Top 70 BEST Minecraft House Ideas [2023]

Lots of Minecraft House Ideas including Easy, Simple, Cool, Survival, and Modern Types along with building methods.

What are Minecraft House Ideas?

Minecraft is one of those games that help you get your creative juices flowing. With Minecraft, you can build anything you want. You can make a town or farm for yourself and breed llamas or tame parrots in Minecraft.

Key Highlights

  • Houses can be made in all of Minecraft’s 3 major game modes – Survival, Creative, and Hardcore.
  • They mainly serve as a large storage unit and as a safe space against dangerous mobs.
  • You can generally make houses with nearly any material in the game, but wood is the preferred way to go since it sits well with the natural beauty of the world.
  • Most ideal houses are perfectly sized to stockpile tons of chests, furnaces, and more!
  • Of course, you can also add vibrance to your abode by decorating it with flowers, colored mats, and paintings to give it a delightful look.
  • It’s important to ensure your rooms are evenly lit or a hostile mob might spawn in a dark area of your house!

There is no limit to what you can do in Minecraft and with the game being updated constantly, you’ll have a lot to explore and a lot to build.

Our guide on Minecraft house ideas is to help you build the best starter house or survival base so that you can protect yourself from mobs and griefers. If your house isn’t strong enough or built the right way, it can affect your overall gameplay, especially in survival mode.

So consult the unique Minecraft house ideas we have collected below and start making the best house for yourself in the game!

Minecraft Survival Game Mode
Minecraft Survival Game Mode

Minecraft House Ideas

You can take things down to a favorable notch by entering Minecraft’s Creative Mode. This is where you’re given unlimited resources and additional perks, such as the power to fly, to genuinely live the best Minecraft house ideas.

It now boils down to you whether you’d like to take your time and be fully creative or immerse in a life-like experience with genuine survival odds. We recommend trying out the simple Minecraft barn ideas in Survival and then moving on to the more complicated ones in Creative Mode.

Starter Minecraft House

minecraft house ideas easy
Source: DioRods

Another high-quality Minecraft house idea worth talking about is the Starter Minecraft House. This is yet one more design that can have even the most beginners of players getting a full-blown survival build right off the bat. The original layout in terms of length and width is 7 by 8 blocks respectively, so pretty fairly sized and not too humongous.

Variants of stone blocks are integrated into this house to make it more lively and enchanting. Additionally, the surrounding area is covered with spruce blocks for decoration. You can also utilize some mossy cobblestones found in the Tiaga biome of Minecraft if you’re in the vicinity.

Spruce wood is a catchy material that can take houses from one level to another. You can also utilize that to the best of your ability in the Starter Minecraft House for the best results.

Its combination with stone bricks yields even more foliage, so that’s also something you can check out for more aesthetic appeal.

You’re looking at a sturdy practical build that can offer its very best when put to the test against zombie swarms. The fact that it’s deemed a starter-level house idea is no less than the icing on the cake. Enthusiastic Minecraft builders are going to like it building this house from top to bottom without having to grind several hours to gather the right materials. 

Easy Wooden Minecraft House

 Players are often looking for the easy way out when it comes to surviving in Minecraft. After all, many users tend to incline towards exploration rather than building, so when it boils down to it, easy Minecraft house idea can probably save the day for them. You can also build one of these and establish a comfortable and simple build for your Minecraft world. The design that you see in the image above is incredibly facile and doesn’t demand much to come to life.

Keep in mind, we have done an in-depth Easy Minecraft House Ideas article, so check that out for complete information on easy ones.

You’ll first have to clear out a small area in any given biome to kickstart the construction. That way, you’ll find it easier to complete the whole house with zero interruptions. Most players follow the grass-clearing-first technique when starting their builds. If you more into small Minecraft House Ideas, check out our Minecraft Cottage guide.

The layout of the Easy Wooden Minecraft House is merely 6 blocks by 3 blocks in length and width respectively. However, you first need to dig out the grass blocks and use Cobblestone blocks to form the roof of the house. You’ll then surround this area with 3 Oak Blocks atop each other.

Join those corners together with Stripped Oak Logs from the ground to move forward. The next step is to join the Oak Blocks from the top using the same Stripped Oak Logs so there’s a gap of one block remaining in the middle.

Simply fill out the middle area too but leave a 2-block gap for further processing. You can now decorate this end of the wall using a mix of different blocks, such as Oak Leaves, Spruce Fences, Trapdoors, and even Buttons. 

Repeat the same with the wall on the side, but don’t leave a 2-block gap between them. A gap of a single block will suffice where you will insert a glass pane to deliver the finishing look.

That said, don’t forget to leave one side wall to develop the house’s entrance. You can use a Spruce Door there along with Cobblestone Walls to decorate that area.

It’s best that you subtly place a lantern atop each Cobblestone Wall for even more adornment. The roof detailing can be done using Cobblestone Walls but you’re free to add more depth using your own combination of blocks. Finish this easy Minecraft idea off using Spruce Stairs, planks, and slabs. You can also use Spruce Gates to reinforce your build even further, especially if that’s something you’d prefer. 

Large Minecraft House

Source: GGSheep
Source: GGSheep

Don’t be overwhelmed by the size of the Large Minecraft House. This is a fairly simple build that comprises basic parameters using resources that don’t take a month to gather. The most important materials that you’ll need are Oak and Oak Logs. Therefore, it’s mostly about cutting down trees and farming those resources effortlessly. Another advantage that makes this Minecraft house idea so desirable is the extra room for farming and animal pens. You can build separate sections to keep your horses, cows, pigs, and sheep and we all know what animals bode for your survival in the game.

You can get leather, food, and experience points among other benefits from keeping animals in Minecraft, so do dive right in and get those blocks popping. The sizable house also serves as an excellent shelter from incoming zombie hordes. It’s also got a distinct storage room where you can keep your unwanted resources.

What’s more, is that there’s also room under the base of the house too. You can utilize the extra ground for farming or forming water blocks for extra decoration. You will need to clear out substantial space to begin working on this house though. Get started with cropping grass blocks and eventually build your way through to the house’s infrastructure.  

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Sizable Minecraft Survival House

Source: RainbowGamerPE
Source: RainbowGamerPE

If you’re going to play Minecraft’s Survival Mode, make sure that you have ideas for building a full-blown house ready to come to fruition. Diving straight in without a game plan isn’t something that smart players do. You can take your experience from one level to the next when building a dedicated survival house in Minecraft. This is all that the entry at hand is about, giving you a simple-to-follow design with common materials so you can have an effortless time constructing it.

You’re going to need about 406 Oak Planks, 149 Cobblestone blocks, and 56 Cobblestone Stairs to get started. Furthermore, glass panes and fences will also be needed. All of these materials can either be easily crafted or found within the Minecraft world. 

The layout of the Sizable Minecraft Survival House can be designed by going through a bunch of steps. You first have to place three Cobblestone blocks, so they are 3 blocks tall. Once done, place 5 blocks of Oak Plank to the left of the Cobblestone blocks. Build another 3-block structure to the left of the Oak Plank blocks to proceed. You’ll now have to bring in some Oak Stair blocks and place three of them diagonally to the first Cobblestone structure.

The next step is to place 3 more blocks of Cobblestone in the same row as the rest of what you’ve built primarily until now. Use more Oak Planks to the right and set up yet another Cobblestone structure so you have four of them in total.

You’ll now simply join the 3-block builds together. Be sure to leave the gaps between the tall structures where you can add glass panes and enhance the look of the house. Proceed by creating stairs in the middle of the front area. This will be done with the help of Oak Stairs. The symmetry of this whole Minecraft survival house idea should be kept in check. You’re free to introduce variations in the build by using a mix of Cobblestone Stairs and Oak Planks.

Be sure to incorporate versatility in style when it boils down to the interior of the house. You can actually put together a variety of different resources, such as campfires, lanterns, and even paintings. The Simple Minecraft Survival House is one of the best Minecraft survival house ideas that you can get into building today.

Starter Survival House 

The Starter Survival House is intended for new players to quickly find their way into Minecraft’s Survival Mode. It can get difficult building when you have so many options available at your disposal. In addition, the actual building part is where many newcomers start to struggle as well. Therefore, you definitely need something fairly basic to improve your skills upon and this is where this Minecraft house idea comes in.

