Minecraft: Best Weapons [Ultimate List]

I invested dozens of hours in Minecraft and here are my recommendations for the best weapons for combat!

Minecraft offers a wide variety of weapons to its players. From swords to TNTs, Minecraft has it all to keep players engaged. And surely, with such vast options to choose from, players would need to know what is the best choice for a weapon in Minecraft that also goes along with their play style.

Minecraft Best Weapons Highlights
  • Netherite axe is the most powerful weapon in Minecraft, dealing five hearts damage without any enchantment.
  • The loyalty enchantment in Minecraft on the trident allows the player to use it as a boomerang.
  • A single arrow from a bow deals damage proportional to its speed in the game.
  • With a 1.6 attack speed, the diamond sword proves to be a very effective weapon since diamonds are much more easily obtained than netherite.

Minecraft Best Weapons & Comparison

Below listed is a summarized version of the Best Weapons: 

WeaponTypeAttack Damage DurabilityBest For
Netherite AxeAxe10 (5 Hearts)2031.0Durability
TridentMelee + Ranged9 (4.5 Hearts)250.0-
Bow And ArrowRanged6 (3 Hearts)385.0For ranged damage.
Diamond SwordSword7 (3.5 Hearts)1562.0High Durability
Netherite SwordSword8 (4 Hearts)2031.0Best damage
Diamond AxeAxe9 (4.5 Hearts)1562.0To chop items

Netherite Axe

The Best Durability Axe.
minecraft netherite axe
Netherite Axe – Image captured by us
Damage Per Second (DPS)  Weapon Type  Damage Durability Recovery Time
10 Axe 10 2031.0 1.0 s
  • Why I Chose This Weapon: The Netherite axe is highly durable and cannot break easily therefore can be used for a long time. 

Axes in Minecraft are in a league of their own. With the highest damage output in the whole game, the Netherite axe is surely the best weapon in Minecraft. Along with its use in combat, the axe is also used for hunting or even chopping down trees. In terms of damage, a single swing of the Netherite axe deals five hearts damage without any enchantment.

  • To craft a Netherite axe, you will need a Netherite ingot along with a diamond axe. Simply put these two in the smithing table, and you are good to go.

The pros and cons for using Netherite are mentioned below in my opinion: 

  • Highest damage output. 
  • Can deal five heart damage. 
  • Difficult to obtain. 

How To Get Netherite

Netherite is an ultra-rare, high-level material that can be found in the Nether dimension. Additionally, It is stronger and more durable than diamond. It can also upgrade diamond armor and tools to Netherite versions.

Ancient debris is mined in the nether, which, when burned in the furnace, gives you 2 Netherite scraps. And 4 Netherite scraps, along with four gold ingots, give Netherite ingot.


Trident Minecraft
Trident – Image by eXputer
Damage per second (DPS) Weapon Type  Damage Durability Recovery Time
9.9 Melee + Ranged 9 (4.5 Hearts) 250.0 0.91 s
  • Why I Chose This Weapon: The trident is able to deal both melee as well as ranged damage that too being pretty high. 

The unique thing about the trident in Minecraft is that it is both a melee and a ranged weapon at the same time. This makes the trident a viable choice for a weapon in many situations. With a very high damage output and a variety of interesting enchantments, the trident is surely one of the best weapons in the game.

  • Introduced in the 1.13 update of Minecraft, tridents are non-craftable and can only be obtained from the drops of a drowned when it is killed.

As for the trident, the pros and cons are listed below in my opinion: 

  • An excellent melee and ranged weapon. 
  • High damage. 
  • Can’t be crafted. 

Bow And Arrow

The Best Ranged Weapon.
Minecraft bow
Bow [Image credits – eXputer] 
Damage per second  Weapon Type  Damage Durability Recovery Time
6.0 Ranged 6 (3 Hearts) 385.0 1.0 s
  • Why I Chose This Weapon: The bow and arrow can be used to deal damage from a distance, keeping you safer from mobs. 

Next up in my list of best weapons is the bow and arrow. Although it is the simplest ranged weapon in the game, when used correctly, it can defeat the toughest of enemies/mobs. One of the main advantages of the bow is its versatility. It can be used to attack mobs from a distance, which is useful for players who prefer to play defensively.

