25 BEST Minecraft Wall Designs [First-Hand Experience]

Whether it's your home that needs renovation or your shop walls, players should know about these Minecraft wall designs to make the best out of their homes!

Minecraft has become popular with its excellent block variety, allowing players to design their homes as they please with walls and other interior decorations. Wall Designs are typically used to decorate homes and other establishments in Minecraft. And with so much variety, players might get confused about how they should design their homes and, therefore, might need assistance with coming up with some of the Best Minecraft Wall Designs.

Important: In order to have one of the best homes in Minecraft, players need to try out different wall designs like modern, medieval, rustic, and even nature-based.

Key Takeaways
  • Wall designs in the game offer diverse options: modern, rustic, nature-based, and more.
  • Modern designs often feature a white/grey palette with quartz and stone blocks.
  • Castle-inspired designs use fortified stone walls.
  • Mossy designs use weathered blocks like mossy cobblestone for a weathered look.
  • Nature-based themes use oak or spruce wood.
  • Floral themes focus on flowers, like sunflowers and potted plants.
  • Use upside-down stairs to create arched walls.
  • Beginner-friendly design relies on fences, gates, trap doors, and basic wood and dirt.
  • Oak tree walls are simple to create, using materials from oak trees.
  • For a cultural touch, consider a Japanese wall design.
  • Ranch wall designs enhance farm aesthetics.
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Stone Wall 

MC Stone Wall
Stone Wall

We have a beautiful stone wall that players can try out, which can look rustic and perfect for your living room in your home. Players typically want to use stone block varieties and stairs that can further elevate their design. 

  • To pull this off, players can start by lining a 1×3 pattern of the stone blocks and making three while leaving a 2-block space between them. 
  • After that, to add a little bit of extra depth, players can place it downstairs between the stone pillars and finish off the design with some stone slabs. 
  • You can finish off by adding a few potted plants in front. 


MC Modern

Once again, a modern aesthetic takes the win over everything. Players can stay true to one color palette, such as softer whites and greys, to bring out the depth and keep everything minimalistic. 

  • Players can start by making a 1×3 pattern using smooth quartz blocks, which can be the foundation for your walls. 
  • Some slabs can be placed in the middle of the quartz pillars, and players can also place down iron gates to make it look more interesting and finish the entire thing with some plants and ferns. 


MC Castle

Who doesn’t like a castle design? When choosing the block type for your castle-based wall designs, players typically want to go for any type of stone block since castles are depicted as strong benign bases that are rather difficult to break into. 

  • You can choose any type of stone, such as basic stone, or even make pillars with cobblestone and have a different type of variety in there. 
  • To add more depth to the wall and not make it look so plain, players can also try to line the base with stairs, reverse the stairs and place them at the very top.  
  • The entire design can be brought together by using some buttons and flowers. 

Fortified Design 

MC Fortified

Let’s move on to look at some of the Fortified Wall Designs. The main block type that players want to choose for this build is polished andesite, and players want to have a variety between basic blocks and steps. 

  • Make the same 1×3 pillar with the polished andesite, and make three while leaving a gap between them. 
  • Fill in the by placing downstairs between the pillars, and place them opposite each other. 
  • Line the top with the stairs too.
  • You can line the back of the wall using stripped spruce wood and add wooden fences on the top to complete the look. 


MC Gothic

Let’s look at a rather gothic design that players shouldn’t miss out on. Players want a dark color palette to represent the goth aesthetic, and players can choose between dark wood like dark oak wood, polished slates, and fences. 

  • Start by making a 1×3 pattern with dark oak wood to make some pillars and make three of them. 
  • Fill in the space with the slates and line the base with stairs facing opposite each other. 
  • On the top of each oak pillar, place down fences. 

Mossy Design 

MC Mossy Design
Mossy Design

Another design palette that players can try out is a nature-themed mossy design. The main reason for choosing this type of wall design is simply because it gives off the vibe that the building was abandoned for ages and was built ages ago, and nature has taken its course. 

  • Players can choose from various stones, such as cobblestones or mossy stones, mossy steps, and more. 
  • Line the base of the wall with moss blocks and regular stone blocks, and carry up the pattern. 
  • The top of the wall can be lined with slabs to bring the whole thing together. You can also add a few stairs and slabs at the front of the wall. 


MC Oak

An oak-based design never hurts anybody! Players can decide to stick to this basic design since it doesn’t require a lot of resources to build, and it is easier to find an oak tree from which you can take the materials. 

