60 AMAZING Minecraft Building Ideas [2023]

Here are Best Minecraft Building Ideas - we look at Survival, City, House, and share step by step guide to build each of them.

Are you new to the game and struggling to come up with Minecraft Building Ideas that seem fun? Well then, you’ll be glad to know that this game can facilitate an endless torrent of creativity and imagination, as long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort. Keep in mind these ideas are also for beginners, and easy to follow, so don’t worry too much.

Key Highlights

  • Minecraft is a well-known survival game, and just like many survival games, the main thing to do is to make a base and protect yourself and your items from danger so you can progress further in the game.
  • But Minecraft is more than any other survival game, it also has a mechanic to build whatever you want however you like, and this makes the game so much better and iconic. It brings out the creativity of players.
  • If you have played Minecraft for a while, then you surely are bored with your old houses and want to make your abode better and more spacious.
  • We have compiled a list of ideas that you can try out to make your world better and make the experience more fun, you just need to farm enough materials.
  • The list consists of many basic but unique-looking bases, but it also has many complex and larger houses to build if you’re feeling more creative.
  • This also gives you more options to build more bases in different parts of your world and also if you have friends in your world, you can make much larger bases such as Mansions.

Do you want to build an underground lair or a city in the clouds? How about a seven-story mansion or a boathouse on the water? Minecraft can let you create every single one of these unique structures, but only if you’re committed to the task and you know what to do. 

So with this guide, not only we are going to show you some incredibly cool Minecraft Building Ideas. We’ll also tell you how to create them in your own worlds. Depending on the complexity of the task, you might even have to get some friends involved. Make sure you also check out our Minecraft Castle Ideas as well.

Best Minecraft Building Ideas

Minecraft Building Ideas
The Different Modes.

Now are there are two main modes through with players can play the game and create amazing structures in their worlds.

The first of these is the Building Ideas for survival mode, in which you will have to contend with all manner of hostile monsters, a hunger meter and a health bar. In order to gather the resources you require to craft some of the more intense creations, you’ll have to go exploring and spend hours, if not days, mining, smelting and chopping down wood among other similar activities. Some of the buffs mentioned in our Best Axe Enchantments guide can help you speed up the gathering process, but there is a limit to how fast you can go.

Survival mode is more suited towards small Minecraft Building Ideas. This is not the approach for extremely large creations that might take tens of thousands of different blocks, although I will admit that the sense of satisfaction you get here is nothing like what you’ll find in the other mode.

Creative mode is essentially God mode in the game. Players take no damage of any kind, they can fly and they even have access to an unlimited amount of every block in the game. If you want to make some incredible structures, this is the approach you have to go with. This is not nearly as satisfying as Minecraft Building Ideas survival mode, but you’ll be done with your builds days in advance.

So take a moment to think about what you want to create, and then decide accordingly which mode you want to play in. After that’s done, check out our Minecraft Building Ideas list with instructions.

1. Treehouse

Minecraft Building Ideas
Image Credit: Typface.

Without a doubt, the first addition to this list has to be the Treehouse. This extremely charming yet tricky build is likely to be one of the first major challenges faced by new builders in Minecraft. They have to create a platform in the trees with their base on the top of it, and maybe not fall to their deaths in the process.

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To start with, you first have to actually climb the tree in order to clear out some space for your Treehouse. So craft some ladders, and start by placing the first one on the base of the trunk. From here, keep climbing and placing the ladders as you go up the tree until you reach the top. Now clear out any blocks that might be taking up your required space. Be careful not to stand on any of the Leaf blocks while cleaning up, since they despawn when the Wood blocks near them are broken.

When sufficient space is available, start by placing a layer of planks to create a foundation. Not only will this allow you to move more freely in the treetops, it will also act as a basis for the rest of your home. Now erect walls, doors and whatever else you require for your perfect Treehouse.

2. Cliffside House

Minecraft Building Ideas
Image Credit: TheMythicalSausage.

Building a house from scratch can be a difficult job, especially if you want to make more than a simple room with space for a bed and some workbenches. And sometime you simply don’t want to go through the effort of collecting wood and making stone blocks for the construction. In that situation, why not carve room for yourself in a cliffside. 

And yes, it is really that easy. All you have to do is grab a pickaxe, and start hollowing out any hill that seems large enough to suit your build. You don’t have to collect any additional resources this way, and any thing you do require will be supplied by the natural formation itself. For example, lets say that while carving out room for yourself, you find a few blocks of dirt or you mine out some stone blocks by accident. In that case, you can simply throw the cobblestone you collected while mining into the furnace, and then turn it into into Stone to use for repairing purposes.

Additionally, you can also spruce up the interior of the house with materials other than simple stone. You can use Stone Bricks, Quartz or even regular Wood Planks to give the building a unique look and feel. It all depends on how much work you want to put into it.

3. Pool House

Minecraft Building Ideas
Image Credit: ManDooMiN.

Sometimes all it takes for a house to look unique and different in Minecraft is an attachment that makes it feel more cozy. And there’s nothing more appealing for newcomers trying out Minecraft Building Ideas than a swimming pool. All this requires is an area of land next to your base, as well as some simple materials.

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Players simply have to grab a shovel and start digging down into the dirt, making sure to excavate at least one extra block in each direction to account for the pool boundary and walls. Once the ground has been hollowed out, you can lay down something bright and eye-catching, like Blocks of Quartz as the foundation. This pure white mineral is one of the brightest blocks in the entire game, and it makes for an extremely attractive pool building material. Once that’s done, all that’s left to do now is to fill the pool with water using Water Buckets.

