Some Players Receive Ray-Tracing In Minecraft On Xbox Series X|S

Ray-tracing in Minecraft may finally be coming to Xbox Series X|S consoles, according to the recent Minecraft Preview build.

Even though it’s a first-party Microsoft title, the optimization in Minecraft is very poor on the Xbox series X|S. Many of the features promised by Mojang are still to arrive on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S versions of the game. However, there is a version of Minecraft that is present for the players to test new changes and updates, aptly named Minecraft Preview. It is available to a few players who can give feedback on updates, although. In the recent update to this version, we can see one of the long-awaited Minecraft features finally arriving on Xbox Series X|S consoles.

A new version of the Minecraft Preview build on Xbox Series X|S shows that the game is finally optimized for ray-tracing on both of the consoles. Tom Warren, the Senior Editor at The Verge, shared a video on his Twitter account showcasing the seemingly soon-to-be-released ray-tracing feature in the Minecraft Preview build. Xbox Series X|S consoles will finally be getting this feature now that the Minecraft Preview version is testing it.

We can clearly see in the video that players can access the ray-tracing feature in the game now, alongside a range of other options for it as well. In the video, Minecraft looks mesmerizing with ray-tracing enabled, as would be expected. The graphics of the game change significantly as soon as ray-tracing is turned on in the settings.

Microsoft first unveiled this feature to players way back in December 2020. However, it was only available to players on Windows 10 platforms at the time. For Xbox Series X|S consoles, no news has been announced since then besides a video of the technical demo version of the game showcasing the ray-tracing capabilities of the Xbox Series X|S, which was released in March 2020. While many players were thinking that Microsoft completely forgot about the feature for the Xbox Series X|S consoles in Minecraft, the Minecraft Preview build says otherwise.

Among the small number of players who have access to Minecraft Preview, only a few were able to access ray-tracing. Therefore, Microsoft is probably very early into testing this feature, so we may not see it for a while but we do know now that it is a certainty. No confirmation of ray-tracing in the game was present a while back, but we now know for sure that Xbox Series S|X consoles will get it soon.

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