  • Players can start making 1×2 pillars from oak blocks, making three while leaving space in the middle. 
  • Add some basic blocks at the bottom and line fences on top of it. 


MC Village

To make it seem like your house belongs in a village, or if you simply want to fit in with an existing village. Players can choose to use anything woody, such as spruce logs

  • Players want to start the entire wall design by lining a 1×4 pillar with the spruce logs, and you can continue to make a total of 3 or 4 of the pillars as you wish. 
  • On the second block, line another spruce block, and connect the tops with fences. 
  • On the very top, players want to line some basic slabs which provide shade and protection; more slabs and stairs can be used to add depth. 


MC Hedge

Moving forward, the next design I would like to look at is with loads of hedges. While the entire wall will not be focused on hedges, players can also use different types of wood to complete the look. 

  • Players can line the edges of the wall with wood such as oak, spruce, or any other wood. 
  • In the middle, players can make a 2×2 pattern with leaves such as azalea leaves or any other types of leaves, ensuring to leave a space is empty. 
  • Fill that space with fences, then place down buttons on the very edges of the walls. 

Evil Look 

MC Evil

As for an evil wall look, players typically want to go for a grungier, darker color palette and use shades of blacks, greys, and nothing else. For this build, players can stick to either one type of darker block, or you can go all out and make a combo, but for this one, players can go for the deep-slate blocks

  • Line them up to make a 1×4 pillar with the regular deep slate blocks and make three of them. 
  • Make sure to leave a block space in the middle. 
  • You can add spikes on the top, and then to finish off the look, players can combine a mixture of slabs and stairs in the middle and on either side of the wall. 

Weathered Look 

MC Weathered Look
Weathered Look

If you’re more into outdated, weathered looks, this one might outshine the others for players. To achieve this look, players will want to typically range from using any type of stone but typically go for stones that give a worn-out, weathered look, such as regular stones, mossy stones, cracked stones, etc.

  • Line the first row of blocks with mossy blocks, regular and cracked blocks, and then leave a gap when you start your second row. 
  • Add slabs and stairs to give it a “broken-down look.” 


MC Japanese

If any players are inspired by Japanese architecture, they can also mimic the design in their game. Players can look up for inspiration and use stones like mossy stones, regular stones, wood, door traps, and different textured and colored stones at the top. 

  • Make a 1×3 pillar with blocks and fill the space with regular and mossy stones. 
  • Line the top and middle with fences since it combines the whole piece pretty well, and cover the top with trap doors. 
  • Players can place down any contrasting block they like on the very top. 


MC Palisade

As for a palisade-inspired design, which focuses mostly on placing spikes at the top of the logs that are being used, it combines the stone and nature elements pretty well. For the build, players can use blocks like chiseled blocks, any kind of wood, and fences at the top. 

  • Place down four chiseled blocks at the bottom, then make a 1×3 pillar with any kind of woodblock you might like and line it up in the space between the chiseled blocks. 
  • You can also add stone stairs to give the wall more depth. 


MC Fence

For a rather beginner-friendly Wall Design, players can take inspiration from the fence-centric design here. 

  • To start things out, players can line the base with chiseled blocks but ensure that they leave space in between about two blocks worth. 
  • Place more stone in the middle, then line the second row with fences and gates
  • Players can also put down buttons on the chiseled blocks for some dimension and depth, which ties everything together. 


MC Sunflower

If there are players who want to clash the combination of keeping the wall modern and aesthetic but also mixing in elements of nature, then this one might just be it. Players can stick with their white color palette, use blocks like quartz and quartz slabs, and then use iron gates and sunflowers. 

  • Start by making a 1×2 pillar using blocks, then place down some basic slabs on the top to add some depth. 
  • Fill the middle space with iron gates, and then players can line the front of the wall with sunflowers and regular flowers. 


MC City

For absolute city-lovers, Minecraft doesn’t ever lack in presenting players with the best options out there. Players can use blocks like regular stone blocks and stairs. 

  • To start, players can make a large wall with only basic stone blocks, and the main reason why the wall is so big is simply that it needs to be able to protect your city. 
  • Add stairs to the front of the block at the top, then place down slabs on each corner and the very middle of the stairs. 
  • Players can also use trap doors, making your wall look more intimidating. 
  • Spruce fences can be used as windows. 