You also don’t have to build your pool right next to your base. If you feel confident that you won’t ruin your house in the process, you can also attempt to excavate space inside your house or in a basement. If you’re feeling really daring, how about going for a rooftop pool instead.

4. Underground Base

Minecraft Building Ideas
Image Credit: Spudetti.

Underground bases have the potential to be some of the coolest structures that you can ever build in Minecraft, if you know what you’re doing. Like Cliffside Houses, these also potentially benefit from having to be dug out of the ground, rather than be built from scratch using foundations or walls. All of the support structures already exist underground for you if you’d like to utilize them.

Now to build one of these, you first have to hollow out a significant portion of the ground using Shovels. If you want to save some time and effort, you can also use Dynamite to make large craters instantly, but that does come with some risk. After a hole with your desired dimensions has been dug out, you can then optionally begin layering the blocks with which you’d like to make your floors, walls and ceilings. You can of course completely ignore this step if you’d like as well, but Stone does look significantly less appealing than some fancy wood paneling.

If you’d like, you can optionally hide the entrance of your underground base as well. Secret doors or tunnels operated with Pistons go a long way in enhancing the ‘Cool’ factor of your subterranean home, but they do require an informed knowledge of the Redstone system. Luckily, we also have a basic guide that shows new players How To Operate Redstone Torches In Minecraft.

5. Secret Waterfall Base

Minecraft Building Ideas
Image Credit: Archelaus.

Live out your ultimate Batman fantasy by building the entrance to your secret base directly behind a Waterfall. Not only will this look really cool, it will act as the perfect camouflage against any other players in a competitive multiplayer scenario.

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The way to build one of these is really simple, but the first step is actually finding a Waterfall somewhere out in your world. And when dealing with a game that utilizes procedural generation, that’s actually much harder than you might assume. So if you aren’t fortunate enough to find one, you can always make one by yourself. All you require is some high ground and a few Water Buckets. Climb up to the top of your chosen hill and simply let the water flow somewhere near the edge to create your Waterfall. Once that’s done, start digging in the cliffside behind the water and hollow out as much space as you require.

What’s great about a Waterfall base is that you don’t necessarily have to build the entrance at ground level either. The game allows you to vertically travel up streams of water, so you can even have your entrance at the top of the Waterfall and simply swim up to it whenever you like.

6. Farmhouse

Minecraft Building Ideas
Image Credit: Zaypixel.

Every single one of your Minecraft Building Ideas does not have to revolve around a cool looking base or a unique quirk. Instead, how about building a homey little Farmhouse where you can keep all of your tamed animals close to yourself in one building. After all, animal rearing and animal products play an integral part of the whole experience, so why not lean into that a bit. We actually have a full guide up on How To Breed Llamas In Minecraft if you’re interested in that particular mob for this build.

So to begin, make sure that you lay out a basic blueprint for the type of Farmhouse that you want to create. Build the horse stables and the sheep and cow pens first, and then move on to the actual house for yourself later. Because you want to ensure that your animals are already in place when you start working on the larger structure. Even tamable mobs in Minecraft can be a pain to manage if you have to move them later on, and you do not want to deal with that. Simply get the animals out of the way first, so that you can finish the rest of the build in peace.

And while you’re at it, go ahead and place some Hay Bales down on the ground and make some small water troughs as well. Tamed animals in the game obviously don’t have to be constantly fed to stay alive, but this does give the structure a great ambiance. 

7. Stilt House

Minecraft Building Ideas
Image Credit: JINTUBE.

What’s better than a beach house? You guessed it, it’s a house built literally on top of the water. This magnificent creation is what’s known as a Stilt House, which is basically a building that is kept away from the water with long wooden support beams. These Minecraft Building Ideas For houses not only look really pretty, they also give you a fantastic view of the water body they are built on.

The process of constructing this first requires you to build support beams. These don’t have to reach the bottom of the lake/river floor, but aesthetically they look much better than a building simply floating on the water. From here, build these supports up above the water to the level you want, and then construct a foundation for your rooms. Now build your house regularly on top of this, making sure to also construct a bridge that takes you to and from the building. You don’t want to go for a swim every single time you have to return to your base to sleep.

And while you’re building this structure, why not go ahead and make liberal use of glass to create a lot of windows and even some terraces. If you’re going to make a house over the water, at least make good use of the surrounding beauty. It would also benefit you greatly to put in a dock for your ships. You could even gather some friends together and come up with some Minecraft town building ideas that focus on Stilt Houses.

8. Underwater House

Minecraft Building Ideas
Image Credit: Random Steve Guy.

Now we’ve reached the point on our list where the cool Minecraft Building Ideas also start getting more challenging. And nothing screams challenge louder than building a base under the ocean while trying to stop yourself from downing.

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To start with, you’ll want to get a hold of some potions of Water Breathing. These will allow you to stay underwater for an extended period of time, during which you can actually work on your base without fear of being killed. These aren’t exactly quick or easy to make, but they will save you a tremendous amount of time and effort. Once you have a decent supply in your inventory, you can progress with the build. All you have to do now is go underwater, and start putting down the foundations of your base.