You’re looking at a design that mostly comprises wood-centric resources like planks, stairs, and slabs. All you have to do is chop down trees with your trusty axe in order to get wood blocks. This is pretty straightforward and easy to do, even for new players who are still exploring the ins and outs of Minecraft. 

Get started with the layout by using stone blocks. Use a 10- by 5-block format and that should set you up for the developments to come. The next step is to dig 2 holes deep within the main area once you’re done with the basic layout. Line the first layer of the floor with Spruce Planks diligently and come back outside as soon as you’ve finished.

You now have to use stone bricks with 5 of them on the left side and 4 of them on the right. This is to make sure there’s a one-block gap in the front area. Continue lining the rest of the wall with stone bricks like you typically would. Use stone blocks next to build up the outer wall and proceed with the build.

Do leave the gap out just like you did earlier since we’re saving that for something else. Raise the height to 3 blocks with stone and apply this to each base block that you’ve used. Your top-most row of blocks should now be made of stone blocks while the middle must comprise stone bricks. Similarly, the bottom row of blocks should consist only of stone blocks. Go into the aforementioned gap now and complete the ceiling of the house with Spruce Planks. Now that the house is sheltered, use a Spruce Door to complete the gap.

You can also place Spruce Stairs to make an easy passageway in and out of the door. Come back outside and use Oak Trapdoor to form windows and gradually get yourself one of the best easy Minecraft house ideas. 

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Survival Minecraft Beach House

We’ve got yet another Minecraft beach house idea as the second last entry on this list. This time, you’re looking at a much more simple build that’s exhibiting decency all over the place. Having a beach house by the water is something that can genuinely ease you off your load in the game. Furthermore, you don’t even have to attain dozens of uncommon or rare materials to get started with this beach house.

You’ll mostly be needing resources made out of Oak, Wood, and Spruce — all of which are nowhere near hard to find. Be sure to gather about 127 Oak Planks, 168 Oak Stairs, and about 53 Stripped Spruce Logs to get started with this beach house. 

You can take a quick look at this guide if you run into any Redstone Torches and struggle to turn them off during your resource haul. Other than that, you’re fairly set to accumulate all the blocks needed for this beach house. Get started with the layout by placing one Cobblestone block followed by three Oak Logs. Place another Cobblestone to mark this area and put 9 more Oak Logs. Lastly, place a Cobblestone block one more time before continuing along the width of the layout.

Speaking of which, your width should be about 8 blocks wide with 6 of them being Oak Logs while the two corners sporting a Cobblestone block. Repeat this on the other side and you’re almost done with the basics of the layout.

Continue by removing all the Oak Logs from the layout, so only the Cobblestone blocks remain. Shift your focus to the right side and create a square-shaped structure with the help of Oak Logs and more Cobblestone blocks. You can then start building the roof as soon as the latter task is completed. Continue the design by forming 4-block structures in total atop the square layout to proceed.

Use a mixture of Stripped Oak Logs and regular Oak Logs to achieve the best results. You can even start putting in some decorations using campfires when you start getting comfortable with the design. Make sure that you do your coverings with nothing but Trapdoors to build this beach house in its natural habitat.

Basic Survival House

The Basic Survival House is an idea that comprises simple resources so anyone can build it easily. For the most part, you’ll see that it needs Cobblestone and Oak Planks for the majority of its construction. Extra materials like glass panes can also be implemented for variety. These are some materials that you can get early on in the game painlessly, so it’s definitely one of the most easy Minecraft house ideas we’ve got on this list. 

You can start the construction with Oak Stairs and then start using Cobblestone to make your way up. You’ll also have to create a rectangle with the same material to form the fundamentals of the house. This is an exceptionally basic Minecraft house idea for survival and humble dwelling. We recommend starting the game out with a survival house like this and then moving on to the other, more complex ideas we have on the list.  

Starter Survival House

The Starter Survival House idea gets you easily started with the game and lets you construct a straightforward house. It also doesn’t necessitate using rare materials and can simply be made with Oak and Wood, both of which can be easily acquired in the game. You can form the layout using Spruce Wood Planks and use Oak Wood to develop each corner. An 8- by 9-block format will be utilized in the case of the Starter Survival House, so you can presume that it’s truly not too difficult to construct. 

Players often complain of the hardships of building anything in Survival Mode, but you can use scaffolding, in that case, to protect yourself from imminent danger.  

In addition, the corners should be made 7 blocks tall and Oak Wood should be used as the main block. Join the column of blocks together after you’ve completed each corner. It’s suggested to line the walls with Spruce Wood Planks at that time to build the house effectively.

Establish the design of the roof using the same material subsequently. Place the blocks atop the roof but leave out one block from each corner while doing so. You then have to place three more blocks atop this structure and that should set you up with a well-developed roof. 

Cobblestone Minecraft House

Source: Heyimrobby
Source: Heyimrobby

We’re going to start off with something uniquely elegant here. This is one of those simple Minecraft ideas that don’t demand a lot from newbies and casual players. You can build this structure in Survival Mode as well due to its low material requirement. Simplicity is the biggest bragging point of the Cobblestone Minecraft House. It sports nothing too fancy and uses Oak and Cobblestone to form the majority of the exterior.

You’re definitely going to love the process of building this house, especially the interior area which screams decency throughout. The base area that you have to lay out first is 9 by 5 blocks in length and width respectively. 

In addition, it’s advised to use Oak Plants for the floor so the design turns out just as expected by the end of your build. Once you’ve laid out the foundation, the next step is to position 8 blocks on every corner. This sets you up to connect the blocks above and form the roof of the house. Carry on with the interior subsequently and mix it up with a variety of blocks for the best results.

The best easy Minecraft ideas are those that can manifest within two or three days of playing the game. We’re pleased to tell you that the Cobblestone Minecraft House is a solid proponent of that and is the perfect way to get started with house building in the game. 

Cute Minecraft House 

 cute minecraft house ideas
Source: HazaMineCraft

The seventh spot on this list belongs to the Cute Minecraft House idea that has seemingly attracted tons of users. You’ve got modern houses that pack all that pizzazz, but there’s something distinct about finding shelter in a cute, comfortable house in Minecraft. That is exactly what the aforementioned design idea is about, letting new players seamlessly construct an adorable building for delightful living.

Organize the proper layout for this house to get started with the build. Cut out 7 grass blocks in a row and use any block of your choice to fill in 6 of them. You should now be left with a single dug-out block and 6 filed ones. You’ve now successfully completed the first part of the layout. 

The next step is to place 6 more blocks of your choice right alongside the 7-block row you’ve recently created. The idea here is to make this row appear on the ground while the latter 7-block row should be one block underground. The width of the layout is 11 blocks so fill in the area accordingly. The next step after completing the layout is to start the vertical construction of the house.

Build 9 more blocks atop each base block in the four corners of the 7-block layout that you’ve made. This is the row of blocks that’s on the ground as compared to the one on the underside. Join the blocks from the top and you’ve got yourself one part of the roof completed. 

The block of choice for doing the house’s exterior is White Concrete. The next task after finishing the roof is to fill in the gaps between the walls you’ve just erected. Implement a box at the top and the bottom while leaving room for a three-block vertical line in the middle. Touches like these add more depth and variety to your builds, especially when cute Minecraft house ideas are in the question. Return to the underground block layout now and place 6 more blocks atop the lateral three corners of the section.

The total height that you’ll get will be 7 blocks, therefore. Join the bottom-left corner build to the structure on the right, which should be the 10-block wall.

Small Minecraft House

small minecraft house ideas
Source: Rizzial

The Small Minecraft House is ideal for people who want to get things over with quickly. It’s logical to presume that not every player wants to build mansion-sized houses and prefers simplicity above everything else. The best small Minecraft house ideas are those that take up little resources and comprise blocks that aren’t hard to get. Luckily, you’ve stumbled upon a design that’s nothing short of the latter statement.

You can fill up this house rapidly with random stuff to make it more lively. When compared to big houses, that’s not so painless to achieve, so this is a significant plus point. Most players prefer small builds in Survival Mode just because of this reason as well. 

