25 Minecraft Cottage Ideas [With Required Materials]

Here are some cool and cute cottage ideas and houses that you can build as a cozy addition to your Minecraft village.

Are you looking to test your building limits? Or are you looking to start small in Minecraft, building adorable small houses or cottages? Discover cute Minecraft cottage ideas and inspiration for your next grand creation!

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Basic Cottage

Minecraft cottage ideas
Basic cottage

Required Materials:

  1. Spruce logs, planks, stairs, slabs, doors, and trapdoor.
  2. Birch wood.
  3. Dark oak fence.
  4. Oak trapdoor.
  5. Bricks and Bricks stairs.
  6. Granite, Granite stairs.
  7. Stone bricks, stairs, and wall.
  8. Mossy stone brick, stairs, and wall.

This cozy cottage is very easy to build and despite its small size, it looks absolutely beautiful! Simple hut like these have a cozy and timeless charm that will surely be a great addition to your Minecraft village. Light it with torches and pair it with a firepit and you have a combination sure to stun any passer-by. This teeny weeny cottage would make a bijou residence for the players who love minimalism!

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Forest Cottage

forest minecraft cottage

Required Materials:

  1. Stripped Birch Log.
  2. Birch planks, stairs, trapdoor, and pressure plate.
  3. Oak plank, fence, fence gate, trapdoor, and sign.
  4. Spruce stairs, trapdoor, and sign.
  5. Cobblestone.
  6. Mossy cobblestone, stairs.
  7. Brick, stairs, and wall.

Following the cute cottage trend, here is an aesthetic minimalistic hut deep inside the woods. If your style is fairy and cottage core then this cute house would definitely exhibit your personality. This is one very easy to construct and the various materials used make for some interesting and well-balanced color chemistry.

Spruce Cottage

Spruce Minecraft Cottage
Spruce Cottage

Required Materials:

  1. Cobblestone.
  2. Spruce logs, plank, stripped spruce logs, and stairs.
  3. Oak stairs and slabs.

Building this cozy spruce hut will lead to some truly relaxing times. This spruce cottage has a classy, sophisticated air to it. Furthermore, its true beauty comes out when placed in a rainfall setting.

Not only is it incredibly soothing to look at, building this cabin is quite easy for someone who is a beginner in Minecraft and wants to try something intricate yet simple.

Small Survival Cottage

small survival minecraft cottage

Required Materials:

  1. Dark oak wood, door, plank, stairs, and planks.
  2. Cobblestone.
  3. Birch planks.
  4. Glass panes.
  5. Stone brick, and stairs.
  6. Cobblestone stairs, and wall.

This is perhaps the simplest Minecraft cottage that you can build. This can be very convenient for those who just want to build a cottage for the sole purpose of storage and/or survival.

Use this to store away goods or protect yourself from pesky monsters of the night in Survival Mode. This is also very good for starters to help them practice building in Minecraft.

Sakura Treehouse 

minecraft cottage
Sakura cottage

Required Materials:

  1. White and pink concrete.
  2. White terracotta.
  3. Pink wool.
  4. White stained glass pane.

For people of exorbitant tastes, this extremely beautiful and gorgeous build is perfect for those who want to showcase their building skills. If you need a hilltop hideout, this treehouse is perfect for you.

Players can challenge themselves by giving a boring and bland tree a makeover to turn it into an enchanting and kawaii treehouse. The sakura theme makes it look all the more aesthetic!

Gingerbread Cottage

minecraft cottage
gingerbread Minecraft

Required Materials:

  1. Dark oak log fence, fence gate, trap door, button, and door.
  2. Stripped dark oak log.
  3. Spruce stair, trap door, and sign.
  4. Oak stairs.
  5. Smooth quartz block and stairs.
  6. Quartz brick.
  7. Brown terracotta.
  8. Lime, Orange, Yellow, Blue, and Pink concrete.
  9. Diorite block.
  10. White stained glass pane.

With this cottage in your Minecraft world, it will be Christmas all year round! From the scrumptious candy cane chimneys to the peppermint-lined doorway decor, this gingerbread house looks extremely tasty and is very easy to build. This would make anyone’s mouth water and is a one-of-a-kind house to own.