Now build it out like any other structure you would construct on the ground, but with a lot more sources of light since it’s so dark. You can’t use Torches underwater, so Glowstones are a really good alternative. Once the base has been constructed to your liking, go inside and drain out all of the water inside. You can simply place any other blocks all over the structure to eliminate the water source blocks. Or you can use a Sponge, which is designed to soak up all water within it’s vicinity. Either way, your Underwater House should now be ready to use.

9. Small Town

Minecraft Building Ideas
Image Credit: fWhip.

We briefly touched upon one of the Minecraft town building ideas earlier in the article, but this time how about we actually discuss a proper settlement? Players can opt to build an entire village, town or city in the game, and enclose in within the confines of a wall that protects it from hostile mobs. 

To begin this project, you first have to construct a number of different homes and other buildings that you might find in a settlement. Put in some farmhouses, a town hall, some taverns or even a castle keep. Basically anything that seems like it belongs in a town, you can easily squeeze in here. And this could take a lot of time depending on the scale of your build, so you might want to get some friends involved in the construction process. Hey, you can even ask all of them to create their own personal residences inside the boundary wall and then you can all play together going forward.

If you don’t intend to play with other players, you can alternatively choose to populate your town with Villager NPCs instead. These mobs can be naturally found in the world, so you can begin your project within an existing village if you choose. Or if you’re playing in creative mode, you can simply spawn them in using Villager Spawn Eggs. Go with whatever route suits your personal preferences.

10. Giant Tree House

Minecraft Building Ideas
Image Credit: GlitchNOut.

We’ve already talked about treehouses, but now it’s time to move onto houses that are inside giant trees. And although the image above may look extremely convincing, trees this large do not naturally exist within Minecraft. This is a creation that can only be made by the player themselves, and it’s highly recommended that you go for creative mode for this. Minecraft Building Ideas survival mode simply will not cut it here.

The process is honestly not as complicated as it sounds, but it is extremely time intensive. Players will have to construct the giant tree by using regular wood to create it’s entire structure, and then layer out the top with Leaf blocks. And as anyone who’s played this game can attest, collecting leaves outside of creative mode is an incredibly tedious task.

And while you’re laying out the blocks for this giant tree, you have to make sure that you leave enough space inside for your actual house. You most likely will not be able to have a single wide floor, but you can instead opt for multiple smaller floors that are connected together with stairs and ladders. Also, this build simply looks really cool. It’s a great option for players who want to try something really unique, but do not feel confident in their building skills yet.

11. Hanging House

Minecraft Building Ideas
Image Credit: TheMythicalSausage.

Now we’re getting to the truly challenging Minecraft Building Ideas, such as the Hanging House that’s suspended only by an anchor. This seems like one of the more unique builds, but at the end of the day it’s still a house that’s simply hanging next to a mountain.

The first thing you require for this base is a mountain biome, so go search for it until you find one in your world. Here you can find a number of different snowy peaks, any of which can potentially serve as your home. But priority should be given to the one that has a bunch of space next to it, since you don’t really want your Hanging House to be sandwiched between two mountains. The more space you can get, the better. Once you’ve chosen the peak you’re going to use, create a platform from it’s side that will act as the anchor point. This can be at the top of the mountain, or in the middle, it doesn’t matter. Simply pick what height you’d like to live at.

Now using this anchor point, start building your Hanging House step by step. Lay out a foundation, erect the walls and go with whatever design suits you. It is better if you go with wooden materials here, because you do not want a stone house to blend in with the surrounding mountains. The contrast of the wooden building will really help your Hanging House stand out. Also, make sure that you have a quick and effective path to get down to ground level again. 

12. Floating Island Base

Minecraft Building Ideas
Image Credit: Overman.

Now we’ve arrived at the Floating Island Base. As the image above may convey, this is a base that is suspended in mid-air, with absolutely no anchors and no supports. It exists in the sky, connected to the ground only by a small waterfall. This stream of water actually serves a really important purpose, since it’s the only way players can reach up to the floating islands without having to use ladders or other solid blocks. As mentioned above in the Secret Waterfall Base heading, you can use this water to swim up to the Floating Base.

To start work on this structure, you first require a starting point. This can only be gotten by building a line of blocks straight up from the ground until you reach the height you desire. Once the foundation is placed, all other blocks leading up to it can be broken. Now you can continue the build by laying down a flat layer of blocks and using it as a basis for the rest of your island.

You can create multiple small islands or one large one, it all depends on you. All that matters is that you give yourself quick access to the ground with the waterfall, and that you lay down fences to keep yourself from falling off accidentally. And that’s about all it takes. Use your imagination and create the type of Floating Island Base that you’d want to live on. You can technically build anything here that can exist on the ground level.

13. Apartment Complex

Minecraft Building Ideas
Image Credit: HALNY.

Are you looking forward to sharing a Minecraft world with your friends? Then instead of each player building their own home, why not instead opt for a shared space? Build an apartment complex that has a room in it for each of your friends, and then you can all live together and build together.

The construction process for this is pretty simple. Simply start off by building a small room on what is to be the ground floor, and then replicate that as many times as you require. Also remember to add a partition with hallways and staircases to give access to each room in the building.

14. Pyramid House

Minecraft Building Ideas
Image Credit: Mr Minecraft.

Here’s another entry on the list of cool minecraft building ideas for you to try out. How about instead of a regular home, you try and build a pyramid with multiple different floors. Not only will this look really nice, it has the added benefit of being incredibly easy to actually construct. All you require for this build is your material of choice and some time. If you’re going for more of an authentic look, you can opt to use Sandstone, but otherwise you’re free to use whatever block you think will look good.