Lay out the foundation of the Small Minecraft House using the blocks of your choice. It’s 11 blocks wide and 5 blocks long. Implement a mixture of Cobblestone blocks and Dark Oak Wood blocks for the best results. We recommend doing each corner with the latter while forming the rest with Cobblestone. Once done, place 5 more blocks in each corner, so the whole structure becomes 6-block tall.

Cover the rest of the remaining area with Birch Wood Planks but leave a 3-block gap in the front to form the entrance. You should now have a definite 4-walled structure with room for three blocks in the front only. 

Continue the build by joining the blocks of the roof together with Birch Wood Planks. The next step is to place three more blocks of the same material between the two corners on the lateral sides of the roof. Additionally, place another block on top of this structure. You can now take out two blocks from between the walls on the sides and replace the gaps with glass panes.

Repeat the same on the front and back walls of the house but leave the Birch Wood Plank block in the middle to instill more depth in the survival house. For the flooring, you can effectively use Dark Wood Planks and that should sort the ground out for you. 

Cool Minecraft House

cool minecraft house ideas
Source: A Novice Builder in Minecraft

The best cool Minecraft house offer something spectacularly different as compared to the rest. Lucky for this one, the Cool Minecraft House is not only easy to build but also requires basic resources that you can get without breaking a sweat. The number of lanterns used will have you chasing torches and iron nuggets though, but there are alternatives in that case too. The major requisite of material here is Oak.

You’ll need stairs, slabs, and planks all made out of oak. That is obviously something that you start getting at the beginning of the game, so you should have this fortress out and about in no time. 

Moreover, touches of stripped oak logs can also be implemented for more depth in the build. The Cool Minecraft House essentially sports a circular design and this is nothing out of the ordinary. That said, this isn’t the best of house ideas if expansive storage is what you’re after.

You also cannot expand the design any further than its original layout, but you should be good if you’re not planning to do that. Simplicity in perfect combination with the circular construction makes this one of the most cool Minecraft house ideas in the spectrum. 

Modern Minecraft House

Source: Rizzial
Source: Rizzial

As far as modern Minecraft house ideas go, this one surely tops the list. You’re looking at an exceedingly capable design in the image above that makes short work of any dull prospects. This is for the tech-forward hobbyists in the game that like everything streamlined to perfection. The house has got its own swimming pool, a dedicated porch, and, of course, an admirable size.

Get started with constructing this beauty of a house by laying out its foundation. You will have a much easier time putting the whole unit together that way. The parameters of the Modern Minecraft House are 14 by 12 blocks in length and width respectively. 

The best way to begin is by using the easily attainable stone brick material and placing the blocks according to the base layout. You’ll then have to add two blocks to each base block so the structure becomes 3 blocks tall. The next step is to bring in jungle wood planks and line the inner area of the 4-cornered stone brick wall. Keep in mind that this is ought to be 3-block tall too.

You should now have a nicely built two-wall structure before you. Get ready to form the ground of the inner area next. Take out the grass blocks and replace them with gray wool. 

Finalize the floor of the Modern Minecraft House by using jungle wood slabs. This structure should be going over the base you created with gray wool. Continue the build by adding jungle wood planks to the outer stone wall. The plank should be placed on the right of the left corner of the wall.

This means that you’re leaving the corner out and modifying the blocks right next to it. Create an extension in this area so you can build off of it later on in the construction. The preferred material for this task is jungle wood slabs again. Two rows of four blocks will need to be built from each block off of the corner of the area.   

Cool Large House

modern minecraft house ideas

The next entry on the list is this phenomenal large house that makes short work of boring and banal Minecraft house. You’re looking at a luxury-grade build that does require its fair share of resources and uncommon blocks. Rest assured though as soon as you see the build through to the end of it, you’ll be glad you put in the work. Get started with the Cool Large House by first setting up a boundary of Oak Leaves that’s about 54 blocks long and 52 blocks wide.

This is going to be a massive build so do prepare yourself before jumping into it. The front of the house is going to have a few alterations with respect to the 52-block width we mentioned earlier. 

Prepare the front of the house by placing 31 blocks of Oak Leaves from the right to the left, then leaving a 3-block gap, and then using 18 more blocks to join the build with the left wall. You should now be having an 18 x 3 x 31 layout only for the front of the house. You now have to come back to the 3-block gap that you left and make a bunch of additions to reinvigorate its aesthetics. Glowstone will come in handy here.

Take out each block beside the gap and place Glowstone in that space instead. The next step is to use the Oak Leaves block in the same position as the Glowstone. Doing so will beautify the front of the house and leave visitors thoroughly stunned. 

You now have to get Smooth Quartz Block which is quite easy to craft if not find. All that’s required is Nether Quartz and you’ll be good to go when crafting it. Continue building the front entrance of the house by laying out the Smooth Quartz Blocks in rows of three blocks. Keep constructing until you’ve made 8 rows of these blocks.

The next step is to use three blocks of Smooth Quartz Slab ahead and place three blocks of Smooth Quartz Stairs right to it. You now have to get into the interior of this cool Minecraft house idea. A combination of White Concrete and Light Gray Concrete will help you achieve the best results here. Another material that can be used here is Polished Diorite for extra flair. Take your time with the build and you definitely won’t regret all the hard work. 

Suburban Minecraft House

Living in the suburbs of Minecraft can only be justified once you have a whole suburban house to live in. That means that your humble abode is adorned with style and vigor in equal measure. This modern Minecraft house idea brings you the benefit of boasting a voguish design with plenty of utilitarian features. The major resources required include stone, quartz, and grey concrete. Features of a typical suburbanhome are going to be prevalent, including a two-story design, a porch, and a garage.

You can easily start building this house by first laying out the base foundation. This includes setting up 9 by 9 blocks in length and width respectively using stone bricks. This should get you a square layout, but that isn’t all there is to the base groundwork.

Join this layout with another square structure, but make sure that it’s a 7 by 7 one this time. Doing so will get you two separate squares with one of them being smaller than the other. To keep your orientation right, keep in mind that the smaller square is going to serve as the house’s entrance. Proceed by returning to the larger square and placing three stone blocks from the right and left corners.

It’s going to get a bit complex from here on out so keep your attention span fully maximized. Take out seven blocks from the front of the entrance to develop the inner area of the suburban house. In addition, remove two blocks from one corner of the smaller square and leave the rest as it is. 

The next step is to develop the garage area. You’ll do that by taking out three rows of grass blocks from the front of the entrance. Porches made out of the stone block yield the best results, so whip out that material and start developing the floor of the garage. You’ll also keep this continuous with the inner area of the house, specifically from where you took out the aforementioned seven blocks.

Making the floor with stone will enhance the overall look of the interior, so you definitely want that. Furthermore, use Oak Wood Planks for the area of the larger square. It’s recommended to use Gray Concrete to raise the walls of the house. 

Large Minecraft House

The best Minecraft house ideas all have one thing in common: they’re exceedingly attractive. On top of that, they’re quite easy to build too, unless you’re opting for something mega. That prospect can last you several Minecraft days, considering that you know how long they are in our time. You’re going to be needing simple resources for the Large Minecraft House.

Blocks like Cobblestone, Cobblestone Slabs, and Oak Planks will help you build most of this design without breaking a sweat. Begin the construction by focusing on the first frame of the house. Use Cobblestone to raise two 9-block tall structures with a gap of three blocks between them. You can use wood to mark the distance in this case.

The next step is to join the 9-block structures together using Cobblestone again. That’s how you finish the first part of the build. Proceed by placing ten blocks of Cobblestone away from the frame of the house. Do it on both sides and build that up to the height of the initial structures.

Once you’ve built the expansive roof, it’s time to target the floor. You’ll have to use wood again here to develop the floor. Be sure to take out the grass blocks first before using your wood blocks. You now have to whip out some glass panes and use them on the front and back of the house to start building up the aesthetics. 

The time is nigh to create a protrusion of the first house frame by using wood one more time. Go to the right side and start building next to the first block. You’ll leave that initial block out to return to it later. You should be making your creations on the fourth block from the bottom of the wall. Create 7 blocks as a form of an extension and do the same on the other side of the wall.

This area can be specific to either farming or storing animals. A house that has animal pens and horse stables is the de facto sign of a smart player. Animals give back food and other resources, such as leather. You’re free to get creative with the Large Minecraft House in accordance with your taste. You know you’re never out of options in a game like Minecraft.

