Best Minecraft Floor Ideas [Top 40]

Whether a veteran or a newbie, all players should know the best floor ideas out there to try out in their own homes in-game!

Minecraft presents players with countless options to design floors with varieties of blocks, textures, and colors, and 40 is just the start of it all. Floors can typically be used to line homes, shops, schools, or any other building in Minecraft, and this is why players might need to know the best Minecraft Floor Ideas.

Important: In order to have the best house or shop out of all players in Minecraft, players should try out a mix of Medieval, Rustic, Modern, and Miscellaneous designs!

Key Takeaways
  • Players are able to try out countless floor design ideas since the game has such a vast scale of block, texture, pattern, and color options. 
  • In modern designs, players will use blocks like quartz, concrete, andesite, diorite, and Blackstone.
  • Modern floor designs typically represent a grey/white/black color palette, which makes it stand out more and matches the 21st-century vibe. 
  • For rustic designs, players can try blocks like oak planks, logs, birch, stripped wood, and even spruce wood. 
  • Rustic designs typically focus on the use of wood and planks to mimic the vibe of nature in homes, shops, and other buildings. 
  • For medieval designs, players can go for blocks like nephrite, stone, bricks, furnaces, and andesite. 
  • The medieval designs are more centric towards old age and focus on the era of the gone. 
  • For miscellaneous designs, players are able to use blocks like barrels, kelp blocks, furnaces, bee nests, and more!
  • Miscellaneous designs focus on floor designs that are thought out of the box and make use of items that would typically not be used in floor designs. 


Let’s discuss a few modern Minecraft Floor Ideas that allow players to use their tiles and blocks to come up with some beautiful masterpieces. 



One of the first designs we’ll go with uses Quartz Pillars and Quartz Bricks. For this design, we’re going by a 6×6 design pattern, but players are always free to choose which ones they might need: 

  • The Quartz pillars are arranged in an odd-numbered pattern, starting from the top left corner and alternating between each brick. 
  • As for the quartz bricks, players can place them after every alternating brick where there is a quartz pillar has been placed. 

Gray Concrete 

MC Gray Concrete
Gray Concrete

Now, for a rather unusual but unique design, players can go for the usual gray concrete idea, but to match up with the grey theme for this floor design, players can use a smithing table (yes, a smithing table) as a floor option too. 

  • Kicking things off, the gray concrete is to be placed the same way as the quartz pillars. 
  • In an alternating pattern, the smithing table can be placed where only the top part of the table can be seen. 


MC Blackstone

Now, a Blackstone design in Minecraft can not only look beautiful, but it can also look modern as hell. Players can lay it out in this design pattern with the gorgeous combo of polished and gilded Blackstone. Note that all default patterns are arranged in a 6×6 manner and can be switched. 

  • Starting with the Polished Blackstone, make a border all around in the 6×6 pattern. 
  • Line 12 gilded black stones in a square manner where there is a 2×2 space left for more polished Blackstone. 


MC Gold

The next design features three types of blocks, including chiseled quartz blocks, quartz pillars, and gold blocks

  • Lay down four chiseled blocks in each corner and four in a 2×2 pattern in the middle. 
  • Line four gold blocks in a diagonal manner from each of the quartz chiseled blocks and fill the rest in with the quartz pillars. 

Diorite And Blackstone Combo 

 MC Diorite And Blackstone Combo
Diorite And Blackstone Combo

Bringing back the polished Blackstone, we pair it with a beautifully polished diorite now, which combines to make the perfect grey and white modern theme that can be set in any home that aims to look beautiful. 

  • In the same 6×6 pattern, players want to place their polished Blackstone in an L-shaped pattern, one stone on the top and two on the bottom, and then turn the L around in the middle row. 
  • Do the opposite for the polished diorite. 

Bone Blocks 

MC Bone Blocks
Bone Blocks

If you’re a daredevil and would rather use blocks that aren’t ordinary, then you can look forward to using bone blocks, as players can repeat the entire design on their floor design in Minecraft home

  • In an alternating pattern, place the top part of the bone block so the circle is visible, and place it down, starting with the second place on the top row. 
  • Alternate each other piece by showing the sides of the bone blocks to finish the design. 

Quartz Smoothness

MC Quartz Smoothness
Quartz Smoothness

In another world where players would yet again use quartz blocks, players can combine a simple block of quartz and smooth quartz blocks to make this gorgeous design. 

