to as the Ultimate Barn that we also happen to have on this list but this one differs in one distinct aspect. For half of its exterior build, this barn comprises stone blocks.

No other barn has the capacity to look this good when it’s adorned with stone, so this is definitely something that you can take inspiration from. It’s got plentiful storage, a stylized interior, and a large footprint to attract passersby from afar in multiplayer settings.

The basic layout of the Unique Minecraft Barn comprises separate sections for different types of animals, making it a pretty extensive affair. You’re free to include your sheep, pigs, and cows to yield food and resources. Moreover, there are horse stables included in this design to keep your horses in good form.

The length is about 26 blocks long, minus a one- or two-block difference. As for the rest of the parameters, you can watch a tutorial online to fully grasp how the basics are laid out.

Modern Minecraft Barn

barn minecraft ideas
Source: Greg Builds

Barns will come and go, but only those that pack striking impressions will be the ones to stay. The Modern Barn has what it takes to leave an everlasting image in the minds of fellow players. You construct it once and then let the thing yield tons of benefits for you to enjoy. Being a barn, one wouldn’t expect any different either.

  • A rough estimate of this build’s dimensions is 19 by 12 in length and width respectively.
  • Moreover, this barn is about 10 blocks tall, so definitely not an insanely difficult build but neither a walk in the park.
  • You’ll need Red Concrete the most for this build as understandable from the image above.
  • About 980 blocks of this material will do. In addition, materials like stone brick slabs, stone brick blocks, and coarse dirt will be needed in abundance too.
  • It’s advisable to make this build inside the 23 by 18-block area for the best results.
  • Begin by forming the layout with coarse dirt and then using the red concrete blocks to erect the walls. This strategy where you establish the foundation of the barn first is the most successful way to go.
  • The next step that comes subsequently is to add the doors. 
  • The requirement, in this case, is oak wood planks, oak trapdoors, and oak doors. You can continue with the interior as soon as you’re done with the exterior painlessly.

Do note that you’ll need other materials to make that happen. Some of those include red concrete again, oak fence gates, and oak fence posts. Make the inside more interesting using red concrete columns and then separate them using the fence gates.

Lastly, the stone blocks will play their role now to form the floor of the Modern Barn. Once you’ve got everything in the bag, you’ll suddenly realize that you’ve built one of the best Minecraft barns. 

Cool Minecraft Barn Ideas

Starter Minecraft Barn

The Starter Minecraft Barn is an idea that can quickly get you started with the game without delving too deep into complicated builds. New players can benefit from this build profoundly since the major required blocks include wood- and oak-based. You can certainly grab hold of those blocks without breaking a sweat in Minecraft.

Cutting trees is the best way of getting yourself wood and trees are spread out all across the Minecraft world in spades. As with every other barn design, you need to have a basic layout first to build your structure.

  • The Starter Minecraft Barn uses a 17 by 19 format of blocks with two three-block gaps between the major sections.
  • That is to make the barn more versatile and multi-faceted.
  • You can use your shovel to form the initial layout and make sure that you’ve cleared out the grass first.

Use a combination of stone blocks and barrels on the layout that you’ve created to begin the build. In addition, you can mix mossy stone brick walls with regular stone brick walls to add more depth. The entrance can be made using spruce fence gates, which is yet another easy-to-attain material found within the Minecraft world.

Wooden Minecraft Barn

The Wooden Minecraft Barn is for all those enthusiasts who prefer having complicated builds to play with. We’re overestimating that a bit, but it’s best that you know that a considerable amount of time will be taken by this barn to be finished in Survival Mode.

The good news is that you will be needing wood and oak for the most part to create this barn. For news players, the latter is no less than a sigh of relief as wood is something that you start getting in abundance even at the start of the game. As for the layout, you will have to carefully pick it out to properly construct the rest of the barn. 

It’s advised to use Oak Logs to form the structure’s walls and base layout. You can then start using Cobblestone blocks to decorate the front of the barn. It’s also possible that you use bricks to develop the roof of the barn and mix it up using Cobblestone stairs for the best results.

One of the first things to try is the introduction of mossy cable and andesite to the barn to make it more lively. Campfire blocks follow next but be sure to place these right above the door entrance for a captivating effect.

Cool Minecraft Barn 

Barn ideas in Minecraft are all convoluted with complexity unless you’re looking at the right ones. This is one of those barns that comprise an accessory structure along with themselves. It’s best that you pair the barn with a fully functional silo and take your construction’s functionality to the next level.