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Coastal Cottage

minecraft cottage ideas
Coastal cottage

Required Materials:

  1. Stripped Spruce Log.
  2. Spruce log, planks, stairs, slabs, trapdoor, fence, fence gate, and button.
  3. Oak log, wood.
  4. Stripped Oak log, wood.
  5. Oak planks, stairs, slabs, and doors.
  6. Cobblestone.
  7. Mossy Cobblestone Wall.
  8. Glass Pane.

Build a hut atop the water and live out your dream vacation! This beautiful coastal cottage is a very unique, alluring, and attractive build for someone who likes tranquility and beauty. The image shows this cool house looks phenomenal under the moonlight.

Taiga Spruce Cottage 

minecraft cottage ideas
Taiga Spruce cottage

Required Materials:

  1. Stone bricks.
  2. Cobblestone, stairs.
  3. Mossy cobblestone.
  4. Spruce logs, fence, fence gate, planks, and trapdoor.
  5. Stripped Spruce logs.
  6. Glass.
  7. Stone slab.
  8. Stone brick wall.

Looking to step up your building game and exceed your limits? This build is perfect for you! This cool Minecraft hut built-in Taiga biome is great for anyone who enjoys a solid challenge and wants an intricate building in their possession.

Although something of this scale takes approximately 3 hours to build, the finished result is worth the time and effort.

Swamp Cottage

minecraft cottage ideas
Swamp cottage

Required Materials:

  1. Mangrove logs, slabs, planks, trapdoors, and doors.
  2. Oak slab, stairs, trapdoor, and button.
  3. Jungle Fence trapdoor, fence gate, stairs, trapdoor, and slab.
  4. Lanterns.

Building a cottage in a swamp might strike some as odd, but it actually looks great! The building itself is small and requires very few materials, so this will work well even for players in Survival Mode.

Decorate the swamp hut with thick vines and greenery jutting out at odd angles. It adds to the swampy charm. This tiny haven is the perfect getaway and storage spot. This will also be a perfect build for the upcoming Wild Update in Minecraft. Who knew swamp houses could look so awesome?

Mushroom Cottage 

mushroom minecraft

Required Materials:

  1. Sand Stone.
  2. Smooth Sandstone, slabs, and stairs.
  3. Dark Oak log, plank, and slabs.
  4. Grass Block.
  5. Spruce Stairs and Slabs.
  6. Crimson Nylium.
  7. Mossy Cobblestone.
  8. Coarse Dirt and Podzol.

Appearances can be deceptive! While this cozy and cute hut may look small on the outside, it is very spacious when built in proportion. This build is definitely unique and adorable.

Mushroom Cottage tests your creative ability while not being too hard to manage. A building like this is perfect for thickly wooded and lush areas.

Among Us Cottage

Among Us minecraft cottage

Required Materials:

  1. Red and Black Concrete.
  2. Oak planks and door.
  3. Spruce Stairs.
  4. Light Blue and White Stained Glass.

Who doesn’t like trends and games where you deceive your friends? If you ever wondered what it would be like to live inside a crewmate, we won’t judge you. This “sus” and adorable build is easy to make and looks super cool too. With ample storage space and an extraordinary look, this cottage is sure to catch some looks. Plus, it would be awesome to have a random Among Us character chilling in your Minecraft world.

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Lavender Cottage

lavender minecraft cottage

Required Materials:

  1. Stripped oak logs.
  2. Oak logs.
  3. Spruce planks, slabs, and stairs.
  4. Cobblestone, wall, and stairs.
  5. Oak leaves.
  6. Spruce fence, fence gate, pressure plate, button, and door.
  7. Glass pane.

Feeling purple much? This pretty lavender Minecraft house is aesthetically pleasing and absolutely a gorgeous addition to your world. You can replace lavenders with any flowers or ferns you like. Building this alongside a tiny river will make this adorable cottage look even cooler. The high ferns and the lavenders are sure to look even prettier at nighttime, touched by the soft light of lanterns and torches.