Japanese Minecraft House

Japanese homes serve as one of the most profound inspirations for home decors and constructions. That means that you can implement the same strategy within the Minecraft world and thus create a Japanese Minecraft House. You will be needing a hefty inventory of resources for this build, however, but it’ll all be worth it in the long run. The initial layout is about 17 by 10 blocks in length and width and it’s best designed using stone blocks.

You’ll find elements of The Land of the Rising Sun all over in the interior of this house and that’s what sets it apart from the rest of the entries. Sea pickles, lanterns, and blue orchids within flower pots all are prevalent inside the house. It can surely take some time to complete it but as far as cool Minecraft house idea go, this Japane-centric build definitely takes the cake. Be sure to include essentials like the anvil, the Enchantment Table, and bookshelves for the best of both aesthetics and functionality.

Beach Minecraft House

Source: Otama the World
Source: Otama the World

There’s no better way to relax than lying down in your bed by the waterside with the breeze of the lake or sea hitting you directly. The best Minecraft beach house ideas help you achieve just that fanatically, so truly no reason to miss building something like this to go along. You’re going to find a beach house far more interesting than regular houses.

This will be mainly due to the localization they offer for your Minecraft character. The required materials for this house aren’t difficult to attain the game. You’re mostly going to be needing jungle slabs, oak wood, oak planks, glass panes, and jungle planks. Other materials will be required for increasing the aesthetic appeal. 

The resource required for decorative purposes include paintings, smokers, barrels, strings, item frame, lanterns, crafting table, and a bunch of others. Campfire and oak leaves are also going to be needed to make this house look exceedingly presentable to fellow players. You can also pull off a building like this in Survival Mode, so there’s that added benefit as well.

Get started with the beach house by forming two separate layouts diagonally. Use a format of 6 by 8 blocks in length and width respectively for one layout while a 5- by 8-block format for the other. Be sure to leave gaps within the blocks, so you can come back to them later and introduce further modifications. 

The next step after laying out the formation is to focus on one area first and then move on to the other. You’ll need to create 4-block tall structures to form the roof of the house. Once that’s over with, continue on joining the structures together and use jungle wood stairs to start designing the exterior.

You can also build a small section separately using oak wood and oak planks for extra storage. Implementing the features of a glass pane here will dramatically increase the outlook of this section. In addition, don’t forget to place lanterns to keep the area lit and increase your visibility. As far as the best Minecraft beach house ideas are concerned, you’re going to love what this one has to offer in the long run. 

Village Minecraft House

You’re often going to run into villages in the vast world of Minecraft. That can happen when you’re either running solo or playing in another player’s world. In both of those cases, it’s handy to have some Minecraft village house ideas of your own too. We have at our disposal here a carefully crafted dwelling that’s adorned with simplicity from head to toe, save for a few complexities here and there.

Clear enough room before getting started to achieve the best results with this house. The basic layout is about 12 by 11 blocks in length and width respectively, but that is the outer area and not the actual layout of the house.

Create a 7- by 7-block square within the original layout to begin and start your way building from there on out. If you’re after the most simple Minecraft village house ideas, look no further than the one in question. 

Waterside Modern House

The last entry of the Minecraft house ideas list belongs to the Waterside Minecraft House. This is a design that’s spacious on the inside and good-looking out the front. It strikes a terrific contrast of black and white that will surely appeal to whoever is most interested in building modern Minecraft houses.

It also retains simplicity when building, so you’re looking at a fair starter build as well. Begin by laying out the basic foundation which is 10 by 9 blocks in length and width respectively. You can use Oak Wood Planks for that matter. 

Furthermore, make this base foundation 7 blocks tall by placing your blocks on top of one another. Create another structure with a height of 4 blocks right next to the latter structure. It’s advisable to leave a gap of 4 blocks between this one and the previous building for the best results. Use Gray Hardened Clay next to form an important parameter of the house’s front.

Place this material one block diagonally to the two structures you’ve just erected and raise its height to 9 blocks tall. Continue with the rest of the construction as you perceive in the photo above and that should lead you to one of the best Minecraft house in the game.  

Georgian Minecraft House

Source: Keralis
Source: Keralis

The Georgian Minecraft House is no less than a towering mansion that’s best suited to the elitists of the game. All the cool Minecraft house ideas have something to brag about, but the design that you see above has a multitude of features going for itself and not just one outstanding highlight. Its entrance is significantly embellished, and all the windows have decorative headers. Both of these features make the unit look like a proper Georgian house that’s built from the ground up with charm and elegance in equal measure. 

The front of the house is also adorned with flowers and gardens, but what truly catches our attention is the stairway leading up to the front door. This house idea is fairly involved and definitely isn’t part of easy Minecraft house ideas, so you should dive in being fully aware of this slight hiccup. If you consider yourself skilled and fit to handle a wide variety of building projects, this Georgian build is not the one to miss.

Minecraft Cube House

Minecraft Cube House
Source: Minecraft Therapy

Most of the modern Minecraft house ideas are sure to sport a striking design, but none of them are as cutting-edge as the Cube Minecraft House. This house design consists of five different cubes in which one of them serves as the entrance while the rest are different rooms each with their own aesthetic appeal. You will be needing Smooth Quartz for the majority of this build along with different types of Stained Glass Panes for extra flair. The cubes will follow a 7- by 7-block format and four of them will be built in such a way that a stairway will lead up to the upper cubes, except for the last one. 

This is a unique Minecraft house idea by all stretches of the imagination, so it’s no surprise people have taken up this design and incorporated it in this world. The best part is that it’s not difficult to make either, and you’re definitely looking at the one of the best easy Minecraft house ideas out there.

Sizable Minecraft Mansion

Source: Folli
Source: Folli

The Sizable Minecraft Mansion is something that doesn’t ever let you settle for less. This full-fledged manor is adorned with a bevy of features, and the best part is that it can also be created in Survival Mode. The majority of the build comprises Cobblestone and other wood-based blocks, while the interior will get as advanced as you want it to be.

A rough estimate of the resources you’ll be requiring is around 2,100 Logs in total, with most of them being Spruce Logs and Oak Logs. You’ll also be needing Spruce Planks in somewhere around that range, so do take the time investing in your inventory before getting started with this humongous construction. 

Smallest Minecraft House

 cute minecraft house ideas

You don’t have to be create a towering, huge unit to spend your nights in and survive in Minecraft. The design that you can comprehend in the image above is actually one of the smallest Minecraft house ideas that one can genuinely manifest. It’s on a pretty small scale but that’s what makes it the most interesting. In addition, the top of the house can be hoed down for seed placement, and so you can have your very own crop sitting atop the build hassle-free. 

If you’re into aesthetics, you can build a tree and a water source right beside the house to make it look even more enticing. You can fill the interior with a Bed, a Crafting Table, which is quite essential, Furnaces, and any other item that you want since there would be space left for one more block. All that’s left is to construct the door and that can be done using the Oak Door. All in all, simply one of the best cute Minecraft house ideas that’s perfectly sized for beginners who are just starting out with the game. 

Underwater Mountain Minecraft House

minecraft house ideas
Source: Zaypixel

It truly doesn’t get any more impressive than this. Go down and under and build yourself a high-quality Mountain Minecraft House in your world to flex like no other. People can get exceedingly creative in this game and this underwater house design is proof of just that. The structure follows a mix of different materials, including Smooth Quartz Block and Smooth Quartz Stairs. The basic layout will be built using those blocks and the format will follow a 10- by 12-block arrangement. 

In addition, the floor will be lined using Polished Andesite and Spruce Planks. You’ll also have to create a raised platform within the inside of the house with stairs leading up to it. Not only will this add more depth to what is otherwise one of the most attractive Minecraft house ideas that we’ve come across, but it’ll also make the affair a whole lot spacious. We definitely recommend building one of these in your Minecraft world as other users have already done so with some time and effort. 

Lake Minecraft House

minecraft survival house ideas
Source: Zaypixel

There’s nothing better than catching the windy breeze of a lustrous lake and having your homestead built right on top of it in the middle of nowhere. You could catch fish, cook yourself dinner every day, and watch the sun rise and set on a happy Minecraft world. The best part is that fish is one of the best sources of food in the game, especially for newcomers who aren’t well-versed with creating animal barns yet. Therefore, you’re truly looking at one of the best Minecraft survival house ideas by shooting for this build. 