  • Take a block of quartz, line it down in a 1×3 pattern, and make six. Use them in an alternating pattern and place them down. 
  • Do the same with the smooth quartz block, making the 1×3 pattern and continuing it throughout the floor design. 

Blue Designs 

MC Blue Designs
Blue Designs

If we’re going into the modern themes, it doesn’t mean that it just has to be catered to only greys, blacks, and whites. Look at this breathtaking light blue concrete and light blue glazed terracotta design; let’s see how it’s placed. 

  • Take the light blue concrete and place it all around the boundaries of the floor pattern. 
  • Place the light blue glazed terracotta down, so the blue squares are in a five pattern in the middle. 

Stone And Andesite 

MC Stone And Andesite
Stone And Andesite

For a rather rustic yet modern look, players can combine three blocks ranging from stone bricks, polished andesite, and regular stone. In a regular 6×6 floor pattern, players need to lay it out like this: 

  • Use 9 of one block, 9 of the polished andesite, and 18 of the regular stone, and place the regular stone blocks in a pattern. As such, they go diagonally from each other. 

Blue Ice 

MC Blue Ice
Blue Ice

Another rather unique combination would be to use a mixture of quartz pillars and blue ice. While it doesn’t seem enticing at first, wait until players see the design for themselves: 

  • Players need b12 blue ice blocks, and they need to be placed in an L-shaped pattern all on the corners of the floor. 
  • Fill the rest of the design with a quartz pillar.  

Rustic Designs 

Moving on, let’s discuss a few rustic Minecraft Floor Ideas that players can go for that mainly focus on different types of wood. 

Oak Planks 

MC Oak Planks
Oak Planks

Kicking things off, we have a combination of dark oak planks as well as the use of a note block

  • Continuing with our 6×6 pattern, players want to repeat the pattern they saw in our first modern design. 
  • Lay down 18 dark oak planks and lay them down in such a way as though they alternate from the other blocks. 
  • Take 18 note blocks and alternate them from the dark oak planks.

Oak Log 

MC Oak Log
Oak Log

Continuing with the oak theme, players can make a unique pattern by simply using one kind of block, such as the oak log

  • To make this a convincing pattern, players can place down alternating blocks, one of which ends up facing horizontally, and it should start from the top left. 
  • Players can then fill in the rest of the alternating space using vertical oak log placements to complete the design. 

Crafting Table 

MC Crafting Table
Crafting Table

Ever thought of using a literal crafting table as a floor plan? Neither have we, but maybe it should be considered now, considering it can end up looking pretty neat. 

  • Choose 36 crafting tables if you’re going for the same 6×6 pattern, or you can increase the number as you, please. 
  • Place them down in such a way whereby the top of the crafting table is exposed, and it creates a gorgeous pattern. 

Logs Overload 

MC Logs Overload
Logs Overload

Continuing with the rustic floor theme in Minecraft, players can continue using logs to make their homes feel cozy and rustic. By using a combination of three types of logs such as oak logs, dark oak logs, and spruce logs, players can lay them down like: 

  • Players can start by placing the dark oak log and placing it in a corner, then placing five after alternating it. 
  • Continue diagonally with the rest of the logs, making one line of each type of log before moving on to the next. 

Pressure Plates And Planks 

MC Pressure Plates And Planks
Pressure Plates And Planks

With a unique combination, while planks and wood have been in the theme of rustic homes, no one has thought of using pressure plates as floor designs too. Players can combine dark oak planks, dark oak pressure plates, birch planks, and birch pressure plates to create a unique pattern. 

  • Use the dark oak planks in an alternating pattern and combine them with the birch pressure plate, 
  • Use the birch planks and combine them with the dark oak pressure plates. 


MC Birch

Moving on, let’s look at another birch-inspired design, which combines birch planks, stripped birch logs, and regular birch logs

  • Line the entire boundary of your floor with the birch planks
  • Inside leave a square space. 
  • Use eight stripped birch logs and place them down in a 1×2 manner, leaving the corners and the middle empty. 
  • Fill the rest of the space with the birch logs

Oak Signs 

MC Oak Signs
Oak Signs

If you’re bored of the same rustic designs, you can spice things up by using literal oak signs and brown carpets to create a cute floor design. 

  • Lay down the oak signs in an alternating pattern, with one facing toward the right and the other facing to the left. 
  • Lay down 36 brown carpets on top of the oak signs, which gives this lighter line diagonally down each carpet. 