Modern Wooden Cottage

modern wooden minecraft

Required Materials:

  1. Dark oak planks, stairs, and slabs.
  2. Dark oak log, button.
  3. Acacia log.
  4. Jungle log, door.
  5. Cobblestone.
  6. Mossy cobblestone.

Tired of timeless and old-school wooden cottages? Want something different but not too different? If you are a fan of wooden cabins or log cabins, then this small modern wooden cottage is a great build. This cozy cabin in the woods is just as great for protection. The great vantage point makes for a suitable location from which to shoot arrows. This versatile building can be expanded to the player’s liking. 

Japanese Cottage

japanese minecraft cottage

Required Materials:

  1. Spruce log, planks, stairs, slabs, and trapdoor.
  2. Stripped Dark Oak Log, Wood, Planks, Stairs, Slab, Fence, Fence Gate, Trapdoor, and Button
  3. Cobblestone, Stairs, Slab, and Wall
  4. Messy Cobblestone Slab.
  5. Chiseled Stone Bricks.
  6. Smooth Sandstone, Stairs, and Wall.
  7. Lime Terracotta.
  8. Podzol.
  9. Soul sand.
  10. Orange Stained Glass.

This mini Japanese cottage is totally kawaii! This hut is among the more extravagant ones on this list. From the multi-wooded roofs to the small pond in the front, fans of Japanese rural buildings are sure to appreciate this. Building this near a lake will add to its beauty.

Medieval Cottage 

medieval minecraft cottage

Required Materials:

  1. Andesite.
  2. Stone.
  3. Cobblestone.
  4. Spruce Log, Slab, Planks, Stairs, Door, Sign, Trapdoor, and Fence.
  5. Dark Oak Planks, Slab, Fence Gate, and Stairs.
  6. Oak Planks, Trapdoor, Stairs, and Fence.
  7. Iron Trapdoor.

Travel back to the olden days and relive a vanished, romantic past rich in history. These huts look great just about anywhere. Whilst you can build a solo medieval cottage, why not make two and add a bridge between them, just for the sake of completing the look? This unique build will set you apart in the Minecraft world. If you are feeling extra, make some stables for your warrior steeds in the back.

8×8 Cottage 

8x8 Minecraft cottage

Required Materials:

  1. Oak logs, planks, slabs, and stairs.
  2. Stripped oak logs.
  3. Stone brick blocks and stairs.
  4. Spruce wood stairs, slabs, trapdoors fence.
  5. Cobblestone wall.
  6. Stripped Spruce logs, leaves, and buttons.
  7. Coarse dirt.
  8. Glass panes.

What’s tiny, cute, and optimal for storage? 8X8 cottages are perfect for size and possess plenty of storage space. If you want to build something for your villagers, these 8×8 huts are perfect. Separate them with fences and build a whole neighborhood with them in Creative Mode! Meanwhile, enjoy the luxury of saved time and a peaceful night’s sleep in Survival Mode, which takes little to no time to build and is highly customizable.

Fantasy Cottage

fantasy minecraft cottage

Required Materials:

  1. Oak logs, planks, stairs, slabs, fence, buttons.
  2. Spruce stairs, fence, trapdoor, door.
  3. Birch stairs, trapdoor, sign.
  4. Stone bricks, stairs, block.
  5. Mossy stone bricks.
  6. Cracked stone bricks.
  7. Cobblestone block.
  8. Smooth stone slab.

Create your very own dreamland with an out-of-this-world fantasy cute cottage house. This is an absolutely beautiful fantasy cottage that is also very customizable. Experiment with different shades, materials, and locales, although buildings like these look best in thick, scenic greenery.

Surrounded by a canopy of trees, this house will stand out owing to its beautiful structure. It is magical, it is grand, it looks comfy, and it is easy to build. So, what’s the wait?

YouTube video

Fairytale Cottage 

fairytale minecraft cottage

Required Materials:

  1. Oak logs.
  2. Spruce fence, gates, door, sign, fence, trapdoor, slabs, stairs, planks.
  3. Acacia fence.
  4. White terracotta.
  5. Polished Andesite and Diorite.
  6. Cobblestone.
  7. Brick stairs, slabs, blocks.
  8. Glass pane.