There’s even a separate section for crops situated around the back of the house to yield resources from. The level of materials required for the Lake Minecraft House also isn’t too over the top and merely includes the likes of Stripped Oak LogsOak PlanksOak Stairs, and Stripped Spruce Logs. Another advantage of having a house on a lake is through-and-through protection from hostile mobs, which is surely something you need when starting out with the game and learning base mechanics.  

Ultra Modern Minecraft House


Feel like a billionaire with a decked-out crib using the house design idea at hand. This is one of the flashiest houses in the game that one can think of creating in their Minecraft world. Donning an all-black color scheme, you’re on your way to embracing the life of Batman with the Ultra Modern Minecraft House. That said, let us shed some light on what you’ll be needing to do for this build. A sizable area will be required, first off, not to mention the swath of materials that you’ll have to put into it.

Stone-based blocks like Smooth Stone SlabSmooth StoneStone Slab, and Stone are going to line the interior of the house for you while Gray Concrete will be doing most of the job for you. Moreover, the interior design is what half the praise is about. Awe-inspiring structures such as hanging lights, a top-of-the-line kitchen, and water-filled blocks in harmony with Sea Lantern are going to deliver a striking impression day in day out. 

Mediterranean Minecraft House

minecraft survival house ideas
Source: Keralis

The Mediterranean Minecraft House isn’t a plain old homestead that’s fit only for survival. It’s something that exudes class and delivers an impression that makes you look absolutely tip-top. Classic Mediterranean architecture involves arched doors and windows and a spacious exterior area that would’ve gone exceptionally well if Minecraft let you have cars. Speaking of which, the house also comprises a garage and a driveway, among other terrific exterior features. 

It’s a sizable build with a number of different structures within, so don’t expect this to be another one of those small Minecraft house ideas. A multitude of users has set up this style of build in a full-blown or a colony. This makes the Mediterranean Minecraft House flow superbly well with the rest of the area and still manages to stand out above everything else. As for the interior, you’ll find lavish bedrooms, grand dining tables with magnificent decorations, and an all-around ornate design that does nothing but dazzle right from the get-go. 

Oak Wood Minecraft House

Oak Wood Minecraft House
Source: Experimental Dude

The Oak Wood Minecraft House is a plain and simple design idea that lets beginners construct a full-fledged survival house in their Minecraft world. It employs a compact architecture, is easy to build, and consists of two floors. There’s an optional basement too, should you want to take the extra time and create it outside the house. The base layout comprises a 16 blocks by 16 blocks format, so the house isn’t too much of a huge build that we’re looking at. You’ll be needing nothing but basic materials that can be hauled off early-game.

To begin, you’ll use Oak Wood and Oak Planks in combination to line the floor but will soon switch to Birch Wood Planks afterward. This will be to construct the walls of the house and then the roof subsequently. This is just an exceedingly decent house that may not pack all the pizzazz but is definitely capable enough to fill in all the basic requirements that a beginner will have from their starter Minecraft house.

Versatile Minecraft House 

simple minecraft house ideas

The Versatile Minecraft House is just flat-out efficient. It houses a small-scale farm on its bottom that can turn over a fair amount of yield and a full-fledged housing system inside including a bed, an Enchanting Table, and other items of decoration that you’d be delighted to have. It isn’t hard to build as you’ll only be needing early-game resources like Oak Wood LogsOak PlanksOak Wood Stairs, and Spruce Wood Slabs for the majority of the exterior. Fences will also come in handy to add more depth to the build. 

There are also window boxes that this house can brag about. They comprise flowers in flowerpots and make the whole unit look utterly friendly. As for the interior, you’re free to arrange it however you like. It’s pretty efficient, all in all, for the size it has, and there’s basically everything you need to get started and rocking with the game’s Survival Mode. The basic layout is about 11 by 16 blocks for this house, so be sure you get that right. Doing so will make sure that you nail the rest of the build effortlessly. One of the most effective Minecraft house ideas for sure bar none. 

Fantasy Minecraft House

cool minecraft house ideas
Source: Minecraft Fantasy Builds

The Fantasy Minecraft House is, well, straight out of a fantasy novel with all the fanatic elements on steroids. This build is definitely not for the faint of heart and is best built first in the game’s Creative Mode. You’ll need about 7 stacks of regular Stone and a diversity of other materials to make this house come to life. The initial layout will be built using the latter but you’ll soon have to implement Spruce StairsSpruce Trapdoors, and Spruce Slabs to proceed. You’ll get there eventually given some time and effort, but don’t expect everything to go straightforward on your first attempt.

It’s taken players a ton of Minecraft days to construct this build in Survival Mode, but wait, you do know how long is a Minecraft day in our time is, right? Take a look at this guide if you weren’t aware already. Anyhow, another thing that you need to know about the build is its incorporation of Smooth Red Sandstone to develop one part of the roof of the house. If you find this material hard to gather in the game’s Survival Mode, a perfect replacement to use instead would be Blackstone.

Minecraft Winter Mansion

Minecraft Winter Mansion
Source: ToxicKailey

Tired of surviving in a winter biome in the game without a house that slaps? Embrace the design of the Minecraft Winter Mansion and build yourself a crib that dazzles right off the bat. This absolute behemoth of a build is one of the best Minecraft survival house ideas that make Creepers and co seem puny to deal with. It’s reassuring to know that most of the build comprises Oak Planks, about 858 of them, to be precise, and Dark Oak Planks too. 

A large, cozy mansion with an extremely detailed interior is all you need to pass the chilly embrace of winter with style and comfort in equal measure. A symmetric design is followed throughout the house and you’ll also find sizable windows that let you peek into the storms and snow brewing outside. However, don’t limit yourself to building the mansion in a winter biome only. If the design has interested you, fire away with it in other biomes too, and enjoy the game just the way you want. 

Large Oak Minecraft House

minecraft survival house ideas
Source: JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial

The Large Oak Minecraft House is one of the most impressive entries we have on this list. It’s definitely not called large for nothing as it uses a 31 by 31 initial foundation to be built upon. However, the favorable part about this build is that it can be constructed in Survival Mode, only if you’re willing to walk the extra mile though.

You’ll require about 812 Oak Logs, 692 Oak Planks, 680 Oak Fences, and a good number of any light source that you can get your hands on easily. It’s advised to use Beacons for this purpose, but Glowstones will also do just fine. As far as the most sturdy Minecraft house ideas go, you cannot sleep on the Large Oak Minecraft House

Plain Minecraft House

Plain Minecraft House
Source: One Team

The Plain Minecraft House is a clean-looking build that doesn’t hesitate to stand out when pitted against fellow simple-to-create houses. It’s a step up from regular starter designs, given the fact that it’s well decorated and has a keenly organized exterior and interior. 

The lanterns hung on the outside make sure you can find your way back home on a dark night during your survival in the game. It cannot be included in the list of specifically cool Minecraft house ideas, but when we factor in its user-friendliness and alluring resource requirement, you can easily think of it as one of the best easy Minecraft house ideas instead. 

Farmer Minecraft House

Farmer Minecraft House
Source: ItsMarloe

If you have set up a brilliant village in your Minecraft world and your mind is heading towards catering to the ever-so-innocent villagers in your build, you definitely cannot ignore the Farmer Minecraft House. It just feels fitting to put the farmer in his windmill-donning homestead right where he belongs. Not only this can make your village more authentic, but can also add more depth to it in an impressive way.

Speaking of villages, it’s never a bad idea to draw inspiration from other creators if you’re thinking of creating a new one from scratch. Refer to our Best Minecraft Village Ideas guide for some of the most jaw-dropping pointers and helpful designs to go with. As for the unit in question, the Farmer Minecraft House certainly belongs to the best Minecraft village house ideas you can manifest. 

Exotic Minecraft Beach House

minecraft beach house ideas
Source: CurtisBuilds

Let’s shift the focus to something different for a change now. Constructing a dapper house right beside a lake or a hefty water source can never go wrong, and the Exotic Minecraft Beach House is all about making things right. The main materials required for this house design are Stone StairsStone BlockJungle Wood SlabStained Glass, and Birch Fence

You’re free to add more decorations to uplift the panorama of the beach and this absolute beauty, but do prepare to dive into the nitty-gritty of decorative items if you intend to build the house in Survival Mode. All the best beach Minecraft house ideas in the game pack all the flash they ever could, but there’s still no topping the Exotic Minecraft Beach House when it boils down to its perfect size, lush design, and overall convenience. 