Simply lay down a square foundation on your chosen plot of land, and start building up layer by layer. You have to keep moving inwards by a block with each progressive layer, which will also cause the floors of the building to get smaller as you move upwards.

15. Boat House

Minecraft Building Ideas
Image Credit: Nexy.

We’ve previously talked about homes built under the water and over the water, but what about a house that rests directly on it instead? With a boat house that’s exactly what you get, but don’t expect this structure to actually move like a real boat. To construct this, all you have to do is pick a nice little pool of water and then establish an anchor point. You can get this by building up from the bottom of the body of water, or by extending a straight line from the nearest coast. 

Once that’s done, use this anchor point to lay out a ship-like pattern as a foundation. This can be as big or as small as you like. From here, build up the sides of the boat, make a mast, and then leave enough space for a deck. If your ship is really big, you can use the bottom deck as your living space, or otherwise the area reserved for the captain’s cabin can serve as a small but appropriate home as well.

16. Aquarium House

Minecraft Building Ideas
Image Credit: Smithers Boss.

An aquarium house is one of the most visually appealing buildings that players can build, and they have a lot of flexibility in how to go about doing this. It’s essentially a regular home with fish tanks as walls, so if you know how to build any regular house, then you should be okay here. Basically, go ahead and construct a nice little building for yourself and leave at least three blocks worth of space for your aquarium walls.

Now place glass blocks to construct the outer layers of the walls, and then leave the middle space empty for fish, plants and water. Speaking of which, you will have to use creative mode to actually add the fish and plants inside this aquarium, because you cannot transport them inside otherwise. 

17. Small Castle

Minecraft Building Ideas
Image Credit: One Team.

Instead of a regular house, why not build a castle out of stone blocks instead. You can put in a nice little moat, a gate and even some ramparts from which you can observe your surroundings. It’s a castle, your design choices are only limited by your imagination. We actually also have a full Minecraft Castle Ideas guide up where we showcase the multiple different types of castles you can create in the game. 

This build itself is not really complicated , but you may have to spend a long time cooking cobblestone in Furnaces in order to actually craft Bricks. So grab a pickaxe and get to work mining, because it will take a long to gather the required coal and stone blocks. 

18. Island House

Minecraft Building Ideas
Image Credit: BinfaCraft.

Go out into your game world and pick any isolated island that strikes your fancy. If you feel that it’s an appropriate distance away from the shore and that you won’t get tired of constantly travelling to it, then put down some roots there. All you have to do for this build is flatten out the island, lay down a foundation and starting constructing a house.

If you’re okay with having to swim back to the shore every time you leave the house, then you can stop at this point. But if you find this to be too tedious, then you can either construct a bridge to the mainland or put a dock next to the house. Boats are extremely easy to craft, and they can help you travel across water quickly.

19. Japanese House

Minecraft Building Ideas
Image Credit: Zaypixel.

Traditional Japanese homes are basically regular houses, but with slightly more elaborate aesthetics. They have sliding doors in place of regular doors, and their roofs are a bit more curved and colorful than traditional western buildings.

They’re also pretty simple to make, you simply use a lot of different colorful wood in the construction process and leave out stone and quartz blocks as much as possible. To make the surroundings of the home also look more traditional, you can opt to construct the building near some sand and plant a lot of bamboo nearby.

20. Bridge Home

Minecraft Building Ideas
Image Credit: ItsMarloe.

Now this entry on our list would go into the Small Minecraft Building Ideas category. And as the name implies, it is literally a house built on a bridge. If you’re not a particularly imaginative person, then I can find few better starting points that something simple like this. Try this out, and it should help fuel your creativity going forward.

To begin the construction process, find an area that would be perfect for a bridge. Simply look for any stretch of land with a gap in between, it doesn’t necessarily have to be on top of water. Now start by building an anchor point and constructing either a wooden or stone bridge, making sure to leave enough space in the middle to build a home. Now treat this space like any stretch of dirt in the world, and start making the house you want on top.

21. Lighthouse

Minecraft Building Ideas
Image Credit: Munchucks.

A lighthouse is an incredibly easy build for almost anyone, and on top of that it simply looks really cool. You can technically build it anywhere you want on the map, but a beach or other costal areas are more thematically appropriate. But whichever location you choose, the construction process should be pretty straightforward.

To begin, flatten out the land and put down a foundation that should not exceed a grid of 12×12 blocks. You can go bigger if you want, but then your lighthouse will look too thick after that point. Now start building upwards, making sure to leave at least 8 vertical blocks of space for each floor. Put in as many levels as you want, but at the absolute top you have to place a bunch of Glowstone as a light source. 

22. Japanese Pagoda

Minecraft Building Ideas
Image Credit: SheepGG.

A Japanese Pagoda is a multi tiered tower that is as beautiful as it as complex. This is not something that anyone can attempt to build without at least a basic understanding of Japanese architecture. But either way, I can think of few other buildings on this list that will be more rewarding to build.

I cannot properly explain how to build this structure, apart from instructing you to use Creative mode if you value your time. This is one of those things that truly requires a detailed step-by-guide, which you can find over on the channel of YouTuber SheepGG.

23. Skyscraper

Minecraft Building Ideas
Image Credit: HexRegulus.

