Player Builds Mesmerizing Ancient Dragon Tower In Minecraft

"Protected by an ancient dragon, the legacy continues..."

Video games are one of the most influential global entertainment media that the modern world offers. Game titles seldom become a worldwide phenomenon; Minecraft is one such title. The game was released on 11th November 2011 and continues to grow in popularity thus far. Minecraft has been blooming even after a decade. The waves of time failed to steal the youth of Minecraft with millions of active players around the world.

Minecraft has established itself as the canvas of the video game industry, where the most talented individuals come together to manifest their imaginations. From creating massive maps to building a continental-sized pyramid in the world of Minecraft, the imagination runs wild. Recently, a player on Reddit, u/LighterVim, has created a fantasy-inspired build with a beautiful ancient tower spiraled by a mythical dragon. The project took nearly 60 hours, according to the player. 

An ancient tower protected by a dragon from Minecraftbuilds

The age-old tower is as bewitching of creation as can get; the building appears to be an abode for a wizard that rules over the mythical dragon. This tower puts the mountains to shame, and the archaic floating trees only add to the intimidating factor of the creation. That legendary beast could scare the ender dragon away with just its fierce glare. The fantasy-Esque creation makes us ponder how the roar of that beast would sound.

The player used BSL Shaders to improve upon the default graphics of Minecraft and edited the picture with Photoshop to make it look so enchanting. However, this picture is not all; they also created a cinematic timelapse of the build that further gives insight into the incredible creation. The introduction of the build makes the video even more enticing, making us anticipate the timelapse itself.

Awe-inspiring builds, like this one, have proven that there is no lack of artistic talent in the Minecraft community. This mega-build is one example of what the players are capable of creating. It is not wrong to say that Minecraft is the digital version of LEGO, where nothing is impossible.

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