  • To craft a bow in Minecraft, all you need are three sticks and three strings, place them on the crafting table according to its recipe, and viola.
  • Arrows can be crafted using a flint, stick, and a feather.

As for the bow and arrow, their pros and cons are mentioned below as per my experience: 

  • Easy to craft.
  • Can be used at a distance
  • Only best used at a large range. 

Diamond Sword

The Best Durable Sword.
diamond sword in minecraft
Diamond Sword [image by eXputer]
Damage per second  Weapon Type  Damage Durability Recovery Time
11.2 Sword 7 (3.5 Hearts) 1562.0 0.625 s
  • Why I Chose This Weapon: The diamond sword can be used to murder enemies within a few slashes therefore is a great option. 

The diamond sword is considered by many players to be the best weapon in the game. And before the introduction of Netherite weapons, in the nether update, diamond weapons were the most powerful in the game too. But still, diamond swords are a viable choice as a main weapon since the damage output is pretty great, and farming diamonds isn’t that much of a hassle, unlike farming Netherite.

  • Crafting a diamond sword is easy; just put two diamonds and one stick on the crafting table just like any other sword, and you get your powerful diamond sword.
  • One of the main advantages of the diamond sword is its high damage output. 

To use the Diamond Sword, the pros and cons should be known first, as I have tested them: 

  • Insane damage
  • Easy to use
  • Difficult to obtain in Survival. 

Netherite Sword

The Best Damage Sword.
Netherite sword
Netherite sword – image by eXputer
Damage per second (DPS) Weapon Type Damage Durability Recovery Time
12.8 Sword 8 (4 Hearts) 2031.0 0.625 s
  • Why I Chose This Weapon: The Netherite Sword lasts longer, therefore can be used for longer. 

Next up in my list of best weapons is the Netherite sword. The Netherite sword is the nether upgrade to the diamond sword, and it makes the sword more durable and a little bit stronger. The Netherite sword is ranked lower than the diamond sword because, as mentioned earlier.

The best enchantment for the sword, in my opinion, is the same as the diamond sword, which is sharpness which increases the damage output of the sword.

The pros and cons for the Netherite Sword in Minecraft are as follows in my opinion:

  • Netherite makes the sword more durable. 
  • High damage. 
  • Difficult to make. 

Diamond Axe

The Best Versatility Weapon.
minecraft diamond axe
Diamond Axe (image credits: eXputer)
Damage per second (DPS) Weapon Type Damage Durability Recovery Time
9 Axe  9 (4.5 Hearts)                 – 1.0 s
  • Why I Chose This Weapon: The Diamond Axe offers high damage as well as good versatility. 

In Minecraft, a diamond axe is a versatile tool that can be used for both mining and combat. As a weapon, the diamond axe has higher damage than the diamond sword but a lower attack speed. Lower attack speed is a big handicap in games like Minecraft, where a split-second move can decide your life.

  • The diamond axe can be crafted by placing three diamonds and two sticks on the crafting table.
  • Or it can be found as a rare loot drop from mobs or treasure chests.
  • Although, it is a bit expensive to craft due to the high cost of diamonds. But it is well worth it for its efficiency and durability.

The pros and cons for the Diamond Axe are mentioned here below in my experience:

  • Extremely high durability 
  • Solid damage and versatility. 
  • Difficult to obtain diamond from caves. 

My Thoughts On The Best Weapon

From my point of view, the Best weapon in Minecraft 2024 is the Netherite Axe. The prime reason is that it’s the most effective weapon in Minecraft, causing the damage of 5 hearts, with the most durability and least recovery time of a single second.

minecraft hours
My current in-game achievements for Minecraft (Screenshot by me)

The only drawback to the netherite axe is that it is quite difficult to find netherite, and you can not use an axe in long-range attacks. Other than that, Netherite Axe is one of the best weapons in Minecraft.

With that, you are all set to wreak havoc in your Minecraft world with the best weapons in hand. If you need help with building your house in Minecraft or are out of ideas, read the guide: Best Minecraft House Ideas written by Matt Hunter. If your game is laggy with a drop in FPS, try changing your launcher and learn more about launchers in the BEST Minecraft Launchers guide compiled by Matt Hunter. The Minecraft Review written by Abdul Haddi is a must-reda as it focuses on the playstyle as well as world setting for Minecraft!


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