A Skyscraper is indeed an impressive building to construct, but it also happens to be one of the more straightforward giant constructs on this list. To start with, all you have to do is make a massive square foundation and start building straight up from the four corners. Once this outline has been build, you can divide the building into floors and design it’s exterior to suit your liking.

One of the downsides of a structure this big is that unless you spend days populating it’s interior with rooms and furniture, it will look pretty lifeless. This is not something you want to build for actually living in, but more for the atmosphere it brings to your world. 

24. Windmill

Minecraft Building Ideas
Image Credit: Fresh Joy.

Are you looking to give your world a more rustic feel, or do you simply want to add a thematically appropriate building to your farm? Then what you require is a Windmill, which can serve as both a home and a simple decoration. The process of constructing this is fairly simple.

First, you start building a simple tower with wood and stone, but don’t make it too thick. The upper section of the structure has to be even narrower than the bottom half, and you’re going to put an anchor point somewhere near the middle. From this point, you’ll start constructing the outer edge of the blades with wood, and then fill the rest of it up with white wool to make it look authentic. And that’s about all it takes for a Windmill.

25. Nether Sword Portal

Minecraft Building Ideas
Image Credit: Goldrobin.

When you think of a Nether Portal in Minecraft, the first image that your mind conjures up is probably a basic rectangular gateway. It’s the simplest and the easiest shape to give to a starter portal, and most players probably never change this design going forward. But your Nether Portals don’t have to look boring, they can be awe inspiring if you put in some effort.

So to craft something like a Nether Sword Portal, you have to understand that the core layout of the structure has to be at least 4×5 and made of Obsidian blocks. You can exceed this size by however much you want, and you can also place other blocks on top of the structure as long as they don’t interfere with the space of the portal’s purple light. Once that’s understood, you can go ahead and shape your portal into anything. 

26. Nether Base

Minecraft Building Ideas
Image Credit: ItsMarloe.

If you’ve been playing Minecraft for a while, sometimes it helps to spice things up a bit. Why build your next base in the Overworld again, when you can opt to build it in the burning pits of the Nether? And to start, you’ll first have to actually get to the dimension through an actual portal. 

Once you’re through, go ahead and pick a spot away from any Fortress and get ready to build your new home. You can literally build anything you want here, but a castle, like the one seen in the image above, fits the theme much more than a wooden house would. Also, make sure to keep the portal in close proximity to your new base, because you’ll want to travel back occasionally for supplies.

27. Mansion

Minecraft Building Ideas
Image Credit: BigTonyMC.

If you’re feeling a bit fancy, a large multi storied mansion is a great new project to get involved in. It’s essentially a large home, with multiple different wings that can be used for different purposes like a library, art room and even an armory. This is one of the more simpler entries on our cool Minecraft building ideas list.

To begin this build, secure a large piece on land and start laying down the foundations with stone bricks. Count the dimensions, and divide each wing right at the initial planning stage so that you don’t easily loose tracks of them. Now construct the walls, add in a few towers and maybe even go ahead and put in a some fountains and some plants for the garden.

28. Fountain

minecraft building ideas
Image Credit: Spudetti.

Speaking of fountains, it’s never a bad idea to have the knowledge to build one of these. Not only are they extremely pleasant to look at, constructing one of them is an instant way of adding a lot of style and appeal to an otherwise boring looking home. For this process, you require a type of block that you think will work well in a fountain. Stone bricks will look really nice, but so will the pure white blocks of Quartz.

Whatever you choose, use them to construct a symmetrical pattern on the ground to collect the water, and then build two layers of basins in the exact middle. Once the build looks competent enough, take one bucket of water and use it at the top of the basin to let it flow downwards.

29. Library

minecraft building ideas
Image Credit: LennyRandom.

Whether it’s constructed as part of an already existing house or as a standalone building, a Library works well either way. It doesn’t actually serve a purpose apart from looking great, because most books aren’t actually readable. But you can use the Bookshelves within them for enchanting purposes. We actually have a full Minecraft Infinity Enchantment Guide that explains the process in detail.

You can also use a library as a storage spot for your enchanted books, by putting in storage chests inside the building. And while you’re at it, consider putting in some paintings as well. This is one of the small Minecraft building ideas on our list.

30. Fishing Dock

minecraft building ideas
Image Credit: LennyRandom.

We’ve previously talked about docks on this Minecraft Building Ideas list as part of other structures, but they can also work on their own. A dock can serve as both a literal storage space for your boats, as well as a spot for you to simply relax and catch fish.

All you require for this build are your wood blocks of choice, and an area of land next to the water. From here you can start building out a dock simply by placing wood planks out towards the water, and adding supports underneath them. You don’t actually require the support beams, but they do make the design look a lot more realistic.

31. Automated Farms

minecraft building ideas
Image Credit: Zaypixel.

Farming is one of the most convenient sources of food in the game, and as such most players will gravitate towards it automatically as they play. But having to manage a farm by yourself can be a bit tedious, with planting and harvesting taking up a lot of time. So why not automate the process instead?

All grown crops in the game automatically get harvested and washed away anytime they interact with flowing water. So by building a system where a lever controlled piston lets water flow through a farm via a well, players can instantly harvest all of their crops in an instant. This is extremely efficient, and it will save you a lot of time.

32. Stable

Minecraft Building Ideas
Image Credit: Zaypixel.

Horses and Llamas are non-hostile mobs in the game that can be tamed and used as mounts and portable storage containers respectively. The taming process requires a bit of time and effort, but we go over that entire process in our How To Breed Llamas In Minecraft guide.