MC Fancy

For a rather fancier look, players can use blocks that are on the simpler side but arrange them in such a way as to give off the look of their wall being incredibly fancy. Players can use walls, stairs, leaves, and trap doors. 

  • For the stairs, players want to arrange it going from the top down and repeating the pattern all around. 
  • You can also leave a block space for placing down leaves and add two trap doors at the top. 
  • To light everything up, you can use lanterns to illuminate the entire piece. 


MC Mangrove

Most players would typically want to stick with the nature theme for their wall builds, so to continue with that pattern, players can use stripped wood, trap doors, fences, and slabs. 

  • Start the entire design by making a 1×3 pillar with stripped wood, and for this one, players can choose a really deep orange/red color, and players need to make three of those. 
  • Line the space’s middle with stairs, then place down a few fences in the middle, or gates can be used too. Place down slabs at the top, and finish the entire look using trap doors on each pillar. 


MC Azalea

Players can go for an azalea-themed build as well, and for that, players can stick to using mud bricks as they did for a bit of the last build. 

  • Start the build-out by using mud brick walls and using only one of each and lining them up so that there is a bit of space between each one. 
  • Place down azalea leaves in the middle, but only use one block for each space. 
  • You can use spruce fences and basic gates and trap doors to tie it all together! 


MC Desert

Moving on, the next type of Wall Design that players can try out is desert-themed. Most of these will be centric toward white, off-white, and sandy color palettes. 

  • Players can start by lining the base with any kind of sandstone and leaving a space to fill in with any other kind of lighter-colored block. 
  • To add some dimension, players can go ahead and place down a fence and a gate in the middle if they want to. Trap doors can also line the roof to complete the look. 

Futuristic Theme 

MC Futuristic

While this theme isn’t fully centric on a futuristic theme, it does combine the element of modernity and futuristic aspects pretty well. Players can use blocks like deep slate as well as quartz to bring the two elements together. 

  • Make a 1×3 pillar using deep slate as your block of choice; make three, and leave two blocks worth of space between each pillar. Line each pillar’s top with a deep slate slab. 
  • In the middle, you can place quartz stairs upside down to create even more depth and add iron grates. 


MC Spruce

Spruce wood has to be one of the easiest design choices to go for, and stripped spruce wood can make for a solid foundation for a wall. Here, players can use stripped wood, as well as stairs and slabs. 

  • Start off by making a 1×4 pillar with stripped wood and make three of them, once again making sure to leave some space in the middle. 
  • Line the top with slabs, place them downstairs and also palace them upside down, and add trap doors to each side of the pillar. 
  • On the top of the wall, players can add oak trap doors to bring a pop of color. 


MC Expensive

One of the main reasons why this design choice is called expensive is simply because of the fact that if players decide to build it in survival, it can get hefty on your resource materials. Players can use stripped wood, slabs, and anvils

  • Make 1×2 pillars of wood, and then line the top with wooden slabs. Make sure to leave two blocks worth of gap in between each pillar that you make. 
  • Place down anvils in the space, and then place down basic slabs on the top of the anvils. 


MC Arches

An arched wall in Minecraft always looks pretty fancy, and it doesn’t always have to be resource-intensive. For this build, players can choose to go for blocks like chiseled stone, regular stone, stairs, and slabs. 

  • Line the bottom with chiseled stone and leave space in between. 
  • Make 1×3 pillars of other blocks, and in order to make the arches, players need to use stairs and line them upside down, facing away from each other, to make the arch design
  • You can add flowers in the middle to add color. 


MC Ranch

If you’re running a farm and want to build off some walls in order to stop your livestock from escaping, then the ranch-wall design can definitely help players out. For this build, players can try to use logs, as well as trap doors, wood gates, and wood fences. 

  • Make 1×2 pillars with some wood, and then line the top with trap doors and leave some gaps in the middle. 
  • Place down wooden fences in the middle, and then you can place down gates in order to complete the look. 

And with that these are all of the designs that players can try out for their walls, and with that, I will wrap up my Best Minecraft Wall Designs guide. When you’re fighting creepers and skeletons in Minecraft and need stronger shields, you might want to read up on our Best Shield Enchantments guide since it goes in-depth about the enchantments that you can try out! Alongside that, whenever you’re in a dungeon, you need to have your hands on some of the Minecraft Dungeons Best Armors. Therefore, our guide might be helpful to you!

While you’re here, why not check out our Best Weapons guide, which covers all types of weapons and which ones might be the most useful!

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