  • The first step is to form the framework of the building and you’ll do that by creating nothing else than the layout of the barn.
  • Speaking of which, the format used here is 36 blocks in length and 18 blocks in width.
  • Use a variety of blocks here to reap the best results. Players typically use a combination of Smooth Quartz Block and Red Stained Clay.

If you’d like to build this design in its own spirit, only use the aforementioned blocks to continue. Windows can also be placed at the front of the barn, not to mention a small-scale door for letting your character in and out of the barn. The interior can be filled up by Hay Bales and anything else that suits your scenario.

On the contrary, you can use the same strategy you used for the front of the design for building the outer walls. Make sure that the build is consistent throughout and you’ll be good to go. 

Medieval Minecraft Barn

The Medieval Minecraft Barn is hard to skip when the topic is about the best farm projects. Looking at the sheer class of it, hobbyists and expert builders will definitely want to get a taste of this design in their Minecraft world.

  • Its base layout follows an 11- by 13-block format, so you can assume that it’s a bit bigger compared to other barn ideas in the game.
  • The best way to begin building is by raising 4-block pillars on every 4th block in the layout. This should give you a total of 10 pillars.
  • You’ll then build two more pillars of the same height and material right in the middle of the layout. These two should be at a distance of 3 blocks apart from each other so the overall format can be furthered in good form. 
  • The next step is to use Stripped Oak Logs to join the structures together and subsequently form the roof of the design.
  • This barn comprises four different horse stables to keep your equines in. Therefore, you’ll have to separate four sections within the layout to make sure there’s plenty of room for everything else.
  • Line the base of the stables with Spruce Fences so the areas are kept in due order. Be sure to carefully position Fence Gates as well so you can get your horses in and out without breaking a sweat.

You can also form a boundary between each stable using Dark Oak Logs, so there’s a decent amount of depth in your barn. Repeat the steps until you’ve completed your horse stables and continue on crafting the rest of the barn in a similar fashion.

Survival Minecraft Barn

The Survival Minecraft Barn is one for the devotees. This is a stylized barn that makes it easy to group different animal pens and chicken coops. The good news is that you don’t need to grind gathering tons of rare materials for this project. You’ll be needing Oak Logs, Stripped Oak Logs, Oak Planks, Spruce Planks, and Spruce Slabs for the most part here.

  • You can use Stripped Oak Logs to form the door of the barn while the rest of the base layout can be formed using Oak Logs.
  • All blocks for the initial format will be placed at a distance of 4 blocks from each other, save for the door part. That is where you will be placing the Stripped Oak Longs one block up and left to the base layout. 
  • As for the floor, you’ll be using a mixed variety of Coarse Dirt, Gravel, and Glowstone. You can also switch things up even further by using Stone Slabs and some basic Stone blocks.
  • Using some lanterns and any other light source of your preference can help take the Survival Minecraft Barn from one level to the very next. It’s advisable to form railings on the top floor of the design.

This will increase the overall impression made by the interior when observed from the ground. Then, there’s the added flexibility of creating beams on the ceiling of the barn to allow the whole thing a more realistic look. Lastly, you can incorporate Spruce Stairs in retrograde to top the interior off.


A game like Minecraft is as creative as it gets, especially in the titular Creative Mode. All things considered, you are never going to run out of buildings to create and projects to finish in this overly expansive sandbox simulation. We’ve gone through 20 of the best Minecraft barn ideas in this article to give you a new direction for one of the game’s most essential facets: nurturing livestock and other animals.  

If you’ve found any of the barns listed in the guide interesting, fire up your copy of the game and get to building it straight away. As always, eXputer wishes you happy gaming!

  • If you’re going to make barns in Minecraft, you certainly need to know about composters. Find out what they are and how to get them in this guide here

Minecraft Barn Ideas FAQ

How Do You Build a Barn in Minecraft?

You can build a barn in Minecraft by gathering materials and playing through the Survival Mode. Alternatively, you can also use Creative Mode for unlimited resources and effortless barn building.

What is the Best Barn Idea in Minecraft?

It’s hard to pinpoint a single best barn idea in Minecraft as this purely depends on personal preference and whether you like small, large, modern, simple, or ultimate barns.

How Do You Make a Good Barn in Minecraft?

You can make a good barn in Minecraft by using a variety of different materials, both common and uncommon, and investing the time to give depth and clarity to the barn.

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