And once you have tamed these mobs, you’re require a place to house them. Sure you can simply build a fence on an open piece of land and let them loose, but why not go for a proper Stable instead. It lets you give each animal it’s own room, and building the structure is as simple as constructing a barn and carving out individual stalls.

33. Water Wheel 

Minecraft Building Ideas
Image Credit: Twin Saw.

The Water Wheel is another cool Minecraft building idea that doesn’t serve an actual function by itself, but it does enhance the ambiance of it’s surroundings. It’s technically also a building that you can live inside if you want.

Now as the name implies, Water Wheels should be built near a river or other similar bodies of water. And as for the construction process, all you basically have to do is construct a nice looking building, and connect a wooden wheel to it on the side that has the water. The wheel itself can be completed separately and then connected to the rest of the building with a few blocks.

34. Modern House

In following with the trend of a lot of Modern Houses, consider sacrificing the rustic feel of stone and wood for a more sleeker look. Try using a lot of Quartz as the main building material for a house. Also, instead of trying to add a lot of tiny details to it’s exterior, simply go for smooth surfaces and hard edges.

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Think in terms of what most people consider to be Modern designs, and model your furniture and interior with the same aesthetics. Minecraft actually gives you an edge in regards to this, since most of the blocks in the game are already blocky and rigid.

35. Beach House

We’ve already explored a number of different waterfront homes on this list of cool Minecraft building ideas, but now it’s time for the original beach house. And as the name suggests, this is a simple home built right next to the water. The distinction here is that a Beach House does not actually touch the water, whereas earlier entries did.

To begin this construction process, pick out a nice piece of land that is at least 8 blocks away from the water. Then use wood blocks to construct a little house, with a terrace that overlooks the sea and no gates or barriers of any kind. You want to feel like the beach and water are always accessible.

36. Desert House

If the beach doesn’t work for you, how about building a house in the Desert instead. There’s a lot of sand and cactuses around, but water does become hard to come by. Still, it’s a unique type of environment that most player’s wouldn’t usually consider building a house in.

And because there is so much sand around, you can easily craft a bunch of Sandstone blocks for the construction process. Not only does the white color of the block allow your home to seamlessly blend into the surroundings, it also has the added benefit of being looking really nice.

37. Swamp House

The Swamp is another unique biome that most players will probably ignore. But it’s yet another place that will benefit from the Stilt house mentioned earlier in this list. All you actually have to do is put a house on some platforms to keep it on top of the water, and you’re done.

Due to the abundance of Oak trees and vines, players can decorate their house to match their surroundings easily. Also, the water level in Swamps is never high enough that you actually require a boat to traverse the location, so that’s either a negative or positive trait depending on how you feel about boats.

38. Greenhouse

While playing in Survival mode, players often require different plants for a number of different things like creating Dyes or even Potions. And while you could technically store these plants in chests, why would you not want to build a Greenhouse instead?

All you have to do is construct a simple one-story building with a lot of glass blocks. This isn’t actually necessary for the plants you’ll put inside, but it makes the structure look appropriate. Once the construction is done, put in a lot of Flower Pots. You can now put any plants you might require inside these.

39. Wizard Tower

Are you tired of building boring old houses that all look the same? Well then you should start thinking about creating your own Wizard Tower, complete with all the quirks that come with it. And to start with, you first have to find yourself a nice little hill that has a good view.

Once you find this, you can level out the area on top and start building the foundations for your tower. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you want, but it should optimally be made out of Stone bricks. You can decorate the exterior and roof however you want, and to make it even more theme appropriate, you should use the whole building as your personal Alchemy lab with a Brewing Stand.

40. Koi Pond

I must admit, the title of this entry is a bit misleading. There are technically no Koi fish in the game, but that doesn’t mean you can’t build a nice pool of water and fill it with some colorful fish. And besides, who’s gonna be able to tell the difference unless they’re standing right on top of the pond.

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To start the construction process, all you have to do is dig a nice hole and layer the bottom level with some Sand. Then fill it up with water, and populate the space with a variety of fish, lily pads and other decorations. Also, it should be noted that it’s better to use Creative mode for spawning fish and other flora.

41. Kitchen

A nice little kitchen space will go a long way in improving the atmosphere of a home. And if it also happens to be well organized, you can get your food prepared quickly and efficiently. A kitchen design can easily be added to an existing house, especially if there already happens to be space available.

All you require for a functioning kitchen is a few furnaces and some storage chests for raw ingredients and fuel for the fire. You can also create your gardens and animal pens right outside the kitchen door, if you want quick access to raw materials. Anything else you wish to add like tables and chairs, only serve to enhance the appearance of the room.

42. Storage Den

As you progress further and further in the game with Survival mode, you’ll accumulate a lot of different resources and blocks. Properly storing and categorizing them will take a lot of effort, but in the long run this saves you from having to waste time when you have to find that once specific item. So a Storage Den always comes in handy.

This is essentially a small shack that is built to house all of your storage chests. You can craft the walls and floor to specifically fit these chests, and you can even put signs in front of each container to designate what they have. Build yourself a Storage Den if you value your time.

43. Forge

Crafting better and higher quality weapons and armor is an integral part of the entire Survival experience. So with this entry on our cool Minecraft building ideas list, we’ll talk about the Forge. This should be a dedicated space in your base where all of your gear crafting is done. It doesn’t have to look particularly good, but it always feels good to have a nice workshop anyway.