Survival Minecraft Beach House

small minecraft house ideas
Source: Grey Jay Crafts

Not into the whole idea of crafting a luxury-grade beach that requires some prior building expertise? No problem. Get your fix of a high-quality design with the help of the Survival Minecraft Beach House—packing in just the right blend of affordability and convenience. 

In addition, the roof finished off with the White Stained Glass just looks exceedingly pleasing to spectate from above while the rest of the build flexes a flat-out simple construction. There are even two wooden lounge chairs to bask in the pleasure of the beachside and enjoy the sun setting like never before. Surely one of the most simple Minecraft house ideas with a ton of features to brag about. 

Christmas Minecraft House

minecraft modern house ideas

This one is more of a themed entry but is very well worth it nonetheless. Christmas is approaching at the time of penning down this article, and there couldn’t be a better way to live the joy of this festive occasion both in the Minecraft world and the real world. The Christmas Minecraft House follows a simple foundation but is adorned from top to bottom in traditional Christmas colors.

There’s even a substantial Christmas tree right beside the staggering house. The whole thing is put together exceptionally well and is truly a genuine tribute to the year-concluding episode. However, you will be requiring some advanced-tier materials, such as Red TerracottaRed Nether Brick Stairs, and Red Wool to manifest this design in your Minecraft world. Still, you can certainly make the idea come to life in your Minecraft world. One wouldn’t so easily give up on one of the most charming Minecraft house ideas, would they?

Aesthetic Mushroom House

cute minecraft house ideas
Source: WolfAtari

Looking to enliven your Minecraft world with adorable houses? Topping the list of all the cute Minecraft house ideas, take a look at the Aesthetic Mushroom House and decide for yourself if the effort is worth it. This delightful house design uses Red Mushrooms as one of the main materials, along with Mushroom Stems, Green Concrete, Stone Brick Walls, and Spruce Wood Trapdoors.

It’s not lackluster in any way interior-wise too. It’s adorned with crafty hanging lights, an Enchanting Table, and a Crafting Table—both of which are outright essential for your survival in the game. The house follows a 4 by 4 format with four addition blocks placed diagonally to each corner. The house can be created in any biome. Just make sure you’re clearing out the grass first before getting started with it.

Relaxing Minecraft House

small minecraft house ideas
Source: Zaypixel

The Relaxing Minecraft House uses a unique color scheme and an even more distinct design. It’s accompanied with a Japanese Sakura tree and is also slightly barricaded with gates. It’s heavy on decoration and has llamas running around it in perfect harmony. The design follows a 10 by 8 format, so it definitely isn’t on a grand scale. 

Furthermore, the interior is teeming with all sorts of aesthetic items. You’ve got a beautifully crafted bedroom, a reading room, a kitchen with walled lights, and much more. If you play Minecraft to relax after a long day of work, it’s definitely worth considering this awesome Minecraft house idea for your world. 

Ravine Minecraft House

Source: Zaypixel
Source: Zaypixel

The Ravine Minecraft House borrows the characteristic features of a sizable wooden house that’s spacious and cozy enough to spend your days in the game. It’s built on top of a ravine, eponymously, which is basically a deep valley extending downwards with steep sides. This is one of the most creative Minecraft house ideas that we have on this list, so definitely something to shoot for if it fits within your Minecraft world. 

The best part is that it doesn’t even warrant hard-to-obtain materials. As iterated earlier, it uses wood-based blocks like Spruce PlanksOak Planks, and Stripped Oak Logs. You’ll also be needing Spruce Stairs and Stripped Spruce Logs to add more depth to the build. As for the interior, you’ll need items like Black CandleGlow BerriesArmor Stand, and Lanterns

Beach Minecraft Mansion

minecraft beach house ideas
Source: Creative Craft

We just cannot stop drooling over this mesmerizing Beach Mansion. This is a house design that flexes over all other beach-centric builds, simply because of how intimidating it looks and feels. The main materials that you will be needing are White ConcreteSandstoneBlack Stained Glass PaneOak Planks, and Quartz Slab.

In addition to that, this build will require a fair amount of time to build in Survival Mode, so make sure you have the best sword enchantments in the game lying around to make short work of threatening mobs. All in all, you just cannot go wrong with this house if you happen to manifest it into your Minecraft world. t’s surely one of the best cool Minecraft beach house ideas we’ve ever seen. 

Winter Log Cabin

minecraft survival house ideas
Source: Gorillo

The Winter Log Cabin is a spacious and comfy house that comprises basic building materials but a whole lot of convenience. Donning a minimal yet beautifully crafted exterior, this is one of the best starter Minecraft house ideas that can get you going with a pretty formidable build as soon as you begin the game. 

It’s got flowerpots and lanterns on the exterior with Glass Panes serving as small-scale windows for you to catch the snowfall outside. In summary, a clean, crisp build with a simple foundation but a high-yield output. 

Lustrous Minecraft House

cool minecraft house ideas

Have you ever seen such an incredible house design like this before? The Lustrous Minecraft House is, indeed, one of the sharpest-looking builds we’ve ever had the joy of witnessing first-hand. It uses an ultra modern design that automatically makes it one of the best modern Minecraft house ideas up for grabs. 

It’s best constructed near the ocean in Minecraft, so you can properly flaunt the yacht that comes with the Lustrous Minecraft House. It’s a shame you can’t drive the beautiful machine or we would’ve been in for a massive treat otherwise. 

Modern Wooden Minecraft House

minecraft survival house ideas

Who said modern houses can only comprise fancy materials like Concrete and Stone? The Modern Wooden Minecraft House is out here proving like a champ that you can make a sleek-looking house with nothing but wood-based materials, and this is amazing news for early-game settings. Looks terrific during the day, sparkles like a star in the night—surely among the Minecraft modern house ideas out on the internet. 

You will be needing a massive 62 by 68 area for the Modern Wooden Minecraft House, so better get to clearing that grass out right away. The main materials required are Spruce SlabsSpruce TrapdoorsDark Oak LogsStripped Oak Logs, and Stripped Spruce Logs

Swamp Minecraft House

minecraft survival house ideas
Source: Aphelion

The Swamp Minecraft House is perfect for survival and keeping death-meaning mobs in check and at a desirable distance. Make the swamps an ally and reap the benefits of your newfound friendship. This build can come to life even in Survival Mode since most of it comprises wood blocks. 

You can hop from one leave to the next to create this build on water. In addition, try finding a water source that’s about two blocks deep so you can build the Swamp Minecraft House painlessly. You’ll find this design among the best Minecraft survival house ideas out there to implement in your Minecraft world, all because of its sleek design and awesome location. 

Mossy Minecraft House 

Mossy Minecraft House 
Source: Folli

Tired of implementing the same blocks in your Minecraft house ideas time and time again? Try something mossy for a change. This Mossy Minecraft House’s exterior comprises Mossy Cobblestone and the whole unit uses a 7 by 9 foundation, so pretty ideal for a starter survival house for your Minecraft world. 

It employs a bed, a Crafting, and an Enchanting Table, and Anvil too—basically everything you need to spend your nights in the game’s Survival Mode and return home to a splendor structure every time. 

Top-End Minecraft Modern House 

minecraft modern house ideas

Take a deep breath and embrace how magnificent this house design looks. After all, it isn’t called the Top-End Minecraft Modern House for nothing.

Boasting a sizable circular pool with Stained Glass Panes in the middle and a lunar house build in the background, this is one of the best Minecraft modern houses we’ve ever come across.

Probably looks something like where Elon Musk would live in. The front is barricaded with Deepslate Tiles which can be obtained either by crafting or by mining the block with a pickaxe.

Furthermore, the aforementioned pool even has Sea Lanterns inside that make the whole thing glow radiantly during nighttime. 

Nordic Minecraft Mansion

Nordic Minecraft Mansion

The Nordic Minecraft Mansion is one intimidating big guy. If looks could kill, you wouldn’t have a single Creeper walking around anywhere near this house in your Minecraft world. It hails back to the age of the fearsome Vikings with respect to the design, so you can definitely appreciate the effort that has been put into this humongous build.