Planks And Logs 

MC Planks And Logs
Planks And Logs

Let’s spice things up by using even more planks and logs. By using four different options like spruce logs, spruce planks, dark oak logs, and dark oak planks, the design can be seen here: 

  • Alternate the spruce and dark oak log pattern by placing it on the right and left edges of the floor. 
  • Fill in the space by laying down a horizontal row of spruce planks and then filling in eh space with dark oak planks. 

Stripped Wood 

MC Stripped Wood
Stripped Wood

For a more stripped design, players can go for the combination of stripped oak wood and stripped spruce wood. 

  • Players can place it in a chevron pattern, alternating with stripped oak and spruce wood. 
  • Start by placing one log of stripped oak wood in the very top right corner and follow down. 


MC Spruce

Another beautiful Minecraft Floor idea players can try is using a spruce log and stripped spruce wood

  • Lay down the spruce log diagonally in each of the corners, then place it down in a 1×2 pattern in the middle to form a square, leaving the corners and middle empty, and fill the space by using stripped spruce wood. 


Moving on, let’s take a look at a few designs that are just filled with random items, such as barrels and miscellaneous items that players can use as Minecraft Floor Ideas


MC Barrel

While it seems shocking, players can still use items that are present around the inventory as floor designs too. In this example, players can make use of barrels, and they can place them down like this: 

  • Players want to place down the barrel in a way that is placed vertically first, and it is to be placed alternatingly. 
  • With that, place down the barrels in a horizontal pattern and alternate and fill the space between each block. 

Kelp Block 

MC Kelp Block
Kelp Block

Yet another weird idea that some players might like is using kelp blocks, specifically dried kelp blocks. Not only can the green accent tie everything together, but if put together correctly, it can look really cute. 

  • Players want to use the dried kelp blocks with a lighter border going all around the block
  • Place them next to each other and fill the entire space with them. 

Lodestone And Smooth Stone 

As the name suggests, our next option for floor designs is using lodestone and smooth stone together. Like many of the designs mentioned before, these blocks will also use the alternating pattern. 

  • Take the lodestone and place it down, leaving space for every alternating block. 
  • Fill the rest of the space with smooth stone, which gives it a modern design. 

Ancient Debris 

MC Ancient Debris
Ancient Debris

Yet another solid design option players can go for is using complete blocks of ancient debris. No other blocks are used for this design since the ancient debris itself can bring the best in this design. 

  • If you’re going for a 6×6 or an 8×8 pattern, choose the number of blocks needed as preferred. 
  • Lay them down, and all that players need to do are simply fill the entire space with the blocks. 


MC Observer

Ever thought of using a literal observer as your living room floor design? While it may seem unusual, it can look pretty enticing, and players should try it out. 

  • To make the floor design work, players should aim to place down the block so that only the observer’s top is showing. 
  • Place down the blocks so that the triangle on the top is facing down, and alternate that with the triangle then facing to the right. 


MC Furnace

Like the observer, the top of most blocks can be pretty interesting floor design ideas, as they have the texture, color, or pattern that can tie your room together nicely. Just like that, the combination of a furnace or smoker might not exactly come to mind. 

  • Place down the furnace so only the top can be seen, and place it down in an alternating pattern and leave space for the other block. 
  • Fill the remaining area with the smoker blocks, and place it down so the top can be seen only. 

Bee Nest 

MC Bee Nest
Bee Nest

If players would rather go for a yellow-themed design or a theme catered to bees, then the use of bee nests can be pretty unique. 

  • For a 6×6 pattern, choose 36 bee nest blocks, and all that players need to do is map out their area and fill the entire area with the bee nest blocks. 


MC Basalt

Another combination that players can try is combining and placing basalt and smithing tables, as it can give it a mix of modern and a touch of stone. 

  • Just like the other designs, this one also follows the alternating pattern. Go ahead, map out your area, and then use the basalt to fill each alternating space. 
  • Use the remaining space and place down your smithing tables, ensuring that only the top of the block can be seen. 

Shulker Box 

MC Shulker Box
Shulker Box

The main reason why players might want to try out a shulker box for their floor designs is simply because of the color selection. If you’re looking for a blue-centric design, use a combo of blue, cyan, and light blue shulker boxes. 

  • Start by placing a block of dark blue shulker box in the top right corner. 
  • Place down two cyan blocks diagonally to the left of the dark blue, alternate it with the light blue shulker box, and then continue with the same pattern. 


MC Pistons

If pistons are placed down correctly, they can always end up looking insanely good as a floor design. 