You also don’t have to construct a full building for this, you can simply create an extension from your current home. And here you can place all of your raw ores, furnaces, Crafting Tables and even a Smithing Table.

44. Armory

So what do you do with all of the armor and weapons you craft in your Forge? Well, you can always put them in storage chests where they’ll be completely hidden from view, or you can display them proudly in your personal Armory.

This room or building doesn’t have to be anything fancy, it simply has to be an area that has enough space for a bunch of Armor Stands and Item Frames. These can be used to display your gear for everyone to see, and it simply looks great from a decoration standpoint.

45. Alchemy Lab

Every alchemist requires their own personal lab, where they can experiment with ingredients and brew potions to their heart’s content. And for exactly that reason, this current entry will explore the uses of an Alchemy Lab. Once again, this can be a standalone building, or a simple room designated for the purposes of Brewing.

Either way, the most important piece of this lab is the Brewing Stand, without which potions cannot be made. After that, you can populate the room with a bunch of Flower Pots containing useful plants and mushrooms, as well as chests containing monster parts and glass bottles. The lab itself can be constructed out of any material, but smaller variations of buildings like the Wizard Tower mentioned above simply look more magical.

46. Enchanting Room

After you craft your weapons in the Forge, you’re gonna want to enhance their properties by buffing them with powerful effects. And the easiest way to do exactly that, is through the use of an Enchanting Table that is surrounded by Bookshelves. Simply put, you should have an Enchanting Room.

The whole construction process is extremely simple, all you require is a small room with at least 5×5 space to accommodate your enchanting setup. Because in order to get more powerful buffs, the enchanting Table itself has to be surrounded by Bookshelf blocks. And the more space you can give the setup, the better.

47. Gatehouse

Bigger buildings like Castles and Mansions are definitely cool to look at, but one of the best ways to improve their scale and grandeur is to also build a Gate House that leads to them. This structure acts as an impressive entrance, but it can also serve as a watchtower when required.

Players simply have to erect a building that spans both sides of an entrance pathway, and add a gate in between. You can completely skip the gate part if you don’t have an understanding of how the circuitry works in Minecraft, but we also a basic Redstone Torch starter guide for that exact same reason.

48. Town Hall 

If you’re playing the game with a bunch of friends and sharing a world together, then one small Minecraft building idea you should try out is the Town Hall. As the name suggests, this can be a communal area where all the different players can come together to talk and hang out.

And since this is more of a tavern style building, you don’t have to build some grand structure either. You simply erect a medium sized wooden house and make it look homey. Put a big table in the middle of the building, and spread out some chairs all around. Maybe start a fire in a fireplace to give the whole area a more cozy feeling, and you’re basically all done.

49. Watchtower

Why settle for a makeshift Watchtower when you can actually build a proper one for yourself. There’s nothing too complicated about this structure, it’s basically a tall tower that provides a greater field of vision than what is possible from ground level.

You don’t even have to make it out of stone or any other fancy materials, simply grab some wood from any nearby trees and start working. A Watchtower is fine by itself as a visual spectacle, but it also comes in handy during multiplayer games since you can spot other players from much further away.

50. Mine Entrance

With our last entry on this cool Minecraft building ideas list, I would like to talk about Mine Entrances. These are best described as elaborate entrances for any hole in the world where you would go to mine resources for your projects. Because why not? If you’re going to be spending most of you time in a game doing a particular activity, why shouldn’t the scenery at least look nice.

You simply walk up to a Mine entrance you constantly visit in your world, and make a nice little entrance for it with Wood blocks and planks. Add a few lanterns here and there, maybe some support beams inside, and you’re done.

51. Mine Railway

A minecraft Mine railway to go down mines in
Image Credit: fWhip

Build a railway track inside a mine that goes down. We recommend doing it in a mine where you can farm some of the most essential resources so that you go down there often. Just build it in a cool zig-zag pattern, and it will be a fun ride down in a cart every time. 

It will work as a roller coaster of sorts. The thrills it provides are similar to the mine cart ride sequence in Resident Evil 4. You should definitely try this as it is easily one of the best Minecraft building ideas. It is possibly the most fun way to decent into a mine that we can think of. 

52. A Magical Library  

An Example Of How A Magical Library Should Look Like

Build a library that you and the villagers will hang out in but do not make a generic one go crazy here. Use chains to hang some of the bookshelves up in the sky, Do cool placements for furniture and shelves. Make it mystical and unique instead of a generic, run-of-the-mill library. 

Furthermore, think of something out of Harry Potter. Place some plants in specific spots to make the library look extra appealing and beautiful. The library might feel cluttered, but it will also feel unique and mystical. 

Placing plants will also add to the magical vibe of the place. Also, customize everything around it to match the aesthetic. Go outside and put some vibrant, eye-catching plants as well.

53. Villager Houses & Tents

Villager houses in Minecraft
A Basic Villager home

Go outside your main hub area. Walk a bit and start making tents or small houses for villagers. It will add a lot to the environmental storytelling and will also make your home look like many others surrounding it. Place locale-appropriate plants on the outside of the houses and alongside.

Some examples of these would be cactuses or palm trees for deserts. Other than the plants, you can also make a small pen for animals if you have some extra time to kill. These houses will make your world seem way more lively than it initially does.  

54. A Play Theatre

Minecraft how to build a theatre
A Huge Immersive Theatre

Since you can’t watch TV in the game, having a theatre will be the next best thing. We recommend that you build it in the market area of your city or somewhere in the central section. Being in the center will suit a theatre more and make it appealing. 