You can use multiple combinations of stairs and other blocks to make the mansion more versatile. Given some good amount of time and effort, you can build yourself one of the most amazing Minecraft survival house ideas in the game and make your friends envy your craft. 

Pink Minecraft House

Minecraft Survival House
Source: Games on YouTube

This is definitely one of the cutest houses in our list of Best Minecraft Houses. Pink houses have been gaining immense popularity throughout the Minecraft community all thanks to TikToks of creators showing off their kawaii pink houses.

Everyone has their own take on the pink houses. Some players like to keep it simple and combine the pink terracotta or pink hardened clay blocks to smooth quartz. However, you can access the pink concrete blocks only in version 1.18

However, some players took it a step ahead and made huge survival bases all made of pink Minecraft blocks! This modern Minecraft house idea is all about the aesthetic.

You will mainly need pink terracotta blocks and white smooth quartz for this build. This house will follow a 12×9 horizontal and 7×11 vertical base. For the entrance, you will need a four-block distance. Once you’ve made the house, don’t forget to embellish it with plants and a matching pink interior!

Modern House in Water

Modern house
Source: Random Steve Guy

We already went through some unique modern houses in our list, but this one tops it all. Not only it is easy to build, but the best part about it is that it’s surrounded by water!

This modest size modern house built by Random Steve Guy is best for players who don’t want a big luxury house. Especially when you’re playing in survival mode, you might want to save up on resources and make your house as compact as you can. Because this house is completely surrounded by water, you will get protection from the mobs as well. 

This house looks nothing short of a designer build. While the original plan is a single-story house, you can add two or more stories if you feel like it.

The color scheme of this house features black, white, and neutrals. Black and white smooth quartz really blend into each other to create that futuristic stylish apartment look. Another great addition to this house would be adding complementary furniture.

Furniture made out of spruce wood is a good choice for it. To complement the greenery around your house, add some climbing vines here and there and some flower pots inside. This would give your house a nice touch otherwise it would be too bland because of the neutrals.

Using good shaders, you can make the water around the house look transparent too. This would be great if you are planning to add some fish in there. Add some glowstones on the bottom so that during the night, it would make your house look magically beautiful.

Sloped Underwater house

Best Houses in Minecraft
Source: ManDooMiN

This is one of the craziest house ideas in our list of best houses in Minecraft. The reason is that this house is sloped and is underwater as well. But this dramatic slope makes the house look even more stunning. Now make this house underwater, and you will have the coolest Minecraft house design.

ManDooMin makes this cutting-edge design beautifully and doesn’t forget to take the advantage of the location. He makes sure that there is plenty of greenery around to get that cozy feeling. While you will see most of the slope houses elevated or merged with a hill, ManDooMin makes it sort of underground and submerged in water.

He makes the first floor underwater and the second floor on the ground level. Sunken into the landscape at an angle, this is definitely one of the coolest houses we’ve seen.

You might find building this house very challenging, but by following the step-by-step tutorial he has on YouTube, you can make this house in less than 4 hours including its interior.

Don’t forget to add some tropical and pufferfish to the water. Also, all thanks to the latest Cliffs and Caves update in Minecraft, you can add cute axolotls here too!

Spruce treehouse

Minecraft Survival House
Credit: Gorillo

If you are one of those players who find comfort living in the jungle biome of Minecraft, then this treehouse is the perfect build for you. Instead of clearing out trees in the jungle to build yourself a house, make this tall treehouse instead that is much cooler than a plain wooden house.

This treehouse is a great build to impress your friends and it also helps in keeping the mobs and griefers away. This specific treehouse we would be talking about is made by Gorillo.

The reason we liked it the most is that it uses easily available materials so if you’re building this treehouse in survival mode, you won’t have to spend hours searching and making fancy materials.

Gorillo uses a spruce slab, spruce fence, and spruce trapdoors to make this beautiful treehouse. To decorate it, he added lanterns hanging down from chains and also some beautiful flower pots with poppies and blue orchids.

But if you want to take it a step ahead, then you should consider building a working elevator for the treehouse! You can make one easily using Redstone. To make the elevator you can check out several tutorials on YouTube.

Survival Raft House 

Best Houses in Minecraft
Credit: Gorillo

If you’re looking for a house that is one of its kind, then the raft house by Gorillo is a great option. This is basically a raft in the middle of the sea that serves as a survival house as well.

The greatest advantage of this epic survival raft house is that not only you can evade mobs with this house, but you can also prevent griefers and thieves from stealing your valuables. A raft house is a great option if you need a place for storing your in-game items.

It is also a must-build for you in case you’re a frequent traveler in Minecraft and don’t enjoy sticking to one place only. You can even invite your friends over for a cool raft party right in the middle of the sea.

While you might think that building a raft on such a huge scale could be a hefty task, the reality is far from that. Gorillo explains in-depth how to make this raft easily.

You would need very basic materials like spruce stairs, a spruce trapdoor, and an oak fence to make the basic structure of the raft. For bed, you can use the simple survival bed available in Minecraft.

Since this house serves as a survival base, try to keep the décor very delicate. Some lanterns and flower pots would look nice here.

Campsite Survival Tent House

Minecraft Survival House
Credit: Gorillo

Picture this, you’re out adventuring in Minecraft far from your home and the night falls. You’ll find yourself in danger with mobs all over the place waiting to attack you.

In situations like these, you would need a makeshift house that will give you shelter and help you relax after you’ve fought the mobs in the area. This is why this small and simple campsite has made our list of best Minecraft house ideas. In the world of Minecraft where you are constantly out on adventures, you should know how to build a campsite.

Gorillo makes the tent itself by using white and black wool. He then uses a spruce fence to mimic the support for the tent and spruce trapdoors on each end of the tent. This creates a strong base for you to keep mobs at bay. For the bed, he uses a simple red survival bed already available in Minecraft.

You can also add a campfire with oak logs around it that will serve as a sitting area so that you can hang out with your friends in Minecraft at this cool campsite. Gorillo also made a cabana and a fishing dock to make the campsite complete and give it a nice survival base touch.

Desert House

Best Minecraft Survival House
Credit: Gorillo

This starter house is a great build for you if you’re looking to make a house in the desert biome of Minecraft. Building a house in the desert biome of Minecraft is a challenge itself because finding building blocks like wood, spruce or oak can be quite difficult.

The only block you can find easily here is the smooth sandstone, so using that you can create the basic structure of a house. Gorillo built this house on a 7×5 scale but you can expand it according to your liking. Use a jungle trapdoor to make the door frame for extra detail. Add some cactus around the house to compliment the desert biome.

While you might think that this house might be too small, it has enough space to hold all your necessities including your crafting table and other valuable items.

You can even add a furnace here and a ladder that leads to the roof of the house in case you need some sightseeing.

Beach Hut

Minecraft Survival House
Source: Mia Bloom

If you always dreamed of owning a house on the beach but couldn’t do it, don’t worry as Minecraft can help you live this dream. This beach house serves as an epic lake house as well and is perfect if you want to relax after a full day of adventure.

Not only this build is very cool, but since it is surrounded by water, it can help prevent mobs too. The main building blocks for this easy beach house are striped spruce blocks and spruce and oak slabs. For the shade use white carpet and white banners.

When you’re done, don’t forget to add some relaxing chairs made of spruce and some blue orchids to complement the lake around the house.

Even though this build might take you some time, it is definitely worth it as the end results are epic.

Dripstone Cave

Best Houses in Minecraft
Source: Mia Bloom

If you ever came across a dripstone cave in Minecraft, you will realize that these caves can be a good hiding place in case there is a movie raid nearby. Mia Bloom makes this amazing survival house inside the dripstone cave in a very easy step-by-step process.

First, you need to locate a dripstone cave and then hide light sources in various corners of the cave. Now locate the area where you want your entrance to be and build a 6×7 frame. When you’re done, add a door and start digging. You can dig as much as you want depending upon how big you want the space to be.

Once you’re done, you can use this space to hold your valuable items like your relics or armors. In this way, you can keep them safe from griefers and thieves. This cave house can serve as your secondary house too for when you’re looking to hide from mobs.