This cottage house is a dream come true and is truly the perfect build for cottage core lovers. Leave it to Minecraft, allowing players to build and live inside a house out of storybooks! Not only does it look magical and elegant, but you can also freely extend this cottage as much as you like.

Winter Cottage 

winter minecraft cottage

Required Materials:

  1. Dark Oak log, plank, stairs, slab, door, trapdoor, fence gate.
  2. Dark oak stripped log.
  3. Spruce log, stairs, door, trapdoor.
  4. Cobblestone, Stairs, Slab, wall.
  5. Dark Prismarine, stairs.
  6. Red nether brick stairs.
  7. Light gray stained glass pane,

What goes great with snow? An awesome cottage made with a snowman out front! Light your winter cottage up using torches to make it warm and cozy. A fireplace for interior design or an outdoor firepit would be divine! Something about this cottage just screams serenity.

Tiny Round Cottage 

tiny round cottage

Required Materials:

  1. Oak slabs, logs, doors, stairs, planks, trapdoors, fences.
  2. Stripped oak logs
  3. Glass blocks.
  4. Spruce trapdoors.

What’s better than a square hut? A round one! This tiny round Minecraft cottage looks absolutely intricate but is quite simple to build. Not only does the look unique, but the choice of color can also reflect your own personality, with endless options. Merge this with some other themes on this list and figure out the perfect little round cottage for you. Plant some flowers and ferns around it to make it look cuter than it already is!

Pumpkin Spice Cottage

pumpkin spice cottage

Required Materials:

  1. Spruce planks, stairs, slabs, logs, trapdoor, fence, and door.
  2. Stripped acacia log.

Nothing says fall like some pumpkin spice. Spice it up with your very own adorable pumpkin spice house. A decor of bright orange and yellow colors will be a great fit for such a build. This cottage can be used for storage purposes or simply for the comfortable and homey atmosphere and aesthetic it adds to a Minecraft world.

Witch Hat Cottage

witch hat cottage

Required Materials:

  1. Black wool.
  2. Stone brick.
  3. Acacia fence. 
  4. Light blue stained glass.
  5. Polished black stone brick.

Unleash the Halloween spirit with this cute witch hat cottage. A simple and easy build with plenty of storage space, the witch hat is a unique look that is sure to attract some wows and oohs. Players can revolve an entire ‘evil neighborhood’ theme around this and build several such dark cottages.

Gothic Cottage

gothic cottage

Required Materials:

  1. Cobblestones.
  2. Smooth deep slate.
  3. Deep Slate slabs.

This gothic Minecraft hut idea is actually a complete house. Players can opt to give it a spooky exterior decor to keep it Halloween all year round or keep it as is with some dim lighting and scarecrows.

Showcase your building skill and your gothic personality with this goth cottage. Play around with the locations and the scale to see what fits your style.


Beach Cottage 

beach cottage

Required Materials:

  1. Cobblestone.
  2. Birch fence and a fence gate.
  3. Glass pane. 
  4. Jungle trapdoor, planks, stairs slab.
  5. Spruce trapdoor.
  6. Oakwood, planks, trapdoor.

So, builders of all experience levels can try their hands and create their own version of this beach house. Use wood and logs to build this gorgeous cottage to shelter you on your beach ventures. This is perfect for the next time that it is sunny outside!

Storage Cottage

Storage Minecraft

Required Materials:

  1. Spruce Log.
  2. Chest.
  3. Spruce Trapdoors.
  4. Deep slate.
  5. Barrels.
  6. Dark Oak Slabs.

Sometimes, you’ll need a cute Minecraft cottage house for the sole purpose of storage. This small but spacious wooden cabin is perfect for storing weapons and resources. It also looks delightfully cozy among the scattered mass of trees and shrubbery. Decorate the exterior with some light flowers and lighting to create something simple yet elegant.

Building houses in Minecraft comes with a learning curve, and building a house is time-consuming. That is why beginners look for easy and ideal cottages to build. But these huts are popular not only among beginners but also among skilled players.

We hope you saw something you liked and got some building inspiration, whether you’re a bored little builder or a new player looking to spice up their Minecraft world. Good luck!

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