  • Place down the pistons in a chevron pattern. 


Moving on, the next batch of Minecraft Floor Ideas that we will be discussing concerns mostly old-age and medieval designs

Netherite And Furnace 

Since medieval designs are mostly focused on being old-school, and since medieval designs have a lot of grey/black tones, players can make the perfect pairing of a block of netherite and, wait for it, a blast furnace. 

  • The top of the blast furnace provides the perfect texture of grey and can be placed alternatively in each space. 
  • The rest of the space can be filled up with netherite blocks, which tie the entire design together perfectly. 

Planks And Stones 

MC Planks And Stones
Planks And Stones

Why only stick with stones for a medieval theme when you can also pitch in woody aspects too. Mixing together a combination of spruce planks, stripped spruce wood, chiseled stone bricks, and stone brick can give an excellent mix of the two worlds colliding. 

  • Lay down the spruce planks and strip the spruce wood in a 1×2 pattern, one on top of the other. 
  • Lay down the stone bricks and chiseled stone bricks on top of the other like before, and alternate the two patterns until it is complete. 


MC Stone

Moving on, let’s take a look at a design that features mostly stones, such as stone bricks, cobblestone, and chiseled stone bricks. They can be used together to make a pretty pattern and can allow players to feel as if they are really living in the medieval ages. 

  • Align the chiseled stone bricks in order to make them cross in the middle, with the cobblestones going the other way diagonally. 
  • The stone bricks need to fill the entire space that is left out. 

Basalt And Andesite 

MC Basalt And Andesite
Basalt And Andesite

If you would rather have a textured design that still sticks to the medieval theme, then players can look into pairing together both polished basalt as well as polished andesite, and following a 6×6 pattern, this is how players should lay it down: 

  • The player should place down the polished basalt blocks first, and then in an alternating pattern, the polished andesite should follow in and complete the space. 

Stones And Buttons 

MC Stones And Buttons
Stones And Buttons

While buttons may not be the first thing that comes to mind whenever players think about design ideas for their floors in Minecraft, the combination of the cobblestone, smooth stones, and stone buttons might be pretty interesting. 

  • Lay down the cobblestone first, and make sure to leave space for the smooth stone so that it can fill the space in an alternating pattern. 
  • On top of the smooth stone, players can place down stone buttons in an alternating pattern as well. 

Stripped Spruce Wood 

Yet another solid idea that players can try out is the combination of using stone bricks and stripped spruce wood, as well as using the same stone buttons as before. 

  • Lay down the stone bricks first, and then continue the pattern by laying down the stripped spruce wood and filling in the gaps with the wood blocks. 
  • Without changing the pattern, players want to use the stone buttons and place them on top of the stripped spruce wood. 


MC Bricks

If you’d rather be into using bricks for your floor designs in Minecraft, then you can check out the combination of using stone bricks, cracked stone bricks as well as chiseled stone bricks. 

  • Right in the center of the floor plan, players want to use cracked stone bricks and then lay down the chiseled stone bricks in a + sign. 
  • The corners need to be filled with regular stone bricks in a 2×2 pattern.

Blast Furnace 

MC Blast Furnace
Blast Furnace

Once again, this design could either be considered miscellaneous, but the main reason that it fits into the medieval theme is simply because of the color palette that it follows. Once again, players won’t really consider a blast furnace an appropriate floor design, but here we are: 

  • For this design, all players need to do is fill the entire floor with the blast furnace with its top facing up. 

Bricks And Stones 

MC Bricks And Stones
Bricks And Stones

Bricks and stones may break my bones (wait, not this isn’t how it goes, anyways), but this pattern includes loads of bricks such as stone bricks, chiseled stone bricks, mossy stone bricks, cracked stone bricks as well as cobblestones. 

  • Players can place them down in any pattern that they want, but the mossy stone bricks are placed in an alternative order with the cobblestone. 

More Stone And Bricks 

MC More Stone And Bricks
More Stone And Bricks

Last but not least, even more bricks and stones, such as chiseled stone bricks, cobblestones, and stone bricks, take the prize. 

  • Line the outside with chiseled stone bricks and fill the rest with stone bricks and cobblestones. 

Final Words

And there we have it! A solid collection of 40 Floor Ideas that players can try out for their buildings in Minecraft, and with that, we will wrap up our guide! Make sure to read up on our Best Shield Enchantments guide, which covers all the best shield enchantments in great detail!

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