Waterfall Modern House

Best Houses in Minecraft
Source: Random Steve Guy

One good thing about the shaders in Minecraft is that they can make your build come to life and totally change the way it would look if you made it in the regular version of Minecraft. If you like the waterfalls in the world of Minecraft then you can bring one to your home.

This Minecraft house idea is simple yet very cool. This is an elevated house and it’s built right outside the cliff. The exterior of this waterfall house is about 7 blocks high. Use smooth quartz blocks, stairs and slabs to build the frame then add water.

While this particular build is elevated, you can make it on the ground too. Make the floor with light grey concrete and add the furniture according to your taste.

You can use white and black smooth quartz to make the interior. Once done, don’t forget to add some framed banners for paintings and some flower pots.

Cute Fox House

Best Houses in Minecraft
Source: ManDooMin

Are you a fox fan like us too? Then you’re in for a treat as the YouTuber ManDooMin came up with this super cute Fox house design that is simply a treat for the eyes! Foxes are very rare to spot in Minecraft but they are definitely the cutest.

This orange fox house is very easy to make and you don’t need a lot of resources to put this together. Use orange, white, and black concrete to make the base of the house. 

Once you’re done making the base structure for the house, make the matching orange interior.

You can add some green vines as they will look great in combination with the orange. Keep the color combination of white and orange to give that bright feel to the house.

Lush Cave House

Best Houses in Minecraft
Source: sevaris

Thanks to the Cliffs and Caves 1.18 update, we have many mountains and beautiful caves in Minecraft. Sevaris shows us a beautiful idea that we can try out in this new terrain.

If you manage to come across a lush cave in Minecraft, you can build a beautiful house here. You can also make your own lush cave by adding the flowers you like the most in any cave.

Once you have your lush cave, you just need to build a house here. For this particular house, Sevaris used a combination of Calcite and Diorite blocks as the basic structure and wall.

For decoration, use spruce wood. Use mossy stairs as the roof of the house so that it merges beautifully with the cave. Finally, light up the whole cave using lanterns or glowstones in trapdoors.

Treasure Chest House

Minecraft Survival House
Source: Greg Builds

This is definitely the craziest and most unique build in our list of best Minecraft houses.

Greg builds is one of those YouTubers who always comes up with the craziest build ideas for Minecraft. If you decide to build this treasure chest house, one thing is for sure no one will have the same house as yours.

This cute treasure chest house in Minecraft has two stories. Greg Build used the ground level for his workshop and placed his crucial items like a crafting table, armor stand, and weapons here.

He even made a library so you can see that while this house looks like a treasure chest, it can certainly hold a lot of stuff. The roof of this house is made of glass. The top floor is the bedroom and due to the glass boundary, it also serves a very beautiful view.

Cliffside Starter House 

Source: Sevaris

Mojang did an amazing job with all the wonderful cliffs we are getting to experience in the latest version. This calls for a worthy mention of a cliffside house in our list of best Minecraft houses. This cliffside house is very easy to make and while it may look small from its entrance, it actually goes deep within the mountain giving you a lot of space. 

Make sure you build a platform in front of the entrance as well to keep it all in place. Most of the build requires spruce wood which is fairly easy to find so if you’re building this in survival mode, you can find the materials required easily. Since it’s basically below ground level, you would be able to keep yourself safe from the mobs too.

Watchtower House

Minecraft Survival House
Source: sevaris

Another great build by Sevaris is this Epic watchtower house. The combination of calcite and warp wood makes this build very beautiful and interesting. The teal color stands out a lot and by using shaders, this watchtower house will look even better.

The deepslate roof gives the tower a very medieval look and it can serve as a mountain outpost since it has so many balconies. You can use this tower to keep an eye out for mobs as well.

Mob proof Wooden House

epic minecraft house
Source: WiederDude

When you’re playing in survival mode and you don’t want to water your time on making big houses, you can make a simple one. But the regular wooden houses can be prone to mobs, so we are here with this mod-proof wooden house design from Wieder Dude. 

First, make a regular wooden house with materials you would usually use. Then using magma blocks, end rods and redstones create a boundary around your house. In this way, you can prevent mobs and griefers from entering your area.

Glass House

Best Houses in Minecraft
Source: Heydi

This glasshouse looks nothing less than a dream. You would need basic materials for this build like smooth white quartz blocks and slabs and of course glass blocks. You can add as many stories as you want in this glasshouse.

When you’re done with the basic structure, add some climbing vines and plants to make it look a bit aesthetic. For the light source, you can use end rods. Make sure you focus well on lighting and décor because the whole building is see-through.

Copper Survival House

Minecraft Survival House
Source: Folli

Do you have a lot of copper and are not sure where you can use it? Then this beautiful copper and azalea leave house is perfect for you! Make the basic structure using oak logs And then mix it with copper blocks. Use azalea leaves as décor and you will have a beautiful steampunk-style copper survival house.

For decoration use a contemporary style interior made of wood and add some lanterns too. If you want to make it look even better, add a little koi pond in front of it.

Deepslate Jail House

Minecraft Survival House
Source: Sevaris

Deepslate is a very popular block in Minecraft because any deepslate build looks very cool and gothic. In this particular build, Sevaris shows us how to make a deepslate jailhouse. The whole base is made from deepslate and Sevaris uses nether bricks, signs, and banners to add a bit of color to it.

This jailhouse is a great build especially if you’re planning to make a town in Minecraft. Catch some mobs and keep them in this jailhouse and keep your town safe.

8×8 Redstone House 

Minecraft Survival House
Source: Twiistz

If you’re not a fan of big builds, then you can try this 8×8 Redstone house. This compact design is very comfortable to build and is approachable for any beginner or novice level player.

You won’t need many materials just plenty of Redstone and smooth quartz or concrete, depending upon the combination you want. Decorate it with some climbing vines and plants so it doesn’t look boring and plain.

Minecraft has been pumping itself full of content over the course of the past decade. The majority of its replayability is owed by its building mechanic that allows players to make their creativity do the talking. As for the game’s Survival Mode, we’ve laid out the best Minecraft house ideas to reinvigorate your dwelling like never before.

Tips And Tricks For The Best Houses In Minecraft 

To help you put together some of the best Minecraft houses we have mentioned below some tips and tricks you can use to make the next cool built for Minecraft Survival Mode. 

  • First, we suggest that you add broad hallways and small huts on the side of your house. Also, a great idea is to make two separate houses and join them together using a bridge. 
  • Make sure to always have a blueprint when you are building your Minecraft house, especially in Survival mode where your resources are low. This will help you avoid using any extra material and help you utilize space and materials in a more convenient way. 
  • Also, whenever you start building a house it is good to take recommendations from Google and from real-life houses and builds. For example, if you go on and search Viking-style church in Google it will show you a lot of images and you can have a better idea of how you want your finished build to look like. 
  • Always use a complementing palette. Neutral hues or vibrant colors might not look good together. However, if they are combined with their similar color palette your finished design will look more sophisticated and interesting. 
  • Our last tip would be that you should always keep your ceilings at least four blocks high so that your Minecraft house does not look cramped and there is plenty of space to add your armors and other equipment there. 

If any of the enlisted designs have inspired you or pushed you to create your own house idea, do let us know down in the comments section. As always, happy gaming!

Final Words

Minecraft is surprisingly inclusive for a game that’s focused on blocks for building. You can actually build a wide variety of stuff in this sandbox simulation. From castles and buildings ideas, the sky is the limit when Minecraft is in question. That said, the game can get pretty demanding in Survival Mode. You need to have a house or a shelter of some sort to make it through the night and carry on exploring.

Many players get tired of living and surviving in the same house repeatedly. If you’re looking to switch that up, we’ve compiled a list of the best Minecraft house ideas for you to build and relish. This expansive list will comprise several types of house ideas, such as modern, cool, small, and cute ones. We’ll also leave instructions on how to build these houses as we go through the guide. 

Minecraft boasts a variety of game modes, but only two of them take the cake. These are Creative Mode and Survival Mode.

The latter is the default mode that has been with Minecraft since the day of its release. You simply go out in the sandbox and look for resources that you could use. In addition, you have to craft items, enhance your experience, sate your hunger, and outclass lurking mobs.

Therefore, this is the real Minecraft experience that may or may not let you build houses, depending on your skill level and your ability to maneuver the game. 

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