Moreover, people loved watching plays way back then, and they are still loved by a broad audience around the globe. A lot of actors learn proper acting by performing plays at theatres. It will add to the vibe of your world if you make it feel like it is a mix of multiple time periods. 

We recommend you build a modest-sized theatre and not overdo it; it is up to you if you want a larger one. Once it is built, assign somebody to it, so it feels alive, and you can also place a bunch of chairs if you want to. Or you can just go ham and build a majestic awesome looking theatre.

55. Butcher Shop

How To Meet the butcher Minecraft
The Basic Butcher Shop In The Game

Near the market, make a butcher shop. It will be a great Minecraft building idea that will add a lot to the livelihood of your world. Try to make it stand out and make it as visually appealing and straightforward as possible. You know it is a great design when someone can tell what it is after a single glimpse. 

When you have built the structure, go outside, build a pen for animals, and add backdoor access to it from the building. Here you can place regular small animals, further enhancing the environmental storytelling aspect of your Minecraft world. 

56. Dojo On Cliff

Minecraft Japanese themed
An Example Of A Dojo

If you have a house near a cliff, then we honestly can’t think of any cooler ideas than this. Simply climb the cliff and reach a high point where you can visibly see your village and everything near it. Now go ahead and start building a dojo. 

Furthermore, it will look straight out of a martial arts film and be very aesthetically pleasing. Imagine just climbing back up there and taking a look below the view would be priceless.

Besides the brilliant view and great storytelling, the dojo will also be very interesting if you love martial arts media. You will feel like Ryu or Ken from Street Fighter going up there to train. 

57. Outdoor Field

The Beat Of An Outdoor Field

Go outside your house and start planting crops and making fields. Place them in a specific area that does not feel out of place. If you placed the fields in the middle area or near the market they would look very off and out of place. 

We suggest that you dedicate a pretty big area to the fields themselves. Go ahead and make a big farmhouse-like area where you plant various crops and food items. Whenever you come back here to collect the materials it will always look beautiful and will feel like a reward for your labor. 

You can also make a beautiful pen for horses near the crops as it will only add to the outdoor fields. We recommend the horses but you can go creative here and place as many domestic animals as you want. 

58. Fancy Garden

A Small Fancy Garden

There isn’t much that is more appealing than a beautiful fancy garden that is easily located and spotted in your Minecraft world. We recommend that you pick a spot in your village center and place the garden there and make it as beautiful as possible.

You can go crazy here and make it look like something outside of a Studio Ghibli film. There is no need to worry about gaining something from here so just plant everything just for visual appeal. We recommend that you even place pots up on the walls and make a big tree in the center of the garden. 

59. Damaged Structures

Examples Of Damaged/Broken Structures

This one is purely to enhance the environmental storytelling aspect of your world; there is just so much you can do to improve it and today we suggest that you go out there and after you have reached far way from your initial place then start building small structures.

You can damage these and make it look like somebody destroyed them. It will add a lot to the world and you can also go the extra mile by even designing the place to look a bit grim from the start. 

60. Flower Fields

A Windmill Surrounded By A Flower Field

Most of the players only plant crops and other resources that come in handy. If you are looking to build something just for visual spectacle then a beautiful flower field is one of the best options. There is a lot of variety to the flowers in the game; you can pick your favorite and start planting. 

In addition, we suggest that you go a little bit away from your main village where you have built everything and build the flower fields elsewhere. You can go far away and build a beautiful castle and surround it with flower fields that match the color of the castle’s exterior. 

When you run into it during exploration, it will be a beautiful, eye-catching sight. In our opinion, it is easily one of the best Minecraft building ideas, and you should try it out if you have the materials.

Tips And Tricks For Your Building Ideas 

Once you have made your perfect building using any of the ideas we have mentioned above, follow some of the tips and tricks that will help you create your very own block masterpiece in Minecraft  

The first tip is to create a themed building for any activity you like in Minecraft. If you’re a fan of building towns in Minecraft then you can make any space or idea you have into a full-fledged building. For instance, you can turn your medical room into an infantry or hospital building. 

Additionally, a great way to showcase all of your buildings in Minecraft is to connect them through custom paths. Once you have constructed some of the best buildings using the easy ideas we listed above, connect them in a cool and creative way making them stand out in Minecraft.

Next, you can incorporate different ideas to make your buildings stand out with some small added features like adding Koi Ponds or life-size aquariums that are easy to make in the survival mode of Minecraft as well.  

Finally, when it comes to building ideas that revolve around the survival mode of Minecraft, focus on making your builds mob-proof. Adding torches and fences helps a lot. Additionally, a cool idea is to place a light source under the carpet to make your building in Minecraft spawn-proof. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Get Building Ideas In Minecraft?

You can go on sites like YouTube, Reddit and even Twitter to find creators sharing new ideas about Minecraft structures.

Is It Difficult To Build Structures In Survival Mode?

Since you have to collect every material by yourself, I would say that building large structures in Survival Mode is difficult.

What Are Some Cool Minecraft Building Ideas?

I personally think that the Floating Island is a really cool idea for a base.

Can I Use Creative Mode With Friends In My Game?

Yes, Creative Mode is available for every player in a world.

And with that, we conclude our Minecraft Building Ideas guide. While you’re here, why not check out our How To Make A Composter In Minecraft guide.

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